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In the last few weeks a Hamas military leader was suffocated to die in his room at Dubai hotel. Soon, Dubai  police security announced that they have got the passports of the killers and that they are of European origin. However, today we come to know that they are the agents of MOSSAD, a Jewish terrorist organization, in a guise of European passports. We shall continue, with the help of Allah, eXposing the real terrorists in the world led by US.

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Islam / Happy Islamic New Year
« on: December 19, 2009, 11:40:31 AM »
I wish you all Happy Islamic New Year. What have you done for your betterness in both this life and the hereafter in the previous year.? The Qur'an says: "O ye who believe! Observe your duty to Allah. And let every soul look to that which it sendeth on before for the morrow. And observe your duty to Allah! Lo! Allah is informed of what ye do" (Q59:18). To me sin is envitable in my life due to my human weaknesses and I cannot eliminate it from my life; however, I try as much as I can to minimize it. I know that I am more sinful and My Allah is the most merciful. Let us be aware that the end of the world is in near future. Let us try to sow good seeds so that we can reap good fruits in the next world. we shaould not waste our time in this new year from doing good deeds and God will reward us abundantly.

                                       Submitted by Salimullah

« on: December 16, 2009, 10:08:38 AM »
In the previous article we have exposed the injustices, double standards, atrocities as well as super-terrorism of the US government under the evil policy of Useless Nations (UN); as we have also alluded to the idea of global unity of the Muslim world among their respective states/countries via the establishment of Islamic United Nations (I.U.N). Today we shall discuss the preliminaries of the processes, procedures, policies and measures or guidelines necessary for the attainment of this great global unity which in effect will inevitably result in absolute independence of Muslim Ummah in the world. “From us the effort, and from Allah the enabling power; all   praise due to him, the Alpha and the Omega”. Let's go on discussion.

In so far as we have stated, Muslim States should withdraw themselves from United Nations. They most detach from UN and attach themselves to IUN. This will enable us to have a central leadership in the world and to solve all of our internal religious conflicts as well as our social, economic and political problems and malaises; and finally we can emancipate our unique religion and people from western persecution, fabrications and defamations. We can also get rid from western political colonialism, domination and exploitation. Thus, we can expose our natural Nations to effective Islamic States. We should know that in both political and social life there should be an act of worship. It is now true to say that most of the Muslim States are in the worship of the Western leaders. Let them now adopt the policy of “Transfer of Worship” from servitude of the West to servitude of God. Then the question here is how to establish the IUN as a central global government of Muslims leadership? In answering this question each and every intellectual Muslim can suggest his views and proposal; and here is mine:

In the first place, the Muslim leaders should call for a general conference to all Muslim States. The aim of this conference is to create an urgent organization of “World Islamic Shura organization” (WISO). The function of this organization would in collecting, assessing and deciding the current internal religious conflicts and the Muslim sects, especially between Sunnis and Shiis- the only two Muslim sects who have the potentiality for the restoration of Islamic power.
WISO must be neutral in nature and should compose of representatives from the major Muslim sect. a rigorous and discreet review, comparison and contrast will be employed in assessing and deciding a particular sectarian concepts and opinions held by different Muslim sects. The chief judge of WISO must have to be objective and impartial in his decision. But we should not forget that some differences are inevitable among us; they can only be managed and tolerated. Such differences must exist even after we attain global unity. The one secret to maintain here is that we have to be tolerating and resolving our internal conflicts within ourselves, but to the external world we should expose ourselves single and united in Islam. Rule and regulations, and laws must be set up to deal with any hypocrite or betrayer of the Muslim Unity.   
In the course of such decisions, religious differences that should be tolerated by either sect most be retained; and those useless thoughts from both sect most be cast away. The final objective of this organization is to eradicate or at least minimize the tension of the differences among the assorted sect of Muslims; and to organize a Treaty of the Muslim States withdrawal from United Nations which I may probably call “Treaty of Repentance”-to expose themselves to Allah as sinners who now come to seek his forgiveness.
WISO at last will proclaim the Muslims withdrawal from UN on but not limited to the following bases and reasons:
i-   UN does not represent the needs of the Muslim and therefore, betraying the Muslims confidence;
ii-   It hinders them from executing their own Islamic laws and policies in their states;
iii-   It does not protect their rights, lives, lands and properties;
iv-   It undermines the honour and respect of the Muslims;
v-   It’s secular rules, laws and policies are completely incompatible to Islam; and
vi-   Finally, it is against Islam by favouring the Western states against the Muslims.

