Author Topic: Ibn Kathir on evidence the Prophet Al-Khidr is no longer alive  (Read 819 times)

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By Abu Amina Elias for

Ibn Kathir writes in his book, Stories of the Prophets:

As for the difference of opinion whether Al-Khidr is alive in this time or not, a majority of the scholars hold the opinion that Al-Khidr is still alive. They say that he buried his father Adam, upon him be peace, when they were recovering from the plague. Thus, the supplication of Adam for a long life was answered for him. Others suggest that he is still alive because he drank from the river of life. These scholars have cited many narrations as evidence.

However, Ibn Al-Jawzi has analyzed these narrations in his book entitled Ijalah Al-Muntadhir fi Sharh Hala Al-Khidr. He has clearly proven that all of these cited narrations were fabricated. Likewise, the reports on this issue from the sayings of the companions and those who came after them have been shown to be weak.

Another opinion concerning Al-Khidr is that he has died. This is the opinion of Al-Bukhari, Ibn Al-Jawzi, and others. Ibn Al-Jawzi has put forward many arguments in his book to support this opinion. Among these is the statement of Allah the Exalted:

وَمَا جَعَلْنَا لِبَشَرٍ مِّن قَبْلِكَ الْخُلْدَ

We did not grant immortality to any man before you…

Surah Al-Anbiya 21:34

Since Al-Khidr was an ordinary human being, this verse applies to him as well. It is not permissible for anyone to make him an exception without an authentic proof. So far, there is no authentic proof to state conclusively that Al-Khidr is exempted from this verse.

وأما الخلاف في وجوده إلى زماننا هذا فالجمهور على أنه باق إلى اليوم قيل لأنه دفن آدم بعد خروجهم من الطوفان فنالته دعوة أبيه آدم بطول الحياة وقيل لأنه شرب من عين الحياة فحيي وذكروا أخبارا استشهدوا بها على بقاءه إلى الآن وسنوردها مع غيرها إن شاء الله تعالى وبه الثقة

وقد تصدى الشيخ أبو الفرج بن الجوزي رحمه الله في كتابه عجالة المنتظر في شرح الخضر للأحاديث الواردة في ذلك من المرفوعات فبين أنها موضوعة ومن الآثار عن الصحابة والتابعين فمن بعدهم فبين ضعف

وأما الذين ذهبوا إلى أنه قد مات ومنهم البخاري وإبراهيم الحربي وأبو الحسين بن المنادى والشيخ أبو الفرج بن الجوزي وقد انتصر لذلك وألف فيه كتابا أسماه عجالة المنتظر في شرح الخضر فيحتج لهم بأشياء كثيرة منها قوله وما جعلنا لبشر من قبلك الخلد

فالخضر إن كان بشرا فقد دخل في هذا العموم لا محالة ولا يجوز تخصيصه منه إلا بدليل صحيح والأصل عدمه حتى يثبت ولم يذكر فيه دليل على التخصيص عن معصوم يجب قبوله

قصص الأنبياء لابن كثير

Success comes from Allah, and Allah knows best.


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