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« on: October 25, 2007, 02:09:05 PM »
My dear Forum members,

It has been a wonderful contributions from all of you on the above subject. Well, as for Etteh, whether she likes it or not, it is now END OF THE ROAD FOR HER. She has stepped aside and will definately be an ordinary floor member very soon. Can you guys imagine, 628million for renovation. Did you guys know that, that amount will be able to sink atleast 2 boreholes in atleast 70-80% of the 744 Local Governments of Nigeria. How long do you think that go to change the lives of ordinary nigerians? How many ordinary Nigerians can have access to good drinking water which can greatly prevent water borne diseases? ALLAH KA CHECHE MU DAGA AZZALUMAI SHUGABANNI. Well, we have known only a tip of the ice berg. Consider a lot of Government Institutions that such renovations are going on for the new chief executives. Kai TALAKAWA ALLAH YA KARBA MAKU HAKKIN KU.  

« on: August 09, 2007, 02:46:20 PM »
My dear Jingi, Long time, It is not sycophancy but the reality on ground. I have never liked SAS in person. Compare the achievments of the last administration in Adamawa and that in Borno. Virtually nothing was done in Adamawa as compared to Borno. That alone is enough to praise the man. Notwithstanding, he must also have his shortcomings we must say when such issues are tabled. 

General Board / Re: OIL IN GHANA!!! Blessing or curse?
« on: August 08, 2007, 09:46:31 AM »
Wallahi Tallahi, it is a blessing to Ghana. How can you compare Ghana and Nigeria. Let me tell Nigeria is always diffrent from all nations. Go to Ghana and see how people behave in an oderly manner and respecting laws. Ghana will surely manage their oil and will excel more than Nigeria. Kai bari kawai, muna ta masala a Nigeria sosai. Allah ya kawo sauki AMIN.

General Board / Re: Yaradua as President - What is the strategy?
« on: August 08, 2007, 09:34:45 AM »
Thank you all for your various contributions. All we need to do now is to say Ubangiji Allah ya taya shi riko and lafiya. We can all see from how he started, he really will make it with our prayers. Mufi, I am very happy to see the certificate you prepare for Ubanshegu. You have really done it perfectly, he deserves nothing than to go back to Yola prison

« on: August 08, 2007, 09:18:33 AM »
Thank you all for your various contributions. Wallahi, what is happening to Saminu Turaki is the best thing ever. We really have to start somewhere and we have really started. Saminu should hide his face in shame. She (Saminu) is a woman and not a man. He has betrayed his electorates that gave him the mandate and Allah will surely deal with him. Not only Saminu, look at the likes of Aliero, he is the most coward for him to have left the party that brought him to power for the fear of Obasanjo. Wallahi Tallahi, Nemesis will surely catch them and they will even weep more than Saminu. Allah ya tona asisrin dukkan azzalumai arewa that greatly contributed to the backwardness of the North. Kuce Amin yan uwa.

« on: August 08, 2007, 08:49:07 AM »
Dan Borno, thanks for a well written contribution. Well as far as I am concern, the whole Nigeria as an entity is sick, not only the Nigeria Police. Can You imagine, I was taking my wife to my hometown for delivery and I was stopped by a Police Man on the highway. He asked for my particulars which i did showed him and found nothing wrong with them. He then asked for fire extinguisher, triangle, spare tire etc (What does a policeman got to do by asking for all these for God sake). After showing him all he requested for and was satisfied, he then went further to insult me by asking how much my wife paid me to convey her to where she was going to. I really felt bad and was ready to burst out when a friend I was going with intervene. So you can see how policemen have become very hungry to the extend that they go out of their jurisdiction just to find a fault and get money from innocent people. Well, you cant blame them as I said ealier, its the total system that is currupt and sick, but Nigeria police is the worst. May Allah cleanse the systm entirely. AMIN.   