   Sometimes my perceptions seem to be like dreams or smoke to some hopeless individuals; but really they are not. When I present some of my views to them their reply is always ‘ridiculous and impossible’. This is a just weakness from their minds; forget about them waning in their mind. They are completely devoid of Islamic vision.
   This is second stage in my view to achieve Islamic power in the world. Before I theorize this view of mine I dwelt so much in the eternal message of Allah (Qur’an). In my discreet ponder in the Qur’an I came to realize some certain mistakes made by the Muslims or their leaders (as the case may be). I found that some basic commands in the Qur’an which aim to retain Islamic and Muslim power in the world are not fulfilled yet. One of these commands is that Allah has enjoined Muslims to have an independent systems and laws of social relation, peace-keeping and conflict resolution. The verse is as follows: “Believers are but a single brotherhood; so make peace and reconciliations (conflict resolution) between your brotherhoods; and fear Allah that you may be granted of (his) mercy”.  (Hujrat:10).
   Secondly, Allah has enjoined Muslims to maximize their means of self-security by affording any available weapons. This is as for them to defend their self, their religion and nations. Unfortunately, the situation is now appeared irony as unbelievers practicing this command. The command is know in the following Qur’an verse: “You shall prepare for them all the power you can muster (to defend yourselves against the Unbelievers) by affording a means of protection from steeds of war (in more than day Jet War, Missiles, projectiles e.t.c) that you may frighten the enemies of Allah, your enemies, as well as others whom you do not know; Allah knows them. Whatever you spend in the cause of Allah (Islam) will be repaid to you and you should not be unjustly treated”. (Anfal: 60).
   It is in the light of the above two verses that I came to know the inevitability to set up Islamic United Nation unto which all qualified Muslim states will be attached for its international security, inter-relation and resolution of all of its international conflicts within the Muslim worlds. If one has a strict observation on UN he will find that it is wholly in the practice of verse (Hujrat:10), however in favour of its Western races and Nations. The main functions of UN are but not limited to:
   To ensure international Security;
   To prevent flows of  harmful war weapon e.g Nuclear;
   To ensure global peace-keeping and conflicts resolution.
These are indeed the rationales behind the above mentioned verse. This is what Allah wants us to establish in our Islamic world. But why application of these verses was transferred to the hands of unbelievers. So, by establishing our IUN we may fulfill the command of the first verse (Hujrat:10); and by setting up of a global International Islamic Defense Force (IIDF), we may fulfill the command of the second mentioned verse (Anfal:60). It should be worthy to note that any international conflict religious, social or political and any phenomena of war between two Islamic nations will be solved by Muslim leaders within their own central global leadership. This would be known in the following verse: “If two parties of believers fought with each other (or fall into quarrel) you (as leaders) shall reconcile them. If one party aggresses against the other you shall fight (by enforcing pressure or military force) the aggressing party until they submits to the will of Allah; but if they obey (from onset) you shall reconcile between them with justice and be fair, for Allah loves those who are fair” (Hujrat:9).
   My beloved Muslim brothers, this is we fail to understand from the Qur’an consciously or otherwise. Some may consider my interpretation heretical but they should know that Qur’an is an eternal message providing Muslims with all solution to their very current and present problems; and they should also know that the final and ultimate objective is for universal guidance and laws. Anyone with discreet mind, once he ponder on the above mentioned will realize the inevitability for Muslim States to have their own central global leadership in the form of Islamic United Nations or its equivalent. The two Qur’anic commands are some how difficult to execute without such global leadership.
   Therefore in the light of the above quoted verses, I maintain that Islamic United Nation will be set up with its ‘Amir Al-Mu’uminun’ or in other word, the    Caliph of the Faithful or chief secretary or executive president of the Islamic Nations, whose decisions and commands will be answerable by the entire Muslim World. Each and Every Muslim State will have its representative in the IUN. Non-Muslim states should not be exempted as far as the minority Muslims there is concerned. They too, must their representatives through a recognized independent organization of theirs. For instance to say, American Muslims have their independent organization in the name of ‘American Muslims Association’. So, through their elected leader the will become part of IUN; and the will be recognized as a legitimate State in IUN; and they will enjoy all necessary rights equally with Islamic Nations. This system will be applied to all Muslim Brothers living in the non-Islamic Nations. WISO in this time will become distinct department or branch in IUN. Its main function will be as before i.e deciding and resolving all matters pertaining to religious and social matters. It addition, it will be financing all international religious matters.
   The second department of IUN is “International Islamic Defense force” (IIDF). This branch under IUN it is entrusted with international military defense of all Muslims in the world no where they are. The branch is composition of force from all member states of IUN. Their number should reach a maximum amount to suffice complete security of all Muslim worlds. It must stands to defend all Islamic Nations from external attack. It should be noted that in terms of defense nationalism or racism it does not matter but only Islamism. We should not let Western power to deceive us with their continent separation policy to let them to attack any of Islamic State.
The third department is “Center of Intelligent Security” (CIS). This branch is responsible for international peace keeping and conflict resolution. They are to attack and arrest any state that betrays the confidentialities and secrets of Muslims Ummah. The will act as IUN Spies and Watch dogs against Western threats and plots.
   The fourth department is “Economy and Political Policy Committee” (EEPC). This branch is in charge of making and deciding all matters related to international economy and politics. Perhaps this is the last department of IUN as far as I theorized my views. More and more are to come from fellow Muslim intellectual thinkers. Some other global organizations are to be incorporated to maximize the welfare of our social life e.g in relation to Health.

Non Islamic nations can enjoy from IUN services once they enter into covenant with Muslims.

Ultimate Aims of the IUN Creation
From all what we have just discussed, the ultimate purpose and function of IUN is to control and regulate the international orders, policies, and inter-relations of all Muslim communities in their religious, social, economic and political life.

Its Final Objectives
The ultimate objectives of IUN are but not limited to:
i-   Creation of global unity of the Muslims Ummah;
ii-   Establishment of independent central leadership of all Muslim worlds;
iii-   Transformation of Muslim societies into independent Islamic States; and
iv-   To emancipate Islam and Muslims from Western Political colonialism.
   To remind our dear brothers, all what I have stated is an extraction from my unpublished book “The Message: To Contemporary Muslim World”. It is a part of one of my theory ‘Triangular World Order System’ (TWOS). The implication of this theory is that it entails that Muslims are to rule their world of Islam according to their religious beliefs, norms and laws without external intervention form the Western world. Also, Westerns are to rule their world according to their thoughts and philosophy without external intervention from the Muslim World. And finally, another neutral mean will inter-relate between Muslim and Western world for international relation and policies. In such course, none of the either world will be betrayed, violated or subjugated in its beliefs, laws and philosophy. That is to say in this process Muslims can accept Western policies and decisions that do not betray their religion and laws. And ditto for the West. This is the implication of TWOS theory i.e the world must be three in life; Muslim world, Western world and Neutral world. Muslim World to represent the needs of Islam and Islamic nations; Western world to represent the needs of western religions (Judaism, Christianity or Secularism I don’t know) and western nations; and finally, Neutral world to inter-relate between both (Muslims & Westerns) in matter of social, economic and political policies.     

