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« on: August 27, 2017, 10:20:46 PM »
On 29th of the same month of August, 1966 the great Shaheed Sayyid Qutb Ibrahim was martyred (via execution) by the notorious Egyptian regime of Jamal Abdul Naseer, the then Pharoah of Egypt, on false accusation. On the same date of 29 of this current Month I will, by God’s leave write few details on this great personality in my subsequent post. But before then, let us hear what scholars say about this great revivalist personality:
‘Sayyid Qutb was an outstanding personality from amongst the great figures of Islamic thought, from the men of contemporary Islamic Awakening....He possessed the true Imaanic stance, a person of Jihad, struggle, sacrifice, and sincerity to the Ummah. He enriched the Islamic heritage with masterpieces of work from literature and thought.’
(Shaykh Ahmed Fareed, In Mawaaqif Imaaniyah )

‘I say that there is a chapter in this book (Milestones) which is of great benefit, called ‘
La ilaha illallah minhaj hayah’......he (Sayyid Qutb) has written some words which I believe are like light from light ilham (inspiration)’. 
(Shaykh Nasiruddeen al-Albani, ‘al-I’tidal fee Sayyid Qutb’ - Q&A with Shaykh Al-Albani)

Sayyid Qutb is....‘the most famous personality of the Muslim world in the second half of the 20th century.’       (Robert Irwin, Is this the man that inspired Bin Laden?)

 ‘Sayyid Qutb based his life upon, and what he dedicated his pen for: the Da’wah (call) towards Tawhid (monotheism) of Allah “in ruling and legislating,” rejecting the man-made laws, and confronting those who committed that (legislating and ruling by other than Allah’s rule).’
(Shaykh Bakr Abu Zaid, Office of the Presidency of Islamic Research and Legal Verdicts)

‘Sayyid Qutb (is) among the scholars of the Muslims and among the people of da'wah. Allah has brought benefit by (him) and through (him) He has guided many people.’
(Shaykh Ibn Jibreen, Office of the Presidency of Islamic Research and Legal Verdicts)

‘Sayyid Qutb (in) his now-celebrated book, Ma'alim fi'l-tareeq (Milestones)........denounces the existing order in Muslim societies as Jahiliyyahh, provides guidelines for Muslim activists and describes the steps they must take to establish a society based on divine guidance.’
(Zafar Bangash, Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought)

‘....We heard that the death sentence....on Imam Shahid Sayyid Qutb.....had been carried out....Such a great loss. Sayyid Qutb....a man who held fast to his religion, trusting in Allah’s victory. Read Milestones to find out why Sayyid (Qutb) was executed.’
(Zainab al-Ghazali,  Return of the Pharaoh)


By Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah) -

May God bless the emir and forgive his shortcomings. “He is him of his own word….he fears not the pen of the critics in the face of the truth he professes…. He is a vibrant ‘Mutafanni’ intellectual, a Banker, an administrator, a leader and a scholar indeed. Bilingual Speaker and writer, versatile in knowledge, an authority in Shari’ah, economy and finance. The one who knows how to influence, motivate and create action point among those under him and whosoever follows him. He was the defender and saviour of Shariah in the 1999 debate who had challenged and defeated the enemies throughout the media”.
This is how I described this man in my article titled: “My Best man of The Year 2016”.
Some had described him as controversial, secularist, capitalist and even enemy of the North, all for he dared to express the truth from the bottom of his heart. We are not always following the prophetic model in our manners when we disagree with one another. Some have taking it their daily hobbies criticizing other’s opinion, too often not intending to bring better alternative to it but to express themselves as professional writers and critics who can criticize and destroy others view when and how they so wish. They turn any new opinion into a threat to unity, society and its development. They suspend Islamic manners on Adab al-Ikhtilaf (Etiquette of Differing) and indulge in their sel-acclaimed behavior and make the discussion atmosphere to become saturated with backbiting, slander, rumours, accusations, lying, and character assassination.

To this group of people I tell them: They should realize that the Emir Sunusi’s ‘Expression’ is not necessarily the ‘Impression they get from him. There do exist a gap between what he mean and what this group of Character Assassinators understand. Ours is to reduce this gap to a minimum; the smaller it is the more successful the Emir is delivering his message. Although few of his critics have managed to be fair to him, like Hamisu Hadejia who also described him as a Philosopher King, some have gone far to make the Emir the victim of character assassination, so much so that they claimed the Emir to have had changed his name from Sunusi Lamido Sunusi to Muhammad Sunusi II for him to start life afresh, as if he has an untold bad record of service, character and or morality.

It is natural to be stereotyped as controversial. Try to be expressive in your truth even if you are alone. This has been a unique character of the emir. You can find only few people of his calibre. He is very assertive in his opinion to the core. None of his opinions fall shorter than yours.

