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chit-chat / Chat Room
« on: October 04, 2002, 12:27:15 AM »
Salama Alaikum,
Is't possible to create a chart room here?
It look like the site have regular visitors and i think a chat room will help bring hausawa arround the world together share idears etc.

« on: October 21, 2002, 12:56:23 AM »
This is the tale of an average man,
Who acts contrary to allah's plan,
If you are reflected herein
Then repent and commit no sin.

It was early in the morning at four
When death knocked upon a bedroom door
"Who is there? the sleeping one cried
I'm Izrael let me inside

At once, the man began to shiver
As one sweating in deadly fever
He shouted to his wife
"Don't let him take my life away"

"Please go away, O Angel of Death
I'm not ready yet
My family, on me depend
Give me chance, to go back and mend.

The angel knocked again and again
"Friend, i'll take your life without any pain
It's your soul that Allah requires
I come not with my own desires

Bewldered, the man began to cry
"O Angel, I'm so afraid to die
I'll give you gold and be your slave
Don't sent me the unlit grave

"Let me in O friend", the angel said
"Open the door, get-up from your bed
If you do not let me in
I will walk through it like a jinn.

The man held a gun in his right hand
Ready to defy the angel's stand
"I'll point my gun towards your head
you dare come in-I'll shoot you dead

By now the Angel was in the room
Saying,"O friend-prepare for your doom
Foolish man-Angels never die
Put down your gun and do not sigh.

"Why are you afraid- Tel me O man
To die according to Allah's plan?
Come-smile at me do not grim
Be happy to return to him"

O Angel, I bow my head in shame
I had no time to remember Allah's name
From down 'till dusk, i made wealth
Not even caring for my spiritual health."

"Allah's commands I never obeyed,
Nor five times a day i ever prayed
A Ramadan cames and a Ramadan went,
But no time had to repent".

"The hajj was already abligatory upon me
But I would not part with my money
All charities I did Ignore
Taking usury more and more"

"Sometimes I sipped my favorite wine,
With flirting women i sat to dine,
O angel I appeal to you,
Spare my life for a year or two"

"The law of the Quar'an, I will obey
I'll begin salaat-this very day.
My fast and hajj I will complete
And keep away from self-conceit"

"I will refrain from usury
And give all my wealth to charity
Wine and unlawful women, I will detest
Allah's oneness I will attest"

We Angel do what Allah demands
We cannot go against his commands
Death is ordained for everyone
Father, mother, daugther and son."

I'm afraid, this moment is your last
Now be reminded of your past.
I do understand your fears
But now is too late for tears"

"You lived in this world, two score or more
Never did you,your people adore
Your parents you did not obey
Hungry beggars, you turn away"

Your two ill-gotten, female offspring
In nighclubs, for livelihood they sing.
Instead of making more muslims
you made yor childrend non-muslim."

"you ignored the muadhin's Adhan
Nor did you read the holy Quar'an.
Breaking promises all your life
Backbiting friends and causing strife."

"From hoarded goods, great profits you made
And your poor workers-you underpaid.
horses and cards were your leisure
Money-making was your pleasure."

You ate vitamins and grew more fat
with the very sick-you never sat.
A pint of blood, you never gave
Which could a little baby save

"O human, you have done enough wrong
You bought good properties for song.
When the farmers appealed to you
You did not have mercy, this is true

"Paradice for you? I can not tell
undoubtedly you will dwell in hell.
There is no time for you to repent
I'll take your soul for which i'm sent."

The end however is very sad
Eventually, the man become mad
With a cry, he jumped out of bed
And suddenly fell down dead.

O! READER take a moral from here
Never know, your end may be near.
Change your living and make amends
For heaven, on your deeds depend

Member Poetry / A CRY FOR OUR UMMAH!
« on: October 20, 2002, 07:04:16 PM »

here's a brother, once one of us
He kept to the faith, good and pious
But where is he now? Oh Allah, I beseech
He's out on friday Night doing drugs on the streets

Did you see it coming, did any one of you know?
If you did, did you help him those few years ago? ???
Now his life is meaningless and bleak
Once a strong brother, now he is weak :(

Here's our sister, Once righteous and pure
She prayed and fasted, her deen was for sure
Now she's no longer chaste
Her Innocent spirit is all gone to waste ?:'(

Allah give us all eye to see
Yet we claim "It will NEVER be me"
And those 2 from our Ummah once claim that too
 ? ?SO.......MY sisters, My brothers,

