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Salim I. Hassan
Education Department
(Written On 15 April, 2010)

It is too long I have been detesting Tukur Mamu’s monthly Desert Herald for what I might observed of partiality, fabrication and sheer absurdities – probably for personal interest. However, sometimes I could not help escape myself from sense of sprinkling of justice and truth as it may tends to appear here and there in Mamu’s magazine. It is not only because he was surrounded by gifted writers/journalists, in fact his DH is smart at reporting and writing news information in a well organized manner. Not only have that, they can easily convince the audience. Look at how they were almost able to implicate Gov. Shekarau, assumed to being an accomplice in Sheik Ja’afar’s assassination. I am more than convinced that Mamu fabricated lies against Gov. Shekaru in that particular matter. 

But this time around I should like to endorse (devoid of surmise) wholeheartedly, the document I read in Desert Herald, written by Maryam Musa. It has been exactly the hypothesis of what happened in reality today; that Namadi Sambo has personally thought of this ambition to become VP, knowing fully he is bound to miss the second term in Kaduna state’s governorship, mainly being threatened by Makarfi’s popular influence. Being that the case he has to look for alternative – described as Plan B in DH. If not of the practical reality that I saw today I would not even trust DH’s report. To make you more than convinced the document was gathered before Yar’adua’s demise which means it has been a set up plan in advance. Today Namadi was named as would-be-a-VP waiting for Senate’s approval (which they must).

Namadi has inquired into this ambition of becoming VP to acting GoodLuck Jonathan; he nurtured this ambition and put it into practice. “His plan ‘B’ is to be the vice president to acting President Goodluck Jonathan, should Yar’adua be impeached” reported in DH. Namadi based his ambition to be attained on the possibility of Yar’adua’s impeachment. Abruptly enough, death has done a damn thing in favour to the man longing for VP’s chair. I guessed when Yar’adua’s death was announced the greedy might utter ‘thanks to God, the threat was completely removed; and it was an everlasting opportunity to me’.

When he first thought of his ambition, Namadi was reported in DH, that he formed a committee of six people namely: Sen. Haruna Aziz, Sec. Gen. of CAN in Northern region, Elder Sa’idu Dogo, Kaduna State CAN’s chairman, Reverend Sam Kujiyat, Charity Shekari Mr. Aboki Galadima, Gen. Zamani Lekwot, all of whom from Southern Kaduna senatorial zone. They were entrusted with the task of devising strategies to achieve the top ambition. Namadi had asked his deputy Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa to select the present finance commissioner, Mukhtar yero as his deputy, should he (Yakowa) become a governor. The six-committee people were given N10 million to carry out the mission and were first met with Middle Belt forum under the leadership of Isaac Shaho in Abuja. Lt. Col. Jeremiah Usein, Solomon Lar, Sen. John Shagaya also attended the meeting. Namadi’s motive of pushing his agenda frankly and boldly to Christian elders, and without any hesitation (despite of the high competition in the position he aspires for) was that he was now serving Christian interest of taking over Kaduna state’s governorship – a position they have been trying to secure for long lasting years, but all previous attempts had failed. As to him, this will serve as a bribe to CAN elders to support him to accomplish his plan ‘B’. The committee together with Middle Belt Forum, after their meeting, they immediately went and met Gen. Theophilus Danjuma in Abuja, being informed he welcomed the idea of making Namadi Sambo the vice president, on the condition that, having someone among Christians from the Southern Kaduna state to become governor for the first time in Kaduna state’s history of political establishment. This is how Sambo speculated and today is a fact and reality. Well done Job Sambo: you have agreed to rob peter in order to pay paul.   

Recently, with the naming of Sambo as would-be-a-vp I trust mamu’s DH 99% because if these things were not planned in advance they could hardly be predicted by someone no matter how intelligent he is. We may believe such narration of plan hatched in Sambo’s mind had really happened. Yesterday the ambition is a hypothesis and today is more than a theory, but a fact. I will make my trust 100% and will indubitably put my credence in DH’s report as soon as conventional Mukhtar Yero is made Deputy Gov. to Patrick Yakowa. This fulfillment will make DH’s report 100% true. However, any irony will not render the report absurd, should the planners would change their policy as they see their scheme is being uncovered. To remind you of this very vital issue, in the process of making their plan achievable, partrick Yakowa was urged (on behest of Sambo) to make Mukhtar Yero, the current finance commissioner, his deputy, once Sambo goes for VP. Sambo has really sold out Muslims’ power in favour of Christians’ one, motivated by his expedient plan ‘B’.