They accused him of being too noisy in media. This is how the Islamic leader should be. Being expressive (speech and writing) is among the 25 qualities of good leader. This man has been an intellectual writer and speaker; therefore you cannot expect him to drop his pen and tie his tongue just because he is now an Emir. In fact, he is in the right position to do it even much. No blame!

They accused him of planning to burry polygamy. This is not a law passed single handedly by the emir; it was just a proposal and he observed Islamic protocol of Shura (mutual consultation) before forwarding this proposal. No blame on him!.
The emir was right when he responded to Gov. Yari as thus: “Don’t give these kind of explanations. “That is not an Islamically correct statement to make.”“(If) you don’t have vaccines, you don’t have vaccines; Go and get vaccines.”

He was also right when he said that“The North East and the North West of Nigeria are amongst the poorest parts of the WORLD. Not just Nigeria. If Borno and Yobe were countries, they’d be poorer than Niger and Chad.

He was even more right when he said that “The Federal Government of Nigeria is spending 66 percent of its revenues on interests on debts, which means only 34 percent of revenues is available for capital and recurrent expenditures….. “That model cannot work. If you look at the 2017 budget of the Federal Government, I sometimes wonder what Nigerian economists are doing?

May Allah bless the Emir and forgive his shortcomings once again. Go on Emir with your thoughts and ideas. The tirades of character assassinators will not deter you.
Console yourself with what Allah consoles his messenger (s.a.w): “It is by God’s grace that you deal gently with them. Had you been harsh and hard-hearted, they would surely have broken away from you. Therefore, pardon them and pray for them to be forgiven and consult with them in the conduct of public affairs. When you have resolved about a course of action, put your trust in God. God loves those who put their trust in Him. (Al-imran v.159).

« on: March 26, 2017, 07:42:01 AM »

By Salim I. Hassan
March, 2017

One of my friends is a ‘Realist’ as he called himself. I have had a short face-face intellectual debate with him (as of yesternight – 13/03/2017) over one of my facebook posts “On the Need of Muslim Withdrawal From United Nations”.  He believes and professes the idea that Muslims cannot do anything better than to maintain and retain the current status-quo of the world; he thinks Muslims cannot even exist without the United Nations; and that any attempt by the Muslims to attain autonomy and political independence in the world cannot be possible. His main argument here is that Muslims cannot and never be united. To him the only way to achieve world leadership by Muslims is when they are ready to dismiss their Islam from the lexicon of leadership. He further argues that the Western world are able to rule this world because they dismiss their religions from the quest of material life. Finish!

All that he wants from me is to dismiss our campaign mission of Attaining Muslim Unity and World Leadership, which to him, as it is for many of his kind, can never be realized, although Allah (s.w.t) has already destined and promised it to happen sooner or later, lest you forget.
What will happen if the Muslim world rejects the U.S and the United Nations? What will happen if Islam comes to rule the world again? What will happen if the Muslim world leads their major front on one side and the non-muslim on another? My theory of Triangular World Order System has answers to the above posed questions as far I theorized in my book ‘The Message….’. Time matters a lot here!
Why are some Muslim think of impossibility of a world ruled by Islamic leadership? Why are they thinking of the current world order is the best for Muslim world?  They fear that if Muslim would make any attempt to free themselves from the subservience of the Western world they would be isolated. A question here to pose is: Are Muslim not isolated today? They also think that without the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Russia and their Super-government, aka United Nations, Muslim cannot survive and the World cannot live in peace and order as we need them more than they need us. This is how the ‘Realists’ among the Muslims believe and think.

If Islam was able to rule the past world leading it to prosperity and excellence in knowledge why must you think its non-feasibility today?
Had Islam never rule the world in the past for over 1000yrs (from Abbasid to Muslim Spain and North Africa through Ottoman Turkey to Western Europe) we would have not raised this question. Had Islam lack in details on the world leadership we would have not raised this question. Had Allah did not command the Muslim to establish His religion on earth we would have not raised this question.

By leading this campaign on the Need of Islamic Global Independence we are doing  one of the most religious duty after faith in Allah.
Such realist people are driven by paranoia, despair, hopelessness, and sense of inferiority. Existence of such a category of people reminds me of what Sayyid Qutb had once written: 
“The most important need today is to help the Muslim acquire confidence in himself and in his past so that he is able to face the future 'with hope, courage and determination. His faith in the religion he professes, but whose genius he does not always understand, has to be revived and vitalized. His bonds with Islam are sadly mainly those of heritage. He is a Muslim because he is born to Islam. He has rarely made any serious attempt to acquire a real understanding of his religion…… The teaching of Islam is essentially a teaching of leadership and world welfare. One of its most important characteristics is that it teaches its follower how to acquire self-confidence without conceit or egotism; it breathes into him the fervor of faith and conviction, free of self-deception and, by weaning him from all dependence on others, instils in him complete trust in God with a faith that never falters nor weakens. This faith requires the Muslim to shoulder the responsibility of humanity at large and enjoins on him the trusteeship of the entire
human race. It is the duty of Muslims to guide to the right path those who have gone astray, and lead men, with the help of the light and guidance given by God, from darkness into light”.
The Holy Qur'an says: You are the best of people evolved for mankind, You enjoin what is right
and forbid what is wrong; and you believe in God (AI 'Imran 3:110). Also: Thus we have made you a people justly balanced (of the Middle Path) so that you could be a witness (an example) to people and (just as) the Prophet is to you (al-Baqarah 2:143).”.
Islam can really lead the modern world as it did before if Muslims are serious. All of the free and fair objectives of the UN are the real responsibilities to shoulder by the Islamic Leadership as prescribed in the Qur’an. Read me here in you like:

A Historical Reminder
Since Islam is a self-esteem religion and a faith that inspires leadership, its real functionality, dynamicity and versatility is tested and proven only when it assumes responsibility. It can never be a camp follower as it can lead the caravan of life. History has a proof on how Islam had once excelled and ruled the world. Muslim world Leadership recorded certain achievements when Islam had a controlling hand in the affairs of the world and had the opportunity to design and lead life according to its own special genius. Muslims had once blessed life by giving it faith and knowledge, fraternity, justice and self-confidence. They prepared and trained men to bring out, through constant effort and endless toil, the hidden potentialities of life so that it could develop and flower into a just, healthy and balanced system. By a correct appraisal of men and their aptitudes, Islam put the right people in the right place for the
reconstruction and development of life and took from each according to his worth.
This was the nature of Islam when it ruled the world. Then came a period whereby Islam lost its leadership. This was mainly due to the failure of the Muslims to efficiently sustain and discharge the great responsibility of the trusteeship of mankind which Islam had enjoined upon them.
Based on the above, we have all reasons to aspire for the restoration of Muslim world Leadership. In fact it is a religious duty which we shall be asked upon.

This is what Allah want from us as Muslims. Do it or reject it! That is how it is all; no third way.
To close this treatise, I will employ Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi where he writes in his book:
“The call of Islamic world is to believe in God, in the Prophet and in Divine leadership. The consequence of such a faith would be emergence from darkness to light, from the worship of human beings to the worship of God, from the narrowing circumstances of this world to the expanse of the universe, from tyranny and injustice to the justice, equality and fraternity of Islam. The supreme importance of such a message today is obvious that it is easier to appreciate it in the present age in which ignorance stands exposed and its hidden evils unmasked. The whole world has become tired of it. It is therefore, precisely the time when the world could turn from the present leadership to the leadership that Islam offers, provided the Islamic world awakes and adopts with conviction and sincerity, determination and courage the message of Islam and believes firmly that Islam alone can save humanity from degradation and ruin”. (p.5)

May Allah restore our Past glory and increase us guidance and self-confidence.


« on: March 02, 2017, 06:51:24 AM »

Believe it or not the president Buhari is not the only failure; the Nigerian constitution is also a failure. The perplexed condition faces Buhari is a God-sign to him. Buhari’s failure is another God-sign to the Nigerians. You may ask me why? Buhari’s self-esteemed disposition to reform Nigeria before his coming to power had far exceeded his trust in God. Conversely enough, our self-esteemed hope and optimism in Buhari before his coming into power had also far exceeded our trust in Allah.

Although islamically we are strongly commanded to always being stoic and put our trust in Allah we are not deprived of our self-actualisation. As thus, let me go that way to analyse this issue on purely empirical perspective.

By grasping the real world of the Nigerian system and the current situation we are fumbling our way through one can behold the glaring sign portending the continuous failed destiny for Nigeria. Because the system does not work; and in fact it is designed to fail.

I am going to really abdicate from any optimist view about the change we are longing for in Nigeria. Unless the change starts with our uninformed constitution drafted by unintelligent, ignorant and biased leaders the real change and progress will always remain unreachable or even impracticable. Those who drafted the constitution they either knowingly or unknowingly designed it to favour themselves (and the leaders to come) and not the led (followers). To me I can wholeheartedly call for the total destruction of the current constitution. Corruptions, lies, deceptions and favouritism are all sheltered in it.

Nigeria is on the top list countries that are skeptically democratic – a pseudo-democracy nation. Generally, democracy here in Nigeria, one may find it bad, but a little good in certain developed countries. The degree of its positivity or negativity is based on the level of leaders’ justice, patriotism and humanitarianism. Basing our argument on this logic, and by looking at western developed countries, we can see that democracy is thriving and auguring well for the people. However, this does not mean that people’s rights, freedoms, and wills are not curtailed or violated by the Western governments. But, in Nigeria the situation is always drastically worse.

No matter what a good president you elect or select he cannot change the status quo. If you dare to elect sound and just leaders at all levels that will be better for you. But it seems non-feasible.

