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chit-chat / Get together In The States ?
« on: July 04, 2005, 04:27:35 AM »

One of our friends here @ kano online brought up the idea of a get together "kano style" for those of us residing in The United States. I for one am all for it. YES, how about one in Gringolandia? the folks back home had themselves truck loads of good time at the ones in Kano. why not us ?  8) . it would take only a coulple of those summer jobs paychecks you guys are stacking :wink:, a few hours of flight or at worst a nightmarish ride on a Greayhound  :wink:  , and you have yourself a weekend of fun, learning, and a very useful interractive and quality time

I know I sounded kind of humorous up there. but this is serious guys, we need to know the number of people who live in the US and are willing to participate. so please if you find the idea attractive just post up a name and location.
I'm aware that some forumites do not fancy disclosing there location publicly in which case they can drop a line with the above information in my PM box or Myadudu's


Al-Maqri III

General Board / Get together in the states ?
« on: July 04, 2005, 04:17:29 AM »

 One of our friends here @ kano online brought up the idea of a get together "kano style" for those of us residing in The United States. I for one am all for it. YES, how about one in Gringolandia? the folks back home had themselves truck loads of good time at the ones in Kano. why not us ?  8). it would take only a coulple of those summer jobs paychecks you guys are stacking :wink: , a few hours of flight or at worst a  nightmarish ride on a Greayhound :wink: , and you have yourself a weekend of fun, learning, and a very useful interractive and quality time

I know I sounded kind of humorous up there. but this is serious guys, we need to know the number of people who live in the US and are willing to participate. so please if you find the idea attractive just post up a name and location.
I'm aware that some forumites do not fancy disclosing there location publicly in which case they can drop a line with the above information in my PM box or Myadudu's


Al-Maqri III

General Board / The wolve tamer
« on: May 18, 2005, 09:15:18 PM »
I dont know if this was discussed already In my absence.

I remember seing an article in the New York Times a few weeks back, on Prof. Amina Wadud that totally caught me off guard. Although I knew Wadud to always spearhead progressive causes, I have to admit that leading a prayer congregation made up of both sexes was purely rock and roll !!! 8). Even for the VCU associate professor. but then as the locals say "Only in New York".

what was'nt so unexpected a reaction thogh was; Yusuf Qurdawi's edict. ofcourse candaming the act. and come to think about it, we do need to cut the sheikh some slacks after all he couldnt just sit and watch it happen. What then would the "Brotherhood" think?.

On a serious tip though guys; let us hear some opinions on muslim women leading Salats.

Peace One

« on: May 10, 2005, 04:00:02 AM »

     I initiate this thread ultimately to deal with certain elements from a thread that is currently undergoing discourse, after they appeared to me deserving thus. (In doing so however, I insist to make clear that my views on the matter are absolutely secular). I shall beg your permission to proceed, without further ado.

Due to both the sensitivity and multiplicity of my subjects, I will try to categorize and process each within its own context. Although very so often they tend to complect

1- Illusions of Religious Solutions (Conservatism or Atavism?)

The Human has as one of those features that set him apart from other ?known? species: perceptibly, the tendency to try living in perfect harmony with his Past, Future, and Present.
In contrast what we often have is: Repression, incoherent justification, and total or partial reconstruction of the Past. ?Hey! The past was simply perfect! The laws set and unyielding, end of discussion!? A though pattern that nearly abolishes the concept of ?original thought? and directly leads one to: implementing and accepting incircumstantial laws and social structure in the ?Present?. Which many at times run adjacent to inconsequential decisions concerning the ?Future?.

There is of course in many of us: the illusion of comfort and purpose in the inclination to revive or maintain those existing or traditional orders of the past. Thus certain ?intellectuals? find it suitable to adopt and advocate a political philosophy emphasizing allegiance to traditional and religious institutions, or rather using them as a moral legate. As a whole this thought pattern is commonly called ?conservatism?.

