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From News Sources / Re: Boko Haram back with a vengeance (!)
« on: August 17, 2009, 09:06:02 PM »
Admin, this is not the time for unnecessary posturing. Some contributors on this forum have openly admitted to studying with some very radical sects responsible for some terrorist acts in Nigeria. Some of those same persons have expressed sympathy for these dangerous groups even though not totally endorsing the entire teachings of the groups. Listen, in any security conscious society in this day and age, those persons will at the very list be under some form of security watch. I hope you can at least understand this line of reasoning. Not to expose your double standard and hypocrisy, but let me remind you that just last week, several members of this forum were here castigating the security agencies in the country for not being proactive in uncovering Boko Haram's devilish mass murder plot. They heaped blames on the security agencies, the police, and everyone else but the culprits of the mayhem. You remained silent then. So in my previous piece, I suggested that the same law enforcement agencies log into forums like this and others (according to Al Jazeera news, terror groups actively use on line forums, chat mediums, and radical websites to spread their message and as a recruiting tool) to investigate possible connections, affiliations, and just do good old policing on line so these forums are not utilized for any criminal activity that may result in the loss of life. You should be thanking me for my vigilance and NOT coaxing me to leave. Does my presence on this forum threaten you that much? Have I put a sword to anyone's neck? Have I harmed anyone? Have I made any woman a widow or any child an orphan? HELL NO!!!! I value human life. Perhaps you do not, but I do. This is why I denounce in clear and strong terms anything that puts human life at risk, whether it is the sword, the gun, or a totally demented ideology.

lol....of course, kill the messenger, discredit the report, that has always been the strategy when the truth is too bitter to swallow. Will this be the first time Northern Muslim fanatics have beheaded people, burnt homes, churches, and human beings? No! It's been going on for decades denying these facts does not hide the truth.

Mr. Burati, you seem shocked eh? Well, you should be. But before you allow yourself to be deceived by people who are too embarrassed by the activities of fellow Muslims, don't take my word at all. You should do your own independent investigation of these reports. Travel to Northern Nigeria and do your own investigative journalism like it is done here in the U.S. Visit the communities where past acts of violence have occurred and interview victims and survivors to get a first hand account. Then visit the camps of the Jihadist Muslims and interview them. Find out exactly what triggers their insane rage. You just might be flabbergasted at the conclusion of your quest. Decide at that point whose credibility should be called to question.

Is that a fair compromise?

From News Sources / Re: Boko Haram back with a vengeance (!)
« on: August 17, 2009, 03:54:32 PM »
Dan Borno,
Do you really have any solid proof that the story up there is a Niger-Deltan fabrication? I doubt it. Did a Niger-Deltan also orchestrate Boko Haram's assault on a police station some weeks ago? Look all this denials are dangerous and helps fuel future violent confrontations by this and other terrorist groups in the north. For years now, you and others have been denying repeat occurrence of a very real threat. When are you going to recognize the reality that these jihadist groups are a clear and present danger not only to non Muslim southerners but to Northern Muslims as well? We'll hopefully, you wake up soon enough. And the idea that merging Nigeria with more crazy countries like chad and Niger will bring about stability is completely idiotic. If the damn place is not stable now, what is the rationale that adding merging other fanatical societies to it will calm things down? My goodness! I can't believe such an idea was even expressed. The more logical thing to do would be to break up the damn country into different parts. The Sharia states can form their own Sharia Republic and go their separate way. This way, they can freely establish an Islamic charter which is the core of their problem as often voiced. They should then establish their borders, immigration, government, etc. Anyone opposed to their system of governance can relocate and resettle at the other side.

The Western Yoruba states can form their Oduduwa Republic as well and control their own affairs. The Niger-Delta region should then form the Independent Republic of Deltona with its capital in Duke Town Calabar, Uyo, or Port Harcourt.

The middle Belt should carve out its own commonwealth and become independent from the north which is what they would do anyhow. This thing is simple. The people that make up the failed nation of Nigeria can indeed have peace if my solution is adopted.

In any case, I strongly think the Federal government needs to start to investigation some of the terrorist sympathizers on this forum. It is possible with your incessant rationalization of violence that some of you are or may have provided material support to these terrorist, and that makes you accomplices to crimes against humanity.

