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« on: May 19, 2004, 04:49:57 PM »
    MADRID, May 18 (Reuters) - A Spanish businessman vying for the presidency of Real Madrid criticised on Tuesday the club's policy of signing big-name stars, or 'galacticos', which he said had driven debt to 352 million euros ($420.9 million).
   Carlos Gonzalez launched his bid for July's election at a time when Spain's biggest club is suffering the worst league run in its 102-year history, with four consecutive defeats leaving it third in the Primera Liga with one game to play.
     'We don't want any more 'galacticos'. This idea of the 'galaxy' has hurt us a lot. We want to be earthly beings,' Gonzalez, 41, told a news conference.
    A season which began with fanfares heralding the arrival of England captain David Beckham is drawing to a close ignominiously after losses in the European Champions League and Spain's Kings Cup.
    Club president Florentino Perez has steered Madrid to two league titles and a Champions League crown during his four-year term thanks to a mixture of world-class signings and home-grown talent.
   Perez has dubbed this a policy of 'Zidanes and Pavones' in reference to French international playmaker Zinedine Zidane - who he signed for a world record $66 million - and defender Francisco Pavon, who emerged from the youth team.
    Perez, yet to set a date for July's election, has come under fire in Spain's sporting press for the self-destruction of one of the most expensive squads ever assembled, amid reports that several high profile players may leave at the end of the season.
   Gonzalez - who does not hold a membership of the club although he says he is a regular at the Bernabeu stadium - remains an outsider for the top job.

Sports / The 77.2 million pounds man?
« on: May 16, 2004, 03:27:03 AM »
Which player is when all his transfer fees are combined[totalling to 77.2 million pounds], is the most expensive player in the world?

Sports / Remarkable achievement by the GUNNERS
« on: May 16, 2004, 03:03:41 AM »
Its like Arsenal have wrapped it all up with a magnificient display on their final match at home to already relegated leicester city, going through the whole season unbeaten is a remarkable achievement, is it the turning point in Arsenal's quest for european glory? or is it one of those shows they've been puttting up over the years......... only time will tell

chit-chat / opposite of love
« on: May 15, 2004, 02:21:02 PM »
Well it sounds straight forward but intellectually speaking, what's the opposite of love?

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