The Christians must see this as a unique and great opportunity for them to at least consolidate their power and political structure to facilitate their efforts to dominate the leadership in the near future. Even if they could not secure victory in the forthcoming 2011 election they can at least achieve some major of their interest. As proverb says in for a penny, in for a pound (meaning trying to achieve a little objective facilitate you to achieve a major one). Christians in Kaduna are now guided by this notion. Muslim should take care in Kaduna state. KEEP ON SURVEILLANCES PLEASE. 

Sultan’s Unusual Stance
It is highly unusual – and what a manner of position – the stance taken by the Sultan of Sokoto on this horrific matter. I, like many others, with deep respect to the Sultan, deeply feel suspicious about his statement reported in Daily trust. Before his regrettable statement a rumour was penetrating the public alleging that the Sultan had asked Sambo to decline and step down his nomination, as just a kind of advice to Sambo. Sultan have frankly denied this allegation and described it as baseless rumour. If he has said such a thing to Sambo it would have been better and more appropriate for him. But he rejected the claim: “it is not true at all. Nothing like this happening”, reported DT. As a Muslim leader he has such a right of guiding and enjoining the Muslims state governments in all arising matters affecting their states. I believe th Sultan did not say such a statement, but I think it is the right thing to do at this right time – Sambo needs to be admonished as a Muslim. But, unfortunately, in his refutation remarks the Sultan has said the worse thing. Instead of opposing the horrific decision with wisdom and clarity of thought, he vehemently favours the evil cause – he endorses the decision that Kaduna should be devolve to Christians, as to him there is nothing faulty in that. In fact this decision must be opposed and halted islamically speaking.

Driving by paranoia (perhaps for the fear of national wolves), the Sultan declared that (Muslims) are not only ones in the state as such “why should anyone feel that a Christian should not be the governor of Kaduna state” as reported in DT. Is the state not a predominantly Muslim one? Is it not among the 19 Muslim Northern states of Nigeria? Can such a thing be allowed to happen in a definite predominant Christian state, should a Muslim become their governor? Or can’t we see how Muslims are being denied even minor political seats in Plateau-Jos? He went on further alluding to the fact that having a Christian governor in Muslim state does not in anyway hinder Muslims from practicing their religion. It is highly unprecedented to hear such a statement from such a noble man, considered to be ‘King of Faithful’ by many Nigerian Muslims. Even a layman like me, I believe there is no power (political or military) that can suppress Muslims from their religion. Even the West’s led power (I mean the USA) it is not fighting Muslims to stop their religion; rather it is fighting them to destroy their political structure, influence and power in the world (and it did achieve). The same thing is applied to Kaduna’s case. The Sultan, instead of viewing the situation from a narrow religious angle, he has to perceive it from the political angle – what are the likely negative consequences that may affect Muslims’ power in the state, politically speaking. As Muslim activists, the motive of our fear is the potential collapse of our political power and influence in the state, and not that of losing of our religion. The Christians will use this slight opportunity to on one hand, consolidate their political power/influence and to strengthen their structural establishment, and on the other hand, will seek to weaken and diminish Muslim’s political influence and their structural establishment as predominant political entity in the state. His Majesty the Sultan, with due respect to him, this is what we fear. And for this reason and many others, we must oppose, with strong hatred, this evil decision, even if after it was implemented.     

We all have to believe that there shall be no threat(s) to stop Muslims from their ways of worship (religion). What we fear is loss of political power, structure, and influence in the state. Note! Christians are very active and seem to dominate Kaduna just as Muslims have been as such in Plateau-Jos. We all believe that Christians are having a hidden agenda against Muslims. Please, I am not intending for sedition, but I think the truth should be spoken out. It is time we have to learn some lessons from Plateau-Jos. Our sufferings there in the hands of Christians should be an excuse to us (if we are sensible) not to let any one of our states to slip to Christians. To do as such we must been slipped up.

