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Letter to Governor Shekarau: Don't be derailed sir!
« on: June 30, 2005, 09:39:26 PM »
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Subject: Letter to Shekarau

    This letter as you can see above was sent to me by my close associate and colleague. Enjoy it and have a nice moment.



Dear Malam,


Ordinarily, there would have been no need bothering to write to you. This is so because by your very humble background and antecedents, you went through series of socialization processes that molded and nurtured you to listen to attentively, Respect, examine, internalize and take into account varying views expressed about your person, personality or your God given assignment, even where these views are alien and inconsistent with your world view. Additionally, by your training as a classroom teacher who rose through to policy formulation and implementation levels, you must have come across and face to face with both visible factors and reasons that mar, impede, obstruct, slow down or accelerate human capacity to appreciate, understand or misunderstand or totally and willingly refuse to understand subject matters and issues placed on the table very clearly for all to see, feel, understand and evaluate.


As a politician you must have by now learnt so much about the theory and practice of western brand of democracy as adopted wholesale in Nigeria, as you are gradually becoming  fully aware of the current predicament, hopelessness and helplessness of majority citizens, all occasioned by corruption in politics, callousness of market forces as introduced by Obasanjos brand of Democracy whose focal point is selling common and joint patrimonies under questionable, dubious changing Rules and not necessarily to the highest bidder enough to affect peoples psyche often times resulting to seeming mental derailment as evident in the utterances of certain personalities who hitherto and without doubt or hesitation  were seen, considered and adjudged  to have  been  fully oriented to time, people and places.


And most importantly as a Muslim the stories of the prophets of past, their disciples, leaders, rulers, kings etc that came after them and the nature and nomenclatures of their subjects as narrated severally, sequentially, lucidly  and successfully in the Quran and Hadith ought to be refreshing to you and become  handy to you as you try to manage people and Resources under very difficult circumstances on account of and through  which for all practical purposes you have come to understand the  complexities of human beings as inbuilt in their anatomy, physiology and psychology.


All the above factors and reasons put together and many more silent others, that may  also be  tangentially related would have made it much  more unnecessary to write to you, assuming we are in normal times and if things were to remain equal,  but things are not equal and we are not in normal times.


But we are living in times of high profile and adult delinquent subjectivities where unknown, parameters or at best dubious, selfish, sadistic, stupid and dangerous ones are deployed by certain people in judging selected people in relation to certain issues, events and circumstances. We are living in Times of pulling down those who are perceived to be traveling on the road that leads to success here and hereafter. Times when people opt by their own personal choice to be selfish, self-centered, self opinionated, uncouth, myopic, short sighted or even dump and blind to issues clearly placed on the table for everybody to see, feel, touch, palpitate, perceive and contribute. Times when greed,  deception, cowardice,  arrogance and vituperations are the general rules and openness, simplicity and large heatedness is the exception. Times when faces tend to manifest the physiques and qualities of prophet mosses but with an inbuilt heart of Pharaoh. Times when immorality, indecencies, absurdities and broken promises have become the ?moral footings? of the Nigerian society. Times when it takes the personal intervention of Allah (S. W. A.) and gifted ingenuity to differentiate between a friend and a foe. Times when treasury looters, 419ers and people of questionable characters and circumstance are given (??) traditional titles and called princes and who are lumped together with select good ones and given National honors. Times when nothing is impossible.


 Which all together makes it important, necessary, mandatory inevitable  and compulsory to write to people like you especially  in a period of moral, ethical, political and economic crises, so as to tell you that you are not alone in your difficult journey  and  duty  as you marshal out well considered plans aimed at   salvaging a drowning, distressed and bewildered society, so that you may feel embolden, encouraged and ever ready to proceed with more resolve, courage and audacity  as you set out to build a strong, virile and responsible society based on ethnical morality nurtured by justice, equity, fairness and fear of Allah (S.W.A) as against Godlessness, injustice, greed and moral bankruptcy.