General Board / Re: Video of Boko Haram Leader Being Interrogated
« on: August 15, 2009, 07:55:56 PM »
1. Do you know that when the Boko Haram leader was arrested and taken to court he was represented in Abuja High court and got freed on bail by Prof. Jerry Gana?

So what? Do you know that being released on bail does not mean you are innocent? Do you not know that bail is granted by a judge pending trial? Bail comes with conditions as well. Do you know that?

2. Do you now that Jerry Gana is a christian and one of the leaders of cistrian association of Nigeria (CAN)?

Who gives a shit what Jerry Gana is? This is not about Christianity. This is about a deranged fanatical jihadist terror group that claim affiliation with the Taliban and Al Quaeda with an ultimate agenda of imposing their dangerous religious philosophy on the nation. That is the issue

3. Can you now understand why some of us belief that Boko Haram and others who misrepresent Muslims are sponsored by non-Muslims?

No I cannot understand the rationale behind your belief. But perhaps if you had hard proof and not imaginary conspiracy theories, I might be compelled to see your point.

4. Can you now begin to understand why the leader of Boko Haram was killed so that he will not reveal the organisation(s) and people behind them?

Again, conspiracy theories with no substance. Boko haram was killed because he was nuisance and a dangerous terrorist living amongst a law abiding population which he had no problem destroying. Anybody willing to terrorize and kill people in order to force an ideology on society is dangerous and must be jailed or killed. 

5. Do you know that maitatsine was trained and planted into the Muslim Umma by Non-Muslims?

Like Dave said, provide proof.

6. Could you know see why the white paper of the panel that investigated the up-rising was never released to the Public?

No I don't. In Nigeria nothing ever gets released to the public, and that's because your government is flat out defficient and disorganized to the core.

From TIMOTHY OLA, Maiduguri
Thursday, August 6, 2009
One of the victims of last week’s attack by the Yusufiya sect in Borno State has given a shocking account of how the Islamic extremists killed three pastors who were captured along with other victims on the second day of the insurgence. The victim was among those held hostage in Yusuf’s enclave.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Sun in Maiduguri , the eye witness who preferred anonymity disclosed that the three pastors were beheaded on the instruction of the sect leader, Mohammed Yusuf shortly after bringing them out of his inner chamber.

“The pastors alongside one Ibo man were asked to change their faith to Islam like they did to other people taken as hostages. I think there was an argument by one of the pastors which gave the others some level of confidence to also resist accepting Islam.

“The Yusufiya men who were armed on that Tuesday afternoon were not comfortable with the pastors and they took one of them to the sect leader in his inner chamber. They came out later to the courtyard within the compound and cut their heads one after the other and thereafter, shouted allah akbar in wild celebration accompanied with several gun shots,” the eye witness disclosed.

He said the hostages numbering about 50 within the area of the execution of the pastors and another fair complexioned man which he could not identify, were gripped with fear as non could foretell the outcome of their stay at the enclave of the fundamentalists. He was however lucky to escape as he was freed in the night with others with a warning not to mix with kafrici (infidels). 

Corroborating the account of the killing, a Senior pastor with Good News Church, Wulari Maiduguri Rev. Baba Gata Ibrahim told Daily Sun in an interview that a pastor in his church, Pastor George Orjih was beheaded on the instruction of the Boko Haram leader because the clergy man refused to accept Islam.
“An eye witness who was also captured by the Islamic militants gave us details of how the pastor was killed. He told us they were persuading him to accept Islam and he said over his dead body. He was even said to have preached Christ to Mohammed Yusuf and that reportedly angered the sect leader who then as he ordered that the pastor and others be killed immediately,” he disclosed.

The late Pastor George Orjih was said to have arrived Maiduguri last week from Jos where he was doing his Masters programme in Theology. Described as a fearless, hardworking, and intellectually sound, his care for the welfare and well being of his family allegedly contributed to his capture and eventual death.
“He was mindful of his family and their welfare. He was really out of the house but thought to go back again. That was how he was captured by the Boko Haram before he was killed. It was the very week, in fact the following day he returned from school where he was doing his Masters in Theology that he was arrested,” the senior pastor added.

