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Science and Technology / What's new?
« on: June 14, 2007, 05:09:30 PM »
People, longest time!!

So whats new in this interesting forum of ours?

God its been a long time (or so it feels at least).

Are the geeks up in here still active or what? Or have they all given it all up?

Science and Technology / hot spots in nija
« on: March 14, 2006, 08:25:07 PM »
i am makig a survey on the viability of deploying hot spots in nija and would like to know wat sort of bottlenecks one could run into...

if there are people that have tried this please can we converse on it/? jazakallah...

wa sallam

chit-chat / laugh a little boys n girls
« on: October 05, 2003, 09:06:13 PM »
Annoying Boy on Bus

A little kid walks into a city bus and sits right behind the driver and starts yelling, ''If my dad was a bull and my mom a cow I'd be a little bull.''

The driver starts getting mad at the noisy kid, who continues with, ''If my dad was an elephant and my mom a girl elephant I would be a little elephant.''

The kid goes on with several animals until the bus driver gets angry and yells at the kid, ''What if your dad was a drunk and your mom was a prostitute?!''

The kid smiles and says, ''I would be a bus driver!''

chit-chat / laugh a litle again
« on: October 28, 2003, 10:13:27 PM »
Big Boss Man  

When the body was first made, all the parts wanted to be Boss.
The brain said, "I should be boss because I control the whole body's responses and functions."

The feet said, "We should be Boss as we carry the brain about and get him to where he wants to go."

The hands said, "We should be the boss because we do all the work and earn all the money."

And so it went on and on with the heart, the lungs, and the eyes until finally the assh*le spoke up. All the parts laughed at the idea of the assh*le being the Boss. So the assh*le went on strike, blocked itself up and refused to work.

Within a short time the eyes became crossed, the hands clenched, the feet twitched, the heart and lungs began to panic and the brain fevered. Eventually they all decided that the assh*le should be the boss, so the motion was passed. All the other parts did all the work while the boss just sat and passed out the sh*t!

Moral of the story: You don't need brains to be a boss - any assh*le will do.

« on: December 05, 2003, 11:36:06 AM »
Dear K-Onliners!
We r so sorry to announce the outbreak of  a virus in this forum! The virus has been confirmed to be the CIOUS VIRUS. It has already infected a few of our members. The first few ppl to have been confirmed of being infected amongst many are: Fulanicious, Mudacris, Hausanicious and Gogannaka. PPL BE AWARE..... The web master is soon goin to put the topic "Confusionist" under quarantine...U wldnt want to go there, if u knw wat i'm sayin...
I had to undergo some therapy b4 i cld be free of it...even tho, there r still traces of itcious incious mycious systemcious...

chit-chat / Parties registation begins!!!!
« on: January 20, 2004, 05:20:07 AM »
Dear K-onliners,

On behalf of the entire members of INEC, I hereby wish to announce to the public that registration of K-Online political parties has commenced. Only duly registered parties will have the right to have candidates running for elections on its platform. A party will be registerred only and only if it has candidates running for all the three posts (Presido, Governor and Sec.).

The registration exercercise will take 4 days (20th - 24th Jan, 2004). All parties will be registered by any of the 3 INEC officials (zezezee, gimbiya or gogannaka) here in this thread. Any party not acknowledged by the INEC officials, is hereby not registered.

Then we will move into the second and final phase of this elections, that is, the election itself. This will take a week (25th Jan - 1st Feb). Only members have the right to vote or be voted for. Votes from non-members will not be counted. To avoid malpractices, it has also been concluded that only members that have registered before the 20th Jan, 2004 are eligible to voting.

The officials of INEC will bring out the voting format in a short while. Only votes cast in that format will be valid. So please take note.

If you have any questions regarding the registration and voting excercises, please feel free to ask. So, without any hesitation, the registration excercise has already commenced.

Thank you.
Signed: INEC

Science and Technology / Wecome to science and technology!
« on: December 25, 2003, 01:02:02 AM »
Assalamu Alaikum,
Thank you Oga Admin for this forum, we really apreciate it. Mention must also be made of Mr Baruti for his wonderfull suggestion.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is an opportunity to share ideas about how we can make our wonderful country technologically more advanced. I deas from around the globe are mostly welcome.