Finally, this is not a trivial matter but a serious one fraught with damaging repercussions. What we can do as Muslim civilians (having no power and authority) is to pray for God to come into our save from this evil decision thought out by some careless people. Our leaders (in all kind of leadership) must be blamed for this recklessness. “…You took it lightly while it was a very serious offence in the sight of Allah” (Q24:15)                                         


« on: May 06, 2010, 01:21:26 PM »

He must be an ever-lasting target of the enemies of Islam since he was uniquely credited with revivalism of Shari’ah in Nigeria in modern time. As Muslim, he should be judged on the basis of his religious provisions - with Shari’ah and by Shari’ah - as guaranteed even in the constitution. All those nonsensical protesters and all those backing them (insiders or outsiders they are) were in fact traitors in Islam if they were Muslims; and enemies of Islam if they were unbelievers. For any one professes Islam, to protest against a slight provision of Shari’ah law shows that one has a clear sign of hypocrisy, and unbelief to some extents. Yarima was a Muslim and what he did was really Islamic. Even if he was to be judged by the constitution he should be judged by section 38/1 of the Nigerian constitution where freedom of religion was guaranteed. The enemies had just begun to raise false alarms among the people. They have been heard saying Yarima has violated constitution when he was faulted with child abuse, forgetting that the constitution which they have been talking about guarantees freedom of religion under section 38/subsection 1. What was his fault? He married 13yr old girl, they say. Nonsense and ridiculous! I indubitably believe that 13yrs old Arabian, American or European girl is both internally and physically healthier and more registered to marriage, compared to 18 or 20yrs old black African girl like those insensible women protesters. Let them go to the doctor if they have qualms about my argument.

The enemies and secularist as well are just distorting reality to tarnish Islam. Recently, in Europe and America church priests and Bishops were faulted with sexual child abuse. This time the abuse was even worse because it was out of marriage. Sin upon sin! But what do those women protesters did to air their grievances against those Christian perpetrators?. Going by this, we may come to know that it was the work of the enemies (both insiders & outsiders). They are doing their best to show the world that Islam is bad.

The weakness from the Muslims is always seen in their negligence to practical response to such ignominious psychological attacks by the enemies. As some agents of ‘secularist feminists’ movement staged their protest against Islamic legal marriage, then the agents of ‘Islamic feminists’ movement should staged counter-protest in support of Islamic legal rights and to express what Yarima did is Islamically legal and in conformity with the constitution. True Muslims should know very well what they are really committed to. Our rights are not optional; they are absolute obligations upon the government. Therefore, we shall offer no compromise in this struggle; Shari’ah is our divine as well as constitutional right which must be granted to us by the government.           
                                                Submitted by salimullah

« on: April 19, 2010, 01:11:42 PM »
Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah)
Education Department, BUK.

Nigeria is on the top list countries that are skeptically democratic – a pseudo-democracy nation. Generally, democracy, wherever one finds it is bad, but a little good in exceptional cases. The degree of its goodness or badness is based on the level of leaders’ justice, patriotism and humanitarianism. Basing our argument on this logic, and by looking at western developed countries, we can see that democracy is thriving and auguring well for the people. However, this does not mean that people’s rights, freedoms, and wills are not curtailed or violated by Western governments.

But, democracy in Nigeria has become a mean of peaceful clampdown upon the people’s rights, wills, and freedoms. Although democracy claims itself as a government representing the will of all, or a majority of the people, yet it fails to make this a reality in Nigeria. It is a true reality that people’s rights, freedoms, and interests are not safeguarded by the elected leaders, but only the interests and wills of the elites. Thus, the notion: “Democracy is a freedom for people to choose their ‘tyrants’ has become a typical reality in Nigeria.

