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Member Poetry / FOR YOUR EYES ONLY
« on: December 11, 2002, 11:46:51 AM »
Emotions we all know how to manufacture through things we have been through things we have all slides. But for how long should we continue to allow our concise betrays our emotions. The hood I grew up taught me never to tell a woman that you love her. But the commandment I broke just to let you that I am real. So help me discover the type of lady you are so that I will be lost in you.

Despite the fact that the duration of our relationship in not that long. I have found joy and happiness that I have found in you.

The world is always changing nothing stays the same but I promise you that our love will stand a taste of time. There is something that baffle's me about your voice it reminds me of the Angles in concerts. There is this confession I really want to make to you and it is a true confession for sure. Your beauty can give sight to the blind.

My heart lip either out of fear, subjection I can't tell somebody has stolen my heart and beauty is her name. If wish were horses they say! Beggars might ride right? Then what will I be? Close my eye wish form samba's land beyond your are like the jinni appear in you elegance and beauty but wishes aren't horses. O! Demm!!!!

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