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Post by: ummita on May 05, 2004, 01:45:56 AM
Vegetables: beans,maize meal, lentils, soya beans, vegetables, Fruit eateries, salads etc. Please provide below a recipe:arrow:. Thank you[/b]
Post by: dan kauye on June 14, 2004, 04:58:48 PM
A'a  dis oommiter sef! chei!....afta u don lead oda forums finish nayin u carry leg cum dis cooking forum dey lead again abi??.lol(faking a grin)anyways dats not dan-kauye's biz....but ummita,do  u think dere r vegeterians bychoice in naija??? unless advised by doc, i dont think so....in a nation where bout 82% of d population are poor??  in a nation where bout 43% r either unemployed or onda-employed?? den tell me who go abandon beef,fillet,chiken...???? no juss tell me....i think u made up dis post saboda "kukan dadi" abi u no gree??
Post by: ummita on June 28, 2004, 03:16:09 AM
 mhmmm D-K u r funni.
Serious there r quite alot of ppl dat r vegetarians. I turned vegey for 7months. Thou am not anymore. Mah aunt is vegey. I hav a freind who is vegetarian. D funniest thing is that there is actually a hausa man who is a butcher but he is a vegetarian. I also know of a neighbour whose husband is vegetarian. Yes there r vegetarians not even by choice but naturally. As I know of a freind who if "he" smells of cooked meat makes him throw up! & we r all tlkin of Nigerians! Being poor or unemployed has nothin 2 do wit wat ur body systems takes- in, adapt & digest. Some ppl dnt eat meat bcus dey juss dont like it. My aunt does not eat any kind of two legged or four legged meat which is chicken/fowl or duck...........she eats none of dem not even Cow. Shes strictly off meat.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CAN WE HAV VEGEY RECIPES PLZ (she laffs). Dan Kauye I want u 2 kindly provide me wit 3 recipes (she laffs).
& dnt think I hav nt noticed d "oooooooomitter" u r addressin me. I'll give u d guns!
Post by: dan kauye on July 02, 2004, 09:06:07 PM
hah! nima fa dont fink i ddnt notice dat dee-kay fa(smyles )...i'ma trigger happy kinda chap so bware...but u knw i cant blow d legendary ummiter off...wut becums of k-onlyne if i do just dat? c?...uhmm bout d veg thing (sighs!) gaskia ban san akwai vegetarians ba dayawa plus including u! and  why did u quit?(laffs devilish) waya gaya miki barno gabas take?......ok vegetarian recipe...uhm...how bout....uhm ..uhm..uhm...still finking..uhm...check dis out...
Post by: dan kauye on July 02, 2004, 09:14:52 PM
International Vegetarian Union (IVU)
 Hallacas (Venezuela)
Mayela Zamora - Oxford, UK  
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 Recipe for 20 hallacas (pronounced AH-JAC-KA).
Requires 2 days of advanced preparation.

The hallaca is the main Venezuelan Christmas dinner dish. It was created by the slaves during the colony times. They put the left-overs of their master's Christmas festivities in a bit of cornmeal dough, wrapped this with banana leaves and cooked to mix the flavors. As many things in my country, the hallaca has the influence of three cultures, the white one (European ingredients like raisins, nuts and olives), the native one (the corn meal colored with onoto seeds), and the black one (banana leaves used to cook the food). The original hallaca is made with meat (pork, poultry, beef, lard, crisp pork rind, etc) and boiled eggs. The hallaca tastes better once it has cooled. It requires hours of preparation, but it is usually prepared by the whole family. Its preparation is a celebration by itself. Music and drinks make up the festive atmosphere. Mothers nagging children as they steal bits of fillings from the table, and the guys complaining of being relegated to the leaf cleaning and last minute shopping are typical during the hallaca making party.

Please note: the banana leaves are not intended to be eaten, they are just for cooking!