“From us the effort, and from Allah the enabling power; all   praise due to him, the Alpha and the Omega”. May He the Exalted one (Allah) help us to salvage His religion and true servants from injustice of certain few bullying powers in the World. Ameen.   

General Board / HOW AMERICA SPOILED THE WORLD............ (I)
« on: December 09, 2009, 02:13:13 PM »
Salim Ishaq Hassan

Only one with low and shallow thought and mind will appreciate the western civilization in its animalistic form – the darkest moment of the world crises, wars and instabilities. But, as for those with proper analytic mind, those with Islamic vision in life, those who know the value of humanity believe that western civilization has done badly more than its good. The darkest civilization is that which threw mankind to a plague of war. The evil civilization is that which deprived mankind of peace and stability. And that is the civilization led by the western devils- American leaders, the super-terrorists.

It is well known in this era of intellectual progress that many theories and ideas have been accumulated and applied in modern socio-political and socio-economic life to divert humanity from the true will of Allah (i.e Islam). Thus, emphasizing the global order of kufr in an evil name of “Secularism & Democracy”- to separate religion from the entire life of man. Consequently, Islam alongside with its true and effective concept and system of socio-political and economic life was deposed from the leadership of the world. Islam as the only peace in life by the time it was deposed, until now the whole world never enjoys what is peace, neither security nor stability as the West reduced it to perpetual chaos, anarchy, crises and war.

It is worthy to note that at the top of the global order of kufr is a ‘WAR’ as it is being seen visibly on the ground. ‘WAR’ is the main characteristic of western civilization. The West in American proxy have given priority to ‘WAR’ over ‘PEACE’ just for them to expedite and to retain their economic power. One can see it now that America has become a typical ‘blood-sucker’ for the sake of wealth and resources. This is how America spoiled the world.

In the arena of socio-political life, American civilization should not be appreciated also, as they failed to restore peace and order in the world. Instead, they destabilize the world and precipitate wars, violence and crises. All of their sociological, political and economic theories are incapable to represent and to address the needs of the humanity as they drastically diminished to salvage it from its plague and malaise.

In the first place, their economic theories (e.g Capitalism) generate permanent abject poverty in the society. Presumably, they reduced almost 65% of the world population to unnecessary abject poverty. Indeed, this is how America spoiled the world.

Secondly, their political theories and its system of ‘Democracy’ are full of evils, corruptions and so many hidden agendas. In fact, Democracy is appeared today as an act of ‘Peaceful Colonialisms’ which I may call it “Indirect Colonial Rule”. Because through it America has been imposing its evil will and hegemony upon other Nations willy-nilly. In Nigeria for instance Democracy is worst that I call it “Indirect Dictatorship”.

Thirdly, likewise their sociological theories, either directly or indirectly, such theories depict Western Races as the only Human beings in this world – as if they are the Masters while the others are ‘SLAVES’ or even ANIMALS. Oh! This is the evil perspectives of Western civilization that most of our people enthusiastically love and appreciate. I am doubly pity such group of people. I reiterate this is how the west spoiled the world.  

In so far of my argument, I have rendered western civilization useless, valueless and in fact, the darkest era of world civilization. But, I know some readers may talk of modern technology. To them, in such relevance the West must be praised and appreciated. However, in my own thought I prefer peace for the humanity to such ‘RUBBISH’ technology machines brought by the West.

In any way, perhaps the most precious contribution to the world by the West is modern technology. But, can’t you imagine that it is this technology that brought the world to present situation of War plague and insecurity. It is one of the main effects of modern technology prevalence of technological Weapons in the world that precipitate and aggravate War as it is happening now all over the world. To me, West got zero marks in the examination of global peace-making.

The humanity with its entirety has turned to evil and corruption either due to its partial application of the laws of Allah (by the Muslims) or its deliberate ignorance of Allah’s law (by the West). In any way, they are closely the same as they all incur the wrath of God. They incurred the wrath of Allah upon themselves, thus they fail to know what peace is and pleasure in this life. But all these, inflicted them due to their mischievous and corruptive behaviours, and their stubbornness against the will of Allah (Islam & its laws). “Mischief has appeared on land and sea due to what people committed with their hands; that He (Allah) lets them taste the consequences of their (evil) deeds, that they may return to right path” (i.e Islam and  complete application of Allah’s laws in all life dimensions) (Rum:41)
   The modern world has been for long engulfed in detrimental injustice, insecurity, instability and corruption which of all were generated by US and its alliances, US being the leading head of western civilization. And yet, its people fail to stumble upon its cure and remedy. But, the reason for their failure is that they usually adopt inappropriate measures and procedures to achieve their solutions, and also the people searching for this peace are the enemies of Allah who deceive people of this world. Thus, all of their efforts to redeem the world go up in smoke. One can see bias, partiality and favouratism in their activities in such a way that I realize they are only defender of their Continent, races and their brothers, the unbelievers in the world. The UN which was purposely founded to restore peace and order in the world appeared to be highly biased in its activities. This is true when one considers the situational wars in the Muslim States. The recent Israel’s attack on Gaza is a typical instance in this relevance. Had the UN is doing just in its work it would not let Israel commit such orgiastic war on Gaza. By the time Israel become stubborn to the world the UN has the right to punish it and even to deploy its Armies to defend Gaza’s people as it is doing when such violent act was intended against the unbelievers by some Muslim Jihadists. But, the truth is that, United Naitons was the creation of Jews and they are controlling it and ditto for American state.