« on: October 20, 2002, 07:35:01 PM »

You look at me and call me oppressed,
 Simply because of the way I'm dressed,

You know me not for what is inside,
 you judge the clothing I wear with pride,

My body's not for eyes to hold,
 You must speak to my mind not my feminine mold,

I'm an Individual, I'm no mans slave
 It's Allahs pleasure that I only crave,

I have a voice so I will be heard
 For my heart i carry his words,

"O ye women, wrap close your cloak,
So you won't be bothered by ignorant folk"

Man does't tell me to dress this way
 It's Law from Allah that I obey

Oppressed is something I'm truly NOT,
 For liberation is what I've got
  It was given to me many years ago
With right to prosper ,the right to grow,

I can climb mountains or cross the seas,
 Expand my mind in all degrees,
For God himself gave us LIB-ER-TY
 When he sent ISLAM.

Culture / ME KILAGO
« on: March 11, 2003, 12:52:01 AM »
Salaam 2 u all
I know me kilago is kind of monster who use to live in kano city
and also kill for his meal :-/
How true is that?
Can you please share.

History / ME KILAGO
« on: March 11, 2003, 12:52:01 AM »
This topic has been moved to [link=;action=display;num=1049320830;start=0]Culture[/link] by admin.

« on: March 11, 2003, 12:31:59 AM »
Salaam 2 u all
Can you please share with us the history behind dala
da gwauran dutse.
and that little hause on the top of gwauran dutse,
I always wonder why was it there?

History / YAR MADABO
« on: March 11, 2003, 12:41:34 AM »
When i was little we always talk about yar madabo
just to scare each other, How true was this yar madabo?
Does she really ever exist ???

Please share with us.

« on: April 05, 2003, 02:23:36 AM »
Salama Alaikum
While i was surfing the net i come across this article,
and though you may be interested.

KANO, Nigeria
BRIEF HISTORY: One of the oldest kingdoms of Africa created c998. Kano became vassal of Bornu in the 18th century. In 1807, the Fulbe Jihad killed the 42nd King and replaced his Habe dynasty with a new dynasty of Emirs. On 3/2/1903, Kano became part of the Northern Nigerian British protectorate. Today, the State of Kano with capital named also Kano.


Burke’s Royal Families of the World II Africa & The Middle East, London 1980
R.F.Tapsell, Monarch Rulers Dynasties and Kingdoms of the World, Thames and Hudson, London 1983
RELATED WEBSITE: Traditional States of Nigeria

THANKS TO: John D. McMeekin (26/11/1999)

LAST UPDATE: 16/10/2002

Head of the Family: HRH The Emir of Kano (Sarkin Kano) (Kano, Kano)


HEAD OF THE FAMILY: HRH Alhaji Ado Bayero dan Abd Allahi Bayero, 13th Emir of Kano (56th Sarkin Kano) since 12/10/1963, Director of Gulf Bank of Nigeria plc, Amb of Nigeria to Senegal before 12/10/1963, 3rd Chancellor Univ of Ibadan 24/4/1976, CFR, hon LLD, JP, ?1930

Kings of Kano (Sarkin Kano):
Bagauda, 1st Sarkin Kano 998-1063. Father of:

Warisi, 2nd Sarkin Kano 1063-1095. Father of:

Gijimasu, 3rd Sarkin Kano 1095-1133. Father of:

Nawata, 4th Sarkin Kano 1133-1135. Brother of:

Gawata, 5th Sarkin Kano 1133-1135. Brother of:

Yusa, 6th Sarkin Kano 1135-1193. Father of:

Naguji, 7th Sarkin Kano 1193-1247

Gugua, 8th Sarkin Kano 1247-1290. Son of 3rd Sarkin Gijimasu

Shekarau, 9th Sarkin Kano 1290-1306. Son of 6th Sarkin Yusa and father of:

Tsamia, 10th Sarkin Kano 1306-1342. Brother of:

Osumanu Zamnagawa, 11th Sarkin Kano 1342-1349

Yaji I, 12th Sarkin Kano 1349-1385. Son of 10th Sarkin Tsamia and brother of:

Bugaya, 13th Sarkin Kano 1385-1389

Kanajeji, 14th Sarkin Kano 1389-1409. Son of 12th Sarkin Yaji I and father of:

Umaru, 15th Sarkin Kano 1409-1421. Brother of:

