Author Topic: DENAJAD’S VISIT: ISRAEL IS DRIVEN BY PHOBIA  (Read 1977 times)

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« on: October 15, 2010, 05:45:07 PM »

The west (US) and Israel began to turn into ‘sentimentally rational’. Since when Denajad fixed the date to visit Lebanon the US and Israeli sentimental officials started to pose some threat to deter Denajad’s visits to Lebanon. Why? No reason precisely. The described the visit ‘provocative’. ‘Provocative’ to whom? Perhaps to Israel. Why they feel as such? Because they really know that they are criminals throughout the years of their illegal establishment amidst Palestinian nation. Is he going to bomb Israel on his trip? Capital NO. Is Obama has no right to visit Britain, Canada, or else? So why all this mounting phobia for Denajad’s visit to Lebanon. Nonsense US-Israel. Now Denajad began his visit on last Wednesday 13th oct, 2010 to date. UN coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams described the planned visit of Denajad  to Lebanon  as a “significant event”. Many just nation recognized the visit as good and better. But for the US and Israel is disastrous. Why? Let me remind you of a hausa proverb which says: “mara gaskiya ko a ruwa gumi yake”. It is this visit will affect some US-Israeli plots and saga being currently setting against Lebanese and other neighbouring Muslim countries. If such was the case thanks for this visit.

 Many issues will be discussed between Denajad and many important political figures of Lebanon including the Hizbulla officials. Thanks to Denajad for setting agenda for the Muslims in reviving their political power and authority without which, Islam along its worldview cannot be fully entrenched on earth. This is a point not clearly understood by many.   


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