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Title: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: Dan-Borno on July 30, 2009, 11:40:44 AM
alhamdulillahi rabbil alamin for making me see today throughout
the crisis period.  i have to remain indoors and listen to the
flares of bullets passing on top of my house roof.  if not because
the situation has been finally leveled down hunger will have
forced us to come out and even fight the police/military.

it started twelve years ago, when young muhammad yusuf out
of his desire to understand islam ended up misunderstanding islam.
he was a desciple of late ja'afar, however, he later publicly
denounced sheik ja'afar and termed him an infidel, so he left and
established his school at the outsketch of maiduguri behind the
railway terminus quarters and started with no more than only 12

since his teachings is centred on:-
1.  condemning the constitution of Nigeria terming it as DAGUT (idol)
2.  condemning western education
3.  condemning anything that is related to government
     and consider whoever is in it as an infidel
4.  accusing the nigerian government of not allowing them
     to practice their religion

within the span of seven years (1999 - 2006), muhammad yusuf has
succeeded in indoctrinating more than 2000 able youths who have
either resigned from their various working places or have abandoned
education at university or polytechnic level and in several cases have
tore their certificates and embrace other petty businesses.

muhammad yusuf was given a rousy and heroic welcome when finally
the nigerian security (SSS) released him after detaining him for almost
four or six months in Abuja.  his followers numbering more than 5000
welcomed him at the outsketch of maiduguri making business standstill
on that evening.  that event gave muhammad yusuf courage and
bravity to continue facing off with government.

when the borno state government introduced a new law on motorcycle
especially enforcing the wearing of helmets as controled by the famous
operation flush out II, muhammad yusuf and his disciples vowed not to
abide by the new law.  and every person in maiduguri can bear witness
to this attitude of theirs, including the operatives of the operation flush
never dare to punish them.

earlier last month, while members of the muhammad yusuf conveying their
corps to gwange burial ground, they sighted one of their members been
punished by the operatives of the operation flush, in an effort to rescue
their member, the men of the operation flush fired sporadically and injured
many of the followers - this incidence raised tension among his disciples.

within a week, muhammad yusuf released a video clip (which I will upload
on youtube very soon) and termed it an OPEN LETTER TO MR. PRESIDENT
in that clip, he addressed the president, the vice president, the IG, the
chief of defense staff, police commissioner, brigade commander and addressed
our governor as "dan karamin kwaro ali modu sheriff", he sent the video
clips to the office of the sss and government house for onward transmission
while more video clip was reproduced for sale within and outside maiduguri
and have sold more than 10,000 copies.

throughout this period, members of the boko haram are seen visibly preparing
for this war, as most of them have sold out their houses, cars, lands etc
while many have informed their parents, wives or children that they are out
on a mission, if they come back, fine, but if they did not come back, until
they meet in heaven.

last week wednesday, members of boko haram were apprehended in biu local
government in borno state with substances which is believed is for preparing
explosives, they were brought to the police headquarters for prosecution.

on saturday, they have finished despatching their members to various
assignments, including potiskum, bauchi and other parts of the nothern nigeria.

on sunday night they lunch their attack in maiduguri and their major target
is the police headquarters.  it started around 11:00am, they took the railroad
all the way from their base up to government college and college of education
where they cross in towards the police headquarters.  they fought with the
police mobile up to 4 am without success before some of the survivors
retreated back while more than 100 were dead and a number of police were
also shot dead with some wounded, up to the time of writing this, people
are not allowed to pass through the police headquaters.

they also lunched attack on jere police station, and in the early hours of monday
they bombed the main entrance of the central prison (new prison) and freed its
inmates, including their arrested 9 members who have been in detention since 2005.

within hours, these guys have taken over the whole area of kumshe up to westend
round about, flour mills, railway quarters, kasuwan shanu, custom area and galadima
junction, they conduct search on motorist and kill any uniform man they could lay
their hands.

alhamdu lillahi, as at yesterday, with reinforcement from other parts of the country
of both personnel and ammunition, they have succeeded in bombarding their
base and displaced them. 

muhammad yusuf is said to have fled maiduguri and was sighted along kirenowa
heading towards gamboru ngala and finally fleeing out of the country.

so many innocent souls have been killed and so many innocent infants, children
and women have also been killed throughout this period of WAR.
Title: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: gogannaka on July 30, 2009, 03:49:59 PM
Thank God for your survival.
I learnt that GSM services,radio and television signals were also disrupted.
They were surely ready.
Our intelligence agencies are a flop honestly. Just look at the timeline of events that preceeded this attack,but yet no one seemed to take them seriously.
Title: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: admin on July 30, 2009, 04:20:12 PM