He urged the government to provide adequate security for Christian in the state.
Also delivering a sermon during the funeral rites for late Rev. Sabo Yakubu, slain COCIN Church pastor, the speaker, Rev Bulus Azi urged Christians to emulate the pastors who were killed because of their refusal to betray their faith. Quoting from the bible in Revelation 7: 9-15, the regional chairman of the church told Christians to prepare to die anytime as their calling demand. 
                                   - Daily Sun

General Board / Re: Video of Boko Haram Leader Being Interrogated
« on: August 05, 2009, 04:10:28 AM »
I have no sympathy for criminal terrorists that meet their tragic and violent end. These terrorists would have gone on to inflict gruesome carnage of innocent people. I rejoice at their demise. Sympathy for these beasts is appalling.

I am not the fringe lunatic attacking police stations and innocent people while claiming that the earth is flat, and that rain comes directly from allah. Political correctness is a fallacy because it rationalizes this insanity that you and other broken record like you attempt to offer as a rational explanation when instance such as this occur. For years, Jihadist apologist like you and Muhsin have offered your irrational theories as to the true causes of these satanic outbursts from many of your cousins from the north. I hope you are not offended by my commentary. They say the truth is unpleasant, but hey, it needs to be told.
Islamic radicalism is a northern problem. You people make all the excuses in the World, but have never owned up to the problem. This is your problem and it is also Islam's problem. I think you all should take responsibility for once, and deal with this problem rather than deceiving yourselves by inventing all kinds of fairy tales about the causes of Islamic extremism in your neck of the woods. The sooner you all grab the bull by the horn and see this scourge for what it really is, the better for you.
These terrorists were poised to attack innocent non Muslims as they always do. Obviously, being crazy does multiple numbers on people's head. Rather than attack innocent and unarmed citizens as previously done, they chose instead to take on law enforcement first. Yea! Madness has a way of twisting one's sense of reason. I'm surprised you all didn't blame this on Israel.  ::)

Nigeria on the brink
By The Times of London
FOUR days of violence in Nigeria have left hundreds dead, destroyed towns and villages across the north, brought the cold-blooded police shooting of an Islamist rabble-rouser and left the outside world horrified. Nigeria, with 140 million people, is Africa's largest country. It is also one of the most corrupt, unstable, unequal and fissiparous: in half a century of independence it has seen civil wars, separatist rebellions, military coups, ethnic vendettas and a terrible descent into virtual ungovernability. What happens in Nigeria matters not only to Africa: it affects the huge diaspora in Britain, distorts the oil market, drives international criminality and opens the gates to extremism and terrorism.
The latest violence comes after an uprising by a bizarre Islamist sect, Boko Haram, that urged followers in several northern states to attack police stations, prisons and churches and burn down schools in an attempt to enforce extreme Sharia and rid the country of all Western education. This is not the first such uprising in the north or the only time that militants, who model themselves on the Afghan Taleban, have clashed with federal authority. At least 10,000 people have been killed in sectarian clashes since the Government, attempting to appease the growing current of Islamic extremism after years of military dictatorship, allowed 12 of the northern states to proclaim Sharia. But President Yar'Adua now sees the very unity of Nigeria at stake. After a warning this week that the sect was preparing to unleash "holy war", he ordered troops to eradicate Boko Haram once and for all.
The order has been carried out with indiscriminate brutality. House-to-house searches, gun battles and helicopter searches have killed sect members in scores. Their leader, a university dropout with a violent agenda and views so benighted that he asserted the world was flat and rain was not caused by evaporation but by Allah, was caught in a goats' pen, and shot dead by police after begging for mercy. It is not only his followers who are outraged: many Nigerians and human rights activists have warned of inevitable reprisals and exacerbation of the nation's religious divide.
The uprising, however, is just a symptom of the social breakdown that has made Nigeria so prone to violence. Rampant corruption has undermined even the feeble central government efforts to tackle social inequality, failing health and education systems, the stinking detritus burying most big cities and widespread unemployment. The oil boom has only exacerbated corruption and inequality, and the dreadful conditions in the Niger Delta have spawned an endemic rebellion, regular kidnappings and crime syndicates that siphon off so much oil that total production is running at millions of barrels below capacity.
Into this maelstrom have stepped Islamist extremists. Al-Qaeda has identified Nigeria as fertile ground for its nihilist message, just as it saw Somalia, another failing African state, as a new base for its operations. It is swiftly spreading the jihadist message, exploiting the unease over Sharia by pushing for the most extremist interpretation and recruiting Nigerians as new agents to infiltrate Western society. This is extremely alarming. There is a large Nigerian community in most European countries, and an especially big one in Britain. Already there are fears that organised crime is exploiting the link to racketeering. If al-Qaeda can recruit sleepers among still largely moderate Muslims living in the West, the security services have a nightmare on their hands.
Nigerians are desperate to see better government in Abuja. The onus is now on President Yar'Adua to overcome doubts about his democratic legitimacy, grasp the urgency of Nigeria's situation and save a failing state before he is swept away by violence, despair or another coup.