Dauda, 16th Sarkin Kano 1421-1437. Brother of:

Abdullahi Burja, 17th Sarkin Kano 1437-1452. Father of:

Dakauta, 18th Sarkin Kano 1452. Father of:

Atuma, 19th Sarkin Kano 1452

Yakuba, 20th Sarkin Kano 1452-1462. Son of 17th Sarkin Abdullahi Burja and father of:

Muhamman Rimfa, 21st Sarkin Kano 1462-1498. Father of:

Abdullahi, 22nd Sarkin Kano 1498-1508. Father of:

Muhamman Kisocki, 23rd Sarkin Kano 1508-1564. Father of:

Yakufu, 24th Sarkin Kano 1564-1565. Father of:

Dauda Abasama I, 25th Sarkin Kano 1565

Abdu Bakr Kado, 26th Sarkin Kano 1565-1572. Son of 21st Sarkin Muhamman Rimfa

Muhamman Shashere, 27th Sarkin Kano 1572-1582. Son of 24th Sarkin Yakufu

Muhamman Zaki, 28th Sarkin Kano 1582-1617. Son of 23rd Sarkin Muhamman Kisocki and father of:

Muhamman Nazaki, 29th Sarkin Kano 1617-1622. Father of:

Kutumbi, 30th Sarkin Kano 1622-1648. Father of:

al Hajj, 31st Sarkin Kano 1648-1649. Father of:

Shekkarau, 32nd Sarkin Kano 1649-1650. Brother of:

Muhamman Kukuna, 33rd Sarkin Kano 1650-1651 and 1651-1659

Soyaki, 34th Sarkin Kano 1651. Son of 32nd Sarkin Shekkarau

Bawa, 35th Sarkin Kano 1659-1670. Son of 33rd Sarkin Muhamman Kukuna and father of:

Muhamman Dadi dan Bawa, 36th Sarkin Kano 1670-5/1702. Father of:

Muhamman Sharefa dan Muhamman Dadi, 37th Sarkin Kano 5/1702-7/1730. Father of:

Muhamman Kumbari dan Muhamman Sharefa, 38th Sarkin Kano 7/1730-2/1743. Father of:

al Hajj Kabe dan Muhamman Kumbari, 39th Sarkin Kano 2/1743-5/1753

Muhamman Yaji II ibn Muhamman Dadi,40th Sarkin Kano 5/1753-5/1768. Son of 36th Sarkin Muhamman Dadi and father of:

Babba Zaki dan Muhamman Yaji, 41st Sarkin Kano 5/1768-2/1776. Brother of:

Dauda Abasama II dan Muhamman Yaji, 42nd Sarkin Kano 2/1776-12/1780. Brother of:

Muhamman Alwali dan Muhamman Yaji, 43rd Sarkin Kano 12/1781-3/1807 (42nd Sarkin according to Burke's), +(killed) 1807

Emirs of Kano:
Sulaymanu dan Abahama, 1st Emir of Kano (44th Sarkin Kano) 3/1807-22/8/1819, +1819

Ibrahim Dabo dan Muhamman Cigari (Town Conqueror), 2nd Emir of Kano (45th Sarkin Kano)21/9/1819-9/2/1846, +1846. Father of:      
Uthman I dan Ibrahim Dabo Ma je Ringim, 3rd Emir of Kano (46th Sarkin Kano)3/1846-26/8/1855, +Ringim 1855. Brother of:

Abd Allahi dan Ibrahim Dabo Sarkin Yanka, 4th Emir of Kano (47th Sarkin Kano) 16/9/1855-8/9/1882, +Ma je Karofi, Katsina 1882. Brother of:

Muhamman Bello dan Ibrahim Dabo, 5th Emir of Kano (48th Sarkin Kano)  9/1882-25/11/1893, +1893. Father of:
Muhamman Tukur dan Muhamman Bello, 6th Emir of Kano (49th Sarkin Kano) 12/1893-16/3/1895, +Gurin 1895    
Aliyu Baba dan Abd Allahi, 7th Emir of Kano (50th Sarkin Kano) 16/3/1895-4/1903, in rebellion from 19/8/1894, exiled to Lokeja when captured bu the ruler of Gobir, +Lokoja 1926. Son of 4th Emir Abd Allahi and brother of:    
Muhammadu Abbas dan Abd Allahi, 8th Emir of Kano (51st Sarkin Kano) 3/4/1903-1/5/1919, +1919. Brother of:
Uthman II dan Abd Allahi, 9th Emir of Kano (52nd Sarkin Kano) 1919-1926, +1926  