Thank you very much for an excellent and well-balanced first hand reporting of this situation. Allah ya saka da alheri kuma Allah ya cigaba da karemu. Amin summa Amin.
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: Dan-Borno on July 31, 2009, 12:51:06 PM
yesterday, as at the time of making my post, i made mention
that the gang leader was sighted at kirenowa going out of the
country, but before closing hours yesterday, it was confirmed
that it was a decoy of muhammad yusuf fleeing the country,
however, that evening he was caught red handed in his
in-laws residence who for most of the times giving him support
both financially and otherwise.

he was caught alive, but later night, the soldiers handed him
over to the nigerian police were he was gunned down by not
less than 1000 bullets as he tried to escape from the police
custody (as they say).

i visited the headquarters of the boko-haram this morning before
coming to the office, the entire place was bombarded and more
than 100 dead bodies scattered around the area.

these people quite knew the consequences of their action, because
they have already purchased enough shroud with a standby tailor
who prepares it.  they have their own emergency unit where
wounded are taken care of before the bombardment.

believe me i have never seen such a thing in my life were an army
is shooting but the boys are still coming not retreating until a whole
round of amunition is finished on them - terrible.

one thing that is now baffling me is that, those who saw them as
at the time of the action, they said they number up to 6000, however
note more than 500 was killed including their leaders, where are the
rest of at least 5000?

it was also visible during the clash that the boko haram used heavy
machine gun but none was found at their headquarters nor
confiscated by the police - where are these weapons?

@ GGNK, abokina, ka bari kawai, i will talk about the lapses of our
security men separately Insha Allah.
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: bakangizo on July 31, 2009, 06:10:00 PM
Well, Alhamdulillah tunda Allah ya fidda ku lafiya. Allah kuma ya kara tsare mu daga dukkan irin wannan bala'i, amin.

This whole thing goes to show the shambles in which the country is security-wise. How a sect like this could grow in strengh kiri-kiri ana ji ana gani, is beyond comprehension. I heard the DG SSS saying that Borno state govt was informed about the impending danger of the sect, but chose not to do anything. In any case, it is useless to be buckpassing among the security agencies. Sun gaza kawai, as usual. Mu dai 'yan Najeriya sai kariyar Ubangiji kawai.

Now, anya wadannan mutanen basu da hannu a kisan Sheik Ja'afar da kuma rikicin Panshekara a Kano?
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: gogannaka on July 31, 2009, 06:59:39 PM
BKGZ, ai we discussed somewhere in this forum the possibility of the group being behind the murder of Sheikh Ja'afar.
It wasn't long after his death that they unleashed themselves in panshekara.

DB raised a question that if only 300 out of thousands were killed then where are the remaining? That is exactly the question i asked when they attacked Kano in 2007.The army claimed to have arrested just 3 of them while reports say that they were in the hundreds.
Wai what was their plan ne? To incapacitate the police and army and then enforce the sharia themselves?
Or was it to overthrow the government?

It is unfortunate and i can understand how residents of the cities would feel.
Allah ya kare mu.
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: bakangizo on July 31, 2009, 07:20:29 PM
BKGZ, ai we discussed somewhere in this forum the possibility of the group being behind the murder of Sheikh Ja'afar.
It wasn't long after his death that they unleashed themselves in panshekara.

Na manta fa it was discussed here. And you raised a valid point - ina sauran suke? Knowing the kind of security in the country, it is easy for them to just relocate and regroup. Allah ya kiyaye.

Wai what was their plan ne? To incapacitate the police and army and then enforce the sharia themselves?
Or was it to overthrow the government?

Wallahi nima wannan abu na bani mamaki. Sai ka kasa gane wane irin tunani ne suke dashi? Kawai dai in shaidan ya batar da mutun sai gyaran Allah. Allah Ya dada kare mu da kariyar Sa , amin.
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: HUSNAA on July 31, 2009, 11:02:55 PM
DB, Barka. Allah Ya Dada Kare ku 'yan Maiduguri State and all others wanda abin ya shafa ameen ameen.
Ni dai yanzu, I have no doubt what so ever 100% sure wa'yannan su suka kashe Sheikh Ja'afar. Kuma the most amazing thing is that tunda an san da wa'yannan sect din and alaqar su da Sheikh Ja'afar before, it is a great wonder that the Police and SSS and the all the other intelligent services never put two and two together over the matter to arrive at the same conclusion from the glaring evidence. Yes sune suka kai harin fanshekara sometime back, around the same time they murdered Sheikh Ja'afar.
A kwai ayah a suratul Hajj in da Allah SWT Yake fada cewa

52) Never did We send a Messenger or a Prophet before you but when he did recite the revelation or narrated or spoke, Shaitan (Satan) threw (some falsehood) in it. But Allah abolishes that which Shaitan (Satan) throws in. Then Allah establishes His Revelations. And Allah is All-Knower, All-Wise:

(53) That He (Allah) may make what is thrown in by Shaitan (Satan) a trial for those in whose hearts is a disease (of hypocrisy and disbelief) and whose hearts are hardened. And certainly, the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers) are in an opposition far-off (from the truth against Allah's Messenger and the believers).

