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each time poverty is mentioned, it is always the northern
nigeria that will come as an example.  the last time our
former CBN governor made this revelation, so many northern
leaders who don't want the umbrella of blame shifted to their
heads accused soludo, however, this time around the
revelation is from the son of the soil, a young enterprising
youth and the editor-in-chief of sardauna magazine,
Malam Hassan Rilwan.

the above caption is what appears on the front page of the
sardauna magazine, though he talked little about the issue
in his editorial, however, he "...challenged northern leaders on
the issues of child destitutes (almajiranchi), poverty and
illiteracy as products of their failed leadership..."

in his speech during the 3rd annual sardauna excellence leadership
award he said "if sir ahmadu bello were to appear in our midst
today and give us a report card (to fill) on the last forty years
what would he say (as he sees the result)? you did a good job?
No! he would say, I did not live and die to see five year old
boys roaming the streets every morning in hunger, despair and
clueless about their future.  I did not live to see these children's
future destroyed even before it starts.  Our leaders have to search
their conscience and take urgent step to to stop this menace which
has become a burden on our collective conscience."

the issue of almajiranchi has been on discussion in almost every
northern fora and billions of naira has been spent on almajiranchi,
yet, it has not been arrested but only succeeded in multiplying
the number of almajiri participation.

what could be the possible problems? is it the leadership we are
to blame as Hassan Rilwan suggested or the lingering problem lies
with the people of the north? is the leadership meant here include
our traditional leaders and religious leaders?

northern nigeria failed leadership = almajiri + poverty + illiteracy
(a need for transformation)

General Board / Know your Ministers before they are sworn-in
« on: March 24, 2010, 06:08:44 PM »
1 - 9 are returning back again, though there is high indication
that some group of senators are warming up to bring down
mrs dora akunyili and some other pro-goodluck candidates
except that, there is likely hood they will change their stand
if "ghana must go" is presented to them between now and
next week..

1. Fidelia Njeze (Enugu)
2. Godsday Orubebe (Delta)
3. Arch Nuhu Soho Wya (Kogi)
4. Adetokunbo Kayode (Ondo)
5. Henry Odein Ajumogobia (SAN) (Rivers)
6. Sen. Akinlabi Olasunkanmi (Osun)
7. Mrs. Dezeani Allison Madukwe (Baylesa)
8. Dr. Shamsudeen Usman (Kano)
9. Prof. Dora Akunyili (Anambra)

10. Chukwuemeka Ngozi Wogu (Abia)
11. Josephine Anenih (Anambra)
12. Labaran Maku (Nassarawa)
13. Eng. Chris Ogwiewenyi (Edo)
14. Alhaji Suleiman Bello (Zamfara)
15. Alh. Murtala YarÁdua (Katsina)
16. Sen Sanusi Daggash ( Borno)
17. Sen.Sen Bala Mohammed ( sokoto)
18. Hon,Nduese Essien (A/Ibom)
19. Mrs. Josephine Tapgun ( plateau)
20. Mohammed Bello Adoke (Kogi)
21. Navy Capt, Ernest Olubolade (Ekiti)
22. Olusegun Olutoyin Aganga (Lagos)
23. Prof. M.K Abubakar (Kebbi)
24. Alh. Adamu Waziri (Yobe)
25. Alh. Umar Aliyu (Taraba)
26. Awodele Najim Adwole Alao (Ogun)
27. Alh Abubakar Sadiq Mohammed (Gombe)
28. Yusuf Suleiman (Sokoto)
29. Prof Rubia Rufai( Jigawa )
30. Arch. Musa Sad’aa ( Katsina )
31. Prof F Abdulah ( Niger)
32. Capt Emmanuel Iheneacho (Imo)
33. Sen Jubril Martins Kuye ( Ogun)

General Board / what about government of national unity?
« on: March 19, 2010, 10:10:50 AM »
this government, at its inception promised us (ANPP) a government
of national unity, based on this agreement we built a solid foundation
of encouraging the activities of the government both at the legislative
chambers and support from governors and other sectors.  however,
even before the temporary exit of baba-go-slow, things have taken
a different angle.

here is a chance for goodluck to panel-beat the damaged agreement
and give chance to other political parties to participate in the runing
of this government, especially ANPP.