Now enough is enough, the Muslims should take notice that UN is a defender only to the West and to the global order of Kufr. This is why it has been suppressing any movement of Islamic resurrection. Let all the Muslim State participants in UN to withdraw from it on the bases that it does not represents the needs of Islam and the Muslim States. We are now fully intellectually matured to establish our own “Islamic United Nations” (I.U.N) in defence of the religion of Allah and its people.

Indeed, the UN is a proxy of the Western Secularists and Unbelievers to impose global order of kufr in the Muslim Nations and to kill the sprit of Islam in political sense. Only Islam under the leadership of Muslims can tackle and resolve the world problems. But to do this, we may first, need to solve our internal problems of disunity and global political inferiority; we need to transform our societies and states from dependence to independence, and from servitude to mastership.

   My fellow active Muslims, it is our time to work; only Islam can salvage the world, but our objective to restore Islamic and Muslim power could not be attained unless with global unity of the Muslim Ummah. Let us transform our societies to Islamic ones. Let our Muslim states withdraw from UN on the bases that it does not represent and defend the Muslim needs and values. Let us have our own “Islamic United Nation” (I.U.N) to solve all of our religious conflicts and to emancipate our societies from Western evil of political colonialism. Let us take over the leadership of the world and let’s try to move the world and divert it from global order of kufr to global order of Islam in all dimensions of life. We should never forget the history of rise and fall of Nations and generations as a factual historical situation and is non-stop. The West (America) is about to fall but it will not unless we cause it to happen. I mean that there is need for us to undertake an organized active and practical movement, both intellectually, politically, and economically; and this will not be achieved unless we make ourselves globally united in Allah!!.

So, one would ask as how the Muslims could regain and restore their Islamic power and prestige worldwide; and how could they attain global unity among themselves. This is our next article In Sha Allah.

     View the Part (II) here below:

                                            Submitted by Salimullah.

General Board / The Battle: Islamocracy vs Democracy
« on: November 08, 2009, 12:23:12 PM »

Written on 3rd/05/2009

Salim Ishaq Hassan
Education Department Bayero University Kano.
©S. Salimullah (2009).
The original version of this article was first posted at board. Below is the link:


Brief Historical Note On Democracy
   They say that Democracy begins in ancient Athens of Greece where all the entire matured members of the society have the right to elect their leaders, make decision-making, serve the Juries, and establish Justice (1). These aspects and others constitute the components of modern Western Democracy. It is not only that, most of the English words have their root in Greek language. Western way of life, thought, building, and philosophy were Greek in nature. This portrays the extent of impact that Greek culture has upon Europe and West in general. The fact that our religion has come to establish such acts of good governance, human right, rule of law, justice and freedom on earth, it makes the Muslim independent of Western democracy which has its root in Athens. But, some of the Muslims fail to take heed of this fact as they hastily chasing the West to borrow their system of democracy.............................. (omission)
   Globally speaking, Democracy today means American hegemony upon other nations. The American power still exerts pressure upon the world nations especially the Muslim ones that to must accept Democracy willy-nilly. And by imposing democracy on other nations, American has been enforcing their cultures, civilization, and evilization upon other world communities.  
    From the brief introduction we have just presented one can realize that democracy tries to incorporate some basic essential and inherent messages of Islam such as good governance, Justice to people, ensure of people’s right and freedom. However, it views these aspects from atomistic view of point and in a reductionist manner when it separates them from spiritual faith and belief in God as such it fails to establish them truly on the earth. All such kind of democratic aspects are just secondary in human life which could not be established truly unless the primary aspect is established. And this primary aspect is the question of faith and belief in God whose laws and orders must be the basis of human constitutional way of life. In fact this is the first right to be established prior to human right. The fact that Western democracy deliberately or ignorantly fails to address the question of spirituality as a primary focus in human life makes all its ideas to become fallacious, deceptive, and reductionist. But, Islam as a most perfect and most comprehensive political way of life, a fully-detailed and all-encompassing principle upon which all the nations can found their system of social, economic, and political life. Islam does address both the spiritual and material aspect of human life; thus creating balance between the soul and the body, and between this world and the hereafter. Hence, we can realize that democracy tries to re-interpret the basic messages of Islam pertaining to good governance and Justice, meanwhile distorting them via introducing secularism which has never existed in Islam. Islamocracy comes as an alternative to Western reductionist Islamocracy seeks to eliminate all the negative sides of Democracy; thus Islamizing it and re-defined it to Islamocracy. While Democracy is an agent of the global order of ‘Kufr’ (Secularism) Islamocracy is an agent of the global order of Islam. While Democracy is an agent of the global order of war, economic conflict, and political hegemony and invasion Islamocracy is an agent of the global order peace, unity, and model political emancipation of the world nations. ...............(omission) 
   Anagrammatically, the word ‘ISLAMOCRACY’ is composed of two words i.e. (Islam and Democracy). The conception of this word came to be when I became anxious to see that Shari’ah system of government should rule the Muslim nations. I used to meditate very carefully over why some secular-minded Muslims do not will to be ruled by Shari’ah even though all what they admire in democracy such as good governance, right to vote and elect leaders, Justice, Rule of Law are therein the Shari’ah also; and they are even more truly and practically established in Islam than in deceptive democracy. Such fact disappointed me a great deal. I took a long mull to realize the reason that causes this unwanted attitude in the mind of some Muslims. At last, God unveiled the secret of the matter. Soon, I realized such people do so just because they were captured by the admiration of pronouncing the word ‘Democracy’. Such people if they hear the word ‘democracy’ is pronounced you will find them vibrantly and happily appreciating and admiring it; but when the word ‘Shari’ah’ is mentioned they shrink and feel disappointed as if the word seems to be odd and démodé to them. So, in order to avoid such problem and to resurrect the defeated mind of such people we decided to develop this new technical English word (Islamocracy) in an anagrammatic form to mean a System of Shari’ah government which is more effective, comprehensive, fully-detailed, and all-encompassing than Western democracy. Therefore, to cut it short, the political worldview of government is what we called Shari’ah Government System and in technical sense is called “ISLAMOCRACY. This word aims to fight and to diminish the evil side of democracy; it comes to rectify and eradicate some of the mistakes, errors, and deceits of democracy which rendered it evil and bad system of government. It comes to emancipate the Muslim nations from the political hegemony of U.S power. It comes to restore the vibrant spirit of religion in the world politics and economy. It comes to grant man his full right and freedom which has been for long an illusionary in Western democracy. We ought to know that human right or freedom in Western democracy is only a deception as the founding fathers (Jews) of democracy proclaim: “We have included in the constitution such rights as to masses appear fictitious and not actual rights. All these so-called “people’s rights” can exist only in idea, an idea which can never be realized in practical life” (Jewish Protocols: p.36). Hence, Democracy is a fallacy and all its principles and components are illusion. We are now beyond the question of Democracy; we now speak vehemently of “ISLAMOCRACY”. We are indeed ‘ISLAMOCRATS’ and not Democrats. This is what we proposed to all our members of ‘Ummatul Islam’ to adopt and to advocate for it for the whole humanity………. Should Islam be repulsed? In normal worldview of social life all people want peace, justice, good governance and security, while repelling tyranny, injustice, conflicts, and war. Hence, Islam should be accepted universally because it has come to establish the aforementioned fundamental aspects in all dimension of human life.  Islam is not only a religion of mosque but also a fundamental way of life as such it is not only for the Muslims but the entire humankind of all races, religions, continents, and nations. Presumably, Islam as a religion of mosque, only the ritual aspects of worship is preserved exclusively for the Muslims; as such, other people out of it are not enforced to accept it as their religion of worship. But, the universal concept of Islam as a fundamental and complete ideology and a way of life is for all humankind. In this way, Islam should be accepted, supported, endorsed, and advocated wholeheartedly by the universal men. Therefore, non-Muslims should not be bothered or anxious when they hear us proclaiming this religion as a social and political ideology of human life. Nor should they oppose us when they hear that Islam is the only solution to current world predicaments, political malaises and instabilities…………….