Abd Allahi Bayaro dan Muhammadu Abbas, 10th Emir of Kano (53rd Sarkin Kano) 1926-25/12/1953, ?1883, +1953. Son of 8th Emir Muhammadu Abbas and father of:

Muhammadu Sanusi dan Abd Allahi Bayero, 11th Emir of Kano (54th Sarkin Kano) 1/1/1954-abdicated 1963, retired to Azare, ?1905

Muhammadu Inuwa Abbas dan Muhammadu Abbas, 12th Emir of Kano (55th Sarkin Kano) 1963-8/10/1963, ?1901, +1963. Son of 8th Emir Muhammadu Abbas

HRH Alhaji Ado Bayaro dan Abd Allahi Bayero, 13th Emir of Kano (56th Sarkin Kano) since 12/10/1963. Son of 10th Emir Abd Allahi Bayero (see above, Head of the Family)

Kaduna-Katsina States Forum / An Apology from THISDAY
« on: November 23, 2002, 12:52:46 AM »
An Apology to All Muslims...


To all our Muslim brothers and sisters, Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahamatul-Llahi Wa Barakatuhu. May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon you all. With all sense of responsibility, sensitivity and respect for all Muslims, the staff, management, editors and Board of THISDAY Newspapers apologise for the great editorial error in last Saturday's edition on Miss World Beauty Pageant.

We are sorry that the portrayal of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW) in a commentary written by one of our staff was not only unjustified, but utterly provocative.

The supervising editor made an attempt to remove the offensive portion during the editing process. But we must say that this time, technology failed us, and gravely too. When we realised that the publication had gone to the market, we did not wait to be reminded. The Editor promtply issued an apology and retracted the story . This was published on the front pages of Monday and Tuesday editions. But many thought the apology was insufficient...

At THISDAY, we have no reason to denigrate Muslims or the Holy Prophet. Why should we? Key members of our management are devoted Muslims, including our Group Executive Director, Alhaji Deji Mustapha, who also runs the Friday page on Islam; our Editor at Large, Waziri Adio; our Deputy Editor, Alhaji Yusuph Olaniyonu; our Development Editor, Bolaji Abdullahi; our Associate Editor Ali M. Ali and our Associate Director, Alhaji Nuhu Musa Kazaure among others.

Beyond that the offensive paragraph runs against the grain of our beliefs and what we stand for at THISDAY as we show sensitivity to the complexity of our nation. Why would we do anything that would seem to denigrate any religion, when we believe in the peaceful co-existence of Nigerians?

Since we began to publish in 1995 as a national newspaper, ThisDay has realised the need for us to constantly reflect the views, emotions, and values of our readership across the country. We know our credibility and large readership depend on our ability to respect every belief system and viewpoints. And this is why we have managed over the years to maintain the trust and confidence of a broad spectrum that cut across the lines of our complex diversity as a country. THISDAY has constantly sought to be objective and fair to all, while favouring none. We hold this position, not only because the profession of journalism recommends it, but also because we recognise the critical role that we have to play as a newspaper in forging unity and understanding among the various identity groupings in our country.

Islam teaches that no human being is infallible. And that is why we all constantly seek Allah's Rahama. Says the Holy Book:

"... whoever forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is with Allah..." Qr 42 v. 40.

"And verily, whoever shows patience and forgives, that would truly be from the things recommended by Allah" Q 42 v. 43

Saturday November 16 was our error, for which we feel very sorry. We recognise the gravity of this error, and we have handled it with all the seriousness it deserves, including very strong disciplinary measures for those who failed in their duties.

We therefore seek the understanding of our Muslim brothers and sisters and sincerely hope that in the spirit of the Holy month of Ramadan, and in the interest of our beloved country, Nigeria, we would show forgiveness and understanding.

From all this we are learning many lessons. Even if we strive to respect all religious sensitivities we now realise more than ever that we have to do even more as we build bridges of understanding across our complex religious divide.

We have learnt that we cannot always rely on technology, and that we have to do more to improve our processes so we can continue to pursue the path of truth and reason. Ours is a public trust. We do not, and will not take our responsibility for granted.

May the Almighty Allah, the God of infinite wisdom, continue to guide us aright. Ma-Assalam, and Ramadan Kareem.


