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« on: January 28, 2006, 11:53:20 AM »

This is a four-letter word

Capable of turning East West, up-side down

Warm, kind feeling, fondness is it

To be complete affectionate, tender and devotion have to there

To love without ulterior motive is the true one

True love is eternal

Materialistic love now reign the world

Oh! Love what happen to sincere ones

When they tell their true feelings

They are denied, ridiculed or misguided

Life is hard so difficult to understand

Behold! Love is an ocean of emotions

Surrounded by a lot of expenses, so they said

To tell you the main ingredient of love

Care is it, that sustain the love

Learn to master your emotions

Instead of allowing your emotions to master you

Love knows no reason, knows no time

It has a sole intention of bringing people together

To a time, called?..FOREVER!!!
t is my intention to make the neglected aspect of our societies viable


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