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Author Topic: Barutiwa Newspaper resurrected via Barutiwa.com Online  (Read 1416 times)
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Baruti M. Kamau
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Baruti M. Kamau @ The Barutiwa Daily Times

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« on: October 04, 2011, 04:24:44 AM »

Barutiwa Newspaper resurrected via Barutiwa.com Online
We are pleased to announce that Barutiwa Newspaper (ISSN 1080-997x) has been resurrected via Barutiwa.com Online.  Barutiwa Newspaper was a quarterly publication produced between 1992 and 1999 by Baruti M. Kamau in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The publication was a forum in print with a focus on championing the voice of young African Americans.  Today most African American youth are accessing the Web via their mobile phones; so we believe this is the most opportune moment to revive Barutiwa Newspaper online and encourage our youth to transform their mobile phones into a medium to get their voice heard.

We are also building an online archive of all issues of Barutiwa Newspaper published from 1992 to 1999.  We believe the content that was published then is still relevant today and there is a real need to expose newer generations to such content.  We are hoping to develop a highly vocal community centered around discussing that content at our forums.

About Barutiwa.com Online
The all new Barutiwa.com Online is a community of self-styled journalists and creative writers championing the values of free speech and a free press in all of its complexities.  Registered members can participate in our moderated forums, obtain an email account, publish a blog, social network and more.

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Baruti M. Kamau
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Gender: Male
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Posts: 142

Baruti M. Kamau @ The Barutiwa Daily Times

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« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2011, 02:08:14 AM »

SEO Tactic #1 is apart of a bigger strategy I am using to promote the Barutiwa Newspaper Archive.  This primary tactic consist of listing all of the content of a specific publication and including a description and direct link to the article.  Post the listing to 10 or more distribution points across the web within 24 hours.  Then observe how fast the content appear in major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

1.  Editorial: Building An Economic Infrastructure by Baruti M. Kamau
I do not see our problem as racial. It is economic, camouflaged in racial terms to divert our people from becoming producers. White America's racism is supported by their economic domination over our people. That only exist because our people, the African-American, refuse to pursue the path of self-reliance.

2.  Op-Ed: Let's Make A Deal by AbdulRahman Shukurullahi
This isn't to be mistaken for America's favorite game show and certainly not as optional. This deal involves the preservation of a people destined for ruin. Indeed, African Americans serve as the bullseye on this target. Let us examine our course of activity to determine the validity of the focal point suggested. Over the years principles advocated by Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King have not only suffered regression, but pulverized to sheer lunacy with regards to respect, unity and ingenuity.

3.  Commentary: The Ambiguous Politics of the Black Church: An Assessment Part 2 by Michelle Monique Ferguson
As he provides no concrete explanation or cause, Marable shares statistics that the percentage of Black ministers are in a steady decline. Moving to the forefront of community leaders are Black professionals such as lawyers, teachers, businessmen, judges, and physicians. The community is turning to these professionals for guidance on appropriate social behavior in society, as well as to serve as their representatives. Consequently, the influence of the Black clergy has dwindled.

4.  Culture and Islam in Hausaland: Part Three by Bashir Usman Sagagi
The arrival of the Fulani in Hausaland culminated into a new era. These people were a tribe from Senegal who moved eastwards along the River Niger and finally settled in Hausaland. Among them were also other types of Fulani whose main aim was to prpagate Islam. They settled at the palaces of the big Chiefs and began to preach Islam as it should be practiced. They found that the Hausa peoples mixed Islam with alot of paganism...

5.  Letters To The Editor by Barutiwa Readers

6.  Trapped - I'm only one soul by Tosha Evans

7.  One Nation by Ms. Carol White

8.  Emerald Hurrahs by Na'imah Tariq

9.  REBUTTAL by Taalibah

10.  In My Weakness by Ms. Carol White

11.  Genocide by Theresa McClendon

12.  Inverse by Dennis Cutten

13.  The Message by Ms. Carol White

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