          IS THIS ENOUGH[/b]???  

Islam / Stoning For Adultery in shariah,(Rajm)
« on: November 02, 2002, 02:28:02 AM »
Salama Alaykum brothers $ sister.
I was reading this Article and though you may be interested
Hope you will find it educative too.  

It is not surprising to see the extent of blatant hypocrisy that is practised by godless worshippers of the flesh who have lost their moral and ethical anchorage. Sadly, their  Western-secular orientation has given them a skewed vision of moral values.

Status of the Shariah (Islamic Law)

Let us first understand the principled position of the divinely revealed Shariah. The Islamic Shariah(Legal System) has been revealed by the Creator and King of the Universe through two main sources which are the Holy Quraan and the Sunnah (Prophetic traditions).These two sources are  absolutely inviolable and cannot be changed by any human being.

The Ahkaamul-Hudood(Penal Laws) is a part of the Islamic Shariah. The Islamic Penal Laws cannot be compartmentalized so that it operates in isolation from the rest of the Shariah system. It is necessary to look at the larger picture of the complete Shariah system to appreciate it’s perfection. The political-economic and social system of the Shariah is geared to develop a society of caring believers, whose rich History bears testimony to the fact that it’s value-system strongly encourages the society to share with the less fortunate. One needs only study the laws of the Shariah to verify this. So the chances for vice and crime are strongly deterred in an Islamic society. Now insignificant braying is quite often heard from Western-influenced (hypo)critics that the Penal code of Islam is barbaric, that it is unjust to women, that it is archaic etc. etc …

Stoning to death for adultery is part of the Shariah’s penal code, whether we like it or not ! Muslims should not be apologetic about any law of the Shariah as it is not the product of the human mind, but it is divinely revealed.

 The issue of rajm or stoning for adultery is established and proven from the authentic traditions and practices of the Final Messenger(s.a.w.). The scholars of Islam are unanimous that stoning a married person(male or female) for adultery is the prescribed Hadd(penal punishment) of the Shariah. This is established by the Sunnah(prophetic traditions) and these traditions are in the rank of tawaatur ( it’s narrations cannot be denied due to it’s appearance in all three generations by numerous narrators). It is also proven by the consensus of the scholars which is the third source of Islamic Law. Ibn Masud(r.a.) reports: “The blood of a Muslim person is not permissible except in one of three situations; the adulterer who is married, one who has killed unjustly, and the apostate.”(Bukhari and Muslim) This hadeeth is also reported with different wording by Uthmaan, Ayesha, Abu Hurairah, Jaabir and Ammaar bin Yaasir(may Allah be pleased with all of them). Then there is the incident reported by Abu Hurairah(r.a.) and Zaid bin Khalid Al-Juhani(r.a.) regarding a workman who committed adultery with another woman. The Messenger of Allah(s.a.w.) instructed a man from the tribe of Aslam: “Go in the morning to this (particular) lady; so if she confesses, then stone her.” (Bukhari ,Muslim, Muatta, Musnad Ahmad, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, An-Nasaai)

Buraida(r.a.) also reports the story of Maaiz(r.a.) which appears in various narrations. So he confessed to committing adultery and the Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.) ordered for him to be stoned.(Muslim, Abu Dawud) This incident is also reported by Abu Hurairah in Musnad Ahmad, Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi and Abu Dawood. In fact the list of references is too long to mention here. Furthermore Buraida(r.a.) also reports the incident of Gaamidiyyah(r.a.) who confessed to adultery. The Final Messenger(s.a.w.) only accepted her confession on her third approach, and ordered that she be stoned after the child had been weaned. She dutifully returned after such a long period to be stoned.(Muslim, Musnad Ahmad, Abu Dawud). Adultery is considered the third most heinous crime after associating partners in worship with the Sole Creator, and after killing an innocent person. For this reason the Magnificent Quran states: “And go not near to zina(unlawful sexual intercourse).Certainly, it is a Fahishah(a shameful transgression), and an evil way.”(that leads to hell unless Allah forgives him\her.)Quran-Chap.17-Verse:32  

SPIRIT AND AIMS OF SHARIAH HUDOOD(Penal Code of Islam) The Shariah needs to be understood in proper context to appreciate it’s spirit and objectives. The sacred Shariah aims to preserve and protect that which it also considers sacred and they are the following:

1) Human life- therefore a strict and severe penalty of execution will be imposed, if the heirs of the murdered person do not forgive the murderer\ess, neither do they accept compensation.    

