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chit-chat / my view
« on: January 25, 2006, 07:07:04 PM »
my best and interested acterer is rukayyah Dawayyah  :D  :arrow:  :lol: [code]

« on: October 14, 2004, 10:15:30 PM »
Quote from: "Hafsy_Lady"
Technically speaking, sometimes having a little courtesy when trying to have a difficult conversation does help. But other times its not right to say things out pop and clear. Well like ummita said, I got her a material three pipul were after and willing to pay more just to have it. I had to pay extra, took it to the tailors who was going off for Sunday service I gave him a tip the dress was ready in two days. I gave the driver to deliver it her & I had to kiss up & suck up all the attitude he was giving me. I rang days later happy to ask if she liked it. All she said was the material is gorgeous but "I DONT LIKE THE SEWING" I would not directly tell someone that! I mean whats up with that? I went all through that and this is what I got! Though she tried making me understand but I was too upset to understand her point even though it made sense & I refused to accept it. So yes sometimes its hard to accept things. Anway as for her I told her off big time. Harsh words she got. Didnt yah? (hehehe)

But I think if people where very confrontational, open and direct things would be far more better. Communication and iterraction will be greatl. If girls were open there wont be too much gossiping. I mean "look Aisha in her eyes and tell her what you dont like about her". Tell a guy who has just asked for your number that "look I appreciate it you liking me but honestly am not interested" instead of whining up a guy, making him think you like him, waisting his time rendering the situation more difficult when you deicide to tell the guy that after he is all inlove. Why not tell him right there and then. Men! you are getting second wives, why wont they approach their first wives & look them in the eyes and tell them. Pop and clear. Let her deal with it! There no point hearing it from someone. It will be a hard blow shot when she finds out elsewhere. You cheated on your guy and want to come clean, dont run round the bush, tell him straightlyyyyyy if you really feel sorry about what you did. Honestly only if people would be straight & open there will be better understanding amongst each other. But somethings gaskiya its difficult for people to understand. No matter how you best put it and how sorry you feel telling them what you really think, others dont understand especially amongst black people.
We just gotta learn how to be speak openly, kindheartedly passing your exact words no lying and being rationale about it

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