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Started by Fulanizzle, September 11, 2002, 01:44:16 AM

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let all out there  understand all the huh cry out there by the western counries on shari'ah, they always talk on stoning, rights of women,amputation like they are the only punishments under shariah. they forgot that those punishments are only a fraction of shariah. i believe they are against shariah becos it is the only solution to the the problems facing the world.  lets take a look at the countries practicing the full shariah legal system u will see that they have less social problems to grapple with which the western countries  continue to face even with the best legal system theyclaim to have.


Surely the unbelievers only believe in the "world". To wine, fornicate, commit adultery and cherish innocent girls going about naked. Sharia is only for the righteous, the decent and humble humans. May Allah SWT in HIS infinite mercy guide and protect us, amen.


I have gone through the postings in this thread and I have found this to have been a very interesting discussion, I liked the openness and desire of some of the contributors to probe the issue deeply rather than be emotional.

On the west its media and presentation of the issue, the world as it is today is using the legislative system to promote alien life styles to man and all this in the name of humanism or human rights (I am not saying I am completely against human rights, but such human rights that promote abotion, marriage between gays or lesbians etc I do have a problem with).  Men are marrying men, women marrying women, abotion legalised etc basic morality and religious dictates are being thrown out the window.  But in all this there is also a need for introspection by religious leaders on their role in allowing for this move down to a decedant society.  

Coming to the issue being discussed, some people appear to have been protesting the exposure I say it is good.  However the episode raises some issues which need attention or else alot of injustice may be going on in the name of God.  Some of the questions these sharia cases raise (and in particular in the states that adopt it in nigeria) are as follows

1  Is it proper or wise to have a state religion?

2  Are the states implementing sharia really ready for it? (that is to say do they have competent people to implement such laws without injustice? remember this is probably the coner stone of the fear of non muslims)

3  Being from Allah, why do the provisions in sharia have such wide varying interpretation? does that not affect the justice eventually meted out?

4  Surely paramount in the application of sharia is justice therefore why should cost be an excuse or reason for geting to the truth? (as indicated by one of the writters)

5  Also it is my assumption that truth is what sharia is out to establish and mete ou punishment on the basis of this truth, so if a woman gets pregnant, and this pregnancy is not miraculos or devine, then surely somebody is responsible for it confession or not should the responsible person not be found out and both parties purnished? Or is the other party not also guilty of adultry?  Can we look at a scenario where only one party has been punished and honestly and truthfully say justice has been meted out?

It is questions like these that make people apprehensive not the provisions of the law itself, for even the sharia laws can be found in non muslim countries although they may be in different variations