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Post by: mlbash on August 16, 2005, 10:56:39 AM

It has been the believe of many Nigerians for the past decade that, Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb, the time and the actuator are the two unknown factors in this mysterious equation of instability! But with the advent of National Conference, it prognosticate the actuator, what remains now is the time!
Living together as one Nigeria has been our dream, hope and prayer. Naturally, it is not what you wished, hoped and prayed for that always materialized to be the best for you. God has special plans for everything, and His plans are the best of all plans. The dubiety of continuity as one makes one to wonder if we should be living together despite the excreting, opprobrious experiences. The profanities displayed to the northerners, especially the Hausas are so estranging that some of us are becoming aggressive, which is not part of our culture.
Now the Northern dilemma is either to continue living as third class citizens or stand firm and retrieve our lost glory. Analyzing the two inevitable choices we have, I wonder how to go about the advancing strife. Firstly I believe if the present so called ?Dattijan Arewa? meaning Northern Elders are so corrupt and sold away the tutelage of our mentors ?Sardauna and Co? then, are the youths ready to follow their incongruous approach? No! I strongly doubt it, especially considering the level of awareness amongst us. Then our wish now resides in strengthening our local economy and facing our destiny. Not that I am pessimistic about continuity of our beloved Nation as one. But I believed in planning and designing an alternative plan to the first option, should it be a failure. Therefore, there is no harm in reorganizing our vast resources.
Agriculture has being the backbone of Northern economy. Hence how do we go about reorganizing and advancing it to match the fast developing world standard, and regaining the vestigial yield? There are a lot of experts in this regard and yet there is not much gain. The problem basically is the state Governments profligate spending. Just imagine the state governors proudly listing among their achievements, buying thousand of motorbikes and giving them out for ?Achaba? i.e. ?Okada?. People seem to consider that as normal and an achievement but that is detrimental to our societies. Because, firstly the riders are usually the local people or villagers that ordinarily work at the farm producing what they eat and taking the surplus to the markets. Now they move to the cities to ride ?Okadas? leaving their villages behind and consequently the farming. That is the first danger. Secondly buying thousands of ?Okadas? contributed immensely in rural to urban migration, hence cities congestion, high crime rate, increase pollution, shortages of basic human needs i.e. water supply, power supply, medication at the hospitals etc. Thirdly the high incidence of accidents now in our cities resides in the ?Okadas? activities. Because most of them do learn how to ride the motorbikes after ?assumption of duty? it will be surprising for some people to know that in some of our specialists hospitals, now they have ?sub-emergency wards? named ?Yan Achaba Ward? i.e. ?Okada Riders Ward? how sympathetic!
Now considering the numerous disadvantages of purchasing thousands of those bikes, subjecting the innocents to the risk of being killed or injured by their roughness, how good it will be to divert the large sum in boosting our agriculture? At this juncture I must applaud Governor Saminu Turaki of Jigawa State for his foresight in purchasing one tractor for each councilor?s ward in the state! No doubt, if properly managed, the agricultural sector of the state would be tremendously boosted. The most important point I want to advocate here is the centralization of northern economy through the abandoned Northern Nigeria Development Company. A lot of positive changes can be achieved and it will be a great check and balance to our reliance on Federal Government?s monthly grant.
For instance, firstly taking animal trade, millions of naira is being lost by our people annually ranging from armed robbery, accidents, attacks by OPC, Massob, etc. And regretfully our people are still impeded in taking a wise solution to all those losses! Centralizing our economy through NNDC here will be a promising solution as; NNDC should be the overseer and responsible for purchasing from the owners, and selling to the buyers at an advanced price. NNDC should form central point of purchasing, then form an advanced abattoir where the animals should be slaughtered in a more hygienic way, processed and packaged in cold houses. Then good transport means provided either by NNDC or the southern buyers.
Secondly, constructing a central fertilizer company which should be well financed to cater for the need of the whole Nineteen Northern States. Purchasing Advanced machineries and to setup a central machinery centre with skillful personnel both home-based and foreign where necessary.
Thirdly, to embark on massive irrigation programme in all our river sides, dams and other suitable areas to provide strategic and advanced storage system for the products. To setup processing companies e.g. Tomato Processing Company, Fruits and Sugar Processing Company etc. To establish a common decree that support and protect the farmers from losses both natural and accidental risks. To support and provide subsidy for small-scale farmers through loans, corporate bodies etc.

Post by: alhaji_aminu on August 16, 2005, 09:12:05 PM

First of all, the North is a very loose term that must be used cautiously. Since we now have states, it is easier to deal with them separately and then may be extrapolate the analysis on those states that have alot in common.

Quite honestly, I think some of the Northern elders have neglected Sardauna's dream of a united, educated and prosperous Nigeria we can all be proud of. Just take the state of Ahmadu Bello University for instance.

We have read in the news how ABU is struggling to cope with paying the salaries of its employees. And what are the many graduants of this magnificent Sarduana legacy doing to solve the problem, to my knowledge the answer is nothing. Virtually all members of OBJ cabinet (from the north) who have degrees attended ABU.
So Why can't they do something?????

The solution to many of our problems can be found in the states.

If only every Northern state will commit 50% of its expenditure to Health and education,
If only states will stop building billion naira roads;
If only contracts will be given to those that deserve it;
If only the legislature will be alive to its responsibility;
If only ordinary people will be involved in ensuring the greatness of Nigeria, then perhaps we will see a change.

Allah knows best
Post by: Dave_McEwan_Hill on August 17, 2005, 12:25:30 AM
I will make no comment about the reason for the North's problems except to say I think they have been caused mainly by bad Northern leadership and not by anything done by others in the south.

Agriculture is the key to Northern prosperity. I had this discussion on this forum last year. The neglect of agriculture which not only feeds the people but also provides useful employment has been a disgrace. With proper irrigation schemes in place the north could not only feed most of Nigeria with agricultural products but most of Europe as well. Ghana and Kenya to name but two countries are exporting multimillions of pounds worth of fruit and vegetables to Europe every year.
Oil revenues turned the heads of Nigerian leaders and they have been squandering and stealing for 30 years instead of investing in the nations farms and industries.
Post by: wonderful on November 07, 2005, 03:59:03 AM
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