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chit-chat / GIRMA YA FADI
« on: September 27, 2004, 07:12:08 PM »

one fascinatin fact about me iz dat az a street dude livin life on d fast lane,i'm very obzavant.wit ma streetwize instinct i'm alwayz tryin 2 put one+one in order 2 get two.wateva,i'll like u guyz 2 take a cloza luk at wat am about 2 say.ummita write most of her stuffs wit blue ink and dan kauye doez same 2.hafcy rites wit green,so also hausanicious(d military drag).fateez rites wit violet and so also mbalsh.

   itz either diz guyz r havin a crush on diz gurlz or they r bitin them coz they luv their style.

   haba,yawa ne.wake up guyz ,why not approach diz gurlz and xpress urselves,in har kuma ba haka bane to yawa ne a ce diz gurlz r ur trendsetters and u guyz r followin them.itz a manz world,i cant imagine d ladiez on top and u guyz ajinku bane girma,haba sai ka ce ba mazaje ba.


General Board / A SHAMEFULL ACT
« on: September 25, 2004, 08:51:10 PM »
i wrote an article some few days ago titled 'changes' but i couldnt find it again.i thought this forum was meant for creating awareness and saying the truth no matter how bitter it is.but it seems someone we all know(figure it out yourself) is hindering you from hearing the truth and we can never be free if we dont accept the be a man is to accept your responsibilities,good or bad.with this kind of attitude,i mean the forum moderator being biased,i dont think i'll ever visit this forum.catchya on chichat.[/i]

« on: July 30, 2004, 11:43:32 AM »
             One of d main problem wit naija women is dat they neva tell d truth about their age.IF  u luk around,u'll find out dat in naija, d teenagers want 2 reamain teenagers,d ladies r strugglin 2 return 2 their teens and d women r claimin 2 be ladies,den wetin go come happen 2 our KAKANNI?ALLAH ya taimaka.
              Last week,i met HAUSANICIOUS, her lips were LUSCIOUS,she waz lukin FLIRTATIOUS,her land cruizer waz round and BOOTYLICIOUS and her chest kuma,SUBUHANALLAHI!,very BOOBILICIOUS.Dat yeye old SHEIKH juz dey luk so TEEEEEEEEEEHHH him eyeballz nearly pop out of their socket,HABA AKARAMAKALLAHU!take am eazy now.
              I estimated her age 2 be around  40-45yrz old and dont ask me how i came 2 dat conclusion,itz simple, i took d average number of stretch marks and wrinkles on her and multiplied by 20 and divided by 4, QED,that was how i arrived at her age. try that with your babe and see if she is truthful about her age. i conered her (HAUSANICIOUS) and we got gistin, i told her she was a pretty woman,  wetin happen? she made a statement that made me grow more cautious:
"It just that young girls like us dont like being treated badly by boys"
hmm, i tire o!, young girl indeed.
             Back to my regular self, but why is it that naija babes  lie alot about their age? may be to postpone death? i dont think so coz no one can cheat nature. i conducted a research resently and found out that naija babes live with one mentality and that  is, they believe they are like flowers: they blossom in the morning and fade away in the evening. thats why they always reduce their age in order to continue to blossom 4gettin that its already writen on their faces that they are fading away. why cant they learn from women like OPRAH WINFREY, WHOOPI                  GOLDBERG ,WHITNEY HOUSTON and so on, who never lied about their age and they are still holding it down.
                                  ONE LUV 2 Y'ALL

chit-chat / DA RULE IS HERE
« on: July 12, 2004, 12:55:08 PM »
There is somein' i'll like 2 carve in 2 d heart of every k-onliner and dat is am here 4 a change.I am here 2 separate d real onez from d fake onez coz i have been studyin dis site 4 quit a long tyme but 2 ma uttermost surprize u guyz juss write bunch of garbage and post them az articles.I mean luk at how d site is stinkin like uncle sege's(OBJ) feaces all courtesy of ur worthless articles,dis shit is annoyin and i believe itz tyme someone addresses dis issue.
                       In d process of makin a change,i came up wit 3 forum rules which u must obey or u get pushed out and no sacred cows.
                        D rules r:
     1.u r not suppose 2 have mo' than 2 articles on a page at once.
     2.u must post atleast 3 replies b4 postin an article.
     3.d only 2 languagez allowed r hausa and english,4 d english u can
       use anyone of dis:anglo-saxon,middle english,king's english,british  
       english,american english and pidgin english.

                         u can say anythin u wan 2 say but u must obey dis rules coz am d rule while u guyz r d ruled.If u think u  can go against me then try and c if u dont end up like dele giwa who culdnt diff btw a luv letter and a letter bomb or ken saro wiwa who culdnt diff btw a necktie and a hangin rope.U can luv me or hate me but at d end of d day,u'll realize am d best thing 2 eva happen 2 dis site.
                                       ONE LUV 2 Y'ALL.

« on: July 05, 2004, 11:52:38 AM »
The world of soccer is experiencing a very big revolution, i mean a case where by the underdogs no longer want to be  left behind,  infact they want to be the ones calling the shots in the game
 if we take  a trip down memory lane to the FIFA 2002 WORLD CUP, we could remeber that big countries like FRANCE and ARGENTINA  were knocked out of the qualifiers, down to the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, where teams like FC PORTO, AS MONACO and DEPORTIVO LA CORUNA were able to beat big teams like MAN U, REAL MADRID and AC MILAN respectively. take a look at the just concluded EUROPEAN CUP, where countries like ITALY, GERMANY and SPAIN were knocked  out  of the qualifiers and a common country like GREECE was able to beat countries like PORTUGAL, FRANCE, CZECH REP. and emerge as  the European champions. its too real to be true, it seems as if the table is turning around.
After taking a critical analysis of these happenings, then i came to a conclusion that the CAF AFRICAN CUP 2006 and the FIFA WORLD CUP 2006 will be full of unfolding dramas and suprises or what do you think?
As for me am out

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