What is the reality of democracy in practice in Nigeria? Our political systems are tightly controlled by the elites: that those with money manipulate the system to their advantages. The masses are simply used as nonsensical voters which serve as legitimate ‘ticket’ by those elites to access Nigerian ‘sweet’ crude oil. Even if when the leader is elected from among the ‘lower class citizens’ (poor) the elites will brainwash and compel him into serving their interests in which he may also has a huge share. Now multinational aspirants (among the elites) at various levels, manipulate the system so that their interests are protected and advanced. People are asked to choose between the same set of elites that represent elite interests, not those of the masses. This can be compared to group of rats being asked to choose between different colors of cats to rule them: black, white, red, brown or other, all of which (despite of disparities in colour) are predators. To me, I can personally  elect neither ‘A2’ nor ‘IB2’ even if they were to come out to contest; for they would just come out ravenously ‘hungry’ for power so as to add up to their already illegal wealth from Nigerian ‘sweet’ crude. IB2 for instance is very vocal in expressing his zeal to contest; nevertheless he cannot do a damn thing for the nation, supposed he was elected.  A leader that had unnecessarily failed before to transform the nation can never do it now. Perhaps he is being backed by international power. The fact that a person that had run away immediately after their tenure (only back recently to get more from ‘sweet’ crude) to live abroad while the nation is in political malaise indicates that he has no positive attitude towards the nation and its citizens. A sensible citizen will never have a confidence in such kind of man talkless of supporting him or his party into power.
Democracy again, claims that people are free to choose and elect but only tiny minority of people do so in reality. The masses are made to believe that they are free to elect their leaders whereas in reality this has already been chosen for them by the corporate elites that control the system. From the onset of primary election, only those willing to advance the interest of the elites are being ensured success to general election. Theoretically, political parties are open to everyone but since their operations depend on money, they must be confined and their doors restricted to the wishes and interests of the rich. Thus, the bad leaders are always on top; the rich continues to get richer; the poor still gets poorer; and the masses must remain as they are with their imposed illusionary belief of freedom and right which are not real in practical sense. Thus, we end up in pseudo-democracy. Likewise, political parties are controlled in such a way as to make it impossible for just, fair and moderate people among the ordinary citizens to enter to truly represent the will and interest of the people. Even if the ruler comes from among the poor masses he will soon turn subservient to the corporate elites.
This is a great challenge and has become a hard nut to crack. Moreover, such a principle is unjust and must be averted to facilitate effective political revolution by the masses. Therefore, there is need for typical party of the “lower class citizens” controlled by the masses, not by the elites. As late Aminu Kano tried to champion the cause of the majority poor masses, there is every need to have a new modern Aminu Kano to champion the cause of the masses, for the elites are always representing their needs and interests although their pass ‘ticket’ to power comes from the masses. In a skeptical Democracy like this, our nation can never survive economic prosperity and political development. The ‘politics of elites’ dominates political system of Nigeria, and these elites are the causatives of Nigerian plights and predicaments. The citizen masses can be blamed only for their failure to organize in one heart to fight for their right. If independent party is to become constitutionally approved it will be of great opportunity to the masses in defeating politics of elites. It is true to say some majority of people gives their heart to Gen. Buhari and regard him as the only savior of the nation, yet the national wolves among the elites would never allow this giant just man (or someone of his sound character) to get into power.
As they are simultaneously wielding this power they will never let any recognized just and rectitude giant leader to assume power for they are aware that once it happens they will perish. They will continue to wield this power illegitimately; and they will continue preserving and distributing it exclusively among their families and friends until the majority oppressed people strive energetically to fight for their right and depose the wolves from power with all strategic means. A skeptical Democracy in Nigeria can be averted only if the interests and will of the masses are truly represented and protected. Thus, we can usher in politics of the masses’.     
                                                                                     Submitted by Salimullah

« on: March 17, 2010, 07:50:09 PM »
Da ma ai haka yake aikatawa ga 'yan iska masu taurin kai da raina unbangiji.

Islam / The Mathematical Miracle of The Qur'an.....
« on: March 17, 2010, 01:47:37 PM »
The Mathematical Miracle of The Qur'an:
Quran, The Ultimte Miracle!!!
   It has been the tradition of Allah (SWT) to give miracles to whoever He chooses to be His Messengers. This certainly is true of all the prophets of Allah from Prophets Nuhu (AS) down to the prophet Muhammad(SAW). However, the greatest of all such miracles are that of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which have been still with us and much many are being discovered and seen visibly on the ground. This is as it pertains to the holy Qur’an where almost on daily basis, more and more miracles are being discovered. This is undoubtedly to confirm the authenticity of the holy Book of Islam (Qur’an). Just recently, DR. Tariq AL-SUWAIDAN of the Islamic Gateway, made a startling discovery of statistical data on the land and sea composition of the world from the holy Qur’an thus: The total number of the word

Al-bahar (Sea) mentioned in the whole of the holy Qur’an = 32.

