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Kukuma Rap Concert

Started by Abdalla, October 19, 2006, 01:08:35 AM

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Jama'a, Sallama

I have received a few requests for tickets to the above concert which we scheduled to take place at the British Council Amphitheater on Saturday 28th October 2006 at 7.00 p.m.

I have made arrangement for blank invitation cards to be given to all Kano Onliners who might be interested in attending. Just report to the Security post at British Council during working hours. Identify yourself as Kano Online, and you will be given an invitation. If you face any problems call Shehu on 08034536024, or myself on 08033208384.

I created a new thread to bring attention to the ticket offers. Discussions on Hausa rap (and what you think of the samples posted) should continue under the original mother thread, please. Your opinions are very important to these young budding musicians and they need all the encouragement they can get (if you are into rap, that is!; of course if you are not into rap you can talk about Highland Pipes with Davy, the Scot, and what lies beneath the kilt, hehehehe!).

Further, this thread can be maintained for the CONCERT -- your feedback, opinions, impressions, etc.

Hasta la vista



I'm not in town now. Can someone collect the IV for me or can I collect it on the day (saturday 28th) ?


Talking of the Highland Pipes the Kaduna Police had a pipe band when I was in Kano. Do they still have this?

Beneath the kilt ? Some say that's where a Scotsman keeps his brains(hehehe).


Quote from: "Bakan~Gizo"I'm not in town now. Can someone collect the IV for me or can I collect it on the day (saturday 28th) ?

Yes, you can


Quote from: "Dave_McEwan_Hill"Talking of the Highland Pipes the Kaduna Police had a pipe band when I was in Kano. Do they still have this?

Crickey! I don't know you wander this far in the forum! I doubt if the Police Band in Kaduna does play the Pipes anymore. I did organize a concert in 2003 with Rod Paterson jamming with local traditional instrumentalists, and we got the full benefit of his Scottish accent. \

I might come up with Kukuma Pipe concert in the future --especially if you are on pipe!


Will it be recorded for the benefit of those who are not in the country at all? Many KO members are xpatriates elsewhere.
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


Quote from: "HUSNAA"Will it be recorded for the benefit of those who are not in the country at all? Many KO members are xpatriates elsewhere.

Yes, it will be -- both in audio and video, insha Allah. Dunno how it might be made to public though. To make it easier for people to OWN the event, we are not restricting camera or other recording devices to the venue. So if you know someone attending, they might record it for and post it. We can resize the video and audio files to barely acceptable quality to reduce their sizes and post them on Dandali. So watch this space....and Eid Mubakak!



I will post my observations/comment on last night's concert later. Suffice to say I enjoyed it :lol:  Later.

dan kauye

**Pulls out a beach chair,lights a cig,puts on shades,sips latte,reads Billboard mag & waits for the event to be posted** :lol:  :lol:  :lol:
Dan-Kauye's Artist Of The Week;Robin Thicke



I was also there last night. By show of hands, raise your hand if you were there.

It was well it was a real concert and very enjoying.

Nasiru Garba Sufa, Billy O, the ?Niger girls? and all the rest of the gangs made it very enjoying. Of cause the MC of the occasion prof. Abdalla U. Adamu.


Yes, I raised my hand also 'cuz I was present that very day.
Well, I'm afraid or my comment will not be well considered as reasonable. Though, I better spit-out, isn't it?
Firstly, I was also invited not only by Prof. Abdallah, but also by Shehu Muhd ( I now forget his rank there in British C. but he's a 'big' staff there) and also a friend by giving me a hard copy of the invitation. Notwithstanding all this fact, when I arrived, the Security Men dissuaded me to entre peacefully. I introduced myself as Kano Online member. But they vehemently said NO! They were not informed about us. And again, I presesnted my invitation paper they said "Oh, this boy come to deciave us". I spun to go, then an idea struck me to contact Prof's number but it also failed. What a dishearten.
Was it 'cuz am too young? Well, I don't exactly know.
Luckily, a reasonable looking white- beared man, who revealed to me that he's a staff of there after I told him I wanted to see Prof. allowed me in. I thank Allah.
As to the event. Its very nice farsay. Everything went extremely enjoyable. Hoping that sth. like this will soon be re-organized. Althoght, I heard Prof said another will soon take palace in November. I hope what had happened to me that day won't re-occur again.
Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.


Quote from: "dan kauye"**Pulls out a beach chair,lights a cig,puts on shades,sips latte,reads Billboard mag & waits for the event to be posted** :lol:  :lol:  :lol:
lOL. :lol:  Sorry I took so long. Was out of town.

