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Title: SEO Pay Per Sale: we pay $50 per every sale!
Post by: AlicyNivy on May 07, 2016, 08:41:29 PM
An important SEO/SMM update of XRumer 12.0.16 + SocPlugin 4.0.34 (http://botmasterlabs.net/event/2016-02-29/1/)
1. SEO, SMM efficiency, same as software effectiveness in getting direct traffic – significantly increased,
demonstrated by reports and video:
XRumer 12 (http://www.botmasterlabs.net/xrumer/) – a tool with great history,
well known for webmasters: on market the software is more than 10 years: first version of software was released in 2006 and permanently updated and improved.

(view this video with in high resolution,
more detailed information you can ask by email botmaster@bk.ru )
2. Updated our promo-materials:
Source in GIF, Flash, HTML5:
Download >>> (https://yadi.sk/d/irAwZDx5pzqfk)

3. In such way, our Referrals have more opportunities to earn money, because the average referral earning for each sell is $50!
- register (http://www.botmasterlabs.net/registration/) in our  Affiliate program (http://www.botmasterlabs.net/affiliate/) (free, without captcha, without email confirmation!)
- get individual affiliate URL
- recommend it to your friends working in SEO / SMM / internet-marketing
- or place banners, using your individual affiliate link on your sites
- each user registered using your affiliate link will be linked to your ref. account and at purchase you will receive automatically from $20 up to $100 in Your Affiliate account!
Good luck and get high sales!
If you will have any questions, feel free to contact us:

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