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chit-chat / MEANT TO BE
« on: June 20, 2003, 02:14:02 AM »
listen to this a guy and a girl have been going out for 8yrs and everything was going fine till her parents decided that the guy has to start making moves bout marriage or else find his way,its not that the guy doesn't want to marry her but he just finished skool and is waiting for NYSC and has no means to marry now so they tried breakin up but couldn't go through wit it so they r now dating in secret and hopin and prayin that if it was meant to be things will work themselves out. wat do u guys think?

Sports / beckham sale:Good move or Big mistake
« on: June 24, 2003, 12:19:58 AM »
This is to all man utd fans what are ur opinions on the sale of beckham to will tell u mine after i see urs

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