Sadaqallahu azeem

Muhammad Yusuf is an example of the above verses. Allah Ya Dada Samu a kan hanyar gaskiya ameen.
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: sdanyaro on August 02, 2009, 09:09:56 PM
It will also be interesting to know who their financial backers and supporters are…

It is also commendable that the news and media outlets have referred to this group with the name “Boko Haram / Yusufiyya” instead of the usual stereotypical names usually and wrongly referred to these kind of groups in the past, and actually started to use when the first incidences started.

By the way, how many other sects/ fringe groups have military wing?
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: HUSNAA on August 03, 2009, 03:16:20 AM
It will also be interesting to know who their financial backers and supporters are…

It is also commendable that the news and media outlets have referred to this group with the name “Boko Haram / Yusufiyya” instead of the usual stereotypical names usually and wrongly referred to these kind of groups in the past, and actually started to use when the first incidences started.

By the way, how many other sects/ fringe groups have military wing?

Interesting thought. I am sure their financial backers must be foreign. One could have found out by tracing the history of the leaders travels perhaps, if these mindless morons hadnt executed him summarily. Wai for the police who should at the forefront of looking and preserving evidence, as dictated by the nature of their work, they were the ones to get rid of it at its first showing. Lallai we need to upgrade the intellect of the police force.

I think all other sects or fringe groups must have a military wing now, seeing how easy it is to obtain weapons and also because sects have so many examples in the  taliban and alquaeda groups for them to emulate. 
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: Dan-Borno on August 03, 2009, 07:57:14 PM
Guys, you can watch an interactive interview with the leader of the
BOKO HARAM/YUSUFIYYA immediately after he was caught.
Husnaa will love this one

www.busuguma.blogspot.com (http://www.busuguma.blogspot.com)
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: EMTL on August 04, 2009, 01:27:47 PM
Assalamu alaikum,
It is evident that Boko Haram or whatever they call themselves have done a dis-service to Islam. My dua is that this is the last time we shall ever witness this kind of calamity.

There was an allegations that even Maitashine was sponsored by enemies of Islam, and that was why he was expelled from kano by Sarkin kano Sanusi in those days. I will not be suprised if Boko Haram was also another group sponsored by adversries of Islam. Whatever, Allah (SWT) Has promised to protect His True Religion from attacks from Hypocrites and Unbelievers. Ja al haq wa zahal badinu Innal badinu kana zahuqa.
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: Tukurtukur on August 07, 2009, 08:29:06 AM
Ushe kam kura.  An excellent presentation.
How about the implication of the extra-judicial killing of the Ldr of the Boko Haram and the financier, former Commissioner in the Borno state govt?  Did the Gov order the killing of the former commissioner?  The man after being arrested was taken to the Govt House to see the Gov but he refused to see him.  The police then took him away and snuffed live out him few metters away outside the Govt House premises.
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: Dan-Borno on August 07, 2009, 09:43:28 AM
well done TKTK and thanks to ur webmystery that the forum will
be full in the last months of the year, i can see that now.

however, in respect to your observation, yes, there is a prejudicial
killing, not only of the sect leader but so many others who have
either dropped their weapon in surrender or fleeing away from the
centre of conflict.   i heard that it is an offence to to kill an unarmed
soldier even during a tense war, that was why the word POW was

his excellency, the executive governor of borno state senator
(dr) ali modu sheriff has no power whatsoever to either directly
or indirectly direct the killing of any member of the boko haram
not even their leader, because as at that period, federal troupes
have already taken over the security situation in the capital city
of maiduguri, it is been commanded by GOC jos division sale maina.

yes, he was caught unarmed, alive and very healthy, however, there
is this disagreement between the armies, most of them where shouting
"if you kill soldier, you must die" several times and shooting sporadically
on air as a sign of celebration.

as for me, i cant not tell you wether categorically, it was the soldiers
or police who killed yusuf, because from all sides they have lost men
during the battle, so, it is possible the army killed him, then the police
also spread some bullets on his dead body.  because as at the time i
saw his corpse early in the morning, there are more than 1000 bullets
in his body, you can imagine this kind of thing when a single bullet can
send you to the grave.

the issue of ustaz buji foi, no, the governor never directed that he be
brought to government house, however, the squad team sent to capture
him brought him to government house to show how gallant they are, and
mind you even when they brought him to government house the governor
was not there from the reports we heard in bbc hausa service.

the mode and manner buji foi was killed showed how rotten our services
are, because, despite he was tied backwards from his neck down to his
hands behind, his clothes were removed including his trousers making
him naked tsiraran Allah with the mobile police tourching his private parts
making mockery of him before he was put on target, even police mechanics
who have never fired a riffle did tried shooting him and other members
of the boko haram, in fact from the reports we heard, whenever a member
of boko haram was brought to the police headquarters, sai kaji kowa yana
cewa "its my turn now, its my turn now" because its like they have started
driving pleasure in killing - oh my country.
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: Dave_McEwan_Hill on August 07, 2009, 11:48:00 AM
Thank you, Dan Borno for a very accurate and heartfelt post. You expressed my sentiments exactly. No matter what any person is though to have done it is an abomination to gun that person down if that person has surrendered or is unarmed . He should be brought to court for proper trial.