ISLAMOCRACY: The Revived System of Government
“All sovereignty and Authority belongs to Allah Alone,
The supreme legislator and the law-giver;
And that Man is entrusted with temporal power to govern.”
   The above basis is the universal political concept of Islamocracy. Islamocracy! What does it mean?
   Islamocracy means an independent system of Shari’ah government that governs the social, political and economic life of the people. Islamocracy is the government of peace for the people whose values, norms, honours, nobility, rights and freedom must be granted and protected to ensure the development of their peculiar socio-political and spiritual well-being. Islamocracy is a government of God formed by the people to serve the interest and right of the people as bounded by Shari’ah. Islamocracy negates the split of the religion and the state politics; both are one and the same. In fact, the religion (Islam) is the mover of the state politics under Islamocracy. We now preserve the right to speak about ‘Political Islam’. By Political Islam we mean that Islam is not only a religion of mosque but also a political ideology that interprets and addresses the problems, goals, and developmental needs of the state and society; it organizes and orders the state political affairs and administrations. Thus, there must be a conspicuous disparity between the concept of religion in democracy and the concept of religion in Islamocracy. Hence, the difference between democracy and Islamocracy becomes succinctly conceivable. While democracy asserts sovereignty of man Islamocracy strongly asserts sovereignty of God – the creator of man – and that man has a temporal power and will as prescribed for him by Allah. Islamocracy challenges the world that if the people are unable to take control of their lives and deaths, then they most recognize the sovereignty of God in all aspects of life. It also argues that if the laws of God (Shari’ah) are to be suspended from human life then there would be no any human to impose his man-made laws on other men since man is not the creator of man. This fact renders man ineligible to be the master, legislator and law-giver of himself. And therefore, he could not be the legislator and law-giver of other men. As democracy tries to detach human beings from God by assigning sovereignty to man Islamocracy comes to re-attach man to God by explaining to him (man) that sovereignty belongs to God alone and that he (man) is entrusted with temporal power to govern through a systematic machinery of leadership popularly called the Government. And this government can be positive or negative. Positive government is that aims at establishing laws and orders based on belief in God. In other word, it is a government that recognizes the sovereignty of God in the state politics. ............(omission). In Islamic Juristic terminology is called ‘Al-Ijtihad or Al-Ijma’ This is a process by which prominent jurists, judges and lawyers of the Islamic state interpret the original divine eternal laws of Shari’ah in order to arrive at a credible and acceptable conclusion in deriving new laws as it is required by the changes of times and modernity. This is an inherent nature of Islam and Shari’ah in essence. In fact, in the Qur’an Allah confirms the dynamic nature of His religion (Islam) and Islamic Law (Shari’ah) by proclaiming the Qur’an as all-encompassing and dynamic book of inspiration, information, and instruction. We therefore, ought to know that Qur’an which constitutes the bases of all Islamic laws, is a guidance at all time (Q2:2); it is an explanation for all things and affairs (Q3:138); it is an reminder to mankind (Q43:1-2); it is an exhortation to whole mankind (Q10:57); it is a complete and succinct message (Q14:52); nothing left unmentioned in it i.e. it addresses all aspect of human life and affairs (Q6:38); it contains all the records of past, present, and future events (Q11:6); nor human invention of falsehood that can penetrate it (Q41:42); it is free from flaw (Q18:1-2); it never cast aspersion on the believers’ mind (Q2:2); it leads to what is best and effective for human life (Q17:19); and finally, it remains valid forever (Q15:9) (8). All such was the divine nature of the Qur’an and therefore we should not hesitate to uphold it as our basis of doctrinal and political constitution.
   Back to subject matter, in Islamocracy only God is the sovereign and the supreme legislator and law-giver. Hence, all new matters on the table of legislation should be in conformity with the will of Shari’ah. Islamocracy seeks to create a strong egalitarian Islamic society and state for the development of righteous individuals within it. It further seeks to create an Islamic state where social justice and welfare service prevails – a state where wealthy and powerful leader could not use his authority to exploit or victimize the masses and weak among the people. All men are born equal and noble. The basic aim of this Islamocratic government is to develop, in its all political implementation, legislation, and decision-making, the manifestation of the divine guidance and laws for all men to flourish. Such an Islamocratic government is responsible for maintaining social justice and provision of social welfare for all the citizens. It should be emphasized here that each and every citizen under Islamocratic government must attain the level of ‘Three Goals Satisfaction’ and i.e. nourishment, shelter and basic education for his family. This is the most obligatory duty of an Islamocratic government. This is the meaning of social welfare provision and this is indeed, the meaning of social justice though the basis of social justice is equality before the law. The state is responsible for its economic and social development. It is responsible for security of the public lives and properties. In Islamocratic state also, the private ownership has some limitations under certain conditions especially when the owner of such properties or wealth monopolizes the public commodities; or when he exploits the poor and weak among the citizens. In Islamocratic state the annual payment of Zakat share is enforced emphatically by the law and the entire rich individuals must adhere to this law. It should be noted that the ultimate objective of Shari’ah is the maximization of the betterment of man’s material and spiritual well-being and his development in all aspects of life. Hence, any new laws and legislation aims at accomplishing these objectives is part and parcel of Shari’ah and therefore, should be held by the Islamocratic state or government and should be incorporated in the Islamocratic state laws and constitution.  The noble Qur’an has outlined the basic functions of Islamic state or government (Q16:90). And that any government or leader that assumes power must take oath in God and enter into covenant with Him that he shall work to advocate justice and rule of law; and he must fulfill this covenant (Q16:91).

