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200 Years of Shari'a in Nigeria
« on: February 16, 2004, 10:49:19 PM »
It is interesting to note that Muslims are unfortunately joining their non-Muslims counterparts ?in going against the commandments of Allah and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W).They have been doing it for years without even caring once to sit and reflect, why I do this or that. Is it a matter of lack of knowledge or only mere heedlessness or is it because Shari?a has not been imposed properly or sincerely? Many questions would be asked regarding these matters why this and that. Now the Shari'a Is in operation in our Country not withstanding these daily sins and transgression go on unabated without check and hindrance. The question is who could check these evils with a view to stopping them?
Our Leaders, policemen or other men in the Uniform and those who have authority or other politicians that have influence in the Society. Of course yes if they are determined and sincere. The only problem is some of the so called exemplary Leaders are not sincere in their actions instead of becoming Muttaqina Imama Shining examples of Righteousness they prefer to be leaders of Fusuq thus spreading fasiqanci and other evils secretly and openly and nobody would mince a word. Please remember the Day when you will be brought back to Allah, So therefore guard yourself against following desires and Society or majority which unfortunately people found themselves drowning in such evil habits of  without Ilm.
 A sincere Muslims follows no one but Allah and His Prophet. Take out the thermometer and measure your Imaan see how much fear of Allah have you in your heart, if your deeds lead you to doing righteous action then thank Him and know that you are Sincere and is a sign of acceptance otherwise
If you are doing all sorts of Fasiqanci without care to make taubah or return to path of righteousness Pray that Allah has not sealed your heart and so you must immediately return to Him. If one has got the fear of Allah in his heart He would never dream to engage any of his limbs against  any of the Commandments of Allah or the Sunnah of Prophet (S.A.W).
As we know Allah has given us Amanah our bodies and wealth which one day we have to give Him back this trust. So therefore we are seriously warned against the consequence of our activities. Every one has to make effort to strengthen his/her Imaan as we are going to Qabar alone without bodyguard or friends that would help us at the time of our needs which we would all face the time when we see the Angel of death. So my dear friends prepare before the Day when we would be called to give account of what we have done in this very short life which is full of pomp and pageantry. Imagine your first night in Qabar (grave) how would you fare are you ready to meet Munkar and Nakir the two Questioning Angels in the Grave. The Sahabahs Imaan was so strong, it was like Mountain unlike ours like pebbles.
Another analogy one can give between our Imaan and that of Sahabah is like the amount of water each one has. Some of our brothers and sisters Imaan is like water in a spoon that cannot quench thirst and some in a cup while others Imaan is like water in a jug slightly bigger than a cup while the others Imaan is like water in a bucket and others like bigger containers. However Sahabahs Imaan is like brook some like Rivers while others like Seas and Oceans which not only give them benefit themselves but also others were deriving such benefits from them.
Typical example of the greatness of Imaan of Sahabah could be deduced from the incident of one of the Companions of Rasulullah (S.A.W) called Abdullah Bin Umar (Radhiyallahu Anhuma) who was the Son of Umar Bin Khattab (R.A) the Second Caliph for us to reflect. In addition it would help us to reflect and gauge the temperature of our Imaan. He said ?I swear by Allah even if I unintentionally place my finger in a glass of wine I would not wish for that finger to follow me" Allahu Akbar this is one of the highest degrees of Imaan a person can ever dream of having. What made This Sahabah to abhor his finger which unintentionally touched Wine not to accompany him (to Akhirah), was of course their firm conviction On what Allah and His Prophet have warned about the evil consequence of Haram. Subhanallah for some people of course Muslims I?m talking about drinking alcohol dining and dancing and other Un-Islamic Haram activities Have become part of their daily habit competing with non-Muslims in spreading such evils in the name of progress and advancement which have become the norm in our Society. You would be dubbed as uncivilised for not socialising with them. With the introduction of Shari?a In our Society we hope our Leaders would set good example By embarking on a sincere campaign to curve these menace that are on the Increase with a view to stamping them out once and for all  so that the Shari?a States in the North could become crime-free zone  thus becoming shining example compared with the rest of the States that are not practicing Shari?a in the Country. There are basically three reasons why people don?t want follow Shari?a either they are Kafirun, Zalimun or Fasiqun. So therefore a Muslim who does not follow Shari?a he automatically falls in one of the categories of Zalim of Fasiq. Allah has reminded us in His Holy Book ?Oh You who believe why do you say thing which you don't practice". So therefore it is the responsibility of individuals and collective and all concerned males and females young and old each and every Muslim to make Fikr (worry) to help the Hukumah enforce the Shari?a Laws strictly without fear of favour. Whoever violates them how highly placed he/she may be must be made to taste the consequence of his evil deeds. If strict discipline is imposed no body would dare go against the Law. Discipline is synonymous with Sharia. Remember the time Of Buhari and Idiagbon 20 years ago although it was not Shari'a but because strict discipline was introduced people were alert to their responsibility. That was mulkin Soja and not of Shari?a.It was only War against indiscipline that helped yielded good result think about it, it was not divine law is only now we will be following the Devine Law if weare sincere. Now this is Mulkin Shari?a so it is the responsibility of every Muslim to help move forward this Devine Law which was given to us as a gift by the Creator for the benefit of Mankind as a whole so therefore we must set good example for others to follow by imposing the Shari?a first on our Nafs if we sincerely believe in what we say not qaulin bi ma amaalin i.e. Talk without practice. We should take advantage of democracy to revive our lost glory which Mujaddadi Shehu Usman Dan Fodio Rahimallahu Alaihi brought to this part of the Country exactly two hundred years ago in 1804.It was only abolished by the Colonialists when they conquered the whole Country about 100 years ago. A person who does good will never be forgotten like Mujaddadi May Allah enlighten His Grave for the good He brought to our people which we are still benefiting. Last time one of our brothers wrote an article about adultery which I?m sure would benefit all sincere Muslims who want make Hijira from Fusuq?to Taqwa even though many people are not so keen about reading such articles We pray Allah to reward Him and all those brothers and sisters who are making sincere effort to remind all the Mumineen to come back to the right path of Shari?a and avoid following Nafs and fancies that we desire which have unfortunately become a fashion and order of the Day in this Age and Era of the 21st Century which is 1400 away from the time of the Prophet and His Companions. Wata'awanu Alal Birri Wattaqawa Wala taawanu Alal Ithmi Wal udwan. So therefore it is all our responsibility and what do you think?
Allah Ya Taimakemu Yayi Mana Jagoranci Amen.

Babandi Abubakar Gumel.


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