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General Board / IBB's Declaration: A requim to an ailing Behemoth
« on: November 22, 2006, 02:32:00 PM »
I felt disappointed when i saw the crowd that accompanied him to PDP headquarters, some Nigerians are so stupid, myopic and at the same time forgetful. Wallahi tallahi, i rather loose my right thumb than to vote for him.

General Board / Child Rights Act: I Can Not Believe This
« on: November 22, 2006, 01:34:52 PM »
Let us not draw our conclusions based on what ThisDay reported, because the newspaper has a track record of misquoting people, to me the newspaper comprises a bunch of mischief makers. We need to first of all verify his stand before castigating him. From what i heard of the bill, am of the opinion that some parts must be reconsidered before it will be accepted, furthermore, the bill, like other obj's reforms, was blindly imported from the west, not minding whether the foundation on which it will be rooted is firm or not.

General Board / NIGERIA, NIGERIA WHY!!!
« on: November 22, 2006, 12:34:00 PM »
Quote from: "_Waziri_"
Quote from: "_Waziri_"

OK tunda hakane muyi musanyen aiki. Kai ka dawo university a Arewa and be safe. Myself will replace you at NLG?  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :wink:

 :lol:  :lol:  :lol: Don Allah kada ka kasheni da dariya. Are you lecturing? i wish we could swap but i dont have what it takes to be a good lecturer, i thought of it but changed my mind after weighing so many things. I like doing my job enthusiastically.

Permit me to digress a bit. It is my opinion that what is contributing to the downfall of our education sector is the calibre of teachers we have in our various schools, to me a teacher is similar to a medical doctor; only an expert  in that field can practice it effectively, but teaching has become a dumping ground sort of, for every job seeker that cannot secure his/her desired job. "Haba kai/ke kuwa, kodan teaching ma ka/kin kasa samu?" has become a common question to those who are in the labour market. It is one of the things that our authourities must address for us to make a headway in our education sector.

Ina dai oil company but ba'a LNG nake ba.

General Board / Corrupt and fraudulent Governors
« on: October 10, 2006, 05:09:25 PM »
I know a large number of educted and thoroughly emancipated Moslem women and they would find your views very offensive.[/code]

'Thoroughly emancipated'? you guys are not given Islam a fair treatment, you consider every bit of islamic injunction as old-fashined, violation of human rights etc, infact i consider the issue of the status of women in Islam as a worn-out propaganda against islam. Unfortunately, even some Muslims have become adversely affected by this falsehood and have begun to doubt the true Islam standpoint. I heard of some Muslims who are working tirelessly to 'modernized' some verses of the Qu'ran (waiyyazhubillah) on the ground that we've surpassed such an era.

Allah (SWT) has not given equality to man and woman as the 'Modernist societies' perceive it to be, but Has given equality to the difference in the creation,  Allah says, "Whosoever performs good deeds, Male or Female and is a believer, we shall surely grant him a peaceful and tranquil life, and we will certainly reward them for the best of what they did." And another Ayaat says, "And whosoever does deeds of righteousness, whether Male or Female, and is a believer, they will enter Heaven and not the least injustice will be done to them." Like i mentioned times without number, there are things binding on both parties and one of the things is for the wife to take charge of the home affairs, now tell me, how can she effectively discharge such a duty from her working place? she cannot be at her office and at the same time be in her house, if your companionship is silent over such duties, ours is entirely different. We also consider some of your attitudes as animalism but we neither condemn you nor impose our own belief over yours. True islamic teaching does not consider women taking care of the household activities as a violation of their rights and illiteracy but you consider it as such, its better you hold your opinion and i hold mine. And it is high time for you guys to leave islam alone.



Hmm. I searched the internet for your quotes and the only places I found them intact was on Islamic websites, all of which credited them to 'Western scholars'. I'm very curious to know who these scholars are cuz I find it hard to believe that such statements can be made in public without the very predictable and very loud media backlash

I did not quote from any Islamic website, the truth is that don't visit any Islamic website cose one can hardly differenciate between the genuine ones and those trying to subvert the religion. But do you know that there are attitudinal problems amongst children across the western world???