2)Aql(human intellect)-for this reason the Shariah imposes 100 lashes for consuming intoxicants and alcoholic beverages since they affect the mental faculty, create dependency, harm the body and pose immense danger to society.

3)Respect and honour of citizens- slander and false accusations regarding a person’s chastity would result in 80 lashes being imposed by the Shariah court.

4)Purity of Lineage- allowing fornication and adultery would result in abundance of illegitimate children and, as is common today in the shameless westernized society, abortions(murder) of innocent unborn children.(This is happening by the thousands by the way, yet no Miss World or Law Society has come out with so much as a whimper to protest against this slaughter).Precisely to protect the lives of innocent, unborn children, we find the Shariah imposing an exemplary punishment that acts as a harsh deterrent by stoning to death or 100 lashes.

5)Property - if theft and looting are left unchecked it would lead to numerous difficulties for the hardworking members of society. As a result the Shariah here again imposes a deterrent punishment of cutting of the hand.

We should remember that each of these severe punishments are dependent on very strict conditions being met. If the Shariah court has the slightest doubt in the evidence which itself is quite stringent, then it would not implement the Hadd punishment.

The conditions for stoning for adultery are either uncoerced confession, or 4 eyewitnesses who witness the act as the pen enters the inkpot.(not even video footage will be accepted-a lighter sentence will be imposed, but not stoning). In the case of Amina Lawaal of Nigeria, the details are very vague , but we are given to understand that she confessed on her own. Since there are no eyewitnesses, the man cannot be punished unless he also confesses to being the adulterer. This happened in the time of Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.).Two  people, Maaiz and Ghaamidiyya confessed to adultery due to their feelings of shame and seeking penitence from Allah. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) only accepted their confession on their third approach. The first two times he turned them back. Eventually they were stoned to death. The Prophet of Allah(s.a.w.) actually commented on the sincere repentance of Ghaamidiyyah, that had her tauba(repentance) been distributed for all the people of Medina, it would have been sufficient to gain forgiveness for all the people of Medina! The Shariah even permits a person to withdraw his confession even after the stoning has started! Furthermore, stoning a woman who was raped is totally out of the question, rather the guilty male stands a strong chance of being executed by the Shariah court.  

When keeping these objectives and principles in mind, the Shariah also   strikes a brilliant balance between the rights of individuals(human rights) and the rights of society so that both individuals and the society as a whole are amply protected. Unfortunately, the Western society imposes an unnatural emphasis on individual human rights without corresponding obligations, which has resulted in the rights of society as a whole being seriously violated, allowing for a descent into anarchy. The issue of crime out of control is one example of extremism. The opposite extremism is when the vigilantes take law into their own hands after much frustration. Then you sit with jail houses overflowing to the brim with hardened criminals at the poor tax-payers expense and with no chances of rehabilitation. They are deprived of the family support and rehabilitation, rather they go deeper into vice and corruption. The recent exposure of the corruption of wardens and prisoners at prisons in Bloemfontein captured on video footage amply demonstrates the failure of western penal system.

The incidence of Shariah punishments being applied pales into insignificance when one compares the high rates of crimes in Western countries and resulting convictions with it’s burgeoning costs !

The moderate and balanced system of the Shariah is criticised by ignorant fools who lack the necessary knowledge and depth of understanding and, who often are led by their own base and selfish desires. The world has tried all the extreme ‘isms’ (ruthless communism, socialism, corrupt capitalism, narrow nazism, genocidal zionism etc) and they are proving to be a dismal failure. It is now time for Islam to arrive on the world scene and when it does, it will appear in all it’s splendour and glory to save the fallen humanity by bringing a truly just and natural social order which has the divine stamp of approval !! This is the bold and confident promise of none other than the Master of the Universe: “He(Allah) it is who has sent His messenger(Muhammad) with guidance and the religion(code of law) of truth in order that it may dominate over all other religions(isms) even though the idolaters may detest it.” (Qura’an-Chap.61 Verse: 9)


General Board / ESTATE AGENT
« on: December 10, 2002, 12:45:11 AM »
Salama Alaikum
guys does any one know if we have kind of professional estate agents in kano?
I have ppl here asking me how can they buy a property in kano, and i have no answer.
so can any-one help please?
cantact Addressed, phone number will be Great.

Thanks :)

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