Science and Technology / How can internet be really cheap?
« on: January 04, 2004, 12:33:48 PM »
Hello guys, just thot we could share ideas on how we can make internet access become cheaper than ever in nigeria. I'm not referring to internet cafes but home and office subcriptions. Presently, the only 2 methods of access that are dominant in the country are dial-up and wireless broadband, which are expensive compared to the rates world wide. for example, in the US a person pays $30 (N4,000) monthly for DSL access. This is a flat rate, no monthly phone bill and the access is 24-7. Here, the cheapest dial-up anyone can lay his/her hands on is N6,000 a month, not to talk about the phone bill he pays(N4.50/minute).

So ladies and gentlemen, with the derregulation of the telecomms industry and most importantly, with the emergence of the wireless local loop companies, we have them providing the backbone connection, and all u have to do is hop on and provide the data services. and believe u me, things will become cheaper. With a single radio equipment they install at a customer premise, costing less than N10,000, having access 24-7 to their network, u can pass the data services and the monthly charges can be as low as N10,000 a month. Data rates can be as high as Mbps. Banks, Reasearch Centres, Schools, Hospitals, Cafes, Home Users, etc can all be clients.

So what do u think? New ideas r welcome pls......

Science and Technology / Serial key room!!!!
« on: January 12, 2004, 04:13:57 PM »
hello people,
if any of u has a software he wants to install on a system and does not have the serial no., just come here and tell me the name, version (year) and I'll be glad to provide you with it!!!!!

any kind of software, games, utilities, anything! so far it has a name!

Science and Technology / Computer Networks
« on: February 08, 2004, 01:20:35 PM »
Talk about computer networks here ppl.

I just thot it will be educative to talk about the different types of computer networks we have around.

Firstly I will talk about CSMA/CD:
CSMA/CD stands for Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Domain. When u have computers on a network, having this type of logical topology, each computer trying to send information on the network first listens on the channel of the network for any other computer transmitting on the network (Carrier Sensing). If the network is free, then it goes ahead and sends the data across to the destination. But if the network is occupied, then there will be wat is called a "Collision". Then this computer will wait for a random amount of time before it tries sensing the network for retransmission. Hence, the name Collision Domain, the segment of the network on which u have computers sharing the same media upon which there is a probability of a collision occuring.

The overall throughput of a network having this type of topology depends on the number of nodes (computers) trying to transmit or sharing the same domain. A method of increasing the throughput is by segmenting the network into more collision domains but having the same broadcast domain. I guess this brings us to another discussion right?  ;D . Think about Broadcast Domains as domains having a lesser probality of a collision accuring. Logically bigger so as to say. Segmenting a Collision Domain into a Broadcast Domain involves the use of devices called Switches or Bridges, and/or Routers. Routers can even actually seperate Broadcast Domains into non-collision zones. Switches and Bridges perform the same functions but only that Switches are hardware based while Bridges are software based, and consequently faster of course.

CSMA/CD networks have their applications in Ethernet LANs, Sattelite Communications, etc.

Science and Technology / did u knw that!
« on: December 25, 2003, 01:55:03 AM »
hey guys, just thot it'd be nice to share some information. if u have a win2k and want to log in if u have forgotten ur password or want to force urself in. use the password: axions05/6/7, on the administrator's account n in u go....

if u want to have access to a wireless network: get any type of wifi card, connect it to an external antenna (>15dbi), connect it to ur pc(winxp most preferrably), set the ESSID to null() and then u will see all the parameters of the wireless LAN with the wireless client software embeded in WINXP, in fact, if u sniff the packets traversing that network usinf any of the sniffing softwares, then u can have the TCP/IP settings of the network. With this, u will be enjoying free internet access from ur home, 24-7. ;D
a survey has shown that 60% of the wireless local area networks that we have run at default configuartion.
remember, reading this information is not illegal but using it is ILLEGAL, so babu ruwa na!

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