How many men adequately keep their wives provided with all the necessities they require? How many men bother to do so at all? You said earlier that women work under the excuse that they contribute to the household economy. Well its not an excuse it is the result of the incapacity of the men to step up to their God Given responsibilities of being the economic providers of the home.

As in every society, there are responsible and irresponsible men but you cant tell me majority of men dont discharge their duties adequately. What complicate everything is that you women of now adays impose so many things that are unnecessary as your priorities, for example, Majority of women can quarrel with their husbands for not giving them money for Ashobe, i hope you are not among :lol:.  The major economic responsibilities are food, shelter, clothing, anything outside these, will be at the discretion of the husband.


And then u said that once the money starts to flow, women demand refund for every kobo spent. For how many average Nigerian families does the money start to flow? The majority of Nigerian families will spend their productive years earning less than 50,000 per month. So how does that equate with enough - to - surplus money flowing into the family coffers for the wife to demand a refund? If you know cases of women who demand refunds for household expenses, it is because you live well above the poverty line. But since there are many more below the poverty line than above it, then your observations are not the general manner of things in the society.

When i said start to flow, i dont mean flowing as in water gushing from a tap or a fountain, most women dont agree to share their money no matter how meagre it is. They always assert that their money is solely to themselves while the husband's own is for them to share. It is always my opinion that women dont have any business working since they wont contribute financially, the husband always looses on two fronts, since they will definately leave the household activities unattended and yet dont contribute the little they earn. In some other cases wifes who contribute financially use that as derogatory statements against their husbands at the slightest provacation or if he decides to go for a second wife. Is that not so??? :?:  :?:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


There are no religious injunctions that prohibit women from going out and earning a livelihood. The only injunctions are limits to the sort of work a woman can engage in.....

That will be perfect if you can effectively combine the two. Can you?


....and since you are not married (never been probably), you cant know anything about it from the inside, therefore you have NO grounds to talk about it to ppl with many years of experience  ... so there!!!

Oh yes i have never been married but am from a very extended family and one of the youngest, i know how my sisters are unfairly treating their husbands.  Don't tell me you are married :o  anyway, i hope you and other married women, if there are, have your husbands permission before contributing to this forum.

General Board / Corrupt and fraudulent Governors
« on: October 09, 2006, 02:43:35 PM »
Quote from: "Dave_McEwan_Hill"

I'm afraid I find any suggestion that women should not have exactly the same rights as men very offensive.
I don't believe any balanced interpretation of any of the world's major religion can be used to justify denying women the right to make their own life choices.
Most of the rules against women's freedom don't come from God or Allah. They come from men who like to have things all their own way.

Women can make their choices only within the confines of islam, that is the standard. I still repeat we dont belong to the same environment and so you may not reason along the same line with us, what you consider as freedom, we consider it as savagery and what we consider as normal, you consider it as oppression. Islam regards Woman as a "precious Jewel" as one scholar opines, not  to be viewed by everyone. Her beauty and charms are exclusive for the only person that genuinely appreciates and loves her- her husband. Thus she is highly protected at all times.  Unlike the cheap, despised Woman of the West who is at the disposal of any lusty and lecherous man.  

One thing you should understand is that there are guidelines for marriage and the responsibilies of both the husband and wife is clearly explained. Man has full responsibility for the maintenance of his family. This is not only a moral but also a shari'ah. The wife is responsible for the care of her home and welfare of her family. She may express her views and suggestions on all matters but the best role she can play in keeping the marital free intact and strong is to recognize her husband as the person responsible for the running of the affairs of the family and to obey him even if his judgment is not acceptable to her provided he does not go beyond the bounds of shari'ah. Are men to deprive women their rights which was ordained by Allah? The Qur'an states, " Obey not those who over-step the limits (set by Allah)...." It is for her to recognise the husband as the head of the family unit, while the husband spares her from all struggles and worries so that she can give her full attention to the making of a home. The Prophet (SAW) states in one of his hadiths that "The best amongst you are those who are kindest to their wives." in another hadith, "The best charity is that , a man spends his money on his wife and children." also he mentioned in one of his sermons that "O people, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have right over you. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and comitted helpers."  