That of Al-bar (Land) =13.

The statistic is as follows: Al-bahar (Sea) = 32
Al_bar (Land)  = 13

If we add up the total words of both
"sea" and "land" we get 45.

Now if we do a simple calculation:
      32/45 X 100% = 71.11111111%
      13/45 X 100% = 28.88888888%

Above is what we know today as the percentages of Water (Sea) and Land in the world. Yet another miracle in the Quran! However, with regard to statistical facts in the Qur’an, the above is just the tip of the iceberg. Almost the words of Qur’an were equally numerically mentioned. Below are some more other examples. Word/ Meaning Mentioned in the Quran: Al-Dunya (world) = 115,   __________    Al-Akhira (hereafter) =115,
Al-Mala'ikah (Angels) = 88, _______ Al-Shayateen (Satan)= 88
Al-Hayat (Life) = 145   _______Al-Maut (Death) = 145
Al-Rajul (Man)  = 24,  _______ Al-Mar'ha (Women) = 24
Al-Shahr (Month) = 12,   ______Al-Yauom (Day) = 365.

The Miracles of the Quran will never end. There will never be a time where mankind can fully take in the knowledge that is in this holy book. It is a miracle to all mankind, the word of God. There is no value that one can set to the words of the Creator. It is a treasure which guides those that want to succeed in this life and the hereafter.
         Edited by: Hamisu Salihu (
          & Salim .I. Hassan (
                  Submitted by Salimullah.

The yearning of yar adua by the northerners has become much relevant today. But I don't know our love to him is born out tribalism - because he is northerner not because he is religious. It when GJ appear to us as a 'tribal patriotic' in his leadership that I may prefer  him to yar'adu'a. noted.   

In the last few weeks a Hamas military leader was suffocated to die in his room at Dubai hotel. Soon, Dubai  police security announced that they have got the passports of the killers and that they are of European origin. However, today we come to know that they are the agents of MOSSAD, a Jewish terrorist organization, in a guise of European passports. We shall continue, with the help of Allah, eXposing the real terrorists in the world led by US.

Read the current news:

General Board / Re: The First Man to Have Memorized Dictionary (Oxford 6th)
« on: February 16, 2010, 12:22:06 PM »
sheikh imamuddeen abu safwan, an tafi sabbatical nairaland ne?
welcome back, gaskiya we need you and the story is very interesting
but the relies are terrible, good work and good luck.

Thanks Dan Barno. Ya jumurin wahalar da kuka sha a rikicin boko haram. Allah ya kiyaye gaba. But Iam not a 'sheikh' nor an Imam. Inda zaka kirani almajiri ma da yafi sauki. The reason for my long absence wallahi i am seem to be distracted by other forums. A can muna fafatawa da makiya musulinci ne kuma Allah alwys helps us to defeat basless claims. Amma in Allah ya yarda na dawo kenan I now strongly determined to care of both forums. Thanks once again.

Follow the LInk:

What a waste!! dama alkurani ya haddace  da ya fiye masa, even if he isnt a muslim.

Haba Husna, my sister. It is interesting to trace the source of the story. Ai dama can mahaddacin Al-Qur'ani ne, wallahi kuma haddace mai abin mamaki. Qur'anin ma ya fara haddacewa.
Where had you been Husna for long term? Let me play joke: ko kema kin bi 'yan boko haram ne?

General Board / Re: Goodluck Jonathan Is Now The "President" Of Nigeria
« on: February 10, 2010, 01:24:28 PM »
GGNK Mu cabinet muke jira a canja ko na samu in canji mansur muktar

kai kuma a suwa? That has been our concern (the possible aftermath of Goodluck's take-over) amma kai kana wani zance da ban.

General Board / Re: Soccer tournament
« on: December 21, 2009, 11:33:57 AM »
Unless if david agree to sponsor the team the government will not do; it will only look at it with contempt. But I will like to join this sport trip.