What a manner Nigerian constitution! What a manner National assembly! The constitution cannot change itself; meanwhile our National assembly does not even have an iota of interest to bring and effect a just and balance change in it. That would be against their interest as this corrupt constitution legalizes all sorts of formal corruption to favour them unjustly to the extent that it constitutionally legitimizes public funds for them out for nothing. Even the recent tactics of fighting corruption by this regime is an empty war and is destined to fail. We need to change our constitution before we can see things normal in this nation. We need to change any National Assembly that cannot bring change to the constitution.

« on: April 01, 2011, 08:16:54 PM »
Got me right chairman! 'Shigo-shigo ba zurfi' na ke mai in case he might come across it. I never fear to expose my inner view.

« on: March 15, 2011, 02:35:53 PM »
Ever since, I have been hearing about you: your erudition, wisdom as well as your vastness in literature and philosophy. What a man I have never met! I, like many other students, really astounded by your talent to the extent that I regretted for not belonging to English department during my course of study in BUK, just to drink from your vast sea of knowledge. Now, my heart bleeds for missing you as tutor; while my colleagues presently in the university (English department) are very lucky for having you as a unique tutor. They are benefiting from your fountain of vast knowledge; they are drinking from your sea, enriched with wisdom and philosophy. In fact they must be the luckiest students as far as they are concerned. Having you as tutor is worthier than having a ‘River Nile’ of Dollars; because you speak with logic, think with wisdom and act on evidence, however, rarely.

As painful as it might be to admit, that I have now held my 1st Degree without undergoing your course of programme namely; Literary Theory and others. So how I wish to come to English department for my M.A just to meet you and imbibe, with avidity and curiosity, from your ‘Sea of Knowledge’. Nevertheless, the initial loss must have been irreplaceable.

This is ridiculous to me. How can one appreciate and praise a man that he has neither met nor come into contact with? This is the parable of what I did a little far. This is just to show the super-quality of the one being blindly praised and appreciated. 

Short and Sharp
As usual, all men are fallible for their intellect, reasoning, mental and physical capability are drastically limited. Even the power of knowledge which they are vehemently proud of, only a least is given to them – “….you have been granted no knowledge but a least” (17:85). Therefore, knowledge, whatever kind it is, is not meant to lead one astray; and no matter how knowledgeable one is, he should not be overestimated or overemphasized; likewise nor shall he be underestimated or downplayed. Knowledge is man because it gives him personality. Man devoid of personality makes no difference from the simple animal. Value of knowledge is innumerable and unquantifiable. But one ethic we always have to believe and bear in our mind is that no matter how fully knowledgeable one is, he remains ignorant yet, because even the how much he knows is not more than the how much he doesn’t.
In whatever one is doing, pursuing or engaging his self, he has to be guided by ultimate divine principle. Just like mathematics has been the language in which God wrote (i.e. designed) the world as Galileo asserts, philosophy is the language by which man attains the truth, but many are being misguided. In his treatise titled ‘On First Philosophy’ the renowned Arab philosopher Al-kindi, accorded most priority to philosophy more than any other branch of knowledge. He maintains that the human art which is highest in degree and most noble in rank is the art of ‘Philosophy’, the definition of which is knowledge of the true nature of things, in so far as is possible for man.  He further asserts that the aim of the philosopher is, as regards his knowledge, to attain the truth, and as regards his action, to act truthfully; not that the activity is endless, for we abstain and the activity ceases once we have reached the truth.

Throughout the human history, philosophy has been a struggle to attain the truth by man. Although philosophers emerge to search for reality many of them have been misguided, instead of reaching this truth. Wherever one is, he should let his knowledge reflects the truth one has been seeking for. Philosophy is not meant, at all, to discredit peoples’ religion, their norms, values and or beliefs. Those who, due to their erudition in literature/philosophy, appear to be cynics to their or others’ religion are not the authorized genuine philosophers.

And finally, I would like to play Ludwig Von Mises, when he says that “the criterion of truth is that it works even if nobody is prepared to acknowledge it”. This is the most conspicuous disparity between Good Philosophy and Bad Philosophy.             

A good effort! Allah ya samu a danshinku

« on: February 03, 2011, 11:23:25 AM »
Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah)
Education Department, BUK.

What would be the western response had Mubarak been an Islamic leader amidst public agitation to step down? Suppose this most legitimate protest against the government is happening in IRAN; what do you think about the possible response from the U.S (the Big Satan), Israel (the evil-hatchers), Britain and France (the unbelieving-hypocrites)? They will instantly intervene even with military to help the people of Egypt to topple the government. Don’t ever forget that the America’s motive is democracy; and are even attacking the Islamic state for non-observance of democracy. Now, here are people protesting against age-old (83 years) dictator to step down. It is an astonishing irony the U.S is supporting the dictator and overlooks the majority citizens’ demand. The Obama’s administration has only urged Mubarak to ‘enact reform’. This response is against the Egyptian’s aspirations who are demanding the horrendous ruler to step down.