Briefly, my few observations for the concert;

The organization for the event was commendable. The only problem being crowd control, at the entrance. I don't know how the IVs were distributed but the presence of very small kids, almajirai, and not-so-sane-looking  boys at the gates, creating trouble, puts off some ppl. In fact the guy I went with turned back home. One had to wrestle, shove, swear and push before gaining entrance. It wasn't funny. Another minus I noticed was the oufits/costumes they artists wore. With the exception of Arewa, Khalid and the girl that the accompanied Billy-O, what the others wore were a turn-off. I mean, yes, it is rap and all that but I'm of the opinion that what Nasiru Supa (Arewa) and Khalid wore were more suitable. They were more traditional and attuned to the environment.

As for the show itself, I would say my expectations were met. There was talent there. And it was exhibited. K-Boys impressed me a lot, despite the small tech hitch b4 they start. I was pleasantly surprised when their lyrics turned out to be laden with important messages for the youth and the society, especially on HIV-AIDS.

I expected Nasiru Supa (Arewa) to come out with songs written by him. I mean what happened to originality? He was busy singing his late father's classics. Those re-makes would not help his image/career. But he's good. Question; why was he and his band called Arewa? Was the lady playing shantu for the band there for cosmetic purposes or what? :lol:  B'cos the sound of her shantu got drowned in the cacophony of the other instruments (flute, the drums and goge). They gave a good performance nonetheless. I was happy to learnt that they were just back from France, sponsored by the state govt. This is what they need.

Billy-O was a class act. The best of the night. 8) Rainy Season and Tubani were just excellent. When will they be out in the market? I have started hearing them in town. Hint, piracy :(   A song by Shaba, which has not yet been released, was also briefly played. I don't know the song title but it sound so good. Can the Prof. please dig it out and upload the clip if possible? Thanks in advance, as they say. :D

The concept of the last act, the Kukuma Rap, was ingenious. I had doubts before it was performed if it would work. It did. It was a clear manifestation of these guys'/girls talent. With a little fine-tuning I believe it would be an innovation in Hausa/Nigeria music.

Let me also say a little kudos to Maryam Baba (she of Sangandali :wink: ) for gelling well into the group after being unceremoniously co-opted into the concert without a moment's notice. It takes a professional to do that. :!:


Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


Sounds Good

Too bad i missed it :(  :(  :(

Prof. Sannu da kokari. More grease 2 ur elbows

Support is what these young people need and thats

what ur giving them, well done.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."    ~ Mark Twain


Jama'a, Sallama

Thank you all for your encouraging comments about the concert. It warms the cockles of the heart to hear people positively commenting on these young talented musicians. Let me see if I could comment on some of the observations.

Gate/Tickets. We did make arrangments for tickets to be given to Kano Onliners and up to about 5 p.m. there were still about six unclaimed tickets. We had absolutely no idea that there was an issue of crowd control at the gate! In fact we had no idea that we are going to get such massive crowd turn-out! The "urchins/almajirai" used to normally hang out during these concerts. I think Sue Mace (the Director BC) was so overjoyed at the turnout that she said everyone can come in! We have noted this lapse and we will definitely take more care in the future! Sorry for the wahala all faced and the turerainiya!

Once factor that might have contributed to the huge turn-out was the fact that as a virtual Diplomatic Territory, the Britich Council can hold such cultural events relatively unrestricted. There was no way such concert can be held in any other public space in Kano (except possibly for Alliance Francaise Kano).

And Muhsin, it could not be because of your age (how OLD are you, not still in diapers I believe :P Anyway, you have my number -- in future events, holla and I will be there! (with diet coke and samosa!)

I am glad those that the concert proper was enjoyed by those who attended. The boys of course would welcome sharp criticisms (latte drinker, anyone?) of their various performances. They were of course rought at the edges -- but don't forget this was their FIRST live performance in front of such an audience. Also it was their first performance TOGETHER as a group. We spent about a week practising before we could get them to synchronize their act.

The K-Boys were unknown to us -- they followed Billy-O, who is the master rapper in Kano -- and begged to be given a slot. I thought, what the hell, let's see what you guys got; and it was good! Dig the crazy chains and Bruce Willis vests during the stage performance. Run DMC anyone?

As noted Billy-O was the natural bandleader -- carrying everyone along. I have obtained his hit, RAINY SEASON and I am uploading it tonight to the server. Oga Salisu is under the weather at the moment, but I am sure he will upload it by the weekend. I will also upload Kano Ryder's BAN CIN KWANTAN TSIRE which I promised. As I noted in my earlier posting, it is sampled on GHETTO LIFE by Lakal Kaney from Niamey.

