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General Board / Re: Nija's development........
« on: February 27, 2003, 05:32:23 PM »
The problem with Nija is simply leadership. Our leaders are extremely selfish they are only thinking of themselves and children. For instance in a place like Kano where 50 to 60% of the population are not accessible to water you'll find the houses of the high ranking civil servants and politicians with boreholes etc, this will therefore not allow them to think of the common man. Their children attend private schools and therefore they are not aware when teachers are on strike or when the are no chairs and desks etc.

We need new crop of leaders who are selfless, it is selfishness that is causing all the economic mismanagemet, corruption, indiscipline, etc coupled with lack of enforcement of laws. Recently the anti corruption commission was created and a lot of cases were taken to them including some against the speaker, the senate president, some senators and honourable members and they are still in investigation ?statges or the matter has gone to dbins. Honestly i dont see the relevance of the so called Anti corruption commission. Even wihout the creation of anti corruption commision there are enough laws to take care of corrupt practices of public office holders but nobody is applying them.

Lets look further into the type of leaders this country needs. Certainly opposite to what some of our past leaders are selfish like Abacha, shifty and tricky like IBB or planless like Gowon. We need new courageous set of intelligent leaders who can take us to the promised land. Courageous enough to dare and try anybody that break the law, intelligent enough to bring us out of the woods. A pityful leader but assertive and honest, religious, not promiscous, not sectional, etc.

Please if you qualify come forward lets plan how to make you our chairman/governor/lagislator/president etc come 2007. Lets throw these recycled leaders out.

Abu I like your point. Gowon was planless if he had started investing all that petrol dollars in improving the rail systems and LNG and petrol chemical plant we would not be in this mess. But lets not forget that the two civilian government of OBJ and Shagari have foresight but are just to corrupts and incopentent.
As well as blaming the leader what about the people Nigeria sgenerate wealth of  $15-20 billion p/a for a population 150 million why South Africa  spend $45 billon according to the present budget.

We as Nigerian must learn to be more creative and productive in creating wealth  at least $100 billion p/a, this  would enable any new leader to embark on development policies

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