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Title: CAMFI
Post by: Blaqueen on May 01, 2003, 03:41:19 PM
wuts the most ridiculous "camfi" u heard?... aka "superstition"...

i know this one.. and interesting one too.. cuz even african americans have such superstition...

"...when ur swept with a broom... u wont get a husband..."

i guess it only applies to the females..(lol).. unless...... :-X

aniwayz.. i remember this one gurl.. who cried and insulted the heck out of another gurl..juss cuz she happened to sweep her feet... :-X

and i wont lie... i used to dodge brooms back then.. ;D....
Title: Re: CAMFI
Post by: baby_gal_84 on May 30, 2003, 09:45:31 PM
;Di dont know if this is camfi or real but dai i think it camfi
........that if a gurl has prob like maybe she has one hand or somethin is wrong with her wai that will reduce her bride price............... that very s**t hausawa :-X :-X :-X kai ........

my mum use to tell me wai if i dont stop playin ruff and i got my self a scar my bride price will reduce when i was small. ?;D

.........uummm theres this my frnd again when i told him that wai yes it true ai we (woman) we are like a car, the price of a new car is different from second hand.......hisssssss
Title: Re: CAMFI
Post by: IBB on June 04, 2003, 01:34:12 AM
i heard if a gal bath with ruwan kanzo she will be loved by all

superstitious factors that bring about poverty
- sweeping with a towel
- spider web
- blowing off candle
Title: Re: CAMFI
Post by: kilishi on August 06, 2003, 04:06:37 PM
Zama akan kofar daki
aljannu will possess the person :-/
Title: Re: CAMFI
Post by: Guduma on August 14, 2003, 04:06:32 PM
Ance sa jariri a cikin fatan rago ko tinkiyan sunansa bayan an yankata, to wannan dabba zata wuce dashi siradi!!

Allahu Alamu.
Title: Re: CAMFI
Post by: Anonymous on January 18, 2004, 04:03:15 PM
wai jefa wani abu in the night over the wall, that will invite
thieves to the house ko gaskiyane bansaniba.
Title: Re: CAMFI
Post by: ajingi on February 21, 2004, 12:45:06 PM
Idan yaro yana shara, za'a yi baki a wannan rana.
Idan hannun ka yana kaikayi za ka samu kudi.
Title: CAMFI
Post by: al_hamza on May 14, 2004, 08:02:49 PM
guys be serious, not only is superstition haram, .................. ITS THE 21ST CENTURY FOR HEAVENS SAKE!
Title: CAMFI
Post by: Shiekh on May 17, 2004, 04:34:57 PM
saka riga inside out jaka samu arziki.

idan mutun takalminsa ya tsinke kuma yake tafiya da daya takalmin, wai ragowar kwanakin sa a duniya yake kirgawa!
Title: CAMFI
Post by: Shiekh on May 17, 2004, 04:38:28 PM
superstition is haram and we are in 21st century...amma ai ilimi babu waste?
Title: CAMFI
Post by: Anonymous on June 16, 2004, 09:32:52 PM
wai idan ka auri yar makeri(black smith) baza kayi kudi ba

idan yaro yana cin boiled egg dayawa sai koyi sata....bull***t.....dan kauye aint buying none of dis superstitions....we gotta wake and put a stop 2 dis abi???
Title: CAMFI
Post by: Fateez on June 17, 2004, 01:53:04 PM
Another crazy one i heard...if u use a mirror while sum1

is makin ur hair, da person can get blind. Just how true is dat?

It sounds so silly cos i do dat almost all da time, i'm not blind
Title: CAMFI
Post by: dan kauye on June 17, 2004, 02:26:21 PM
well..dis camfi...quite funny.

i heard wen a chyld eats alot of boiled eggs he'll grow up 2 be a thief....

and left-handed people are olweiz luckier dan their ryte hand counterparts....so many camfis..but i  aint buying none..peace
Title: CAMFI
Post by: Shiekh on June 17, 2004, 04:06:37 PM
what of those say/ believe that if the 1st person youmeet is a 'kuturu' in the morning, then that day is a bad day.
while if 'makaho' it is a good one?
Title: CAMFI
Post by: Anonymous on May 11, 2005, 06:23:08 AM
baby_gal_84 I completely agree with your words.