This year’s Ramadan is 30 days (21st AUGUST, 2009)

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Summary: This article was written by Salihu Buba Zubairu from University of Maiduguri. His arguments are based on his personally tested scientific research which he conducted before arriving at this date. Dan-Borno's intention is to circulate this information so that we can all have a uniform starting date for Ramadan this year. For further information, the writers telephone number is writing at the end of the article.


Scientific research, based on empirical observation from Nigerian ( Maiduguri ) airspace, using calibrated 4x60mm Zubairu Telescope, supported by universally accepted theories, strongly suggests that 30 days is fasting period for Ramadan 1430AH (2009).

The fasting is expected to start in most parts of the world, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all parts of Nigeria on the 21st August, 2009 AD which is equivalent to 1st Ramadan, 1430 AH and would end on the 19th September, 2009 as the equivalent of 30th Ramadan, 1430 AH. These simply imply that the only possible dates to sight the new crescent moon for the month of Ramadan, 1430 AH, is the 20th of August, 2009 as equivalent to 29th of Sha’aban, 1430AH and  that of Shawwal is 19th September, 2009. Arafat day, 9th Dhu al-Hijjah, 1430 AH is equivalent to 26th November, 2009 and the end of this Islamic year is expected to be 16th December, 2009 as equivalent to 29th Dhu al-Hijjah, 1430 AH.

I still stand by my research findings which emphasize that; the total number of days in each Islamic year is 354 days and the number of days of the lunar months alternate between 29 and 30 days and that any Islamic month is 29 or 30 days for a period not less than 2 and not more than 3 years before reverting. It also strongly suggests that there are two Islamic Leap years of 355 days in every 11 Islamic years i.e. if one leap year is after 5 years then the next one would be after 6 years etc.                  

For the status of my work should in case of any doubt in its quality, it might be worthy to note that, an email dated 4th December, 2007, through the Centre for Basic Space Science, CBSS, University of Nigeria, Nnsuka, from the South Africa based referee of my research report, is of the opinion that “the title  ‘Standard Islamic Lunar Calendar’ is suitable, it’s an original work, the significance is well explained, the summary/conclusion is very informative and relevant to the text, no recent work was cited, it needs some editing/corrections of some grammatical errors”.

An acknowledgement email, dated 2nd August, 2008, from ‘Sky and Telescope’, suggests that the report is receiving attention of experts on Islamic lunar calendar before publication. With regards and as courtesy demand, a copy of the report was also sent to the President, Nigerian Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, NSCIA, Alhaji Muhammad Abubakar III, on the 25/08/08, by UPS courier with Waybill /Tracking NO H7480985909 for his information. Up till now, I can not understand why there was no acknowledgement letter from the President of NSCIA.  

However, recent empirical observation of lunar position  on the 12th November, 2008 = 14th Dhu al-Qidah, 1429 AH, using 30 minutes after sunset as reference time, reveal some knowledge that have been used to update my report, which can now be used to achieve the aim of producing the most authentic Islamic lunar calendar (Standard Islamic Lunar Calendar), that would substitute most if not all other Islamic calendar, printed and installed in computers, mobile phones and others, which have continued to show discrepancies and inconsistent with accurate empirical status of lunar position and some of their equivalent dates. I’m really pleased to have lived to this stage of the project.    

A website for my Islamic calendar, the STANDARD ISLAMIC LUNAR CALENDAR, with its backing scientific report would soon be made available, for the benefit of the Muslims that are really into this kind of project. I pray that the project would achieve its aim. Amin.

Mallam Zubair is a lecturer in the Department of Physics,University of Maiduguri. He can be reached on 08038522693/08052850698 or

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