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Islam / Prayers For our beloved Nigeria
« on: June 30, 2007, 04:54:27 PM »
Assalamu alaikum,
Say the prayer and say aamin from your heart.
O Allah,  the answerer of prayers, and the owner of power who gives it to him he wills, we have earnestly and sincerely asked you for a good leader and you have, in your infinite wisdom given us Yar'adua. O Allah strengthen him and make him steadfast in the discharge of our rights.
O Allah, Make his mind predisposed to what is best for us and for the country and inspire him with the wisdom to carry it out.
O Allah,  provide for him the best of lieutenants and assistants imbued with Honesty competence and hardwork.
O Allah,  shield his heart from the whispers and advices of those who have not the best interest of the Muslim ummah and the country at heart.
O Allah you are the one who made fir'aun to use his resources in raising Musa(AS) under his roof and ultimately made him the channel to his destruction. O Allah anybody or group of people who intend or will intend in the future to use or hijack yar'adua's leadership for their own interests, make him unable to tolerate them, generate rancour between him and them and then ultimately aid him against them.
O Allah enhance and increase in his health, iman and taqwa.
O Allah make him a good leader and us good followers.
O Allah make his leadership an avenue to exalt Islam and Muslims in Nigeria.
O Allah shower your praises on Muhammad(SAW) his household and companions.

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