As you can see the word Freedom is relative, that is why in my opinion, you can't reason along what we are saying.

Islam / Re: London Masjid
« on: October 09, 2006, 10:19:35 AM »
Assalaam Alaykum,

The GLA (London Mayors Office) is currently in the
process of deciding the fate of the proposed ?100m
London Masjid. Evening Standard is running a poll of
those in support and those not in support of building
the masjid. Please give your vote for a good cause.

Please, go to the site below and vote YES to the
Masjid proposal and also forward this message to all
Muslims you know.

General Board / Corrupt and fraudulent Governors
« on: October 08, 2006, 06:02:35 PM »

Wai an ce laifi tudu ne sai ka take naka ka hango na wani.
You men are so fond of quoting the hadeeths at women to explain to us where we are wrong or where we are failing to follow the sunnah of the prophet. What about you men? Are u following the sunnah of the prophet? Did the prophet advocate a western style of leadership? Isnt that what u men are so thick as thieves with, that you fight and kill each other to attain a position in a secular westernized politcal system? Isn't there not supposed to be a rat race for the leadership? Isn't leadership in Islam supposed to be given to the one with the best conduct, best understanding of shari'a, the Qur'an and etc? Is it happening? Where is the caliphate system whereby all muslims of the world should be under the umbrella of one Who are these Western scholars? I really would like to know Caliph?

How can you say we ignored our wrongdoings? when we all have a consensus that the leadership(who are men) of this nation has failed us. You proposed that the leadership be handed over to women for total overhaul, but we are saying that can only aggravate the problem. The burden of leadreship is so enormous that women can't effectively combine it with their God Given responsibilities, it is better for you to stick to your responsibilities as mothers, caretakers of our homes etc, that alone is enough a burden, we did not give such responsibilities, so you cant blame us for reminding you. As hausa's say  'Taura biyu basa taunuwa' or  'Ba'a gudu ana susa duwaiwai'. How i wish you watched a program on CNN, titled, International Correspondent, where a woman narrated how she mercilessly left her five month old baby for media coverage during the Bosnian war, isnt that nonsensical? Only God knows the trauma the innocent baby went through as a result of his mother's stupidity.


Barde wrote:

Let me leave you with another Hadith "when your rulers and caretakers are wicked and your rich are misers, and your affairs are looked after by the women, then your death is better than life."

Right on target there, Barde. 'When ur rulers and caretakers are wicked... ' Right; who are the caretakers?
'when ur rich are misers... '

Who are the controllers of the wealth in Nigeria for example?
Isnt that an indictment on men?
and hasnt it ever occured to you that if you men had done what the prophet had told you to do in the first place, the women may not have come out clamoring for change? If u men had not engaged in the most stupid wars and literally brought down a country to its heels, there wouldnt have been an Ellen Sirleaf Johnson to salvage the mistakes made by men; there wouldnt be a Doris Akunyili, if the men who were in her position had done the job they were supposed to do.

Yes it is an indictment, but i repeat, the solution is not for women to takeover. Review my postings for my opinion on the way forward.


Who are these Western scholars? I really would like to know

I can't remember them by names but they all expressed their views after the survey i mentioned earlier.



Many mothers feel more able to contribute to a family by bringing in the extra income that work will give her and, aftet the children are a little bit grown, that is a popular choice of many in the "West".

Most women down here too are working with the same excuse but most of them recant as soon as the money starts to flow. Though am not married but i have seen so many situations where a wife demands for refund of every kobo she spents in the absence of her husband, in some cases they even refuse to buy anything untill the husband comes back.


