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General Board / Islam! when does it becomes for hausas only?
« on: June 02, 2004, 10:26:26 PM »
People should realise the stupidity of over stereotyping when it comes to the issue of ethnicity and religious bigotry. You have idiots and murderous thugs in kano, yelwa , lagos and warri. They come in all forms and profess to all faiths and tribes. By failing to recognise this one can easliy slip into their line of thought as imiddle belt seems to have done. The carnage in kano was borne out of greed and a propensity for these murderous thugs to use any opportunity to create anarchy and hide under the cover of the ensuing confusion to loot. A lot of moslems had their houses broken into and I know of at least one that was killed when he challenged some youth who were breaking into his neighbours house. I also know of a school proprietor who went to rescue his "non moslem" teacher and had to pay a ransom to the goons who laid siege in the area.
Religion never has anything to do with this. Last year a riot broke out in kazaure jigawa state over a childish argument between two secondary school girls. The situation was taken over by miscreants who subsequently kidnapped and raped some girls in broad daylight in the month of Ramadan! In the aftermath of the religious crises in kaduna some years back some hoodlums taking advantage regularaly went into the market and just start running wildly shouting for help and in the ensuing confusion looted shops, till they were arrested by the police after about 3 incidents.

We should recognise the fact that we are slowly turning into a lawless society and with attendant poverty and underpolicing, jobless youths hooked on drugs will do anything to make a fast buck. In brazil and mexico the problem created the "street kids" phenomenom and gangs of children robbed helpless citizens sometimes at gunpoint till the authorities cracked down on them. We are basically going thru the same process but we give it a religious or ethnic tint for selfish and political reasons.

chit-chat / Re: 10 myths women have about men
« on: March 28, 2004, 10:54:04 AM »
Notice how the women have kept out of this sofar? Mmmm...

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