This is a summarized version of this article. To Read the article in full follow the link below:


                     Submitted By Salimullah

« on: October 21, 2009, 12:56:19 PM »

Let us stand up against this evil curriculum of sex education which I may call it ‘Blue Education’. Yes of course! It is a Blue education and I will later show you some powerful evidence that may well shock you. Even though our government is not a religious one, the Nigerian citizens are deeply religious people as such that both Muslims and their Christian brothers are repelling this evil imposed system of Sex Education. Therefore, being the government is serving the interest of its citizens, and then it is the interest of Nigerian people not to ever accept this ‘Blue Education’ in Nigerian School curriculum. Hence, the government must protect this interest of the majority Nigerian citizens. But ironically, our government has accepted this evil educational policy. Then how far is true that democracy serve the interest of the majority citizens in the states? In any way they are telling lie because we have severally proclaimed that we don’t want sex education but they (government) accepted it and imposed it regardless of our need. What a nasty kind of education! What an evil imposed American policy! What a mad, uncultured and uncivilized government accepting this kind of ‘blue education’! Let us stand up against this evil policy of education in our nation. Let me remind us one very important point. In its attempt to destroy the moralities of religious world societies (especially Muslims), American government, on behest of its Jewish masters, has being producing the largest collection of the nastiest ‘Blue Films’ to provoke and corrupt the moralities of the religious societies towards illicit sex as it is prevalent in Western societies. The targeted religious societies are lucky as God continue to protect them from being affected by such nasty films due to their deeply religious moral injunctions. Thus, they were all saved from American conspiracy. Such morally religious resistance offends American conspiracy leaders who are aiming to destroy Muslim religious moralities; hence the need for an alternative in their evil approach. This time around, they came through education; that they literally imported ‘Blue Film’ contents into education curriculum, albeit in form of theory. To say it clearly, I mean that sexuality education is a theoretically translated ‘Blue Film’ contents incorporated into educational sector. Although the government pundits insist saying that the purpose of sexuality education is to improve sexual health through informing the students about STDs/HIVs transmission; this is only an appeasement and blandishment.
   I will now show you some powerful proofs that are self-evident and right-based; that the sex education curriculums are literally and theoretically translated contents of ‘Blue Film’.  The tacit objectives of the contents as provided in the National Sexuality Education Curriculum are: the male students will study the name and location of the most sensitive sexual parts in woman’s body and vice versa; children will exposed to learn the act of masturbation; and both male and female students will learn how to tease the sexual arousal of either sex partners (male and female) at variables. The nastiest contents as provided in page 54 states that junior secondary school boys and girls will be asked as a kind of occasional school debate to “brainstorm the popular view that boys with large penis are better lovers”. Foolish and highly animalistic! We have been already well informed from different sources that such were all parts of motion pictures ‘Blue Film’ contents. But the government pundits insist alleging that the purpose of sex education is to eradicate STDs and HIVs, and improve peoples’ sexual health. Enough is enough; we don’t need to have any new kind of sex education. The knowledge that our students are obtaining in ‘Reproductive System’ as in Biology is evidence-informed and rights-based as far as sex affairs is concerned. When one American crazy, Mark Richmond, a UNESCO’s global coordinator for HIV and AIDS, said: “In the absence of a vaccine for AIDS, education is the only vaccine we have,” I said in retort to his allegation that in the absence of a vaccine for AIDS, religious injunctions and laws governing social moralities are the only weapon we have. In short, in the absence of a vaccine for AIDS, ISLAM is the only weapon we have. In fact, in order to eradicate AIDS, illegal pregnancies and abortion all acts of illicit sex must be suppressed and laws must be enforced to deal with the culprits. As documented in American New York Times (dated Sept. 3, 2009), some of the UNESCO’s sex education contents guidelines “suggest, for example, that teachers begin discussing masturbation with children ages 5 to 8, with a more extensive discussion for those ages 9 to 12.
In opposition to such ‘blue educational contents Michelle Turner, founder of the Maryland-based Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum in America says: “I’m really concerned about what they want to teach 5- to 8-year-olds, and I have concerns about their position on abortion and the way they want to present it to youth,” she said. “Where are parents’ rights? It’s not up to the government to teach these things.” Colin Mason of the Population Research Institute, he said that “If you ever have a situation where kids need to be taught earlier than their adolescence, this is not the way to do it……It’s very graphic and encourages practices like masturbation, which conservative Christians and others feel are wrong.” These are opposition words from American non-muslim people. I wonder how those illogical Muslims try to desperately justify sex education for Muslim schools in its American contents! With these nasty contents, the world societies continue to repulse, with strong opposition, the imposed American policy of sexuality education. Strong opposition to sexuality education has been largely recorded in America itself. As Muslim believers who were commissioned by God to raise the moralities of humanity let us stand up against this evil system in our nation, Nigeria.
Finally, and important measures and logical steps to adopt in order to fight against proliferation of STDs/HIVs, illegal pregnancies, illicit sex and unsafe abortion are among others:
(a)  If it is for the purpose of eradicating STDs/HIVs and unsafe abortion then, it is necessary to start from fighting against illicit sex like adultery, sodomy and lesbianism. But, the irony is that these unreligious people are now making laws that allow people to practice all the aforementioned types of illicit sex. What an irrational thought;
(b) In order to fight the problems of STDs it is recommendable to enforce laws against illicit sex; hence the return to Islam has become necessary;
(c) If it is said that people need to be informed and educated about their sexual parts and other sex activities then it is recommendable for each and every ready-made partners for marriage to consult medical doctors and experts to obtain necessary knowledge to guide their marital sexual affairs at least, 2 or 3 months before their marriage;
 (d) And finally, all those who are not ready-made for marriage (especially students and small children) they should be informed about  the necessary religious precautions to abstain from approaching illicit and pre-marital sex activities; and such curriculum should be enforced into school religious subjects and can only be taught to students by religious scholars.  I am writing this piece of writing only for rightful people to benefit and protect their religion and moralities. I know the enemies, and those brothers infected by American-western virus will become distressed in their mind for pointing out this powerful truth. They are not against STDs; they are against our noblest religious moralities.   You should stand up with me against this evil system once again!
                                                   submitted by Salimullah