Islam / Happy Islamic New Year
« on: December 19, 2009, 11:40:31 AM »
I wish you all Happy Islamic New Year. What have you done for your betterness in both this life and the hereafter in the previous year.? The Qur'an says: "O ye who believe! Observe your duty to Allah. And let every soul look to that which it sendeth on before for the morrow. And observe your duty to Allah! Lo! Allah is informed of what ye do" (Q59:18). To me sin is envitable in my life due to my human weaknesses and I cannot eliminate it from my life; however, I try as much as I can to minimize it. I know that I am more sinful and My Allah is the most merciful. Let us be aware that the end of the world is in near future. Let us try to sow good seeds so that we can reap good fruits in the next world. we shaould not waste our time in this new year from doing good deeds and God will reward us abundantly.

                                       Submitted by Salimullah

General Board / Re: HOW AMERICA SPOILED THE WORLD............ (I)
« on: December 16, 2009, 04:05:15 PM »
I suppose Vietnam and Chile were Islamic countries as well,

That is an entire different thing from what I mean. I can see that this dude misconcieved my post or he concieved it but simply ignores its whole idea. Concentrating on a part while simply ignoring the whole is impartiality in critique. Please ask me this simple question: what is the whole idea of your post? A simple answer will save you from confusion!

General Board / Re: HOW AMERICA SPOILED THE WORLD............ (I)
« on: December 16, 2009, 12:12:03 PM »
There is not one irrefutable fact that shows that America's actions are directed against Islam in any meaningful sense.

That is I can see that Iraq and  Afghanistan were invaded, are not they Islamic countries? And now Iran another Islamic nation is a next target. A low person cannot understand America's typical enmity against Islam. Ameican WORLD media controlled by superterrorist Jewish state is against Islam and nothing more but Islam.

« on: December 16, 2009, 10:08:38 AM »
In the previous article we have exposed the injustices, double standards, atrocities as well as super-terrorism of the US government under the evil policy of Useless Nations (UN); as we have also alluded to the idea of global unity of the Muslim world among their respective states/countries via the establishment of Islamic United Nations (I.U.N). Today we shall discuss the preliminaries of the processes, procedures, policies and measures or guidelines necessary for the attainment of this great global unity which in effect will inevitably result in absolute independence of Muslim Ummah in the world. “From us the effort, and from Allah the enabling power; all   praise due to him, the Alpha and the Omega”. Let's go on discussion.

In so far as we have stated, Muslim States should withdraw themselves from United Nations. They most detach from UN and attach themselves to IUN. This will enable us to have a central leadership in the world and to solve all of our internal religious conflicts as well as our social, economic and political problems and malaises; and finally we can emancipate our unique religion and people from western persecution, fabrications and defamations. We can also get rid from western political colonialism, domination and exploitation. Thus, we can expose our natural Nations to effective Islamic States. We should know that in both political and social life there should be an act of worship. It is now true to say that most of the Muslim States are in the worship of the Western leaders. Let them now adopt the policy of “Transfer of Worship” from servitude of the West to servitude of God. Then the question here is how to establish the IUN as a central global government of Muslims leadership? In answering this question each and every intellectual Muslim can suggest his views and proposal; and here is mine:

In the first place, the Muslim leaders should call for a general conference to all Muslim States. The aim of this conference is to create an urgent organization of “World Islamic Shura organization” (WISO). The function of this organization would in collecting, assessing and deciding the current internal religious conflicts and the Muslim sects, especially between Sunnis and Shiis- the only two Muslim sects who have the potentiality for the restoration of Islamic power.
WISO must be neutral in nature and should compose of representatives from the major Muslim sect. a rigorous and discreet review, comparison and contrast will be employed in assessing and deciding a particular sectarian concepts and opinions held by different Muslim sects. The chief judge of WISO must have to be objective and impartial in his decision. But we should not forget that some differences are inevitable among us; they can only be managed and tolerated. Such differences must exist even after we attain global unity. The one secret to maintain here is that we have to be tolerating and resolving our internal conflicts within ourselves, but to the external world we should expose ourselves single and united in Islam. Rule and regulations, and laws must be set up to deal with any hypocrite or betrayer of the Muslim Unity.   
In the course of such decisions, religious differences that should be tolerated by either sect most be retained; and those useless thoughts from both sect most be cast away. The final objective of this organization is to eradicate or at least minimize the tension of the differences among the assorted sect of Muslims; and to organize a Treaty of the Muslim States withdrawal from United Nations which I may probably call “Treaty of Repentance”-to expose themselves to Allah as sinners who now come to seek his forgiveness.
WISO at last will proclaim the Muslims withdrawal from UN on but not limited to the following bases and reasons:
i-   UN does not represent the needs of the Muslim and therefore, betraying the Muslims confidence;
ii-   It hinders them from executing their own Islamic laws and policies in their states;
iii-   It does not protect their rights, lives, lands and properties;
iv-   It undermines the honour and respect of the Muslims;
v-   It’s secular rules, laws and policies are completely incompatible to Islam; and
vi-   Finally, it is against Islam by favouring the Western states against the Muslims.

