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Sokoto-Kebbi-Zamfara Forum / Re: Fulani Forum
« on: October 31, 2002, 01:06:24 AM »
Ina isar da gaisuwa ta,
Ni mutumin Dogondaji ne (Specifically- Ruggar Shauda) but grew up in Sakkwato a shiyyar Rinin Tawaye.
Ka zama lafiya
Kabir Abubakar

Sokoto-Kebbi-Zamfara Forum / Re: SOKOTO-KEBBI-ZAMFARA FORUM
« on: November 07, 2002, 08:10:22 PM »
I think it is a good thing to have as many of these websites as possible. The more we have the better, and the fact that there is a kanoonline website and a separate Sakkwato/Zamfara/Kebbi website does not mean that we shall visit only one. We will visit and patronize all.

We are at a stage when Arewa needs a medium to disseminate information about the North accurately and widely to the whole world. The powerful media houses in the North have become weakened by limited circulation. Our voices cannot be heard since we have lagged behind in utilizing the resources provided by modern day communication, namely the Internet. This should be an important  mission for Arewa Communities world wide,  to ensure that we are not left behind in providing information that can reach millions of people. Let people know what Arewa is all about---The beauty of our culture, traditions and customs and the love and respect we have for all mankind.

Many media houses in Nigeria are only interested in promoting their regional views that will continue to dominate and suppress the voices of the North especially in matters of political and economic programs that are vital to the survival of our great Arewa region in the social structure of Nigeria. Websites like this one and many others are breaking grounds in an effort to provide a comprehensive source of information about Arewa institutions, expose the skills and talent of Arewa journalists that are not given the chance by traditional Nigerian media houses and the numerous contributions of exemplary Arewa leaders to the development of Nigeria.


« on: November 07, 2002, 08:49:10 PM »
Because of our genetic make up, it is not feasible to simply transplant organs from one animal to another (we are animals after all) since our bodies will see that transplanted organ as a foreign tissue and set forth to destroy it (rejection).

The more compatible two animals are, the less likely that rejection will occur. Even when you transplant across humans, there is need for siginificant medication (with very serious side effects) to suppress the immune system so that it does not reject the transplanted organ. The best transplant is between identical twins, since their genetic make is supposed to be the same (although in reality it may not be entirely so).

Given this, it follows that you cannot simply transplant a pig organ into a human without serious consequences. ( There have been heart transplants in the past from baboons to humans with short term success). The pig is phylogenetically very far removed from humans such that problems of tissue compatibility will preclude simple transplant of organs, although there are certain tissues that you can transplant with some safety. There are thousands of people the world over on a waiting list for organ transplants. They have to wait for donors to become available (living or dead) and many of them die in the process. The quest for artificial organs is on-going but still far away ( see: International Society for Artificial Organs

This is the reason why (for some people) the idea of cloning human tissue is very attractive--- this is a totally different can of worms, but I would like to hear what people think about cloning!. You can use embryonic stem cells to practically create any body organ you want--heart, liver, kidneys etc. and have a sort of spare parts store for people in need of organ transplant. You can even clone your own self for future use-- spare parts etc.

I know how we all feel about the pig. There are many medicines that are derived from animals including pigs ( Insulin for Diabetes used to be one of them), but if that is what we need to stay alive and serve Allah, where is the harm??. This is a very difficult question to answer, and I dont know if we can have a right answer but certainly worth discussing..please chime in.

I apoplogise for rambling on..but I wanted to put in my own 2 cents.


Health Matters / Re: Leprosy:
« on: November 12, 2002, 11:01:36 PM »
LOL, Think of all that you have missed!!!!!!.


General Board / Shocking State of Education In Northern Nigeria
« on: July 25, 2003, 10:04:31 PM »
Salaam alaikum,

Has anyone seen the recent JAMB application statistics and the number of students coming from Arewa?

The numbers speak for themselves.

1  Imo             78,495  
2  Delta            66,211  
3  Anambra      56,159  
4  Edo              54,368  
5  Ogun            50,101  
6  Ondo             37,346
 Total             342,680  

1  Borno         3,076  
2  Katsina       2,449  
3  Kebbi         2,190  
4  Taraba        2,149  
5  Yobe           1,330  
6  Zamfara      523  

Total               11,717  

Vist the JAMB website for more gruesome details!!!!!

Any comments?


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