« on: September 30, 2009, 10:25:07 AM »
"I wish to inform you once again, that I mai halin girma, have changed by display name into Abu-Safwan due to some problems. I shall now continue to use this new title. Therefore, the following article is for mai Halin girma or Abu-Safwan if you like".

It is because they are not Europeans…. Nor Americans: it is because they are Muslims and their state is ruled by Islamic government in form of Islamocracy (Shari’ah Ruling System). Any act of change that will lead a Muslim country to political, scientific and technological development the West (particularly the US) perceives it as a threat to their ‘Evilization’ that presently dominated the world social order. Why Iran most not afford nuclear technology when other nations have already afforded it?. UN security council members institutionalized that only their countries can afford nuclear weapon. This means that only America, China, France, England and Russia can afford nuclear bomb. But, other nations have the right to have nuclear technology only for peaceful purpose (e.g. energy power supply such as electricity), and not to produce a nuclear bomb. But today, despite of this law, over dozen of nations have afforded nuclear weapons: Israel, India, Germany, North Korea and Canada were among them. Most of these nations have afforded it illegally and were allowed to go unscathed and officially uninvestigated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). For Israel and others alike, is illegal to obtain nuclear bomb as afar as nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty developed by IAEA is concerned, based on Article 6 of its charter. There must be a hypocrisy and injustice in the rule that only those nations (like the UN Security Council members) that have nuclear bomb could afford and retain it; while others have no right to even develop it. Disarmament policy must have been a double-faced strategy adopted by the UN Security Council. In 1970, Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was put into effect. The principal law of NPT as reads in Encarta 2009, is thus: “Under the terms of the NPT, countries without nuclear weapons agreed not to develop them, and states possessing nuclear weapons agreed to work toward disarmament. The IAEA inspects the nuclear power and research facilities of participating non-nuclear weapons states to ensure that enriched uranium and plutonium byproducts are not being diverted to nuclear weapons production”. If the rule of disarmament was founded on justice and equity it will effect the law that not only the non-nuclear nations could not obtain it but also the nuclear ones must have destroy their own nuclear bombs. Going by this unjust disarmament policy, the remote impact will mean that Muslim countries would not be allowed to obtain it. If they are objective why is that Israel allowed to afford this nuclear bomb which is against the rules of NPT but Iran is being denied its right to afford its technology only for peaceful purpose. It is Israel that bombards the UN Security Council to must suppress Iran from its Uranium enrichment. Those nations that suppress others from obtaining nuclear bombs have already stored thousands of it in their weapons stockpile. Ironically enough, America which had been the only nation that used nuclear bomb in Hiroshima – Japan (on August 6, 1945) – is now the head of disarmament policy. What a ridiculous! All what I have been trying to educate our people is why only Iran is facing harsh pressure by the UN and  the world superpowers headed by America and controlled by the Jewish state of Israel? Let us examine this fact from just and fair analysis.
   Israel not wants to see that a Muslim nation in the Middle East has afforded a sophisticated military technology because it perceives that as a threat to its way of terrorism against the Palestinians in particular and the Middle East in general. This is the reason why it has destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor base in 1981 and Syrian nuclear installations in 2007. Israel is not an IAEA and who give it the right to attack the nuclear activities installation of other nations like Iraq and Syria. This is a patent act of terrorism but the UN never put forward any official inquiries on Israeli terrorist state because the world superpowers and UN Security Council are the slaves of the Jews. It should be noted that Israel is among the nations whom were banned from obtaining nuclear weapons; but it has been producing thousands of such bombs illegally. However, no official investigation and sanction has put forward by the IAEA and the UN Security Council being them serving the Jewish interest.  When India, Israel and other non-nuclear nations are developing nuclear technology they had never faced pressures of investigation by the IAEA or sanctions by the UN Security Council. But, Iran is now facing harsh pressure and incoming sanctions from UN Security Council motivated by Israel – the most illegal stockpile of WMD including nuclear bomb. Iran’s nuclear sites were thoroughly inspected by IAEA officials and were all confirmed for peaceful purpose and fulfilled the rules required for the legal nuclear activities. Iran has scores significant points in its ‘diplomatic debate’ with the world power in this case. It was able to present a new proposed bill on nuclear disarmament to IAEA and was approved well. According to IRIB as written by Ebrahimi: “the IAEA approved a resolution to ban attacks on nuclear installations as a necessity”. Thus, the Israeli ongoing plan to attack Iranian nuclear installation was eschewed. The approved bill also suggested that: the usurper state of Israel to stop its nuclear proliferation and abide by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and as the first step bring their arsenals and nuclear installations under IAEA supervision. However, notwithstanding the international will, the representative of the Zionist regime at the agency announced unashamedly that it will not cooperate with the UN nuclear watchdog as per the ratified resolution”.