    * This piece was published as an editorial in The Times of London on August 1.

It is interesting how some people here would rather focus on everything else besides the problem. Is this the first time fundamentalist jihadists have struck? Is this the first time we've witnessed religious incidents like this? When this madness hadn't gotten out of hand, many of you here excused it as the work of a few misguided youth. You blamed destruction of lives and property on frustration emanating from lack of economic empowerment, jobs, etc., and conveniently lied to yourselves about what was really going on.

Now, the self deception has come full circle, and what you once defended has become a problem to you all. But again, like the Ostrich, you'd bury your heads and place blame of law enforcement, on the intelligence community, on everybody else but the those responsible for breaching the peace. Therein lies the problem. You now suddenly remember law enforcement right? Keep in mind that this fugitive Taliban style leader and his group share the same philosophy as most of the northern leaders in regards to national adoption of Sharia, and the Islamization of Nigeria. When the political leaders abandoned civil law and adopted a religious one, they essentially dared the law to reverse their decision. We all know the intelligence community and law enforcement is powerless in your neck of the woods. Before they cough, they must obtain permission. They are too timid, too afraid to operate within their jurisdiction for fear of offending the Lords of the north. So why expect them now to have been on top of this mess when all along their hands were tied behind their backs? You people cannot have it both ways. I am glad this is happening, and hopefully, the fallout from this chaos would affect some of you.

For those who oddly concern themselves with the Southern media, I say you have bigger issues than to worry about how the Southern media would have a field day with this story. The whole World is already aware and have been aware of for some time now about the reoccurring fanaticism from that enclave.
This is a classic example of the chickens coming home to roost. Yes, Husnna, as you make your bed, so shall you lie on it.

Have fun with it while it lasts.     


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Security forces on Monday fought gun battles with Islamist militants who staged attacks on police stations, prisons, churches and other government buildings in Borno, Yobe and Kano states, leaving no fewer than 100 dead.

Corpses of Islamist militants killed by security agents in Maiduguri on Monday

The attacks came on the heels of similar incident in Bauchi, which death toll the acting Inspector General of Police, Mr Ogbonnaya Onovo put at 65, including five police casualties.

Maiduguri, the capital of Borno was thrown into pandemonium on Monday as members of the Mohammed Yusuf Movement (Yusuffiya), Islamic sect in the state made real their threat as they burnt down some police stations, prisons and churches. The Islamist militants also set free inmates of the Maiduguri Maximum Prison, while similar attacks were carried out on a police station and church in Potiskum, Yobe State.

The crisis broke few days after nine of the sectarian members were arrested by the police for being in possession of locally made bombs, explosives, dangerous chemicals and weapons, while one was also killed by a bomb explosion. The leader of the sect, Mohammed Yusuf had in a well-publicized message recently threatened to stage a show-down with those he tagged enemies of Islam, calling on his followers to prepare for a Jihad.

By Sunday night, some members of the sect members stormed the State Police Headquarters along Kano-Jos Road in Maiduguri and attacked the Mobile Police senior officers quarters beside the headquarters, killing two police officers.

“The militants came in the midnight with dangerous weapons and some substances suspected to be bombs. They caught us unaware because we never thought they could target the training college side. They immediately set some quarters ablaze and most of us ran out of our houses before our colleagues and Operation Flush men came to the scene,” a police officer who witnessed the incident told Daily Sun on condition of anonymity.