1 can of mock duck or 1 packet of tofu marinated pieces
500 g of cooked and mashed new potatoes
50 g of almonds.
4 white onions
2 red onions
2 carrots, 6 Brussels sprouts, a handful of green beans (or another similar combination of vegetables)
1 can of artichokes
1 can of asparagus
1 can of chickpeas
1 garlic head
1 packet of mi-cuit (half dried) tomatoes or 1 tube of tomato paste
4 red bell peppers
2 green bell peppers
100 g of mixed vine fruit
20 prunes
1 jar of green olives
1 jar of mixed pickles in mustard sauce
1 jar of capers
3 leeks
2 packets of spring onions
1 large bunch of herbs (coriander, thyme, parsley, celery)
1 Tsp of black peppercorns
1 tsp of coriander seeds
1 tsp of cumin seeds
1 Tsp of "onoto" (also called "achiote") seeds (*)
1 Kg of instant polenta meal
1 roll of kitchen string
1 Kg of banana leaves (**)
250 ml of olive oil
1 vegetable stock cube
1 mushroom stock cube
Marmite, soya sauce and chili sauce to season
20mx30cm roll of strong aluminum foil (unless you are rich enough to buy triple quantity of banana leaves and wrap the hallacas exclusively with banana leaves)
(*) available in Latin-American food shops (there are two in The Elephant and Castle shopping centre, London).
(**) available in Chinese food shops.
With a damp cloth wipe the banana leaves. Heat the banana leaves with a flame (gas cooker, camping fire, etc). The leaves turn softer and darker, with a distinctive smoky smell. Cut the hard rim without shredding the leaves.
Cut in 30 cm segments along the transversal veins.

Polenta dough:
In a small pan, warm (at very low heat) 5 Tsp of olive oil with the onoto seeds for 20 minutes. The oil should turn red. In the meantime fry in a deep pan the spices (cumin, black pepper, and coriander seeds) in 2-3 Tsp of olive oil. Cut the white onions in slices and add to the pan. Add 5 cups of boiling water. Add the stock cubes and a Tsp of marmite to season. Add the green part of the leeks plus the white part of 2 leeks in 1-inch chunks. Cut 1 and a half packet of spring onions and add to the pan. Add all the herbs (keep some parsley to garnish) and the garlic head cut in halves.

Simmer this broth for 15 minutes. Put the content of the pan in a food processor and liquidise it. Strain it very well keeping the liquid and discarding the solid waste (may want it to make vegetable cakes, up to you). Put the broth in a large bowl and add the red oil (previously strained to remove the onoto seeds). Pour the water content of the olive and the caper jars in the bowl. Add the polenta meal, 1 cup at a time, stirring very well. The consistency should be smooth. Mix the mashed potatoes with the polenta dough.

Make a small test for the consistency of the dough. Wrap 1 Tsp of dough with a small segment of banana leaf. Wrap it in aluminum foil and boil it in water for 15 minutes. If the cooked dough maintain the shape of the banana leaf "package", the dough is OK. If it crumbles or comes out half dissolved in water, then add more polenta meal. If it comes out rock hard, then add more water to the dough. Rectify the salt as well.

Grill peppers: Rub olive oil in two red bell peppers and grill them. Remove the skin and seeds and cut in 1cm wide strips. Put them apart in a small bowl.

Slice two red onions. Chop the rest of the spring onions and a leek. Stir fry quickly. Liquidise the mi-cuit tomatoes, two red peppers and two green peppers and add to the stir fry onions and leek. Stir for a minute. Add soya sauce, chili sauce and ground cumin to season. Add some cooking wine if you want. Let it simmer for another minute. Add some wheat or corn flour to thicken. Put the sauce apart in a bowl.