Hajiya Amira (Shugaban Mata), Your comment and solutions Dan Borno is asking you to profer is the best solution. Ubanshegu is suppose to be in prison now for all his atrocities committed against humanity. Thank Allah that Yar Adua is one by one reversing all his IMF/World Bank driven policies. May Allah help Yar Adua. AMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Board / Re: Please Hold Candle Now
« on: August 02, 2007, 01:41:40 PM »
Assalamu Alaikum yan-uwana,

Just joined the discussion and followed every bit of it. Dan Borno should thank Allah and PHCN for given him 1 hour out of 24 hours. What about us that gets 1 hour in a week summed up together. This issue of electricity needs only Allah's intervention. Can you imagine that, we were told that Nigeria got her electricity before Saudi Arabia and also started with thesame number of Aircraft with thesame Saudi. Look at Saudi now, It has gone far in almost everything. As for Nigeria, it is just like a cause, instead of moving forward, it is the other way round. We must hold our currupt leaders responsible for all these things happening to our country. They were educated abroad with government scholarships, got jobs at their descrition, acquire wealths from National treasuries for their use and immediate family. OH!!!!! May Allah punish them all. Imagine the kind of assets forfeited to Bayelsa State Government by the the culprit ex governor. What about the rest of them that we dont know about. Allah ya tona asirin azzalumai. KUCI AMIN. So with all these problems on board, am afraid we have a long way to emancipate from the all similar problems including electricity. What do you think is responsible for the high tariff we pay for our phones calls, the companies do not get the source of power from PHCN but instead generate on daily basis accross the country with high rate odf diesel. Allah ya kawo mana sauki AMIN.   


In just a wake, Nigerians most especially civil servants were asked to buy their houses at an outrageous prices and at a definative time period. Any body who could not be able to buy can bow to the general public (the rich) to buy on highest bidder basis. Ofcourse if not the rich who can bid on highest bidder basis. Do you know what? All the rich people both goverrnment officials and business men (most of whom derived their wealth from public funds) have bought all the goverrnment houses. It is alarming that Nigeria is fast becoming a capitalist country. To add salt to injury, all houses belonging to political office holders like IG, Ministers, Senators, Special Assistants and Advisers etc were sold to them. With the new political office holders in place now, the government is indirectly telling them to go outside main Abuja town and rent a house. Can you imagine for a Minister to rent a house at Kuba and join the long hold-up before coming to attend Federal Executive Council Meetings, this is rediculous. Abuja was designed in such a way that you come, work and leave after retirement for those coming. Yar Adua must revert back the sells of all important National Assets please and Ubanshegu and Shege should be tried for selling Nigerians  . What do you think my dear brothers and sisters. 


I really agree with Dan Borno. There is alot of wrong things happening in the so called giant of Africa for nothing. Innocents are being detained awaiting trials, while the real culprits who engage in looting the treasuries of the masses are left moving around with a lot of praises. One good thing about this world that I am happy about is that, there is surely going to be an end to all these, meaning dead and we are all going to meet Almighty Allah and explanined our various roles in the world. That day, there will be no President, Vice President, Senators, House of Reps, Ministers etc. We shall all be equal befotre Almighty Allah. May Allah help us to have IMAN so that we can leave responsibly for us to account to all our deeds. AMEEEEEEEN.


« on: July 19, 2007, 02:56:23 PM »
I 100% aggree with Danborno. SAS has become the likes of Olusola Saraki and co who determines who will be what even in the eve  of elections. My poor politicians in Borno have no option than to BOW for the talented young politician of the Millinium. Despite betrayal from those he helped into offices, he ousted them out with ease. What can you say of such a brilliant politician that can go up to the grassroot masses to share views, eat with them etc. Above all, to me, he has performed relatively well in Borno. As for 2011, SAS will surely be the one that can determine who succeeds him. So, oppositions that have the ambition of becoming Governor in Borno, pls reconcile your differences with the GURU so that you can realise your ambitions pls. 

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