(A)- As it?s true of the majority of us ?the masses? to be: intellectually lazy, narrow minded, and emotionally immature. We prefer to stay as we are, or go back to what we ware, under pretence of self righteousness. When in reality we find it hard to admit that change and uncertainties scare us. We avoid intellectual intricacies in our minds and decisions and succumb to (and even help re-implement) those ?perfect past orders? that we think advantageous to us showing great disregard to others. And we do all this while extending an accusing finger towards them. ?We are right, they are wrong. Point blank!?

To align society and human thought in a right-wrong scale is simplistic. It prevents us from digging into matters analytically. It oppresses and impoverishes thought? because one is forced to remain within boundaries of a crudely simplified blue print. to behave, think, and conduct ourselves all in accordance with this simplified version of life and look at it from one lone perspective: ?what if this plan fails? =It will not. It?s divine and has work. What if others think different? =No chance. Everybody has to accept it. No one is allowed to think different???..? And perhaps the crudest way to arrive at such junctions is through: ?Atavism?.

(B)- I find it almost ironic that while biologically atavism occurs mainly by the chance recombination of genes, it?s socially brought about by a semi-conscientious effort.

 The widespread tendency to defensively retreat and seek refuge in one?s past whenever social unrest, disorder, and injustice plague the present is characteristic of many societies, the Neo Nazis want to return to the 1930s, the Islamist to ?Shari?a?, (George W Bush to the crusades), The Pan-Africans as our comrade Usman11 puts it want to: ? go back to beliefs and laws of our ancestors?.
A noteworthy point is: in order for the Conservative/atavist ideology to achieve any popularity the current social structure has to be immensely intolerable. Instead of genes situations have to coincide, i.e. economical, social, and educational instability all supplement the Conservative/atavist with a decisive amount of moral ground. The masses have to feel cheated, lost, and deprived of the most basic of rights. And when they turn towards the so called intellectuals and spiritual leaders for guidance, they (the intellectuals) find it conveniently easy to convince an oppressed public that: a return to the past is the only solution. Too proud to admit that they are Bankrupt of ideas or too lazy to pursue them they advocate revival of a previous orders however decrepit and outdated.

2- Flawless for the Lawless (Quixotic Logic)

(A)- It would be alarmingly simplistic and dismissive for me to draw such conclusions that: those who advocate the implementation of past doctrines do so without any reasoning. On the contrary there is an immense logic at work behind their convictions. Religion has provided the human race with answers to many ills and injustice in the course of history, and helped maintain orders in ways that social science hasn?t. It?s in this so far correct as no society may be maintained unless there be certain order or structure ascribed to it. Its questionable however is when it claims that one sole and binding eternal and ?flawless? order is possible for societies at all times and in all circumstances, and variation.

This notion of a flawless system, although sometimes based on valid deductions from acceptable premises is simplistic. It?s many times presented as if all mankind have common goals and interests whom the legislators of such systems pretend to serve to the best of their ability. The irony of such claims is that: it is uncompromisingly founded on the belief of its superiority and do not tolerate negation. Hence when met by one it either tries to isolate or eliminate it. When a Muslim denounces Islam he/she is given 3 days to repent after which execution is to follow if he/she does not comply.* Kitabu-l-Kaba?ir. You openly fight against ?The Patriot act? and might find yourself rubbing shoulders with the current residents of Guantanamo Bay. Threaten the United States version of Democracy and a few thousand women and children get slaughtered overseas in the interest of national security. Defy Lenin and meet a tragic end somewhere in the subterranean world of the ?Gulags?. ???.And so on
(B)- We now have an idea so oversimplified that it consumed itself in the process. Distracted by the need to maintain its ?flawlessness?, it renders itself insusceptible of rational treatment. Its thus arise ideas like Criminalization of a Sin. When the implementer does no longer desires to be burdened with reason but still needs to be obeyed. Hence any thought that contrasts those ?flawless systems? posed a threat to them. Then there springs into effect the concept of punishments that: are grossly non proportional to their offences. Because those who advocate them are of the militant opinion that: sins and crimes command more fearing than they do understanding. It?s the triumph of the quixotic over logic.