General Board / hauka ko jahilci?
« on: March 17, 2010, 02:04:50 PM »
musulunci ya koya mana yanda zamu gudanar da rayuwarmu
na yau da gobe, kuma al-qur'ani mai girma tare da hadisan
manzon tsira sun fayyacemana wadihan rayuwar zamantakewa
tsakanin uwa da uba, yaya da kani, makwabci na kusa da
kuma makwabci na nesa, tsakanin musulmi da wanda ba
musulmi ba, amma kash, lamarin ya juye.

an wayi gari mu musulmai mune muke da rauni wajen harkar
mu'amalar mu da yan'uwanmu musulmai.

dalilin kawo wannan shimfida ba wani abu bane face wani labari
da na samu wanda ya zamo mini abin bakin ciki.  labarin itace
shekaranjiya aka yi wa wani dan taxi kisan wulakanci a cikin
birnin kano abisa dalilin da ba a fayyace gaskiyartaba, kai, daga
baya ma an tabbatar cewa lamarin ba haka bane, he is innocent.

bayan an yi masa kisan walakanci wanda addinin musulunci bata
yarda da shi ba, aka kona motarsa kirar golf sa'annan kuma aka
yanke mai kai aka dora a kan motar - wanda akayi wannan abin
agabansa shine yabani labarinnan.

makasudin wannan labarin ba wai don anyi wannan lamarin a kano
ba, a'a, sai dai irin halin da mu musulmai muka samu kanmu a
ciki, maimakon mu rika duba tsari irin wanda musulunci ya zayyana
mana sai mu rika amfani da son zuciyoyinmu. 

musulunci ya tsara yanda za a hukunta mai laifi, kuma dole sai an
tabbatar masa da laifinsa da shaidu, kuma ko kisace, ai musulunci
ta tanadar hanyar da za abi ayi hukuncin kisa din.

nasihata zuwa ga al'umman musulmai shine, a ji tsoron Allah kuma
a rika yin bincike ayi hattara da kece haddin yan'uwa ko abokan
zama.  duk lokacin da lamari ta taso, yana da kyau a rika kai kara
zuwa gun malamai da sarakuna ko kuma akai wa hukuma ta dau
mataki amma ba wai mu mu dau fansa ba - lallai wadanda suka
aikata wannan mummunan aiki wa dan taxi sun aika laifi mai girma
kuma muna fatan Allah zai gafarta musu.

hauka ko jahilci?

General Board / Niger Delta Terrorists or Freedom Fighters
« on: March 15, 2010, 04:48:01 PM »
the movement for the emancipation of niger delta has claimed
responsibility for the bomb explosion earlier today via emails
it sent to so many journalists.

they claim that there are more bombs to detonate in the seat
of power (government house) except the governor public denounce
its earlier pronouncement that MEND is a media creation and does
not exist at all.

people are advised to be watchful especially those working in the
government house and other government agencies within the state.

is this an act of terrorism or freedom fighters?

Borno-Yobe-Adamawa / new DIKWA EMIRATE - the return
« on: March 15, 2010, 09:42:36 AM »

Alh. Abba Tor Shehu Masta II is the Son of the late Shehu Masta II, otherwise known as Shehu Masta Kyarimi who was appointed the Shehu of Dikwa in 1937 at Dikwa but later moved his capital to Bama in 1942 at the request of the Colonial Administration.

Alh. Abba Tor started his early education at Bama Central and Senior primary schools from 1952 to 1958. he proceeded to Teachers College Mubi from 1959 to 1962 where he obtained Grade Three Teachers Certificate. He was employed as a teacher in Bama Central and later transferred to Kashimri from 1962-1963. from 1963-1964 he was transferred back to Bama Central School . In 1965 he attended Borno Teachers College Maiduguri, for his Grade II Teachers Certificate and completed in 1967. On his return he was appointed as the Headmaster of Bama Central where he stayed from 1967 to 1970. In 1971 he succeeded in getting admission to the Ahmadu Bello University to study Law which he did from 1971-1973 and passed out with Second Class. The Dikwa Local Authority asked him to become the Administrative Secretary of the Local Authority which he accepted and was appointed from 1973-1976.

In 1976 with creation of Local Governments he was deployed to Ngala as Head of General Administration from 1976-1977. He was appointed secretary of the Ngala Local Government in 1971 and in 1978 he went back to Ahmadu Bello University for an extensive academic course on Human Resource Management from 1978-1979. On completion of the Administrative Management Studies at Ahmadu Bello University he resumed his job as the secretary Ngala local Government in 1979. he was appointed as Commissioner by the Administration of Governor Muhammed Goni and assigned to the Ministry of Information where he became a household name from 1979-1984.