I can see no reason why men should think they alone are the ones to make these decisions about their wives lives.
That is the core of this issue. Have women the right to hold opinions and are their opinions as valid as mens' opinions?

You can never see the reason, because we are on a different platform entirely.  The conditions for marriage is that the husband must provide food, shelter, clothing, dowry etc how can he then not dictate how his house should be? Mind you, our marriages are entirely different from the companionship that is common in your societies.

General Board / Corrupt and fraudulent Governors
« on: October 05, 2006, 06:30:21 PM »

I made myself clearer but you still went ahead and misunderstood, eventhough i said its a waste of time discussing the issue, its important for me to reiterate my opinion, perhaps you and your Battallion may see reason in what i meant.

What i did essential is to discuss about the genesis of women as rulers/workers(which we all know that its alien to us) by given an example of the Countries that have given women the so-called rights of freedom and left them free to do as they wish are now shedding tears of remorse over the pathetic plight of their degeneration and disintegrating societies, their women being economically and socially independent, are no longer faithfull and dedicated daughters, wives, sisters and mothers. Scholars of such countries opined that "In human history the periods which have been plagued with decay and degeration are those in which women have stepped outside their homes", one other scholar also opined that "I have firm belief that this world will transform into heaven if women shoud be content in cherishing their children and fulfulling their domestic responbilities." Emphasis mine.


*Signs*......where r d "Flintstones"? I meant Fred & Barney....(Barde & Muhsin). Seriously I taught stone age was an era of the past & u guys hav got rid of cocoa leaves & xchanged dem 4 clothes. That statement of "woman's place is in d kitchen" is long gone but d way I c it, u boys r just guided by ur very over inflated MACHO EGO's, which has resulted in ur propagation dat a woman shud not work but deserves only 2 b in d kitchen!!!!!  What's my gripe is, how these boys go on about women cant & shudnt work!!! And the annoying thing is how the cunningingly use religion to support their point.

No wonder marriages of 'stone age era' were more blissful, children of 'stone age era' were more respectful and the whole society was more peaceful and conducive. Suprisingly, the 'stone age era' is considered as old-fashioned and yet they did not witness the kind of morale decadence the 'modern world' is witnessing.


Lionger rehighlighted......their claim.....dont mind them jare. I dont know where they got the notion of their misconception & they r here harbouring that idea. Let me shed a LITTLE LIGHT on d LITTLE I KNOW

Islam is eligatarian & has a creed that rejects that macho "feeeeeel" men have ova women. Islam detonates the connotion dat men feel of being superior 2 women & considering them inferior. men.

You goofed, who said men are superior to women? we were just trying to remind you of your God-given responsibilities, which you all acknowledged, though you all refused to understand the consequences of abondoning such responsibilities which our Holy Prophet (SAW) had warned His ummah much earlier that "The worst period for the muslims will be when they will be dominated by their women, who would be sole managers of their collective affairs."  Nabi (SAW) further said "The woman who remained within her home and take care of her children will be with me in paradise." What better tidings a woman or anybody would cherish more than being with the Holy Prophet (SAW) in jannah??? What the latter Hadith is teaching you is that its better for you to do what the prophet says and be with him in Jannah than emulate the Thatchers, Ellen Sirleaf's, Dora Akunwuli's, etc which will land you and everybody in trouble.  Being at home doesnt make you inferior to men rather you are obediently discharging your God-given responsibilities, anything contrary, we will find ourself in trouble which is already manifesting. All the same, if you consider it as being inferior, so be it.

Go ahead and become rulers of the world but the consequence is going to be catastrophic.

Let me leave you with another Hadith "when your rulers and caretakers are wicked and your rich are misers, and your affairs are looked after by the women, then your death is better than life." Emphasis mine.

General Board / Corrupt and fraudulent Governors
« on: October 03, 2006, 06:10:57 PM »
Haba Ummita, you cease to be as discernible as i used to know, you just went about calling us names and arguing blindly. I will reply you tomorrow inshaAllah.

