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Started by MTNakande, May 08, 2016, 05:14:25 PM

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Sunday, November 22, 2009
When power is abused in excess,
when the rulers hip shy's away,
pretending not to hear the cry,
when the ruled complain in anguish,
when the society frowns at it,
when the good advisers refrain,
when opposition becomes taboo,
when the imam says "a daidata sahu",
when no one says the same to the imam,
then, prejudice overshadows the king,
pride and arrogance rules the king,
seeing no fences and feeling no bounds,
there seems to be no limits at all,
self admiration and self worship ensues,
in a manner only befitting a dictatorship,
history has it in store that,
all tyrannical leaders since Moses,
they ended up self destroying,
ironically, history goes in cycles,
power abused in excess,
power seized by fraud,
comes haunting its culprit,
until it leads to self annihilation,
a word is enough for the wise,
a word of advice for future leaders,
do not seize and abuse power.
Muhammad Tijjani Nakande, a freelance writer, neo pan africanist. You can reach him at
"The Old Breed, Without The New Breed, Only Breeds Greed" Maitama Sule, Danmasanin Kano