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I am ry glad that another mind see's the whole issue from WorldBank/IMF angle. I admire your courage and i believe we are like minds. Be  safe brother

General Board / All hail the Revivors of Kano Online Forum!
« on: May 08, 2016, 10:04:15 PM »
I kept clicking in search of a fucntional Kano online forum since my last appearance here in 2007 under the name MEMZYCOOL!
Awwh! i remeber this forum with such nostalgia, very interesting and educating,
I will advice the admin to please maintain the tempo and never let our beloved forum slip into the chaos of contemporary social media frenzy!
Kano online was here long before the lot evem had of facebook, twitter or whatsapp!
Please do maintain the closely nit cycle of brotherhood, maturity and education as it were!
Godbless you all

Member Poetry / Saying Goodbye
« on: May 08, 2016, 05:20:12 PM »
Friday, October 16, 2009
During the course of my life, I have been around ladies,
This girl I met; coincidentally,
Carved out of gold she was, white gold,
I loved and cared without knowing why?
I treated her delicately, like an egg, carried around in a stony desert,
She loved me like a fairy tale story, with surplus gestures,
I mean, with every muscle in her being, day and night,
Even a blind man could have testified to that,
Perceptions clashed, and we called it quits,
I knew she would never love another as she did me,
Why?, because I made her believe, at a time she had no faith,
She had then no reason to believe,
Thereafter, I stretched forth a friendly arm in a festive mood,
Just but to be a comforter, what happened?,
She threw it right on my face, good intents only I had,
Back to the old drawing board she had slipped,
slipped back and dwelled before and after my gesture,
she stopped believing and started hiding all over again,
hiding behind a courageous mask and denying,
deep down sober and timid, wanting companionship,
yearning within but stubborn and stoic,
as for me, I walk away never to look back again,
why? Because even the price of gold in the world market falls,
happiness though is all I want for her,
it might take ages before the stiffened steel softens,
and a miracle might be needed to melt steel like snow in summer,
how much longer it will have to take? I can’t say,
how long must this feeling go on?, only the Lord knows,
my greatest heart desire now?, that she reads my poem.
Muhammad tijjani nakande is a free-lance writer, wrote in from university of Maiduguri, Borno state Nigeria.

Member Poetry / The Light
« on: May 08, 2016, 05:17:50 PM »
Friday, October 16, 2009
The light
It all started as a wakeup call,
a call to mankind and jinn,
a favor lowered down to earth,
through hard and good times it poured along,
adding meaning and value to everyday life

it cleansed old barbaric Arab tribes,
full of tribal and ethnic feud they were,
its soothing influence spread like daylight,
as far east to China and west to Rome,
it reconciled man with the almighty god,
in a manner only befitting a divine call,
it reconciled man with the al-alamin,
a task in which all hope was lost,

some say it was tales of the ancients,
some say it is mere poetry,
some believe it prose,

lost they are all in a perpetual cross,
its rhymes and lyrics too unique to be classified as such,
the greatest poets and orators attempted to put forth,
the likes of it they never could,

the contemporary secular world has come to terms,
it is the most unique book that ever was,
light upon light is what it brings,
opening hearts that never were,

thus, mankind and jinn has never seen,
a light so bright the noble one,
the Qur’an, which is light and guidance.

Muhammad Tijjani Nakande is a freelance writer, wrote in from Kano state Nigeria.

Member Poetry / Nature Speaks
« on: May 08, 2016, 05:15:33 PM »
Thursday, October 22, 2009
nature speaks
sitting alone listening;
sitting in a natural setting,
listening, as nature converses,
listening, as the birds sing, rhythmic and melodious tunes,
listen!!, as the breeze brushes gently past,
watch!, as the sun sets majestically beyond the horizon,
listen!, to what nature is saying,
behold!, nature is speaking,
listen!, nature speaks to a person!,
a person in solitude.
Muhammad Tijjani Nakande, a freelance writer, wrote this poem in the year 2007.

Member Poetry / Power
« on: May 08, 2016, 05:14:25 PM »
Sunday, November 22, 2009
When power is abused in excess,
when the rulers hip shy’s away,
pretending not to hear the cry,
when the ruled complain in anguish,
when the society frowns at it,
when the good advisers refrain,
when opposition becomes taboo,
when the imam says “a daidata sahu”,
when no one says the same to the imam,
then, prejudice overshadows the king,
pride and arrogance rules the king,
seeing no fences and feeling no bounds,
there seems to be no limits at all,
self admiration and self worship ensues,
in a manner only befitting a dictatorship,
history has it in store that,
all tyrannical leaders since Moses,
they ended up self destroying,
ironically, history goes in cycles,
power abused in excess,
power seized by fraud,
comes haunting its culprit,
until it leads to self annihilation,
a word is enough for the wise,
a word of advice for future leaders,
do not seize and abuse power.
Muhammad Tijjani Nakande, a freelance writer, neo pan africanist. You can reach him at