It is one week-plus of the nation’s instability and all previous attempts to arrest the revolutionary situation by Mubarrack has failed, including the military deployment. It was even reported that Mubarrack has given military order of shooting the civilian protesters wherever met. Why should they be shot for staging the most legitimate and peaceful protest? Surprisingly, even the military are in support of the protest; they too need the change and participate in the protest from behind the scene.

The military never dare to carryout the ‘shoot’ order given to them by Mubarrack. Mubarrack’s family have already left the state for refuge. In his attempt to appease the Egyptians, Mubarrack dissolved his cabinet and appointed new ones. It is too late for him and the measure taken is less than enough to quench the Egyptians’ thirst. Mubarrack has no option but to step down despite of Western support for him. Even though the President Mubarrack has promised economic and political reforms, protesters remain defiant, fearless and formidable in their right determination and say they will not give up until Mubarak steps down.

Meanwhile, the imminent revolution in Egypt presages a disastrous future against Israel; as such it is doing all its best from behind the scene to suppress its success. It should be recalled that Peace treaty existed for over 30yrs today between Israel and Egypt, enabling the Israel to continue its persecution, aggression and invasion of Palestinians’ lands, all with tacit approval of Mubarrack’s administration. Israel will never like a revolution in Egypt, which could endanger the peace treaty that was signed between the tow parties in 1979. The U.S too is concerned about Israel’s security should this revolution succeed.

Netanyahu, an Israeli prime minister envisages that Egypt uprising could lead to an Islamic revolution which has occurred in Iran in 1979. “In a time of chaos, an organized Islamic group can take over the state. It happened in Iran and it also happened in other places, Netanyahu quote saying at a press conference with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday. On last Saturday (29/01/011) three Israeli planes landed in Cairo’s Mina’s International Airport to deliver crowd dispersal weapons for Mubarrack to use them against the mass popular protesters.

It could be concluded that Western stance towards Egypt uprisings is a clear-cut irony. It therefore exposes their double standard in their relation to Muslim world. In reality, the U.S is not after entrenching democracy in the Muslim world; it is after someone that can serve their will and protect their interest in the Middle East irrespective of a kind of government he runs: a monarchy, dictatorship or military it doesn’t matter. Ironically, they are after toppling any Muslim democracy government that remains defiant to their need and interest in the Middle East.

Their attitudes can be divided into two as regards their policy in Middle East and other Muslim countries:

1)   The U.S and their alliance welcome any Muslim dictatorial ruler who will serve their interest even if it is against Islam and Muslims; and they need him on power in his state for uncountable years as long as he remains ‘a dog’ (blindly obedient) to them. For instance, Saudi Kings and others (e.g. Mubarrack’ regime) are dictators but the U.S needs them to remain on power because they are serving their wills. But, they dislike Qaddhafi, another Libyan dictator because he rarely serves their wills and always seek to topple him from power. A double-standard established! 

2)   They never want a popular Muslim democrat leader who will not serve their interest. They will never like him despite of his democracy-style leadership. Their enmity is worse when this democrat leader professes Islamic principle of leadership. Iran’s leader, who is a democratic one, is a typical example in this case.

Finally, it is time for Muslim world to better understand the true stance and attitude of U.S and their alliance towards Muslim countries.   


« on: February 03, 2011, 11:20:39 AM »
Muhsin, are U? I wouldn't expect U to be here right now, amidst your critical and hectic situation of VRC. Well how was the exercise, your school task and everything? Good day!

« on: January 27, 2011, 03:14:19 PM »
Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah)
Education Department, BUK.

Hints For Notice
The only tie that keeps the political unity of diverse people of Nigeria is PDP’s zoning policy, and now it was recently put to an end. This means a total disintegration of Nigerian geo-political unity. The zoning policy is neither in the interest of Southerners nor in the interest of the Northerners, but that of the PDP’s elders both from the North and South to keep their personal ambitions alive. Yet, it means a lot to both of them. The more intelligent one side is the more he knows how to exploit the opportunity. It seems to me Obasanjo is the winner coz he knows better how to exploit the opportunity. Since the beginning of democracy era in Nigeria, the Southerners ruled more than the Northerners. Even when the Northerners’ turn came, they were deprived by the Southerners not by the use of force but by smart and strategic political brilliance and prudence put forward by Obasanjo.