Al-Maqri III

General Board / what is the verdict in Togo ?
« on: February 14, 2005, 06:54:21 AM »
Salam comrades

   I was totally oblivious to the recent development of events in Togo untill last night when a frieand eventually put the bug in my ear. I found a few articles online concerning the crisis but the reports are increasingly becoming repetitive. I was wondering if those of us living back home may prove a more sufficient source of information, if that happens to be the case please ladies/gentlemen keep us posted with info aswell as opinions. Thanks
Al-maqri III

 below are excerpts from one of the articles (keep them coming)

Togo president promises elections
Togo's new leader Faure Gnassingbe, in his first address to the nation, has promised "free and transparent" elections "as soon as possible".
Mr Faure was installed as president on Monday after the constitution was hastily amended to allow him to take over and remain in office until 2008.

West Africa leaders are discussing the crisis in Togo after the death of his father President Gnassingbe Eyadema.

The regional body, Ecowas, has termed the handover of power unacceptable.

The African Union said it was considering imposing sanctions on Togo unless it restores "constitutional legality".

AU leader, President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria, is attending the Ecowas summit being held in Niger's capital, Niamey.

'Father's mission'

According to the BBC's Elizabeth Blunt, Mr Faure could not have been more conciliatory in his address, as he referred almost apologetically to the circumstances in which he had found himself president, attributing it to his father's sudden death on Saturday.

 The expectation of many was that [Eyadema's] demise would open up a new chapter in the history of Togo
Mohamed Ibn Chambas
Ecowas Executive Secretary

"We want consensual discussions aimed at revising the electoral code to focus on the organisation of free and fair elections as soon as possible," he said on national television and radio.
Correspondents believe he was referring to parliamentary elections which were due this year.

After negotiations with the European Union (EU) last year, the late president promised to hold legislative elections under reforms intended to level the electoral playing field.

"Concrete measures will be taken in the near future - the 22 engagements reached on 14 April 2004 in Brussels are the fundamental guidelines for our conduct," Mr Faure said.

The EU froze aid to Togo in 1993 over the country's lack of democracy and poor human rights record.

The opposition has rejected Mr Faure's offer of elections.

While there was an illegal situation at the top, well-organised elections were not possible, Professor Leopold Gninivie from the Democratic Convention of African People told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme.

MPs passed a constitutional amendment the day after Eyadema's death which allowed Mr Faure to serve out his father's term as president - until June 2008.


Ecowas Executive Secretary Mohamed Ibn Chambas, who has just returned from a fact-finding visit to Togo, said the crisis there could affect the stability of the whole region.

He said he had hoped that Eyadema's death would bring a "deepening of the democratic culture in Togo".
"The expectation of many was that his demise would open up a new chapter in the history of Togo... that remains the hope of many Togolese," he told the BBC's Network Africa programme.

Meanwhile, the second day of a general strike called by the opposition has been widely ignored, with most shops open.

FM transmissions in Lome by Radio France Internationale (RFI) have been stopped because the government was unhappy with their reporting of recent events.

Public rallies have been banned and a two-month period of national mourning declared for President Eyadema.

Eyadema, Africa's longest-serving ruler, died at the age of 69 while being evacuated for medical treatment abroad - reportedly from a heart attack

chit-chat / AFRICA panafricanism OR nationalism ? drop yours !
« on: January 17, 2004, 02:45:23 PM »
whuts the vedict ya'll ?( NO i aint preaching )
  comrades and coligues, let me first make clear my standpoint, before we indulge into any kind of political right left idealogies, im confident that i share intrest and social views with many of the members of this site, not just political and social but cultural as well , such as music and sports, yet i  exclusively want to trod the political and social grounds in this post because on my exessive curiosity and dilemmas about young nigerian hausa speaking young people's position in such matters,i hope to be previliged  to ask that you please back your theories with essential and logical reasoning as you present them, i also am intirely aware of the language factors in any forum as culturally diverse as this one , so do not feel obliged to write only in english,( i do so because of my unfortunate negligence and the fact that i spent the biggest portion of my life in the states Brooklyn new york to be exact )and find the english language to be the easiest for me ,so if hausa is the language you feel more cofortable or expressive in please proceed to make your points in it,( i read and it fairly well ) in conclusion i would proceed to add as a reminder that technology offers us one of the most uncensored way to communicate thoughts and idea and keep up with the progress of the other parts of world,and  i think in all honesty if you are only using it to download music or play games, you are just being a fu**in ' commodity to the growth of our society POINT BLANK !!! ONE peace