Of late and of recent, your government and its carefully lined up programs, including your person were subjected to all forms of attacks, insults  and accusations not only from the opposition, the onlookers, detractors but also from people of your party, the ANPP and not surprisingly even from the ?ulama?s. The pains accompanying and associated with the accusations attacks and insults are that they are done with high dose and excessive volume of  venom, tainted, marooned, and bleached  with tissues of lies adulterated chemical agents  and bundles of contradictions   all in order to misinform the public, confuse them, incite them, reduce you, make you and your government objects of pity thereby set and incite  the Kano people against and against  each other with the hope of Reducing everything and everybody into pitiable combustible materials which come out of Anarchy ? PERISH THEIR THOUGHTS.


One can group and classify all the accusations, insults, attacks, objections and exasperations into four main groups, which may be impregnated with multiple subgroups. Starting from the funniest is that in which your government is being accused of appointing people who are not competent enough to help you in fashioning designing and executing projects capable of moving the state forward. The second is that in which your government is being held responsible for the increasing poor financial status of Kano people as the accusers go ahead to compare and contrast your Regime with the previous military regimes and even to Kwankoso?s to buttress their case and came up with a conclusion that people were ?richer then than now? Another accusation is that in which you are said to have abandoned certain politicians who helped you to victory, thereby Refusing them to Rock the boat and worst of all refusing to acknowledge them. The few making these accusations are those from the ANPP stock who have further hazard to insinuate that even the ANPP flag bearer, General Buhari you have abandoned in spite of the largest follower ship he has in Kano state more than in any state including his home state Katsina. And finally in accordance with my classification you are being accused of stagnation, with nothing to show as an achievement since when you came to power and in spite of all the revenues accruing to your state through various sources.


As to the first accusation of appointing ?incompetent? people as part of your working team, it is not difficult to understand the basis of this accusation. During past Kano regimes, to be adjudged competent, qualify or even be eligible to occupy appointed public offices or get promoted as at and when due as a civil servant, you must be someone else?s child, daughter, sister, brother, mistress or proxy to a prominent person in the state, or you must be a sycophant or an errand on a midnight arrangee business. With your coming, you distorted the old order, extended your hands far and wide, in the process  took all complexities of Kano state into consideration thereby addressing past inequalities, inequities and injustices for the purpose of creating sense of belonging which is a non negotiable instrument for any society aspiring to progress. It is this Godly approach , matured,  unique and courageous  style  that your accusers are not happy with because the children of the humble and not the arrogant are having their legitimate turn in managing public affairs under delegated authority. Worst of all is that in their desperation to paint you in unfavorable colors and    in the process of making their accusations, they forgot, refused to remember, ignored or even exposed their ignorance about the so called incompetence which is a highly subjective assertion. Those people making this accusations aught to have known that there are a million and one other considerations in appointing people to positions of trust through  delegated authority and jaundiced malice, envy,  partiality or sticking to the old  ungodly order  are not part  of them. One will even go ahead to challenge your accusers to come out in the open, mention names of those incompetent appointees with justifications which I know in the next one thousand years they will fail to do so and hence must bury their heads in shame for peddling lies in whole sale and retails.


It is funny, laughable and a case of extreme mental derailment and high profile irredeemable ignorance to hold you or your government responsible for poor and increasingly declining financial status of Kano state citizens. I am saying this because as a human being you are precluded from choosing, deciding, determining or selecting those who become rich and those who are to remain poor because it is an exclusive issue within the precinct, domain, domination, convenience, wish, will and dictates of Allah (S.W.A.). It is however very charitable for them to have compared your regime with that of Kwankwaso.  A regime that was widely alleged to have  looted Kano state empty,  high and dry with one of  the highest record of indebtedness in the country as they mercilessly presided over Kano State between 1999 to 2003. A regime that was generally alleged to have paid for contracts that were never executed. A regime with very close semblance of area and garage crooks and touts. A regime that was chased out of Kano by people of Kano State themselves , never to return forever. Those accusing you of institutionalizing poverty are ignorant of the linear relationship between poor federal economic policies, global economic recess, and low productivity and rising or declining fortune. In addition, so long as people continue to spread FASAD in them, within them, among themselves, including refusing to pay out the poor DUES  as at and when due, for that long Allah will continue to restrict their riches, PROVISIONS,  wealth, fortunes and  will ONLY enlarge it  if they retrace their steps, Repent and seek for Allah?s forgiveness. Therefore the issue requires looking inwards with sincere repentance and not buck passing and blind judgment which will only compound issues rather an ease them.