In between he has been appointed as the Borno State Amirul Hajj and Head of Borno State Pilgrims in 1981, completed his tenure as commissioner in 1984. he was employed as head of administration by the Borno State Agricultural Development Programme (BOSADP) from where he attended Human Resources Management Course at the International Centre for Management, Training, Research and Consultancy in London in 1991.


He was again appointed as Commissioner under the Military Government of Group Captain Ibrahim Dada and assigned to the Ministry of Works, Housing and Land and Survey. For the second time he was again appointed as the Amirul Hajj by the Ibrahim Dada Administration. He completed his tenure in 1996. He was on completion of the commissioner’s tenure appointed as Director of Personnel Management in the Ministry for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs. Before his current appointment, he was the chairman of the Governing Council of Kashim Ibrahim College of Education Maiduguri. He is happily married with children. His hobbies are reading, debates and public relations.



·        Attended Conference by Northern States on the drafting of Local Government Edict in Sokoto in 1977.

·        Attended Administrative Management Training at Ahmadu Bello University from 1978-1979.

·        Attended citizenship and Leadership Training Course at Shere Hills, Jos in 1979.

·        Attended Residential Course on Development Administration University of Maiduguri .

·        Attended appreciation course on Personnel Management at ASCON.

·        Attended Human Resource Management Course in London at the International Centre for Research and Consultancy.   


End of his biography



The State Governor Senator Ali Modu Sheriff has approved the appointment of Alhaji Abba Tor Shehu Masta II Elkanemi as the new first class Emir of the newly created Dikwas Emirate.


The appointment letter was formally presented to him by the Secretary of the State Government Ambassador Baba Ahmed Jidda at his residence in old GRA Maiduguri.


The letter of appointment dated eleventh of this month was signed by the State Governor Senator Ali Modu Sheriff and was presented to the new Emir by the SSG Ambassador Baba Ahmed Jidda.


In it, the State Chief Executive stated that the appointment was based on the powers conferred on him by Section 68 of the Borno State Local Government Amendment Law 2010 and the Creation of new Emirates order 2010 which was confirmed through the House resolution on the creation of new emirates on the 16th of March 2010.


Following this the Governor approved the appointment of Alhaji Abba Tor II as the first class Emir of the new Dikwa Emirate with effect from 11th of March 2010.


The Emirate according to the letter comprises of Ngala, Gamboru, Wulgo, Fada, Gumsu, Masa, Dikwa and Boboshe.


Other Districts under the new Dikwa Emirate are Rann, Kala, Abori and Jilbe while the headquarters of the Emirate is Dikwa.


With the experience and royal background of the new emir the Governor said he has no doubt in mind that he will be an able custodian of culture, religion and other necessities of traditional leadership for the interest and development of the State.


Governor Ali Sheriff then wished him long reign, good health and wisdom  to carryout the heavy responsibilities.


Responding the new emir Allhaji Abba Tor Shehu II thanked governor Ali Sheriff for finding him worthy of the appointment.


According to him historically the throne belong to their family and promised to live above board.


Those in attendance during the presentation include the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Abdulrahman Terab, the Chairman of Ngala and Dikwa as welll as the Imam Idaini of Borno Imam Adam Asil Ibn Kyari Al-Sunusiya.


Born to the family of the Late Shehu, Masta the second the new Emir of Dikwa Alhaji Abba Tor started his early education at Bama Central Primary School and Senior Primary School from 1952-1958.


He proceeded to Teachers College Mubi from 1959-1962 where he obtained Grade II Teachers Certificate.


Abba Tor Masta II was emplyed as a teacher in Bama Central Primary School and later transferred to Kashimi from 1962-1963.   


In 1965 he attended Borno Teachers College Maiduguri for his Grade II Teachers Certificate before proceeding to Ahmadu Bello University to study Law and passed with second class between 1971-1973.


The new Emir also served as Secretary Ngala Local Government in 1979 and was appointed commissioner of Information by Goni Administration from 1979-1984.


Alhaji Abba Tor Shehu Masta II served again as Commissioner of Works Housing, Land and Survey during  Ibrahim Dada’s Administration.


He was also Amirul Hajj in 1981 and 1986 and before his current appointment as Emir of Dikwa; he was the Chairman of the governing Council of Kashim Ibrahim College of Education Maiduguri.