Point noted about the custome -- I was in fact surprised when I saw Shaba and Billy-O in their "dudez with attitudez" hip-hop gear! We discussed with them about custome and they suggested they would wear "Fulani" dresses. Oh well, one for the next time, eh?

Arewa as a band was an artificial creation of the Connecting Futures program of the Britich Council for which I was the main consultant. Actually the concept of combinging disparate musicians together was mine, but the name Arewa was coined by BC simply because they want something that is easy to remember. The addition of the girl on Shantu (who is a professional Koroso dancer in her own right) is Gillian Belben's (former Director, BC) because she wanted a "female presence" in the band. And it worked! They have been all over the place, but basically to France (for a live World Music concert and record) and London for jam sessions with Mecca2Medina (see their action at l][/url],%20they%20had%20to%20BORROW%20the%20drums%20before!).%20I%20agree%20with%20the%20observation%20that%20Nasiru%20was%20sticking%20too%20much%20to%20his%20father's%20stage%20sets,%20and%20I%20have%20repeatedly%20told%20him%20to%20chart%20his%20own%20progress.%20But%20I%20think%20he%20is%20just%20playing%20it%20safe;%20but%20I%20will%20work%20on%20him%20to%20improve%20his%20act.%20I%20am%20glad%20also%20the%20Kukukma%20Rap%20(or%20as%20my%20friends%20across%20the%20border%20will%20put%20it,%20Rap%20Koukouma)%20"gelled"%20well!%20It%20was%20my%20creation%20and%20Shehu%20(yes,%20a%20"BIG%20man%20at%20BC)%20was%20the%20music%20director%20during%20the%20rehearsals.%20We%20are%20now%20editing%20the%20recordings%20(both%20video%20and%20audio)%20--%20removing%20the%20noises%20and%20feeback%20etc.%20We%20will%20see%20what%20will%20happen......but%20actually%20one%20of%20the%20outcomes%20was%20our%20thinking%20of%20recording%20the%20entire%20Kukuma%20Rap%20in%20a%20studio.%20So%20we%20have%20slated%20a%20Sunday%20to%20gather%20all%20the%20musos%20in%20Sulpha%20Studios%20Zoo%20Road%20and%20record%20about%20six%20or%20so%20tracks%20of%20Kukuma%20Rap,%20and%20about%20three%20hits%20by%20Billy-O%20--%20Tibani,%20Rainy%20Season,%20Naga%20Matata,%20and%20possibly%20Shabaraz%20Koma%20Bayana!%20So%20watch%20this%20space.I%20DO%20have%20my%20criticism%20of%20the%20concert!%20Our%20PA%20system%20sucks!%20There%20was%20too%20much%20equipment%20failure%20and%20false%20starts.%20I%20was%20embarassed%20for%20the%20K-Boys%20when%20the%20equipment%20failed%20as%20they%20bounced%20on%20the%20stage.%20Some%20of%20the%20traditional%20instruments%20DROWN%20others%20--%20as%20pointed%20out,%20the%20Shantu%20could%20not%20be%20heard%20because%20it%20was%20drowned.%20Further,%20even%20the%20Kukuma%20musicians%20played%20their%20instruments%20rather%20too%20loud%20for%20RAP%20lyrics.%20The%20essence%20of%20rap%20is%20not%20so%20much%20the%20music,%20but%20the%20WORDS%20--%20and%20as%20those%20who%20attended%20could%20attest,%20there%20was%20so%20much%20message%20and%20meaning,%20as%20well%20as%20amusement,%20in%20what%20they%20kids%20could%20do.%20My%20hope%20is%20that%20I%20have%20been%20able%20to%20bring%20their%20talents%20to%20the%20wider,%20critical%20audience,%20and%20that%20the%20Kano%20State%20Government,%20through%20the%20History%20and%20Culture%20Bureau%20will%20sit%20up%20and%20listen%20--%20as%20indeed%20the%20Executive%20Director%20promised%20to%20during%20the%20concert.%20Well%20if%20you%20enjoyed%20this,%20watch%20out%20for%20another%20one%20--%20bigger,%20etc.%20This%20is%20a%20planned%20jam%20session%20with%20Mecca2Medina%20during%20the%20Babbar%20Sallah%20with%20definitely%20Billy-O,%20Shaba,%20Arewa%20and%20who%20knows?%20Keep%20a%20date,%20and%20thanks%20for%20the%20encouragement%20to%20these%20guys%20(and%20galz!).Abdalla