Member Poetry / Awake, The Sleeping Giant
« on: May 08, 2016, 05:12:48 PM »
Sunday, May 2, 2010
Awake! The sleeping giant
Fortress by fortress the nations came to follow,
Fortitude and valor the disciples came to portray,
Forbearing bitter and violent encounters they did,

The greatest centers of learning were nurtured in its womb,
The seed sown awhile now in the bloom to further,
The empires and dynasties came to be realized,
The pride and glory of the tender faith?, now strong and waxing with so much spate,

As the basic rules of life came to show us, whatever goes up must gradually come down,
And thus the glorious empires came o dwindle,
Fortress by fortress they came to crumble,
What was yesternight the roar of a lion has turned out to be the crow of a rooster,
Sounds alone can be heightened, the authority is no where to saddle,

As the basic rules of life demands to put forth, whatever goes up must eventually come down.
The faith that then would not relinquish, today suffers sporadic anguish,
Oppression and suppression it has come to suffer,

Just as the secular world has come to wonder,
A glimmer of hope came to wander,
The world has now come to ponder,
The facts and reasons too glaring to snuggle,
The fastest growing faith to cover,
The whole of the earth once asunder,
The labels from fanatism down to terrorism will not alter,
The rise of a giant once aslumber,
Awake! Awake the sleeping giant! Because victory is yours once again to ponder.

Muhammad tijjani nakande , a freelance writer, a neo pan African can be reached online at

Member Poetry / Mother
« on: May 08, 2016, 05:11:39 PM »
Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Blessed is the womb that bore the being,
Blessed is your smile that brightens my day,
Blessed is the burden that took you nine months to bear,
Blessed is your effort through my growing and trying days,

Those days I felt I knew all that life was about,
Those days you tried to caution me and I shun,
Those times I protested and detested as you warn,
Those times I was peer driven and adrenalin influenced,

Sometimes you cried in silence for a reckless youth,
Sometimes you prayed and waited, patience and faith you held onto,
Sometimes you can’t help but wonder, when I will ever be stable,

When I played and fell you washed my wounds,
When I fell sick and weak you were always by my side,
When my grades fall you told me I could do better,
When you said all I should do is believe and be determined, I knew my dreams would come through one day,

You gave me a shoulder to cry on and a push when I was afraid,
You stood by me in my times of trial and seemingly endless tribulations,
You believed in me when the world lost faith in me,
You always helped me see the bright side of my problems,
You are the star that brightens a dark night,
You are the silver lining behind my darkest tunnel,
You fed my tender mouth as a toddler and you support me until I could learn to walk on my feet,

If only I knew what I know today,
If only I could turn back the hands of time momma,
If only I could wipe your tears away, all those times I caused you pain,
If only I could give the whole world to see you smile,
If only I had listened to you then, mother, I am lost without you,

Today I look back at it all and I say to myself, “what if”?
Today, the whole world is not enough exchange for a minute without you,
All I want to say to you mother is “there are no words or wealth that can pay you back,
All I need to say to momma is, “my intent is to show you that I understand,
All I want to say to you mother is “you are appreciated”.

This poem is dedicated to my dear mother.
Muhammad Tijjani Nakande, a freelance writer, a neo pan African can be reached online at

Member Poetry / Life
« on: May 08, 2016, 05:10:52 PM »
Tuesday, February 16, 2010
The first cry of a baby says it has arrived,
The first words uttered says it can learn,
The first words of “mama” brings delight to thy mum,
The first steps taken makes mama feel like an Egyptian queen,
The days transcend into months and hope rises high,
The survival of the little infant tells a story,
The story line which I narrate as thus;
The world we live in is like a toddler’s clay toy,
This moment it is shaped like a cup and the next it is out of shape,
The world is like a beautiful old lady, a beautiful work of nature overtime,
Since I was a young lad growing,
And now I am a young man glowing,
I have never seen this world changing,
The people that lived are part of history,
The people alive are a part to contemporize,
The folks yet unborn are part of destiny,
The people come and go as a herd through a perch,
Some touch lives and they are honored,
Some sit tight in corners while others make their mark,
Others end lives and they are remembered as tyrants,
The wise, the rich, the royal all live their footprints on the sands of time,
The man that grew out of a baby is now old and feeble, too weak and frail to quibble,
The bible says “what goes around, comes around”,
The basic rules of life remain the same overtime though,
No matter how serious you take life,
You will never get out of it alive,
The inevitable comes calling! Come! , come! Death beckons, come Home to your Lord!,
This day remains the most detested by man so much a times taken off guard,
The truth and irony about this life remains that, we all die in the end somehow.
Muhammad Tijjani Nakande, a freelance writer, a neo pan African can be reached online at

General Board / Re: Who Is My Pen ?
« on: May 08, 2016, 04:44:50 PM »
Nice Write up

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