   Sometimes my perceptions seem to be like dreams or smoke to some hopeless individuals; but really they are not. When I present some of my views to them their reply is always ‘ridiculous and impossible’. This is a just weakness from their minds; forget about them waning in their mind. They are completely devoid of Islamic vision.
   This is second stage in my view to achieve Islamic power in the world. Before I theorize this view of mine I dwelt so much in the eternal message of Allah (Qur’an). In my discreet ponder in the Qur’an I came to realize some certain mistakes made by the Muslims or their leaders (as the case may be). I found that some basic commands in the Qur’an which aim to retain Islamic and Muslim power in the world are not fulfilled yet. One of these commands is that Allah has enjoined Muslims to have an independent systems and laws of social relation, peace-keeping and conflict resolution. The verse is as follows: “Believers are but a single brotherhood; so make peace and reconciliations (conflict resolution) between your brotherhoods; and fear Allah that you may be granted of (his) mercy”.  (Hujrat:10).
   Secondly, Allah has enjoined Muslims to maximize their means of self-security by affording any available weapons. This is as for them to defend their self, their religion and nations. Unfortunately, the situation is now appeared irony as unbelievers practicing this command. The command is know in the following Qur’an verse: “You shall prepare for them all the power you can muster (to defend yourselves against the Unbelievers) by affording a means of protection from steeds of war (in more than day Jet War, Missiles, projectiles e.t.c) that you may frighten the enemies of Allah, your enemies, as well as others whom you do not know; Allah knows them. Whatever you spend in the cause of Allah (Islam) will be repaid to you and you should not be unjustly treated”. (Anfal: 60).
   It is in the light of the above two verses that I came to know the inevitability to set up Islamic United Nation unto which all qualified Muslim states will be attached for its international security, inter-relation and resolution of all of its international conflicts within the Muslim worlds. If one has a strict observation on UN he will find that it is wholly in the practice of verse (Hujrat:10), however in favour of its Western races and Nations. The main functions of UN are but not limited to:
   To ensure international Security;
   To prevent flows of  harmful war weapon e.g Nuclear;
   To ensure global peace-keeping and conflicts resolution.
These are indeed the rationales behind the above mentioned verse. This is what Allah wants us to establish in our Islamic world. But why application of these verses was transferred to the hands of unbelievers. So, by establishing our IUN we may fulfill the command of the first verse (Hujrat:10); and by setting up of a global International Islamic Defense Force (IIDF), we may fulfill the command of the second mentioned verse (Anfal:60). It should be worthy to note that any international conflict religious, social or political and any phenomena of war between two Islamic nations will be solved by Muslim leaders within their own central global leadership. This would be known in the following verse: “If two parties of believers fought with each other (or fall into quarrel) you (as leaders) shall reconcile them. If one party aggresses against the other you shall fight (by enforcing pressure or military force) the aggressing party until they submits to the will of Allah; but if they obey (from onset) you shall reconcile between them with justice and be fair, for Allah loves those who are fair” (Hujrat:9).
   My beloved Muslim brothers, this is we fail to understand from the Qur’an consciously or otherwise. Some may consider my interpretation heretical but they should know that Qur’an is an eternal message providing Muslims with all solution to their very current and present problems; and they should also know that the final and ultimate objective is for universal guidance and laws. Anyone with discreet mind, once he ponder on the above mentioned will realize the inevitability for Muslim States to have their own central global leadership in the form of Islamic United Nations or its equivalent. The two Qur’anic commands are some how difficult to execute without such global leadership.
   Therefore in the light of the above quoted verses, I maintain that Islamic United Nation will be set up with its ‘Amir Al-Mu’uminun’ or in other word, the    Caliph of the Faithful or chief secretary or executive president of the Islamic Nations, whose decisions and commands will be answerable by the entire Muslim World. Each and Every Muslim State will have its representative in the IUN. Non-Muslim states should not be exempted as far as the minority Muslims there is concerned. They too, must their representatives through a recognized independent organization of theirs. For instance to say, American Muslims have their independent organization in the name of ‘American Muslims Association’. So, through their elected leader the will become part of IUN; and the will be recognized as a legitimate State in IUN; and they will enjoy all necessary rights equally with Islamic Nations. This system will be applied to all Muslim Brothers living in the non-Islamic Nations. WISO in this time will become distinct department or branch in IUN. Its main function will be as before i.e deciding and resolving all matters pertaining to religious and social matters. It addition, it will be financing all international religious matters.
   The second department of IUN is “International Islamic Defense force” (IIDF). This branch under IUN it is entrusted with international military defense of all Muslims in the world no where they are. The branch is composition of force from all member states of IUN. Their number should reach a maximum amount to suffice complete security of all Muslim worlds. It must stands to defend all Islamic Nations from external attack. It should be noted that in terms of defense nationalism or racism it does not matter but only Islamism. We should not let Western power to deceive us with their continent separation policy to let them to attack any of Islamic State.
The third department is “Center of Intelligent Security” (CIS). This branch is responsible for international peace keeping and conflict resolution. They are to attack and arrest any state that betrays the confidentialities and secrets of Muslims Ummah. The will act as IUN Spies and Watch dogs against Western threats and plots.
   The fourth department is “Economy and Political Policy Committee” (EEPC). This branch is in charge of making and deciding all matters related to international economy and politics. Perhaps this is the last department of IUN as far as I theorized my views. More and more are to come from fellow Muslim intellectual thinkers. Some other global organizations are to be incorporated to maximize the welfare of our social life e.g in relation to Health.

