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Health Matters / achaba: their health risk
« on: January 17, 2008, 06:14:49 PM »
Hi I did not know where to post my topic.

It started when I was replying to a topic in the automotive forum about Tata's cheap car. i raised the issue of co2 emissions. At that point I remembered our dear state, the one this site got its name from.

This state is blessed (i wonder) with achaba riders. Ever noticed if you are in a junction waiting for the lights or the police men to give the go sign, its not just oxygen you breathe in, is it? And when the traffic light gives the go sign. its like a bomb igniting, the sky turns from clear sky blue to gray sometimes blacker. Certainly not pure oxygen. The achabas are the one contributing enormously to this problem followed by those big trucks.

I donít know a lot anything about these pollutions, but this one Iím afraid.

Respiratory illnesses especially by the riders and also skin problems is what I think will result in these smokes.
Iím afraid of lung cancer due to this or someone should bail me out if Iím wrong that this isnít possible.
Iíve noticed that cancer is increasing in our population and so is overweight (I wouldnít like to call it obesity).

Back to the stuff, cancer too can be of the skin, so that too is another probability. It might not affect us but our children.
I can remember my sisterís children, they did not reside in Kano but when ever they came, their sleep wonít proper.
One for example will be sleeping but will be making a sound like heís trying to gather sputum from his throat.
When asked why, he will say his throat is itching him. Immediately leaving our state, he will stop.

What are we doing too reduce this?  With this smoke are we trying to protect the health of our next generation? I believe nothing.

Imaging those already having respiratory problemsÖ. Adding kerosene to the fire!

Culture / Wakokin Hausa..i just wonder whats happening
« on: August 25, 2003, 08:11:08 PM »
let us consider our traditional way singing....wen i was young i just hate.i was thinking what r those ppl enjoying bout this music? it has somehow been vanishing while am begining to like it(or is it i liked it)..... no 1 now i belive is a singer like the famous Shata, Haruna (is ti Uge?), Dan-Anachi Dan Kwairo nd the like. we r neglecting this culture of ours.
Is it the western music that is substituting it or the new improved hausa songs that are  just dominating the scene. It can be that our young ones(the new generation bahaushe -no grudges pls)? Whats going on? is it to late to revive it?........i just wonder whats happening

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