Author Topic: PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES! When will the North wake up to catch up?  (Read 8830 times)

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Upon deep reflection on the state of education across the country, i'm highly disturbed by the seeming lagging behind of Arewa in the establishment of Private Institutions of Higher learning!
With the abundance of well-to-do citizens of Northern extraction, it is highly annoying that there hasn't been any visible effort to set up top class Private Institutions in the region.
Many send their wards to Malaysia, Egypt and even Ghana for further studies spending millions of Naira in the process. And most annoyingly, some of these kids are actually attending privately owned institutions in the foreign countries!  but there is no visible effort to set up replica institutions of such in the region!
Even the various state governments spend billions of Naira yearly sponsoring indigenes for Foreign studies instead of looking into ways of forming a partnership with top class global institutions to come and help set up local versions out here!
If a couple of our Arewa Billionaires will come together and collaborate with a top class University like Havard or Yale, it is possible to set up a training and research institution in Nigeria that will run its courses on the the same standards as the Foreign campus!  ABTI, despite all of its shortcomings is still functioning and holding its own among peers across the globe. Why can't we have more of such? 
The Informatics collaboration with Jigawa state government is a good reference point. When it was started with full participation of the Foreign partners, the standards were high and you had even children of Elites attending! But with the take over of full control by the govt, where is it today?
If one of our local moneybags will take it upon himself to source out such a collaboration with an Institution like Informatics, Microsoft, IBM, HP, or GM, it would give Arewa youths a chance to receive top class education while still living within their areas. And upon graduation, the region will be afforded the opportunity of having a rich pool of human resources to help it in its development.

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Re: PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES! When will the North wake up to catch up?
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2012, 09:57:33 AM »
I also wonder why they shy away from it.
It has proven to be a very profitable venture as well.
Education and health is one sector that our rich businessmen have not yet identified.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


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