Author Topic: Giving sadaqah specifically on the night of 15th of Sha'baan  (Read 869 times)

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Question: When my father was alive, he entrusted me to give sadaqah
 (charity) according to my means on the 15th of Sha'baan every year, and
 likewise I have been doing this ever since. However, some people have
 admonished me for doing so saying it is not permissible. So is giving
 sadaqah on the night of the 15th of Sha'baan permissible according to the
 willment of my father or not? Kindly advise us and may Allaah reward you
 with good.

 Response: To specify the giving of sadaqah on the night of the 15th of
 Sha'baan every year is an innovation, and despite your father having
 entrusted you with that, it is not permissible. It is befitting you give
 this sadaqah without specifying the night of the 15th of Sha'baan, rather do
 so every year and in whichever month, but without particularising any one
 month (on a consistent basis). However, it is permissible to do so in the
 month of Ramadhaan (for the evidence which indicates so).

 And with Allaah lies all success and may Allaah send prayers and salutations
 upon our Prophet (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) and his family and his

 The Permanent Committee for Islaamic Research and Fataawa

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