What Went Wrong?
The zoning policy had been facilitated by PDP in consonance with both the Southern and Northern elders of the party, both driven by vested-interest. The Southern elders cautiously work both for their personal benefit and for that of their people in their distinct geo-political zone; while Northern elders worked only for their personal benefit. However their personal target has fallen.  The policy shows the Northerners’ generosity to grant the minority their rights in leadership as opposed to democratic notion of ‘Majority Rules’ despite of the hidden agenda by the Northern facilitators. How I wish that the hidden agenda was meant for the interest of Northern patriotisms. Alas! It is for their personal interest. Through this policy agreed upon by the PDP elders, the democracy began to usher in Nigeria, given the Southerners the first turn, beginning in 1999. The reading error by Northern elders of PDP in the phase of the zoning policy is that they confined all their hidden agenda on how to achieved their personal future ambition; while the Southerners widen their hidden agenda on how to secure the future well-being of their people in general and make them the potentially perpetual Nigerian Leaders in the future. Obasanjo’s failed third tenure aspiration and assigning the age-old Yar’adua to take over are typical examples of Southerners attempt to deprive the Northerners of their right to rule Nigeria in sooner or later future. This is a point not clearly understood by until now.   

Obasanjo, who was lucky to be the first beneficiary of zoning policy, had tried to betray the agreement by earnestly seeking for third term tenure, but only God forbids. On realizing this, he resorted to alternate political strategy and assigned the age-old ‘sick person’ of the North, whose last breath had been presaged to exceed not his office tenure, to take over the presidency, meaning the presidency would must have automatically return to the Southerners, and indeed did it so and it exactly happened. Don’t take what Obasanjo did just for granted; it is a deliberate scheme and all-purposeful agenda.

On the demise of the Northerner (may Allah bless him), the Southerner acting as VP automatically took over. His main mission is to continue from whence Obasanjo had stopped – to dismantle the zoning policy and monopolize the leadership and power, leaving the Northerners dying for their lust and hunger of power. Painful as it might be to admit, our representative elders in PDP have been deceived from behind the scene, and yet they must be blamed for any falling future that may likely to affect the Northerners.

The Possible Implication
Now G. Jonathan put to an end the only tie for Nigerians’ political unity. The impending implication would divide the Nigerian politics and democracy not only on geo-political basis but also on religio-political one. It is clear to all now that politics and election started to be preached in mosques and churches. Hence, the Christians are urged to vote for Christian candidate from the South and Muslims are urged to vote Muslim candidate from the north. Despite of the religious outlook now appeared in the politics one cannot describe it wholly as either religious or tribalistic; but it is a combination of both – one half masked in tribalism and the other half masked in religionism. Nigeria will inevitably come to stall as a single multi-ethno-religious political entity; hence the beginning of bitter political and religious conflict – a prelude to an imminent Civil War. This will, in the near future, evolve to geopolitical disintegration of our beloved ‘Motherland’ Nigeria. If the emerging demarcation between Northerners and Southerners or Muslims and Christians persists in our politics, without any prior consensus on basic rights and limitations of each, the result will be disastrous.  It is not my wish to admit, but a matter of necessity.

The Possible Way-out
I therefore, opine that only military take-over will prevent any imminent political disaster that may likely to affect this nation. As the politics and election now being divided on the basis of religionism, tribalism, regionalism – both the South (Christians) and the North (Muslims) determine to fight back in case of losing the chance – what would be the end? Disastrous! I guessed. The military should now intervene and save the union of this nation. Let them imprison and encage mysterious situation created by this irrational, thoughtless, un-intelligent, unscrupulous and unpatriotic democrats whose ideas and thought can be best described as “Thought of the Thoughtless”. Let the military officers takeover the government; only to return it to the democrats when all thing are set aright in the state.

General Board / Pls help me with the no of schools in kano
« on: January 21, 2011, 07:06:04 AM »
Pls i need your help to notify me the total number of pri. and sec. Schools in kano state, and the total population of the teachers. Pls I need it b4 sunday. Don't 4get to cite a reference.

« on: January 19, 2011, 11:31:02 AM »


Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah)
Education Department, BUK.

I was compelled to mark down this important issue on behalf of the BUkites who suffered the bitter lost of their right as qualified Voters Registration workers. The experience I had as a BUKite throughout the V.R exercise recruitment was utterly bitter. Painful and regrettable as it might be, the way and manner the workers recruited from among the students. Some students’ names that have indubitably passed the first screening and qualified in the final test were unnecessarily omitted. ‘Baba’ Jega (as we call him) never knew it? Far be it from him to deceive his students and far be it from him to betray them. But those with vested interest under him working here and there could do it, and indeed they did it. They did their corruption and rigged the workers recruitment list in BUK in a dubious manner, I am not lying! How they did it? Share it with me.