chit-chat / FREE STYLE CYPHA ! sharpen your lyrical skills
« on: January 18, 2004, 03:30:41 AM »
yo whuts the verdict comrads ?
i've been ranting about social and political issues, thought i might liven the forums up a bit, this due to exessive wackness and certain complains i've noticed about how boring the forums are becoming ( and we do not wanna see that now do we ? )so lets take matters into our own hands exhibit wordplays and metaphores,
i stress the fact that this is a CHYPHA not a freestyle battle, when we have enough MCs then we will proceed to BATTLES
here are the rules:
1, 7 bars minnimum, 25 bars maximum
2, absolutely no biting,recycling battling
3, each person can only spit three rounds, and we will proceed to battling
4, every MC has to rhyme off the last word the previous MC wrote
5, im sure we all need a quality cypha so keep all wack rhymes to yourselves,
6, participants are allowed to use their native toungue in the cypha (but when battling you have to reply your opponent in the same language he/she rymed)
7, last not least u absolutely cant use any content of this cypha (except your own ) for any personal leverage,no just for copy rights but for our own personal artistic integrity ,respect and self awareness ,

since i dare to start a cypha i guess i should open it right ? so check it :

Yo i render techniques with precise penmanship/
occupy minds like the U.S. got iraq in the grip/
i possess infinite styles, my props are nonstop/
my outstanding urban surroundings elavate me to the rooftop/
to meditate on my fate,waiting till the date, the bomb drop/
the sounds of cops busting shots makes up the urban instrumental/
while detrimental topics potray the street paly before my optics/
from cars getting their locks picked / to the street tales in the projects/
profits make up the rotation of this nation and planet/
but we all puppets in the hands of Allah who truly planned it/
rampant thoughts wrought my mental frame/
as we struggle for a dollar amount plus fame/
but i maintain/
with the pictures that scriptures of holy qura'an deliever to my brain/
gotta strive to stay sane/
so i overdose on knowledge and and cultural gain/
bring the heat to your mental like a sea of propane/
keep the rhymes versitile speaking in mathmatical tearms/
in high school i payed attention to biological learns/
i aint the type in the club asking girls for a chance/
f**k the dance/
i organise revolutions like the peasants in frace/
and plan to lead massess like mallam aminu kano/
darkening thoughts like you add green to yellew/


keep all your comments to the comfortable confines of your mind please lets keep it exclusively lyrical.

General Board / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
« on: January 30, 2004, 06:48:27 AM »

General Board / Prologue to a voyage, an open letter to Mr. Waziri
« on: February 07, 2004, 01:11:42 AM »
A nobel piece of work that was on lagos online although i stand in disagreement with few of your points but then its inargurable that all human beings are more or less just a collection of data & experiances that rummage the extremities of both concious and the sub-concious mind, the processing of this data is what we simply refer to as a "thought" while the manifestation of them bears the name "expression" wether is rendered in the form of speach action or a gesture, thus im in total overstanding that we might very often differ in points of view, for the very thing that makes the existance of opinion possible is as different as our finger prints, afterall without position perspective is vain,and the chances of two minds traversing constantly in a  perfect allingment is close none, if such occurs then only one of these minds engages in an effective thought process while the other just accompanies  subjected to a suggestive thinking methodology.
 with this established i will proceed to discuss the cause of the prologue, u've cited in your letter to me that:
" Contrary to ur inclinations, I believe strongly in human obligations not rights as you do."
the question of difference between human rights and obligations is a matter that tends to adopt the shape of the number "8" whenever discussed and travels in an infinitive manner,without necessarily arriving at any port of accomplishment, try to precisely compute all human obligations whatever falls behind your final qoata will then become a "right" and vise versa, so its incircumstantial that a person believes in one without the other for the very present of rights requires the undeniable existance of obligation thesame goes for the latter.
  however when one tackles the issue of obligation he will find him/herself surrounded by more contradictions than when discussing "rights" this is because: the logistics of rights are often amalgamated with fundamental human reasoning, take for instance the "freedom of thought" now create two categories 1 right 2 obligation try fitting it into the first u will find it resting within comfortably , if you try thesame tactic on the second u will  be obliged to erase the word "freedom" from the phrase,this does not go to discredit your belief in human obligations rather to prove the relativility of my theory,
 im kind of tired now and cannot think with my usual velocity,i will write more later, by all means if you object to my posting this publicly feel free to express so, and i will withdraw my post, bear in mind that i did this with the stainless intention of sharing our intellectual encounters with the rest of the comrades @ kanoonline ONE

