Author Topic: Ok, Now, Kanoonliners What Do You Expect From Me??  (Read 19415 times)

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Re: Ok, Now, Kanoonliners What Do You Expect From
« Reply #30 on: March 26, 2004, 12:38:03 PM »
Cathy, Munir, Fulanicious, EMTL

Thank you for the kind advice. For Cathy, I think I am part of the ppl and as well they are my part. If I just start to go ahead being what I want to be I may end up being a nuisanse to others and that will be bad.... Just dunno, may be you can elaborate.

For Munir, If I should just be what ppl want me to be I may end up loosing ma self or what do you think? So Tis like I should just continue to be real, ma self and those who will apreciate me the way I am will find reason to do that.

For Fulanicious, I think life means compromise. If I should live with people I think then, I must learn to give away somethings, sometimes try to rise to their standard and sometimes come down a little to their standard ?with some kind of moderation or what do you say?. Because if I am to have my way always then no body will enjoy my company.

For EMTL, Yours look more like a prayer that is preserved solely for a loved one. So I will here say Ma'al ka'ili. Kuma Allah yabarmu tare amin. ? ?


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