A total number of 12,000 students were initially recruited in the first posting in BUK alone. When Jega decided to reduce number of workers throughout the nation (as they told us), our number was drastically reduced to 5,000 plus. And in reducing the number they did not follow any standard criterion. They did it based on ‘rule of thumb’, not following any logical and systematic policy. They wanted us to believe that they reduced the number based on computer literacy qualification of the students. This means only those with Diploma or Certificate in Computer training had been selected out 12,000 students. But this is ridiculous and fallacious. Believe me sincerely, and I swear to Al-mighty Allah, that so many students enlisted in the second posting had never afforded any training in computer literacy. Even the space provided in the former issued form to indicate one’s computer training qualification (if any) they left it blank. But yet, they were assigned certificate and Diploma in the second posting. Some with certificate turned to be with Diploma and vice versa. Sadly enough, some with certificate and Diploma were totally omitted. This is a kind of mess-up done by those considered to be skilled and experienced officers. This is where the first corruption found its way.


Presumably, now we are having 5, 000 students admitted for 2-days training and practical in V.R Exercise. On 11th-12th of this month we were given training with practical in the end of which we were exposed to writing a Test in the final day. Many of us passed the Test with flying colour. Even though the majority of the students had been admitted, many of them had been unnecessarily disqualified, taking myself and my four colleagues as typical example. We were surprised when we spent the whole night fishing out our names without seeing any.


Yesterday (i.e. on 15th) we went for INEC State office ( Kano division) to complain. We were disallowed to enter even the compound. It was there I debated with one of their officials outside the building, somewhere around the gate. He argued us that we might didn’t see our names because we did not pass the test according to the criterion. The ‘quote of mark’ is somewhere around 60% or 70% above for a participant to pass. I doubt the truth of his statement, I told him. Had it been the above criterion observed with justice and sincerity most of us who went to complain would have passed. By Allah, three of my colleagues scored 80%, 90% and 95%. And yet their names were omitted in the final list. The story is the same with many of the students. True, in the final list some names appeared with strange Adm. nos. written in this format like: SPS/07/SMS…., EDU/00001, whence come this format of Adm. no.? Perhaps they are concocted, right!  This shows that no any standard criterion followed in selecting the most qualified workers right from the onset. It also explains to us that personal interest penetrated the realm of this programme. This is how it all happens. Even the unnecessary delay we realized in posting the final list is just to facilitate the success of their corruption. It was posted around 6 o’clock pm and we were expected to arrive at our posting areas early next morning. This is not to talk of the harsh, difficult and rigorous treatment we were unnecessarily and deliberately exposed to which caused a disastrous effect upon our exam readings. I could see male and female students checking for their names in the mid-night (12 o’ clock) in congested manner.  Now we have been sent away without being paid our allowances (if any) for the training we had have to endure for almost 4 days at the expense of our exam reading.


We, the BUKites, still have confidence in Jega, the man of mannerism, integrity and principle. We believe that all this corruption happened beyond his control. He is there busy with his own basic and hectic work and he has no men of his own caliber to help in improving the status quo. The innocent must not be blamed! 


To my colleagues who suffer similar experience I pray that would be better for them, and I wish them success in their exam results. To my colleagues who were admitted I wish them safe work and prosperity. To ‘Baba’ Jega I wish him good favour from Allah to do his best. ‘Baba! know that your Sons are deceived from underground’. 

                                                                                                SUBMITTED BY SALIMULLAH

« on: October 15, 2010, 05:45:07 PM »

The west (US) and Israel began to turn into ‘sentimentally rational’. Since when Denajad fixed the date to visit Lebanon the US and Israeli sentimental officials started to pose some threat to deter Denajad’s visits to Lebanon. Why? No reason precisely. The described the visit ‘provocative’. ‘Provocative’ to whom? Perhaps to Israel. Why they feel as such? Because they really know that they are criminals throughout the years of their illegal establishment amidst Palestinian nation. Is he going to bomb Israel on his trip? Capital NO. Is Obama has no right to visit Britain, Canada, or else? So why all this mounting phobia for Denajad’s visit to Lebanon. Nonsense US-Israel. Now Denajad began his visit on last Wednesday 13th oct, 2010 to date. UN coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams described the planned visit of Denajad  to Lebanon  as a “significant event”. Many just nation recognized the visit as good and better. But for the US and Israel is disastrous. Why? Let me remind you of a hausa proverb which says: “mara gaskiya ko a ruwa gumi yake”. It is this visit will affect some US-Israeli plots and saga being currently setting against Lebanese and other neighbouring Muslim countries. If such was the case thanks for this visit.

 Many issues will be discussed between Denajad and many important political figures of Lebanon including the Hizbulla officials. Thanks to Denajad for setting agenda for the Muslims in reviving their political power and authority without which, Islam along its worldview cannot be fully entrenched on earth. This is a point not clearly understood by many.   