oh i almost forgot here is another one

Iza s?ra rabbul baiti lid-dhurbi dhariban ** Fashiymat li-ahlil baiti ar-raksu wad-darab

General Board / AMIDST THE CONFUSION,( diversity of thought )
« on: March 08, 2004, 07:43:27 PM »
while roming through some of my documents i stumbled opon this later its a response to an email by a friend, i hope it will inspire thoughts and challenge minds to expand beyond traditional religious boundaries  and allow the subconcious to process and digest the contents, (although i believe this is needless to mention) but feel free to respond its scripted specifically for that purpose,

      It is 5:34 AM in New York. And I have yet to sleep this day. As
opposed to
my typical Stream of Consciousness musings that I direct towards your
Chicago, I am approaching the composition of this letter with a greater
patience, a greater mathematical precision. I have even ordered a cup
of tea
to assist in my endeavor. I have even invited the likes of Beethoven,
Mahler, Rachmaninov and Chopin to gift me with their intellectual

Jim, my friend, I have just finished reading the piece you sent me, The
question that came to me on the pont de la Concorde. It was superior. I
it while eating a ham and egg sandwich with a side-order of fries, at a
diner in Queens where I find myself and my laptop anchored. The density
your thoughts rivaled the density of my meal, and the task of
digesting the two was quite a challenge.

Ultimately, I will have to have read your piece at least a second time
before this letter has been completed.

But before I go into description concerning the movement that your
allowed within my consciousness, I would first and foremost like to
the level of fulfillment I have achieved in being able to write you

“Purity” has been attained here. Purity emerging from my impure being.

And now, to put the ball into play…

You and I conceive of God quite differently, but what remains
consistent is
the Absolute Perfection that He embodies. My perspective may differ
yours in that, I believe God – Absolute Perfection - to represent a
state of
consciousness that we as humans strive to achieve, striving with each
act of
“Delineation”, as you call it. With each act of “delineating Nothing
Something”, as you put it (and with such sparkle!), man is exercising
muscles of Reason and Emotion that bring him closer to experiencing
that bring him closer to experiencing a state of consciousness in which
is free of the consequences brought about by the inevitable disharmony
his “tangible existence”. For when we “delineate with words”, we are
delineating with thought. Delineating within our minds between that
consists of our immediate, tangible lives, and that which embodies our
essential, timeless nature. With each act of philosophical
with each act of deconstructing the system that is mankind (past,
and future), we work towards a state of perceiving reality in which we
– not
only know, but – feel that the circumstances of the outer world (of our
particular time) represent mere data, mere information, mere food meant
feed that aspect of ourselves which is timeless – our consciousness.

What I find to constitute “purity” can only occur when man separates
consciousness from his immediate and tangible world, detaching from the
particular experiences that comprise his “individuality” and his
“accumulated life”, to dwell exclusively in a state of perception that
entirely comprised of his “human essence”, namely, his ability to
analyze, imagine and conceptualize; that which is perfectly shared with
human being that ever existed before him or shall exist beyond him.
what you and I have achieved here is aloft in the realm of purity, for
which is at the core of this dialogue, this exchange of “conceptual
maps”, is not bound to the particulars of time. Rather, it is a
whose essence belongs to any moment of man’s history, present, or
This fluid collision of our ideas is timeless, and consequently in
through your thoughts and responding with my own, my consciousness has
detached itself from my tangible reality, temporarily surrendering the
details of my immediate, time-specific existence, and venturing to a
place in my consciousness, where my human essence - mind studying mind
dominates without opposition.

