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Title: History is Made.
Post by: Jibo on July 27, 2008, 05:12:12 PM
This Friday, the 30th, the full-throated men,
Our trumpeters in gold shall call,
And bid the Month and the Year be told,
That History today is made.

Madaki is today the Maradi of
The Great City of the Old.
The Seat of Great Royalty and Knowledge.

The Grasses turn green,
The beginning flush of Easter.
The Winds swiftly gossip through the Streets,
The secret of its whispering tale, Maradi.

And now the Birds must try this voice,
Upon this evening affair
The Holy-day affair
A novel great affair

The tale of Royalty
How with his train of Rose
And beautiful weather to coronation come;
Through sneaking waves of gentle breeze,
Cooling our nerves tensed from the wailing
Reception of our dear Guests!

For today crowds quicken in every street,
Where to the celebration come.
And every walking creature leap
In the flood of the crowds,
To see this noble face,
Today, the deed is done.