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Information Technology Outsourcing

Started by bamalli, November 07, 2007, 02:34:32 PM

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How Outsourcing Affects Your Career in IT
In the United States, corporations plan to outsource many thousands of Information Technology (IT) jobs to outside firms. Most of these jobs will belong to so-called offshore organizations in India or Southeast Asia. The media buzz and corporate momentum around IT offshoring and outsourcing continues and shows no signs of abating.
As a current Information Technology professional in the U.S., or a student considering a future career in IT, outsourcing is a business trend you must fully understand. Don't expect the trend to reverse any time in the forseeable future, but don't feel powerless to cope with the changes either.

Changes Coming with Information Technology Outsourcing
Ten years ago, workers were attracted to the Information Technology field given the
challenging and rewarding work
good pay
numerous opportunities, the promise of future growth and long term job stability
Outsourcing will alter and is already altering each of these IT career fundamentals:
The nature of the work will change dramatically with offshoring; the future may be equally rewarding, or it may prove wholly undesirable depending on one's individual interests and goals.

Information Technology salaries will increase in the countries that receive outsourcing contracts and may decrease in the U.S.

Likewise, the total number of IT jobs will increase in some countries and may decrease in the U.S, much future growth will happen outside the U.S, and job stability will remain unclear everywhere until the outsourcing business models mature.

How to Cope with Information Technology Outsourcing
IT workers in the U.S. are already witnessing some impacts of IT outsourcing, but the future impacts will possibly be even greater. What can you do to prepare? Consider the following ideas.
Don't Panic - The prospect of job searches or career changes can be quite stressful to Information Technology workers. IT students may understandably begin to question their choice of career. However, the more stress and worry a person takes on, paradoxically the more difficult it becomes to successfully reach their career goals.