Concerning pure love: I believe that this too can only be attained upon
achieving separation from the confines of a tangible, time-locked
of existence. This too is done in that circumstance of the mind in
oneness with the human essence pervades. While certainly, a man must
find a woman in the external world before approaching any kind of
of romantic, man-woman love within his consciousness, it still remains
pure love can only thrive in the fertility of the timeless
Once again, the particular course (the tangible details) of a man-woman
relationship will unavoidably attract complication and disharmony,
about a diffusion of faith in the cultivated love. But the essence of
man-woman love, the timeless ideal of how the male persona intertwines
the female persona, cannot be flawed or fractured. He who can attain
consciousness of human essence is permitted to love with a type of
dichotomy, simultaneously carrying out his romance in the easily
realm of the tangible, and the seamless perfection of the essential
And while the ability to sustain “pure love” does not guarantee the
infallibility of a man-woman relationship, it does contribute to its
endurance, the essential (or ideal) love aiding to enable a swifter
repairing of damage done along the tangible path of a romantic

So then, my friend, I argue that the Fairy Tale that I share with my
Princess demonstrates an example of pure love. Lacking many of the
qualities of the typical man-woman relationship, this circumstance
a greater need for “ideal love”. It is, in fact, the ideology of man
woman, man worshipping woman, the persona of man bleeding seamlessly
that of woman, which fuels the intensity of what we share. I have told
that I believe her to be as imaginary to me as a woman might be, yet at
same time, as real as a Fairy Tale can become. As a result of this
consequence, my love for her consists to a great degree of that
that essence, of man-woman love, which is none other than pure love.

You may argue, that what we share is not only non-pure love, but not
love at
all in any form.  And I offer no counter-argument, for this remains to
seen. Certainly, these last two paragraphs might tumble quite quickly,
as you know, I am no expert on love. But I still make these assertions,
while I may possess only a moderate amount of experience on the matter
love… as an artist and thinker, I carry a great deal of understanding
concerning the mind. I am quite convinced in the power of untying one’s
consciousness from the particular external world into which it is
placed; to cultivate internally that which is timeless and essential,
exist in a world that is beyond the tangible world.

*            *            *

You and I have “delineated” through the nature of man, reflecting upon
circumstances that comprise “the history of thought, which is the
history of
Man broken into the history of men” (another incredibly attractive
of thought, my friend; were you a pretty Chinese woman with a large
dowry, I
would take your hand in marriage). In doing so, we acquire the logic to
deconstruct the nature of who we are, not as “individuals” (not as Jim and Jie-song
), but as human beings within this continuity that is the
present, and future of mankind. We arrive at the conclusion that our
tangible identities (Jim and Jie-Song) are merely by-products of the
environments and experiences we have encountered within our window of
existence across the continuity of time. We then realize, that what is
fundamental, what is timeless and uncorrupt of our temporal or spatial
coordinates, is the fact that we are, at essence, a human mind, able to
reason, able to imagine, able to conceptualize; just as all human minds
have preceded us, and shall postcede us.

Thus, we come to understand the nature of our tangible circumstances as
somewhat trivial. And moreover, we come to understand the internal
we harbor as a result of our tangible circumstances (the causes of our
“impurity”) as being trivial.

And in the end, what we understand to be the forbearer of purity, is to
exclude ourselves from that which is temporary, that which exists
exclusively in the context of where and who we are today, and plunge
the abstraction of man, to seek out a logic and emotion that allows us
with the nature of human reality; not merely our specific human
but the greater conception of human reality.

And in the end, we become artists, in the truest sense of the word,
divine hybrid of philosopher and creator, like man’s theological
of God, Himself.

[to be continued... ]

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