« on: October 05, 2010, 12:30:52 PM »

Salim I. Hassan
Education Department

The celebration of our 50th anniversary of independence is desperately acclaimed by few ‘irrationals’ but confidently being frowned at by many. In fact, I go for those who seriously and indubitably doubt the development of this country in the last 50yrs. It is not a matter of pessimism; it is the truth we proclaim. Nigeria did achieve nothing in actual sense of development. To account for dubious and paradoxical aspects of development to corroborate for the actual Nigerian development is to distort reality. Those who assume themselves as optimists they do so only because they believe in the paradox of Nigerian development. To state the truth of Nigerian underdevelopment is not a matter of being a pessimist; in fact, such a person is a kind of rational analyst. Natural and unplanned development is always imminent wherever, whenever, however and on whomever the settlers are, including the creatures in the ‘Animal Wild Society’.
But the kind of development we are referring to in here is development in its original sense, being it in politics, government, economy and education as well. If we are talking about development let no one talk of achievement. You can achieve but without making a development. But development is all-encompassing as it includes achievement in itself. Even the term ‘development’ can be unplanned (natural) or planned. Planned Development is what we are referring to in this context. I know the reason why I am making this unusual clarification. Some seem to disagree to the fact Nigeria does not develop throughout the last 50yrs. If you ask them why this argument they will just cite some mere achievements – some kinds of natural development – that are not worthier than the word ‘development’ itself. Rise in number of schools, colleges and universities, rise in number of school enrolment (at all levels) and perhaps a relatively increase in oil income are not the actual determinant factors of development; they are just mere unplanned aspect of development which is irrelevant to our ‘discourse of development’. These must come to be either consciously or otherwise in the course of time passage. We too, do believe that Nigeria (but only in this aspect of unplanned or natural development) had stepped forward some extra miles as compared to our development in the 1960s as the so-called optimists wanted us to believe. Nevertheless, this will not aid them to escape my blow. let me ask: am I right to say Nigeria did develop and achieve a lot in the last 50yrs because our population multiplied more than that of 1960s, peoples’ houses and residences increased to greater extent and the power hungers (political power aspirants) rose in constantly high rate? This is a parable of those who account for the increment in the number of schools and universities, and rise in number of school enrolment from 1960s to date as their sole evidence for the actual Nigerian development in the last 50yrs. if such people were right in their argument, so then I have all right to state as in the above question.
 Those who argue for Nigerian development in the past 50yrs were able to account only for what we have referred to in here as ‘natural’ or unplanned development.  In comparison with other co-partner independent countries (those attained independence concurrently with Nigeria) we achieved nothing to date in terms of actual development. Still I know some wishy-washy writers and political analysts will continue to retain their argument by creating more confusion and paradox in this discourse of Nigerian development. The standard average measure of whether a country developed or not is the moderate extent to which it competes with the development of modernity, at least when it is compared to its contemporary mate in the history of independent political establishment in terms of actual development there should be a slight disparity or almost similar degree of development. Other standard measures of assessing a nation’s development is by considering the current global standard of governance, education, economy and technology. There is no doubt that the true developed countries have attained the highest level in these areas. Therefore, for developing countries, in order to confirm whether they have developed, or are developing in their own level, they must attain the average level in the scale of standard measurement of development as specified above. It is true some are saying Nigeria has come a long way – a long way from where? Asked by Adamu Adamu in one of his column in which he described Nigeria in its face of development as being ‘practice makes imperfect. The underdevelopment of Nigeria throughout the past 50yrs and the long-lasting irrationality of its leaders as well, are self-evident, so much so that if you are going to explain it you may not know from where to start.

Let me now show you some powerful evidence for Nigerian failure of development in the last 50yrs. Now it is almost 11yrs of democracy in Nigeria but no one can prove a single aspect of development or even an improvement. All the identified problems affecting Nigeria among others, corruption, injustice, economic instability, educational downfall, problems of power and water supply and problems of health matters as well, none of them is resolved even partially per se. One may ask that is the governance/leadership in Nigeria a democracy or a tyranny? If it is democratic then democracy must have been bad; and if it is tyrannical then the deposal of military regime from leadership does not make sense. Perhaps our failed leaders will say 10yrs is not sufficient time to reconstruct and stabilize the National power supply. Ridiculous!
All acts of Nigerian leaders – the good, the bad, and the evil – are unquestionable and are beyond reproach. I will be brutally honest for pointing out these irrefutable facts, and my frankness may offend some people, but I feel it necessary to speak out the truth. This crisis in Nigeria demands only the whole truth. Nothing less than the whole truth can help us build a secured and prosperous future for our motherland Nigeria.  Alas, it is time for introspection.
                                                                                                                        Submitted by Salimullah

Gogannaka replied vry  objectively, but needs to be convinced again. I do believe dat islam can thrive under christian leader, but not in this era where muslims are bieng targeted evry where in d world. Our stuation in jos is a typical example. Additionally, Muslims  in england, france, kashmir, ussr are in difficult condition under mainly christian govt. If muslims have been thriving well in jos we shall expect good 4 them in kaduna. But it was all an irony.  I agree with u that it was not a christian agenda and i did not allude to this idea in my post. Rather it was sambo's idea advertised to CAN  members. Being it important to their interest the CAN endorsed the idea and made it a reality.   

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