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Member Poetry / Sons of the land
« on: November 11, 2007, 04:33:19 PM »
In my father's home
Silent cry's break the dead silence
Again Tis deep slumber that chose Ahmed
Nay, Tis Yusuf
For Ahmed is gone the sun before

Of tiny abode thou shall cast
For of legged-four Yusuf be
Before his pass
What pity! What loss!
Of moments vast

With gullets dry
We walk the gone in silent mourn
It's plenty moons now
And not a word from kingdom up
Beneath the feathers pipe
We be told, lies the promsed land
Slay! they say Slay! they pray

O! Sons of my father Sons of the land
Where hide you?
Those rare and sacred flesh
With which you invoke
In blissful mesh
Indeed ours be here
But in sinful wear
From Chit and chat
To this and that
We journey through the land

In symphony sweet
Let thee invoke
For mine is gone
To get the vote
So help us GOD...

Member Poetry / Oh! damsel in distress
« on: November 28, 2006, 07:33:39 PM »
Oh! damsel in distress
What ails thee?
What makes the soft radiant glow
Abandon thy face?
I gaze at you
Alone, save for you
In seldom speech
Inviting none but malaria
With the sun
Long dead
In it's place
The negro sky
Oh! damsel in distress...

Member Poetry / oh! what a LIFE
« on: July 22, 2004, 08:40:22 PM »
I write this for anyone born into the terror and drama of the world...

In the dark shadows of life
Where freedom and peace
Only exist;in the deepest corner
Of your lone fantasy
Where vengence is promised
Even before birth
And vows are sworn
In thy hearts
Like writings engraved on a stone
Where the world seems like eternity
And peace is found only in the afterlife
Where the sun rises with mere sorrows
And sets with hopeless tomorrows
Where tongues offer much questions
But left with few answers
Where leaders become puppets with strings
And accept only what the 'devil' brings
Where fathers do not live
To see the eyes of their making
And mothers forever grieve
On everyday's waking
Where death becomes a regular visitor
And is welcomed not by pain
But with much joy and pride
Oh! what a LIFE
Where gardens easily become graveyards
And suicide is surely the best way to die
Oh! what a LIFE.

Member Poetry / how beautiful
« on: July 22, 2004, 08:38:47 PM »
How beautiful the day is
As the sun rises and finds it's place
Where it shall offer it's light
To all longng for it

How beautiful to smell the sweet aroma
Of the morning fields and flowers
Wth scent that will take you to heaven
And make you lose count between one and seven

How beautiful to view the mountain peak
And feel the gentle breeze crash into your face
Like some F-1 race
Oh! there's no better a place

How beautiful to wake up one morning
With the thought of you on my mind
Thinking of how I spent last night in wonderland
With you and I walking hand to hand
Oh Alice,in you i've found my jewel
And surely God has given me the best
With you forever, my heart shall rest

Member Poetry / dance
« on: July 22, 2004, 08:37:03 PM »
The morning dew descends like glass
And lies on the smiling grass
And all that is above
Make way for the glorious sun

The town crier does his best
And cries out to the sleeping rest
With glee written on their faces
The gather and collect in packs
And wait for the moment of truth

Hurray! they hail thy king
Walking and looking majestic
Hurray! they hail thy king
As he walks and finds his seat

In case you haven't heared
It's the festival of the 'dance'
Accompanied with all the
Blessings and joy it brings
They celebrate their ancestors
They dance,dance and sing
Today, even the 'yaro' can have a drink

Member Poetry / he who buys my thought
« on: July 22, 2004, 08:35:53 PM »
He who buys my thought
Buys not of lies and jest
But of wisdom at it's best
Of plea to facing reality
So let thou awake from his slumber

He who buys my thought
Buys not of pain and hate
But of freedom and pride
Make heed and listen
So come that very day
Thou shan't run and hide
If thou has a place to run and hide

He who buys my thought
Buys not of yarn and falsehood
Of myths and mysterys of the past
But of facts that guides thee to the last

He who buys my thought
Buys not of despair or burden
But of elevation of the soul
To a height of undying poll
That which bring's peace to thy heart

Member Poetry / Innocence lost
« on: July 21, 2004, 09:34:43 PM »
Some say I chased it away
Others, "it had no place to stay"
For indeed it's gone
And the price,i'm left to pay

Blessed with the body,the soul and all
Only the Character now I lack
Just as the car
Without the gas
Yes,i've lost my innocence
The cradle of lifes own essence   

Some say its a process of life
That i'm only completing my cycle
Some say it's lessons for others to learn
To stop and check their path
So that they might turn
I say its decisions made
For only the devil now inhabits in my heart
Chasing the angels who were there from the start

Member Poetry / She/he was once like you are now
« on: July 21, 2004, 09:31:42 PM »
she was once like you are now
With beauty that shines as a stars twinkle
Not with a skin with dull and old wrinkle
he was once like you are now
With the strength to fight two bears
Not Mr Smith who's lost count of the years

she was once like you are now
With eyes that glitter as the moon shine
Not with a mind that never beats time
he was once like you are now
With the vision to walk through the dark
Not the blind who stumbles in the park

she was once like you are now
Young, high spirited with freewill
Not some lady who never gulps a decent meal
he was once like you are now
Who's smart to solve loads of puzzles
Not the weak with relaxed brain muscles

she was once like you are now
A child with story books and dreams
Not the woman that only cooks and cleans
he was once like you are now
With hopes of making money
Not the old begger who lacks a single penny

Member Poetry / I am Africa!!!
« on: July 21, 2004, 09:28:24 PM »
i am Africa!!!
Father of the plateau   
And son of the nile
The sands across the desert
And beast of the wild
Yes, I am Africa!!!

