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Post by: Abu-Safwan on January 19, 2011, 11:31:02 AM


Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah)
Education Department, BUK.

I was compelled to mark down this important issue on behalf of the BUkites who suffered the bitter lost of their right as qualified Voters Registration workers. The experience I had as a BUKite throughout the V.R exercise recruitment was utterly bitter. Painful and regrettable as it might be, the way and manner the workers recruited from among the students. Some students’ names that have indubitably passed the first screening and qualified in the final test were unnecessarily omitted. ‘Baba’ Jega (as we call him) never knew it? Far be it from him to deceive his students and far be it from him to betray them. But those with vested interest under him working here and there could do it, and indeed they did it. They did their corruption and rigged the workers recruitment list in BUK in a dubious manner, I am not lying! How they did it? Share it with me.


A total number of 12,000 students were initially recruited in the first posting in BUK alone. When Jega decided to reduce number of workers throughout the nation (as they told us), our number was drastically reduced to 5,000 plus. And in reducing the number they did not follow any standard criterion. They did it based on ‘rule of thumb’, not following any logical and systematic policy. They wanted us to believe that they reduced the number based on computer literacy qualification of the students. This means only those with Diploma or Certificate in Computer training had been selected out 12,000 students. But this is ridiculous and fallacious. Believe me sincerely, and I swear to Al-mighty Allah, that so many students enlisted in the second posting had never afforded any training in computer literacy. Even the space provided in the former issued form to indicate one’s computer training qualification (if any) they left it blank. But yet, they were assigned certificate and Diploma in the second posting. Some with certificate turned to be with Diploma and vice versa. Sadly enough, some with certificate and Diploma were totally omitted. This is a kind of mess-up done by those considered to be skilled and experienced officers. This is where the first corruption found its way.


Presumably, now we are having 5, 000 students admitted for 2-days training and practical in V.R Exercise. On 11th-12th of this month we were given training with practical in the end of which we were exposed to writing a Test in the final day. Many of us passed the Test with flying colour. Even though the majority of the students had been admitted, many of them had been unnecessarily disqualified, taking myself and my four colleagues as typical example. We were surprised when we spent the whole night fishing out our names without seeing any.


Yesterday (i.e. on 15th) we went for INEC State office ( Kano division) to complain. We were disallowed to enter even the compound. It was there I debated with one of their officials outside the building, somewhere around the gate. He argued us that we might didn’t see our names because we did not pass the test according to the criterion. The ‘quote of mark’ is somewhere around 60% or 70% above for a participant to pass. I doubt the truth of his statement, I told him. Had it been the above criterion observed with justice and sincerity most of us who went to complain would have passed. By Allah, three of my colleagues scored 80%, 90% and 95%. And yet their names were omitted in the final list. The story is the same with many of the students. True, in the final list some names appeared with strange Adm. nos. written in this format like: SPS/07/SMS…., EDU/00001, whence come this format of Adm. no.? Perhaps they are concocted, right!  This shows that no any standard criterion followed in selecting the most qualified workers right from the onset. It also explains to us that personal interest penetrated the realm of this programme. This is how it all happens. Even the unnecessary delay we realized in posting the final list is just to facilitate the success of their corruption. It was posted around 6 o’clock pm and we were expected to arrive at our posting areas early next morning. This is not to talk of the harsh, difficult and rigorous treatment we were unnecessarily and deliberately exposed to which caused a disastrous effect upon our exam readings. I could see male and female students checking for their names in the mid-night (12 o’ clock) in congested manner.  Now we have been sent away without being paid our allowances (if any) for the training we had have to endure for almost 4 days at the expense of our exam reading.


We, the BUKites, still have confidence in Jega, the man of mannerism, integrity and principle. We believe that all this corruption happened beyond his control. He is there busy with his own basic and hectic work and he has no men of his own caliber to help in improving the status quo. The innocent must not be blamed! 


To my colleagues who suffer similar experience I pray that would be better for them, and I wish them success in their exam results. To my colleagues who were admitted I wish them safe work and prosperity. To ‘Baba’ Jega I wish him good favour from Allah to do his best. ‘Baba! know that your Sons are deceived from underground’. 

                                                                                                SUBMITTED BY SALIMULLAH
Post by: Muhsin on January 29, 2011, 12:38:43 PM
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Post by: Abu-Safwan on February 03, 2011, 11:20:39 AM
Muhsin, are U? I wouldn't expect U to be here right now, amidst your critical and hectic situation of VRC. Well how was the exercise, your school task and everything? Good day!