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Black managers in sports
« on: February 23, 2007, 03:08:13 AM »
Just read a piece on BBC SPORTS about black coaches in football,specifically English league.I remember during ericsson's tenure as manager, a comemorative DVD on England's greatest was compiled and to the footballing world's utter surprise,John Barnes was left out.
According to the BBC'S REPORT,blacks constitute more than 20% of players at the 92 league clubs but only 2 blacks are managers. A more telling example cited by the report is a comparison between Paul  Ince and Roy Keane.Both were among the best in their positions during their playing days and incidentaly played in the same role,at the same club,and captained their countries.When they retired, Ince was only deemed fit for a managers role at Swindon Town(Swindon who?) and then Macclesfield Town.Keane on the other hand started straight away at Sunderland,a premiership team in all but name, that is currently playing in championship.
Both chaps are outstanding players no doubt,and i admit that being a great player does not translate to a fantastic manager but at least let others have a level playing field(forgive the pun)
I have also  noted the same issue in  the NBA although i dont have sufficient data on that,but guesstimation i would say 80% black players and 80% white managers.
Ete  should help me here
If i sound racist it was not the intended consequence so please bear with me. 
"corgito ergo sum"


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