I am Africa!!!   
The tear in the lone childs eyes
Who is caught in the midst of a civil war   
Or the smile on the mothers face   
Who just delivered her baby   
The thirteenth, and still counting   
Indeed I am Africa!!!

I am Africa!!!   
The mystery that sent coming
The Europeans
And the revolt that chased them back
Isn't it ironic? I'm still Africa.
The moonlight on the sky
Of a thousand stars
Or the blazing sun
That burns the smiling grass
And makes way
For the traveller on foot
Verily, I am Africa!!!

I am Africa!!!   
The proud king
And the humble slave
The birds sing
And the hidden cave
Trully, I am Africa!!!

I am Africa!!!
The victoria's and the Kilimanjaro's
The silver and the gold
All beautiful and bold
Once again I am Africa!!!

I am Africa!!!
The black belt of the earth
The hope that survived the final breath
From the weak,the wise and the old
To the infant with innocent a soul
Forever,I am the proud Africa!!!

chit-chat /               Ring The Al
« on: January 17, 2003, 04:01:07 AM »
              Hey has any one of you ever stopped to realise that some kind of revolutionary change has occured in our soociety?hmmm probably not.
      Y'all will agree with me that i'ts just normal for guyz to ask gurls out right? But suprisingly enough this has not been the case recently.There has been some kind of upshift in the society's social setting.You now find gurls taking the position of guyz by starting a relationship.
        Not that i'm saying it's bad or something but i waz just wondering what could be the reason for this sudden change that has occured?
     Could it be that gurls are now greater in number than guyz or is it that the society is moving into the next level of social trend?
     Honestly i'm really baffled by this and i need serious answers.

chit-chat / An ASSIGNMENT foor all
« on: January 30, 2003, 06:14:41 AM »
        Hey  guyz i'm sorry emmm....the name of tha topic doesn't fully reflect the contents of this thang,nonetheless its somethang like it.I deliberately made it thiz way so as to have u guyz undivided attention ;D.nnywayz lemmi go straight to tha point.
       U see i've been thinkin and i waz juss wonderin,peeps dont seem to  care or give a damn about their society anymore,introverts if i may add.peeps think only of their personal self and maybe juss maybe their imidiate relations not haviving a single thought about others in their minds.
        ight thiz is tha main part,i want all y'll and i mean ALL
Y'LL to sit and crack ure gifted brainz and come up wit somethang u think might help to move ure society,hey wait i mean tha world! forward.somethang that can make a difference in all our lives.
        I would like anyone who cared to read this to post anythang he or she has in mind so that we can counter relate and debate on it.promise u it will be fun :D.
      Though,  If u cant put into action wat u have in mind i suggest u post it nonetheless cuz someone might be able to help u out or even work on it on his own.i myself dont even have anythang in mind but im sure i'll come up wit somethang.
                           thanx for readin thru    

chit-chat / Lil thangs
« on: January 17, 2003, 04:04:52 AM »
      Have u ever stopped to wonder about tha lil' thangs that mean a great deal and which are constantly been ignored and neglected by most people?
     Sure enough this is a question worth asking, a question worth answering.
To the muslims here, apart from tha major duties one has to perform like sallah, fasting,zakkat and hajj, there are other several thangs one can do that will benefit himself and tha society as a whole.
      Do u know tha amont of reward u can get by simply puttin' a smile on someone's face? U get rewarded by moving a harmful object off tha road. U get rewarded by showing respect to u're parents and elders.U get rewarded by abstaining from such evil deeds as gossiping and back-biting.There are a thousand and one things u can do to get rewarded
      Plz none should misconstrue my remarks, i'm not trying to say u should only perform these acts i have highlighted no!, u should perform u're religeous duties and u can, out of love and pity perform certain voluntary acts that'll go a long way .
      I write this to enlighten and wakeup our dear brothas and sistas that are not aware  of these facts.

Member Poetry / The day
« on: January 03, 2003, 02:41:06 AM »
It's the day of thrill and happiness
As well as despair and sadness
How I long for the day to come
but now I'm perplexed it's all gone
The joy of leaving school
And the agony of saying goodbye
All entwined i a desperate pattern of time
that keeps ringing in my mind
I find myself a baby girl lost in this crazy world.
It's a day that will go down in history
But still remains a mystery
As I leave school
I carry along some tools
To get me thorough
But on the surface
There is a debate
Because I'll forever endear my mates
and nothing on earth could ever replace
A step taken, is a path chosen
To cry or to smile
left for me to decide

Dedicated to dem niggaz and ladiez 2002 graduation year.

Member Poetry / Dreaming of you
« on: January 03, 2003, 02:31:13 AM »
Dreaming of you
Dreaming so true
The stars so bright
shining through the night
I wake up a fantasy
Wishing it was reality

Dreaming of you
Dreaminig so true
I never wish to leave your place
Starring forever at your face
How i wish you were mine
A face so pure and fine

Dreaming of you
Dreaming so true
A moment spent apart
Agony upon my heart
It feels so exciting
To dream of someone so enchanting  

Member Poetry / I miss you
« on: January 03, 2003, 02:38:20 AM »
I'm still here at home
Sitting up all alone
I still can't believe you are gone
Even though it's been that long
Many a  people insist I'm a fool
But hardly can I escape from the truth
I try as much to forget your name
But the struggle all in vain
Because it still remains vividly in my brain
I stand all night staring at the skys
All in search of a star as bright as your eyes
You mean the world to me
Wishing we live forever happily
I think and pray to God
And realise how much I miss your love.

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