Among courses he attended is Northern State Conference on drafting of Local Government Edict in 1977, Administrative Management Training in ABU 1978-1979, Citizen as well as Human Resources Management in London at the International Centre for Research and Consultancy.


The new emir of Dikwa Alhaji Abba Tor Masta II Elkanemi was happily married with children.

General Board / CBN to fund power projects with N500bn loan
« on: March 03, 2010, 07:53:14 PM »
The Central Bank of Nigeria said yesterday it would provide N500 billion for investment in emergency power projects dedicated to industrial clusters in the country.
The funds is a debenture to be issued by the Bank of Industry (BOI) to banks at a maximum interest rate of 1 percent with a tenor of 10 to 15 years, CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi said at a press briefing after the Monetary Policy Committee meetings in Abuja.

Banks are expected to invest the fund in 500MW in Lagos, 250MW in Kano, 200MW in Onitsha and Nnewi and 200MW in Port Harcourt and Aba.

Other areas to benefit from the emergency power funds are Funtua/Gusua/Malunfashi/Zaria with 200MW, Lokoja 200MW and Maiduguri/Gombe/Bauchi 200MW.

Power supply went down to its lowest level of 2200MW last week. It is currently put at 2600MW.

Sanusi said other power projects currently being financed by banks may also be refinanced from the N500 billion funds. He said banks will be required to secure the funds drawn from eligible securities.

“In addition, real sector projects certified bankable that emanate from the State Governors’ engagement with the Bankers’ Committee in line with the outcome of the Enugu Retreat will be accommodated under the facility”, the CBN governor said.

He said the debentures would be issued in accordance with Section 31 of the CBN Act 2007, at a concessionary interest rate of not more than 7 percent.

He said the MPC also approved in principle the extension of this facility to banks for refinancing and restructuring existing portfolios to manufacturers.

The final approval, he said, will come after the consideration of the report of a technical committee to be set up to work out the modalities for implementation within one month.

He said membership of the committee comprises the CBN, the Bankers’ Committee Sub-committee on Economic Development, Bank of Industry, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria and National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Sanusi also said yesterday that federal government should implement the proposed deregulation of the petroleum sector.

He said the policy should be implemented because “you do not announce deregulation and then don’t do it because what is happening now is that everybody is paying a black market price.”

He said that everywhere, people buy petroleum products above the official price of N65. “If you buy N65 outside Lagos you have to stay in a queue for 24 hours,” he said.

He said most of what people see in inflationary pressure reflect the fact that “people have already factored in the new price of the expected price of petroleum products and if you actually deregulate, you would find that the increase in pricing is not going to be anything significant given the fact that people are use to it.”

Sanusi said Nigeria is in a situation in which “Nigerians are paying a black market price of petroleum products if they find it. Two, they are paying with inflationary cost of deregulation when it has not been done.”

Source: projects-with-n500bn-loan&catid=46:lead-stories&Itemid=140
.........hope is coming, but when?

General Board / Please help these Conjoined Twins
« on: March 03, 2010, 09:04:50 AM »

These twins were born last saturday, 20th of February, 2010 in Ningi, Bauchi State.
They share an anus and as you can see have 2 normal legs and 2 deformed ones. They are travelling to Maiduguri to undergo radiological tests and assessments to see if they can be seperated. Even if they can, I doubt if our Nigerian doctors have the expertise to do that, as there are hardly any conjoined twins born in Nigeria.
There's nothing being done at the moment to help except the Local Government Chairman sponsoring the trip to Maiduguri, drugs and food. So please help them any way you can, the best solution would be for them to travel and get the competent medical care they need.
I'll update you with the results of the tests as soon as they are forwarded to me inshaAllah.


the above message and picture was sent to me via my private email
by gogannaka and i thought its something we should all see and feel
the situation of these twins and if there is anything anyone can do
should at least do it.  All comments, questions and clarification should
be directed at Gogannaka, please.