Daily Sun gathered that the sect members arrived the quarters around 11.30 pm, shouting Allhu Akbar (God is great) and immediately set nine buildings, six cars and two motorcycles on fire. Two police officers were reportedly killed.

Sources said the men of the state special security task force, Operation Flush and some mobile policemen who came to the scene shortly, engaged the militants in a gun battle, forcing the sect members to beat a retreat.

Those who escaped the police onslaught among the fundamentalists were said to have proceeded to the Maiduguri Maximum Security Prison. By early Monday morning, the prison has been burnt while all the inmates were set free. A prison warden was also killed just as some churches around the railway area in the metropolis were torched by the rampaging sect.

Unconfirmed reports claimed two churches were also burnt in Gamboru-Ngala, a border town in the state.

Over 100 corpses of members of the sect who were reportedly shot security officials police were seen littering the deserted streets of Maiduguri as at the time of filing this report. Movements in and out of the state capital were restricted even as commercial activities were paralyzed. All banks, schools and companies were shut down as combined team of police; state security services (SSS) and army mounted surveillance in the state.

The Commissioner of Police, Christopher Dega and the commandant of the Operation Flush, Col Ben Ahanotu could not be reached as at the time of filing report. Ironically, all the mobile telephone networks were not working fueling speculations that the authorities might have asked the operators to jam their communication devices to prevent the sect members who are scattered across the North from coordinating their operations.

Meanwhile, Governor Ali Sheriff has declared a dusk to dawn curfew from Monday.

A three paragraph statement signed by the Director of Press in the Government House, Zanna Usman Chiroma stated that the curfew, which was declared in all parts of the two local government areas in the Maiduguri metropolis “will take effect from 7p.m to 6a.m daily until the security situation improves.”

The governor advised residents to stay in their homes during the period as no movement would be allowed, assuring all citizens of full protection of lives and property.

He also promised to lift the curfew as soon as the situation was brought under control.

Similarly, the religious upheaval has spilled to Yobe State as attacks in Potiskum in the early hours of Monday morning left at least one policeman and a personnel of the state fire service dead.

Daily Sun gathered that the members numbering over 40 attacked the police station in Potiskum, freed suspects in custody, looted the armoury and then set ablaze the station and the office of the Federal Road Safety Commission adjacent to it.

The attacks were launched, according to sources at the period it was raining catsß and dogs.

Mr. Mohammed Paddah, spokesman of the Yobe State Police Command who confirmed the attack said the State Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Abbas had paid a visit to the scenes of the attacks as well as the police armoury.

The police spokesman confirmed the death of the two uniformed men, adding that seven other police officers were injured in the attack. He said some suspects had been arrested and were already being investigated.

He called on members of the public to give vital information on suspects to enable the police nip attacks in the bud.

As at the time of filing this report, Governor Ibrahim Geidam who was said to have gone to a town in Gulani local government area had not made any statement on the attacks.

Also a police station in Wudil town situated on the outskirts of Kano was attacked on Monday.

Police repelled the attack, killing three members of the group and arresting 33 others, Kano police spokesman, Baba Mohammed said. Two police officers were injured in the clashes in the town, some 30 kilometres (20 miles) east of Kano.

“An unspecified number of these extremists attacked the police station at around 4:00a.m and injured two officers but our men repelled them, killed three and apprehended 33 of them,” said Mohammed.

He said the attack was similar to the one staged overnight at a police station in Potiskum in Yobe State.

Police have meantime besieged the Kara neighbourhood of Wudil where the group has a mosque, preparing for an offensive to flush them out.

A Kano resident said police were patrolling the streets of the bustling capital following the attack in the nearby town.

“The situation is still very tense but armed policemen are patrolling the streets and trouble-prone parts of Kano to make sure they put the situation under complete control.”

He suspected the militants were fleeing from Yobe and Bauchi states where they launched attacks on Sunday and Monday.

The latest wave of fighting broke out on Sunday in Bauchi State when police hit back at militants after they attacked a police station at dawn.

The Nigerian Taliban emerged in 2004 when it set up a base dubbed Afghanistan in Kanamma village in Yobe, on the border with Niger, from where it attacked police outposts and killed police officers.

Its membership is mainly drawn from school dropouts. The north of Nigeria is majority Muslim, although large Christian minorities have settled in the main towns, raising tensions between the two groups.