You cannot have a mature democracy when the forces of law and order, which should provide an example of control and discipline, behave in such a manner.
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: Muhsin on August 07, 2009, 07:59:09 PM
Assalamu alaikum,

DB, my compliment as well.
BTW, did you see the message?
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: Dan-Borno on August 14, 2009, 10:51:26 PM
peace has finally settled in maiduguri, the borno state capital
which in the past two weeks witnessed so much trauma and
fear from both security agencies and members of the misguided
group (i dont think they are a sect any longer) boko haram.

though you can feel the freedom in the air, however, the dust
has left so many stories to tell in so many family:

Mamman Adamu, age 19, left home all the way from gwange
ward, bid farewell to his only mum on the night of 25th July
telling her to pray for him, he might not come back alive, because
he is going out for a war between their group and nigeria.  she
taught its the usual joke "wallahi na dauka wasa yake yi, sai
ya bani naira dubu biyu yace duk wanda yazo yace yana bina
bashi in an tabbatar sai a biya shi, kuma dan kayansa na sawa
duk a raba wa makwabta in har bai dawo ba, gashi har yanzu
ba mu duriyarsaba, ko an kashe shi ko ya gudu sai Allah" this is
what the sobbing mother tells everyone who cares to listen to
her predicament.

a famous headmaster of federal low cost primary school, residing
in mafoni ward was shot dead by a stray bullet in his house, he
left behind a wife and children (widow and orphans).

Garba Dara, 24, an indigene of adamawa state who is in maiduguri
to pursue his diploma certificate is also missing since saturday
25th july.  very strong sources are spreading the news that on
both sunday and friday he was sighted commanding a group of
boko haram members towards lamisula police station, but since then
uptil now nothing of him was heard.

Malam Maina, a washman at kofa biyu was saying his asr prayer in
the mosque when two boko haram members where pursued by the
members of the nigerian army, they took refuge in the mosque,
however, after exchanging fire with the army, they were shut down,
unfortunately, malam maina, the wash man was taken to the police
headquarters despite his cry that he is not their members - his dead
body was not even allowed to be taken by his family.

Falmata, 32, a house wife was busy pursuing her kids to get home
as exchange of gun shots become very hot, the two kids are very
safe, however, before falmata could take her last step into her house,
she was hit by a stray bullet and she died instantly.

John Carpentar, 48, was shot dead by the boko haram group when
they invade the area.

two security men at the borno state independent electoral commission
were mimed and the whole building was set ablaze.

lamisula police station was completely razed down, including any other
item inside and outside the building.

the office of the federal ministry of labour was also completely razed
down by the pundits.

the new prison, along custom road, was forced open, a number of
inmates safely escaped while the administrative building was razed
down including any other document.

all hotels within and around galadima junction were razed down by the
criminal groups.

a handful of churches lying within the area of operation were affected
so also operation flush ii office camps were razed down completely.

the newly renovated abbaganaram primary school was also burnt down
to ashes.

some houses were burnt down at state low cost, while up to this moment
a lot of people recuperating from the sound of bullets that pass over their

my intention is not to count our loses only, but to inform the world that
all these and others solely affects the ordinary poor man.

it is the duty of our government to control the infilteration of fake drugs,
substandard goods, narcotics, and other dangerous things that will affects
its citizen, so also, i see no difference when a adulterated teaching is taking
place and capable of intoxicating minds.  government should protect its
citizen no matter how and what it will take her.

now the incidence is over, but not yet over, as families of affected, especially
orphans, are left at their own mercies to suffer for a sin only their parents
committed.  i begin to fear when these children grew up without anybody's
attention and care on them, they will see their parents as heroes, either
follow their footsteps or become worst than them.
Title: Re: Boko Haram/Yusufiyya Sects
Post by: Muhsin on August 15, 2009, 12:48:48 PM
Assalamu alaikum,

Your account was very touchy, DB. I nearly wept. :'(

The end result always befalls the downtrodden.

May Allah, the Exalted, grant those died innocently an eternal peace, amen.

May Allah, the exalted, prevent re-occurrence of such a thing, amen.