General Board / Nigerian Legislators
« on: February 19, 2010, 09:55:34 PM »
the NTA africas largest television took it upon itself to
air LIVE proceedings at both the upper and lower houses
of our legislators, so far so good, the NTA has kept it
promise, but what about our legislators, have they kept
their promise of enacting sound and healthy laws for the
poor man that elected them into the office.

the NTA live transmission is one of my favourites though
it pissed me off on so many occasions.  in one of these
occasions, my senate president was busy reading out
marriage invitation to his fellow distinguished senators on
the floor of the house, he announced about six or five
wedding card invitation.  i kept wondering if announcing of
wedding is also part of their oversight function.  i was
later reliably informed that for every senator inviting his
colleagues, a special fund is kept to serve as honorarium
so that he can celebrate approriately as a senator of the
federal republic of nigeria.  so, if you are giving out 5 of
your children out to wed, espect big money from the upper
chambers and if it is the senator who wants to marry.......

what motivated me to start this thread was the rowdy session
the lower house found itself yesterday when they are debating
to amend section 144 to give them powers to initiate the
process of removing the president, which means they intend
to rip off the executive of their powers.  i still remember a
member who drew their attention that they cant be the judge,
jury and executioner at the same time.

bankole in his usual style asked the house weather the bill
should be passed for second reading, those who are in support
should say yeah and those against say nehh - and it become
confusion in the house.  it took them about 10 mins to settle
down before another round of question was put when bankole
in consultation militarily said the nays have it and the bill was

the above scene is very common in our legislative houses, both
the state and federal - it is a clear testimony that our legislators
have no set agenda, so whatever comes their way they take
it serious as at that time and when it lapses, it is forgotten for
ever even if it means bad for the country in the near future.

no matter how the constitution is amended, so long we put
our interest before the nation (like gogannaka is doing) the
constitution will still be the same, the intention of the drafters
should always be put into consideration argues hon. ibn na Allah.

lack of sincerity from both the presidency, legislatures and all
other sectors led us to the present predicament, the constitution
is very clear but we decide to violate it and our dilemma will never

let the legislators concentrate on critical issues and if they are
at all sincere in amending our constitution, then let there be a
referendum and not just selfish argument with baseless reasons.

happy weekend.

Health Matters / ASK DR. EL-TA'ALU
« on: February 12, 2010, 10:53:12 AM »
doctors are not too friendly, you can attest to that if you
take a visit to our public hospitals, you dare not ask your
doctor questions and you dare not argue with him and if
you attempt anything like that, be rest assured you will
be sent out of the examination room.

now, we are going IT and access to brilliant brains is becoming
easier these days, hence my intention to create this thread
purposely to fire questions and counter questions to our
noble doctor el-ta'alu bokan turawa.

my first question is concerning CANCER, anan gida we refer
it to DAJI and its becoming very rampant while if you go to
our hospitals they advise you to go and try home medication,
is it true there is no cure and it cant be detected at a very early
stage, and if it can be detected, do we have any hospital in naija
that have that facilities?

ka huta lafiya likita.

General Board / What happenes after Lagos deports 160 northern beggars?
« on: February 05, 2010, 07:32:38 PM »
at the last quarter of 2009, the lagos state government have under
strict surveillance deported more than 160 beggars, all of northern
origin back to north where they belong, though they were all dumped
at kaduna before final despatch to their various states of origin.

the actions of lagos state government is very well welcomed as the
state government is committed to ridding off its state from idleness
and vagabonds.  more than 75% of the beggars in lagos are from
northern extract.

the president is from north, so also our ministers, lets not talk
about the number of honourables and senators, above all our
state governors, what are they doing to see that begging is at
least reduced?

ko dai marokan ne suke da matsala, no wonder Aliyu Tilde in one of his piece titled Begging in Northern Nigeria and its Solution
( said:

"There is, therefore, no solution to this category of beggars except legislation and forceful removal from the streets. States can give them a deadline to evacuate, find something else to do or deport them to their home states. At arrival, their home states should transport them back to their local governments where they will be supported by their relations or from public funds where necessary. If any beggar is seen on the street again then he should be tried and sentenced accordingly. We just have to stand up to this responsibility. Nothing else. Begging as a livelihood is haram under the Shariah, Sayyid Sabiq has shown. In fact, these pests cannot afford to beg in their villages because of the collective shame that doing so will bring to his family and relations. The whole thing then dies naturally. The End."

Allah ya jikan Sa'adu Zungur.

Security Matters / Kidnapping: a lucrative business in Nigeria
« on: February 02, 2010, 08:41:02 PM »
before, we watched in indian film how the big boss will
come to the village and kidnap a bride, then after all
efforts by the police, the groom, who is usually the actor
will pursue the kidnappers, and after a hard fight (gumun
the end) he takes back his bride home - that is kidnapping
in india and at the mention of the word, i cast my mind
to indian film.

but now, its the other way round, its purely nigeria's lucrative
business and just as it is in the indian films, the nigerian
police force and other security agencies cant go a mile off
their station in finding a lasting solution to this high rising
business - bankers are now targets since after yar'adu's
amnesty plan.  mutanen ................ sai su shirya.

on 25th of january, 2010, unknown gun men kidnapped a man
of God, bishop of Benin Diocese of the Anglican Communion and
Edo State chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),
Rt. Rev Peter Imasuen, the kidnappers are demanding N50.