Non Islamic nations can enjoy from IUN services once they enter into covenant with Muslims.

Ultimate Aims of the IUN Creation
From all what we have just discussed, the ultimate purpose and function of IUN is to control and regulate the international orders, policies, and inter-relations of all Muslim communities in their religious, social, economic and political life.

Its Final Objectives
The ultimate objectives of IUN are but not limited to:
i-   Creation of global unity of the Muslims Ummah;
ii-   Establishment of independent central leadership of all Muslim worlds;
iii-   Transformation of Muslim societies into independent Islamic States; and
iv-   To emancipate Islam and Muslims from Western Political colonialism.
   To remind our dear brothers, all what I have stated is an extraction from my unpublished book “The Message: To Contemporary Muslim World”. It is a part of one of my theory ‘Triangular World Order System’ (TWOS). The implication of this theory is that it entails that Muslims are to rule their world of Islam according to their religious beliefs, norms and laws without external intervention form the Western world. Also, Westerns are to rule their world according to their thoughts and philosophy without external intervention from the Muslim World. And finally, another neutral mean will inter-relate between Muslim and Western world for international relation and policies. In such course, none of the either world will be betrayed, violated or subjugated in its beliefs, laws and philosophy. That is to say in this process Muslims can accept Western policies and decisions that do not betray their religion and laws. And ditto for the West. This is the implication of TWOS theory i.e the world must be three in life; Muslim world, Western world and Neutral world. Muslim World to represent the needs of Islam and Islamic nations; Western world to represent the needs of western religions (Judaism, Christianity or Secularism I don’t know) and western nations; and finally, Neutral world to inter-relate between both (Muslims & Westerns) in matter of social, economic and political policies.     

“From us the effort, and from Allah the enabling power; all   praise due to him, the Alpha and the Omega”. May He the Exalted one (Allah) help us to salvage His religion and true servants from injustice of certain few bullying powers in the World. Ameen.   

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