Since 1999 and the return of a civilian regime to Nigeria’s central government, 12 northern states have introduced Islamic Sharia law.

More than 700 people died last November in Jos, capital of Plateau state, when a political feud over a local election degenerated into bloody confrontation between Muslims and Christians.

Sectarian clashes between Muslims and Christians in Bauchi State killed 14 people in February. A Muslim mob went on the rampage, attacking Christians and burning churches in reprisals over the burning of two mosques, which Muslims blamed on Christians, they said.

One of the Nigerian Taliban leaders, Aminu Tashen-Ilimi, had told newsmen in a 2005 interview that the group intended to lead an armed insurrection and rid society of “immorality” and “infidelity.”


From News Sources / Re: Saudi crowns queen of 'beautiful morals'
« on: July 29, 2009, 03:51:39 PM »
But how can anyone be certain that the winner is actually the winner? Nobody ever saw her face, hands, or legs. How was it determined that she had the best morals when in fact, she was covered up from the beginning. Actually, I would like to know the winner was chosen because I bet all other contestants on the show being from Saudi and all covered had to have the same exact mindset, value system, thought process, etc. So how did one win out over others? And still, how do we know for sure that the winner is actually the winner? Mennnnnnnnnn, this whole thing is fishy.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A U.S. government panel listed 13 countries Friday as "egregious" violators of religious freedom.

Homeless Pakistani Christians protest last month in Islamabad for protection of Christian minorities.
 The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom's annual report named Myanmar, North Korea, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.

It recommended that the Obama administration designate them as "countries of particular concern" or CPC.

The group has issued a watch list that includes Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba, Egypt, Indonesia, Laos, Russia, Somalia, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Venezuela, countries that don't rise to the level of a CPC but need to be monitored.

"Unfolding events in Pakistan make clear the relevance of this theme to the 2009 Annual Report. At the time of writing, emboldened Taliban-associated extremists had advanced to within 60 miles of the Pakistani capital of Islamabad," the report said.

"In the areas they already control, these groups are imposing draconian restrictions on human rights and religious freedom and engaging in brutal acts against individuals, particularly women and local police, who refused to accede to their repressive policies."

The federal commission is bipartisan, and its commissioners are appointed by the president and members of Congress.

A CPC designation gives Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "a range of specific policy options to address serious violations of religious freedom."

It requires the secretary "to enter into direct consultations with a government to find ways to bring about improvements in the respect for religious freedom."

The report covers the period May 2008 through April. The commission was created by the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998.

"While sanctions are a possible policy option, the secretary may decide to develop a binding agreement with the CPC government on specific actions that it will take to end the violations that gave rise to the designation or take a commensurate action," the commission said. "The secretary may determine that pre-existing sanctions are adequate or waive the requirement of taking action in furtherance of the Act"

Tell me, which intelligent reader or writer would take Bakin Zizo seriously after his reading his initial childish and uncouth outburst? He came back later stating that the issue wasn't about sensitivity. Who said the issue was about sensitivity? His irrational reaction to what could have been a more civil discourse is disappointing. However, this discourse even take a bizzare twist when you came back to quote him as evidence of the article's unaccuracies. Is this a joke? You even suggested that I pay particular attention to the bold portion of Bakin Zizo's comments. So I am supposed to take his word?
At this point, I am of the opinion that both you and Bakin Zizo are not very familiar with the process of debunking 'false' reports. You do not set the record straight by offering an opinion or by dismissing the report as 'rubbish'. Maybe in Nigeria such casual dismissal is enough to sway people, but elsewhere, solid proof to the contrary must be presented.

So Bakin Zizo, you talk about an article you read citing the police commissioner's account of the cordial relationship with the hisbah agents...well, why not present that article to support your story? Do you get the picture?

General Board / Re: Shekarau's governance!
« on: May 19, 2009, 01:38:14 AM »
"Usman, maybe the close minded attitude is the other way round.
"Some poeple tend to believe anything they read online or in newspapers without actually veryfying the claims.Most especially when it is a negative report against government or government officials. Some on the other hand believe whatever negative report is published about a particlular religion or so.
Regarding the article, have read and verified the most i can about the incidence and yes it is rubbish.
In the whole article,the publishers have been able to present one solid evidence that shekarau ordered the cancellation of the event. They were so clever to confuse people yet clean their hands in the accusations.