General Board / Corrupt and fraudulent Governors
« on: October 02, 2006, 05:44:26 PM »
Its like am been misuderstood. My opinion is that, if we are going to make a difference in this nation at this critical time, we must put aside greed and put on the spirit of good moral behaviour. Things of eternal value must have preminence in our lives, we must come to live with eternity in view, and also realise that life does not end here, that we are pilgrims and strangers in this world, therefore we have to live for the hereafter. If religious leaders can emphasise on these teachings, i think Nigeria will be great.

And the issue of women as rulers, i still hold the opinion that it is a waste of time discussing the issue. I think the nonsense originated from the west and to my greatest suprise, they dont seems to buy the idea anymore. There was a survey conducted across the UK by ITV, the topic was What does a Man loves in a Woman? majority of those who responded went for a Full time house wife, for no other reason than to stay and take care of the children. On the final day of the survey, they showed some kindergaten homes where working mothers go to dump their babies before going to work. Everybody(including the mothers) was in total disbelief when we saw how the attendants, at various occasions, were maltreating the children, they dont give them food as at when due, so also the children will excret and they will be left unattended, etc. It was concluded that as a result of this maltreatment, about 10-15 children misbehave across the UK in every five minutes, and the reason was that those children grew-up without their motherly care.

General Board / Mallam Shekarau with foreign Accounts?
« on: October 01, 2006, 11:22:38 AM »
Quote from: "Muhsin"

Stop being eager to hear from me my dear. What my so-called reasons got to do with what you already have in your mind? Can I anya convince you? I'm leave you. What's your reaction? Do you still want my reasons?

Wallahi you can convince me 100%, i don't totally agree with the writer that was why i even brought the issue here, since there are members of this forum staying in kano.

General Board / PDP Vs ANPP
« on: October 01, 2006, 11:07:50 AM »
Every body seems to buy the idea of an independent candidate, this is the right time for us to start consultations, let us get our various communities enlightened first.

General Board / PDP Vs ANPP
« on: October 01, 2006, 10:54:12 AM »
Quote from: "Bakan~Gizo"

The day he does that, I will lose the remaining shreds of respect I have for him. Da ma yana so ya hargitsa mana siyasar Kano. :roll:

Ban labari,  what is behind their misunderstanding with shekarau? do you know pls?

General Board / Mallam Shekarau with foreign Accounts?
« on: September 30, 2006, 06:13:29 PM »
Quote from: "mlbash"
can't believe it! i strongly object!


General Board / Corrupt and fraudulent Governors
« on: September 30, 2006, 05:14:36 PM »
Quote from: "lionger"
Funny thread..

The weird thing is that Nigerians r a very religious ppl but this apparently has no effect on the high level of corruption in our country. Makes one wonder.

PS Barde, long time no see. How bodi?  Hope you are having a good Ramadan.

Lionger, Long time, am fine and enjoying my ramadan, hope you are ok too.

Let me continue our disagreement from here. Our problems are directly or indirectly related to religion. As a muslim, i strongly belief that if we implement what Allah and his messenger instruct us to do, Nigeria will be fine. Mallam Shekarau has started, with his Adaidaita Sahu, May Allah reward him abundantly. As per the Christians, let  me quote Rev. William Okey, in his book; Keys to National Tranformation-A christian approach.

"The church is expected to play a prominent role in Nigeria's rebirth, reformation and reconstruction through a redefinition of the nation's morality, code of conduct and disciple. These are achievable if the church places greater emphasis on sound biblical teachings and values. The Bible says righteousness exalts a nation, while the result of unrighteousness includes poverty and want in the midst of plenty. From one of the richest nations in the world a few decades ago, our country has dropped to one of the poorest nations of the world." He concluded by saying "We must strive to make the fear of God and righteousness the foundation upon which this nation is built if we expect to see a turn-around in the fortune of our beloved nation."

I strongly have the same opinion with the reverend father regarding the problems we are facing, that was why i said we should try and implement what our various religions are teaching us and Nigeria will become a great nation.

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