Vegetables: Shred the carrots and Brussels sprouts, mix with the green beans, chopped. Put them apart in a bowl.
Vine fruit: Soak the vine fruit in cooking wine or replacement (ie Norfolk punch). Put it apart in a small bowl.
Prunes: Soak in cooking wine or replacement (ie Norfolk punch). Put in a small bowl.
Chickpeas: Drain and put them apart in a small bowl.
Pickles: Put them apart in a small bowl.
Almonds: Blanch, toast and put them apart in a small bowl.
Mock duck: Drain, chop in 1cm cubes and put them in a small bowl.
Olives: Put them apart in a small bowl.
Capers: Put them apart in a small bowl.
Artichokes: Drain, cut in quarters and put them in a small bowl.
Asparagus: Drain and put it in a plate.

Cut a 35 cm long piece of aluminum foil and put it over the table. Cover with a banana leaf, the transversal veins along the horizontal axis. Rub oil on front face of the banana leaf. Put a bit more than half a ladle of dough in the centre of the leaf. Extend with a spoon to cover a 14cm-diameter circle.

Put 1 Tsp of Sauce in the middle. Put 1 1/2Tsp of shredded vegetables over the sauce. Put 2 olives and 2 capers, one on each corner of the dough. Keep placing the rest of the fillings as in a collage: 1 tsp. of vine fruit, 1 prune, 2 tsp. of pickles, 1 Tsp of chickpeas, 3 cubes of mock duck, 1 asparagus, 2 strips of grill pepper and some leaves of parsley.

Wrap this with the banana leaf (not against the veins). Fold the foil to seal the ends of the banana leaf packet. Then, fold the foil to wrap the whole packet. Tie it with kitchen string. Repeat for the rest of the dough (see diagrams below).

Boil the hallacas covered in water for 20-30 minutes. You may have to do this in batches unless you have a hugh cauldron. Drain the hallacas and let them cool for 10 hours. Put them in the fridge or freezer. Heat the hallacas in boiling water, simmering for 10 minutes before eat them. Enjoy your meal!

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we hope to have an alternative in due course.
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Post by: dan kauye on July 02, 2004, 09:19:11 PM
yeah...(sighs!).only GOD knows wut i went thru 2 get dat special veg delicacy..i had 2 get outta d billage in2 d city 2 get it ...but d troublem is..do y'all hav 2 tyme 2 browse thru n Put it 2 practice??...lallai idan kika shiga kitchen tun safe sai dare amma plz idan kika dafa invite me ova.PEACE YA.
Post by: Hafsy_Lady on April 11, 2005, 06:02:12 PM
Dan kauye , mumu I hope she nogo give you credit, because this one na khoyect copy and pastemanship. (to talk true I just dey jelous :roll: )

ANYWAY THIS IS A RECIPE FROM MY FATHERLAND. THE ONLY REASON WHY I LOVE VISITING THAT PLACE (ok, I lied maybe not the only reason ok! plus that handsome boy that always sit infront of their house gate.) Two reasons.




6 small red potatoes, scrubbed
3 lg. carrots, scrubbed, cut into pieces
1/2 lb. fresh green beans, cut into 2" lengths
1/4 cup oil
2 onions, coarsely chopped
1 lg. green pepper, finely chopped
2 jalapenos, stemmed, seeded, minced
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 teaspoons finely chopped ginger root
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon white pepper
6 green onions, cut into 2 inch lengths

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Drop in the potatoes. After 5-6 minutes, add the carrots and green beans and cook for another 5 minutes. Drain in a colander. Set aside.
In a stewpot, heat the oil over medium heat. Add the onions, green pepper, and jalapenos. Saute for about 5 minutes. Do not let brown. Then stir in the garlic, ginger, salt, and pepper. Stir for one minute.

Add the reserved vegetables and toss gently until coated. Sprinkle on the green onions. Cover the pot and cook over low heat for about 10 minutes. Vegetables should be tender-crisp.

Post by: Anonymous on May 06, 2005, 07:40:37 AM
ummita I totally agree with your words.
Post by: Hafsy_Lady on November 22, 2008, 03:50:34 PM
Na wa for this person above, that totally agrees with everything. :-\

Actually, I have never come across any Nigerian who is vegey. My pipu and meatttttttt!!!!!!!!!!! ;D