If you could recall,a thisday article regarding some beauty pageant show to be held sometime back sparked of one of the worst ethno-religious crisis Kano has ever faced. This fashion show could have sparked a crisis which people would then be condemned and the state govt would be accused of not taking action despite all the 'intelligence reports'."

                                                                  - Gogonnaka

Gogonnaka, I think you should be careful or else paranoia may get the better of you. Where is the negative religious publication you are talking about? You seem to be the one infusing religion into this discuss. Your entire reaction of any critical report against the Kano State government is denial or to thrash the report. If you feel the reporting is inaccurate, why not expose the inaccuracies with your own verifiable facts? Where do you come off dismissing a report as rubbish, and expect the readers to accept your own version of the story? Can't your own position be classified as Rubbish as well, especially when you offer nothing in rebuttal, you offer no alternate material contradicting the papers, etc. I would consider you more credible when you begin offering factual or verifiable rebuttals to these reports.

The strange thing about your response also is your stunning admission that indeed the Governor did order the cancellation of the fashion expo. Are you even aware how this admission offers real credibility to the entire newspaper report? In any case, what was the rationale for the closure of the event? Can you explain that? You agree that the report provided solid evidence that Shekarau ordered the even closure, but in the same breadth, you accuse the writers of confusing people while keeping their hands clean. Can you elaborate on this because you lost me on this one. But my question still stands...why did Shekarau order the closure of a planned event?

In reference to the ThisDay's beauty pageant, which was also cancelled nonsensically, I fail to see the connection you are trying to make here. If your reasoning is that the Governor pre-emptively closed this event to prevent another possible conflict, then it speaks volumes about the irrationality of the people of Kano, and also about the porous leadership of the governor.

Ms. Hamza wasn't sponsoring a beauty contest. She organized a fashion event aimed at introducing her brand of clothes line....the success of which would have created employment and brought revenue to the local economy because she would have had to hire designers, cutters, tailors, etc. But yeah GGNK, thanks to you Very Smart guys for killing the project before it even began. I am sure Governor Shekarau and his enforcers are very proud of themselves. By the way, what did they achieve?   

General Board / Re: Shekarau's governance!
« on: May 16, 2009, 03:53:23 PM »
I just want to add also that the Lady shown in that picture is a beautiful black woman. Is that Husnaa?  ;D My goodness she is naturally pretty, and those are the kind of faces we need to feature in our PR publications and documentaries when we advertise Nigeria to the World. In contrast, we should make every effort not to air the pictures of those men as representative of Nigerian men because it would further diminish our PR effort.

Having said that, if the neighborhood picture of street garbage littering a stretch of highway, is that of Kano State, then like Husnna said, it says a lot about the governance of shekarau. Perhaps his administration should focus on real issues the damn streets, and worry less about a fashion show that could actually help the economy if they (state government) had any clue on how to encourage free enterprise and help small businesses grow by creating an environment that supports such an atmosphere. This young lady had enough common sense, initiative, and business drive (which is lacking amongst many young Nigerians) to create something beautiful. She worked hard to organize a show which attracted over 300 guests, many of whom are investors, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, etc. Rather than respect her hard work and talent, the bullish, brazen, unaccomplished, void of ideas, and under-achieving so called state government moral enforcers ruined what was poised to be a successful event. What a shame!!!!!What a shame indeed. This enterprising young lady invested her time, money, emotion, and skill into putting together something commendable.

Ms. Hamza is not in government embezzling public funds or issuing phony contracts that are never implemented. Ms. Hamza’s grave sin was daring to bring some activity to a dead end Taliban style community. The totally irresponsible holier than thou state government and their moralistic hisbah agents stormed the arena and threatened to actually burn down the facility. What responsible state agency makes such terroristic threat to the public whom they are supposed to protect from harm? And true to their word, the agents of destruction (that’s the only thing they are good at) would have followed through on their threats if Ms. Hamza and her people had not wisely cancelled the event.

It should be troubling to all sane people that a governor of a state where intolerant incidents like this occur actually aspires, and is in the running for President. Weep for Nigeria people.

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