The controversy is not whether Iran is having nuclear bomb (the world knows that Iran hasn’t it at all) but whether it is having a programme that could use to make this bomb in the next 5-10 years. In all cases the IAEA’s report about Iranian nuclear activities is ‘peaceful and right’. But UN Security Council (presumably with the exception of China & Russia) appeared to rule out IAEA’s report and preparing to invade Iran. But, recently alternative decision suggests harsher economic sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programmes in preference to military invasion (New York Times September 28, 2009). The truth is that IAEA is no longer respectful in the eyes of the UN Security Council as are ready to ignore its decision about Iran. Ali Asghar, Iran’s envoy to IAEA has told press TV that: “IAEA Chief Mohammad al-Baradei says in paragraph 26, Iran has cooperated with the agency, improving the safeguard measures at the Fuel Enrichment Plant at Natanz”. Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Dr. Saeed Jalili declares in retorting to West’s opposition saying: “Why do they express concern towards Iran's legal nuclear activities while they do not raise a smallest question on the nuclear arsenal of the Zionist entity? Who has given nuclear weapons to Israel?” Whether military invasion or economic sanction is to be set against Iran we should know the real motivator behind this evil is Israel. As documented in Telegraph UK Newspaper dated Sept 27, 2009, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke, via telephone, to Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, emphasizing that: “Action must be taken in all areas to increase pressure on Iran and impose crippling sanctions on it," he said, according to the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz ‘If not now, then when?”. Israeli foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman made a call upon the UN that “the mad regime of Tehran” must be overthrown (Ibid). Chief of staff of the Israeli army, Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi has stated that Ahmadinejad had "to know that he can end his days like Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi" (ibid). Follow the link to read in full (
When Iran has publicly declared its peaceful nuclear activities and allowed IAEA for inspection, and signed treaty of nuclear non-proliferation and fulfilled the rules of Article 6 of IAEA charter, Israel has been allowed to do all this unchecked at its nuclear weapons factory at Dimona in the Negev, and without signing the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Despite of all these violation and non-cooperation by Israel it is Iran that is going to be punish or even attack in spite of its cooperation with international laws and IAEA’s rules and regulations. In fact, according to IAEA’s report, Iran has been much more cooperative and obedient to all IAEA’s laws governing nuclear activities for peaceful usage. But, Obama has made a big lie when he says: “Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow”. According to IAEA’s investigation on Iran’s nuclear sites, Obama’s statement is a sheer and patent lie; it is Israel, India and North Korea, who are having hundreds or thousands of nuclear bombs, that break the rules that all nations must follow but the UN Security Council could not attack or even punish these belligerent nations because they are among the parties of non-Muslim nations whom they consider as single unbelievers community opposing the community of Muslim believers. But, Iran as a pure Muslim and Islamic nation that has been very cooperative with the rules of nuclear activities and never attempt to afford WMD in violation to IAEA’s rule was considered defiant and mad nation worthy of destruction under Israeli motives. It is now clear that any policy of disarmament or Nuclear non- proliferation is aimed to disarm only Muslim countries. The case of Pakistan (only Muslim state having nuclear bomb) is different; this possibility has come to it at an inevitable stage unable to suppress even by the world powers.

Why only Iran? It has no any kind of nuclear bomb. But why not Israel? It has many more stockpiles of nuclear bombs. The double standard is self-evident in Western International laws and policies. It is just as what David Duke mentioned: “America does not really oppose biological and chemical weapons or their use, all the Federal Government really cares about is which side uses them”. Why America is going to attack Iran for the same thing that other dozen of nations do. Suppose that Iran obtained nuclear bomb, then it is not that same Iran to be destroyed first but Israel.
Finally, let us stand up for Iran; its development is ours and will pave the way for further resurrection of Islamic political power and social order. When it comes to this issue religious sectarianism must have been irrelevant. We are all Muslims from the base. Let us reawaken our Sunni Muslim countries to follow the foot of Iran on political bases so as to escape from American imperialism and Western political hegemony as did Iran achieved. I can see that the moon of modern Islamic civilization glistering from Tehran horizon to South East Asia. Stand up with me for Iran once again for they are representing the general Ummah against the Western Kuffar. MAY GOD RESTORE OUR PAST GLORY AND PRESTIGE.

               Submitted by Salimullah

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