John Bennett, Kelvin Gray,  Fabian Sanchez and Martin Philips
where kidnapped earlier in the same month of january in abia
state of nigeria.

Eze Samuel Ohiri of Orodo community in Mbaitoli LGA of Imo State
was also kidnapped and in the process his father Mr Festus Ohiri and
cousin were shot dead.

Mr. Uba Anichebe is the south east regional manager of afribank plc
spent four solid days in the hands of his kidnappers (after the bank
must have furnished its own part of the deal N20M)

its no longer a lauhghing matter, one of nigeria's famous comedy
actor, osuofia spent a whole week in the hands of his kidnappers.

to cut the story short by a latest kidnap of a skye bank official
abdulrahman umar sa'id this weekend in abuja and the kidnappers
are now demanding 30M solid.

so, guys watch your backs especially if you know you are worth

stay blessed

« on: January 29, 2010, 10:13:52 AM »
most of the nigerian dailies of today carried a front page story
of former presidents of nigeria, both military junta and civilian
presidents storming the national assembly demanding the strict
observance of section 145 of the 1999 constitution.

though, personally i have laid down my arms since the state of
the nation broadcast by our national chief law officer, the hon.
attorney general and senior advocate of nigeria declared that
his excellency, alhaji umaru musa yar'adua is very fit and capable
to rule this country.

the court sometimes last week gave the federal executive council
a 14 days deadline to declare if the president is fit and capable
as the court lacks jurisdiction to make that pronouncements on its
own, thus the directives given to the FEC who is solely mandated
as provided in section 144.

from the above provision, as far as I am concern, the issue of the
absence of yar'adua is closed, this government is a government of
unity and truely reflects the ideology of the federal character, a
decision from the highest and trusted body in the nation.  they have
declared that the president is fit and capable.

now, the issue, why should the former presidents interfere in a
situation where they don't have place?  is the national assembly
empowered by the supreme constitution to declare the sit of our
president vacant? or, is the national assembly not aware of the
provisions of section 145, or weather the national assembly is very
ignorant of its work and the old president is now teaching them.

lets put this issue to rest, meanwhile, the national assembly should
concentrate on the amendment of our constitution and make laws
to safeguard it so that future occurrence be avoided.

i hail nigerians.

« on: January 11, 2010, 10:27:26 AM »
We are starting a series of protests on Tuesday in Abuja. The government must be forced to address issues such as 6,000 megawatts of electricity and absentee President. We will challenge the policy that allows those on level 16 and above to go abroad for medical checks and treatment. It is discriminatory and we will resist it. The people in government are too comfortable; we must force them to do the right thing.”

wish i dey Abuja, i for join this great rally.

« on: January 07, 2010, 01:20:54 PM »

I have been desiring to write my memoirs of the 2009 hajj which by
the will of the Almighty Allah i successfully performed.

the above picture should be my starting point before proceeding to
the most interesting and exploring part of the journey of faith as
riz khan once tagged hajj pilgrim when he was with CNN.

this picture, which i personally snapped was on the day of arafat,
one of the most holiest and an important pillar of hajj.  the three
pilgrims in this picture as you can see are undisputably nigerians
and from their tongue i can attest they are nigerians couple with the
fact that the car park allocated to nigerian pilgrims is where the
picture was taken.

when you look very well, you will notice that first pilgrim was
carrying 2 cartons of juice, while the middle guy was carrying
3 cartons of juice and the last pilgrim was carrying a carton of
assorted snacks and a carton of juice also.

initially and how the saudi charity organizations and wealthy philantropist
arranged it is that these juice is meant for the pilgrims and each
one for one, it is not expected that one pilgrim can finish a whole
carton of a juice which contains 24 pieces, but as you can see and
(may be Bakangizo) can also attest the greediness of our fellow
country men, i still cant imagine how they are going to finish drinking
these juice considering the time i snapped this picture which is
around 5:45pm when arafat was folding up.

my intention is not to embarass my country man but create awareness
on how we should be behaving whenever we go out to other peoples

other interesting stories will follow with their pictures.

what do you think are the causes of this attitude(s)

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