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Title: Yar-Adua sends IBB to "democracy" in Guinea
Post by: usman11 on January 30, 2009, 05:22:36 PM
Culled from NieriaWorld forum.

When two sick clowns act together, they make themselves look even more stupid. Thats the best way to describe Yar'adua's misguided decision to send Serial Coupist -in-Chief Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida to Guinea to persuade Captain Camara to hand over power to the Guinean civilians.

To those who always second-guess Yar'Adua's intelligence and ability to rationally act with political aptitude, this is another gaffe by our "president". Of all people in Nigeria, IBB, ( a man who ruthlessly and single-handedly annulled an election) is definitely the last man to even consider for this kind of assignment. Did Yar'adua think that IBB was suitable because of his long history of coups and capital murders of his seniors in the military? If the answer is YES, then, Baba go-slow had got another think coming. Because, such qualities only qualify IBB to be behind bars for life, and not as a diplomat.

It is an embarrassment to Nigeria to even present criminals like IBB to act as spokesperson for Nigeria internationally, let alone act as a peace maker to restore democracy. IBB has no clue what democracy means no matter how much he pretends to the contrary. With this single misguided act, it wont be too much out of place to equate Yar'Adua's idea of democracy with IBB's. Afterall, while the whole world was bitterly condemning the military dictatorship in Myanmar, it was Yar'Adua again who donated a whopping 500,000 dollars gift DIRECTLY to those thugs who had seized their country hostage. These are the thugs who had been globally isolated by right thinking governments.

What a bunch of leaders we claim to have in Nigeria !
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