It is true that you were helped by people to come to power even though you were equally equipped with stock of integrity necessarily required and enough for both the good, bad and ugly to join you because you had sound credentials required at the moment you came out. Therefore when you came to power you had to strike a necessary balance between political patronage and the stock of integrity you came on board with which mattered a lot in the Kano peoples resolve to vote you and your party to power. The interest of voters matters more than the interest of politicians. All those so called politicians who are accusing you of abandoning them are those whose wish is that you ignore the multitude of voters votes that brought you to your very current seat, create an unending opportunity for them through white elephant projects without any   bearing to the welfare and well being of the common man through which they will suck the state high, dry and empty, thereby making it inevitable for your good name and  home to be tainted,  painted,  and marooned in black,  red and gray colors and finally exposing you to ridicule and damnation before Allah (S.W.A) on the inevitable day.


All those accusing you and your regime of stagnation are daydreamers wishing that you become irrelevant as they swim and drown in shame of their past. Pensioners in Kano state will certainly testify to the contrary. Civil servants will say otherwise. Youth organizations will sing different songs. Parents with pupils in primary, post primary and tertiary institutions will object to those accusations.  Widows and orphans will frown against that. Farmers will openly abuse those peddling the stagnation non-sense. Women societies and organizations will ignore that naivety. Religious bodies, all of them will disassociate themselves from that. Traditional institutions will brush it aside. Etc.  


In fact, everybody with slightest traces and stock of objectivity will read malice, envy and venom in that stagnation accusation. Nigeria is a large society with thirty-six states and Kano is only one of them. It is only when Kano people   and take stock as recorded in their states,  as you preside over,  with that of say Katsina state , My own state and many other PDP and ANPP controlled states that they should continue thanking Allah  (S.W.A) for you. Physical developments require thorough study, planning, resources and time to be seen and appreciated physically. In doing so people because of human nature might see such processes as slow. Forgetting that slow and steady wins the race particularly with patience and forbearance


Those who are accusing you of abandoning Gen. Buhari should be ashamed of themselves as Gen. Buhari himself continues to pour on you praises and compliments in full view of the public at every opportunity because before him, you are tested and trusted.


Many of your accusers are likely to continue because doing so is like a stock in trade of ideal minds inspite of the inbuilt and visible dishonesty in so doing. And inspite of all the official classifications from your diligent, hardworking, dedicated, responsible, cool, calm, and methodical director of press in the person of Sule .M. Sule whose submission on very regular basis about happenings in Kano State keep on featuring with stubborn resolve to explain every process and at every stage. They will continue to peddle lies about you and your government because they are dumb, deaf, and their instincts and consciences are sedated with substances of envy more effective and damaging than kit amine, morphine, diazepam, pentazocine all put together.


Truly, you have every reason to continue thanking Allah (S.W.A) alone particularly now at a time when many of your colleagues across the country are being accused of petty, large scale, part time, full time, misapplication, misappropriation, diversion, thieving, looting and bastardization of their states resources at the expense of the multitude with such criminal speed and insensitivity. Luckily and pleasantly nobody is accusing you of such primitive acts, behaviors and sadistic tendencies.


Your Excellency the essence of this letter is to tell you that you are on the right track. You must not grief, neither should you retreat nor surrender. Never be cowed. Do not feel and don?t be intimidated. Do not be derailed. Remain steadfast and don?t settle anybody in the name of pacifying the isolated voices of greed and blackmail. You must not allow disguised vendetta and libelous vituperations to diminish your dreams, affect your good intentions and untying efforts in the face of senior political mobs and intellectual thugs dressed in politicians and citizens garbs.  May Allah (S.W.A) in his infinite wisdom and mercy continue to guide you, purify you the more, add up to your good intentions, humble you in addition as you set to salvage Kano State and restore its lost glory Amen!






Al-ummah hospital and maternity ltd

Unguwar Kanawa

o try and fail is atleast to learn. That will save one the inestimable loss of what might have been (positive or negative).


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