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General Board / The Wikileaks revelations on Abuja
« on: December 09, 2010, 01:16:40 PM »
The wikileaks revelations have stunned many. Not a few Governments, the world over are blushing, as documents reveal the true characteristics behind the diplomatic rigmarole the public usually get in so called "official statements".
Searching through the cables for any reference to Abuja, this cable caught my attention. The cable can be read here
1) As i have always suspected, the role played by many of our Northern leaders in Making JEG not just active president, but a substantive one at the height of the Yaradua health crisis has not, and may never be recognised let alone appreciated.

2) The cable has also corraborated an info that I got at that time regarding Danbazau's role in averting a coup by junior officers due to lack of leadership in the country. But obviously, our media knows nothing better than to brand him and all other Northern leaders as the cause of the present impasse. There is no doubt that some Northereners utilised the opportunity to their selfish gains but branding all is just being mischieveous.

3) The biggest revelation is GEJ's confession that he did not think he was good enough for VP and that he only got it because he was from the Niger Delta. Now if this isnt Zoning at its best, I wonder what is?

General Board / What will you change about Nigeria?
« on: June 01, 2010, 04:34:06 PM »
I have got some spare time on my hands and I am going to attempt to start what I hope will be a healthy debate that could both be constructive and enlightening to all. As we are all aware, very soon, the big fire works will start and you will struggle to find advert space in even the least popular newspaper in Nigeria. The big event? well, Nigeria will be 50 as one Nation, maybe with more patch work than an accident victim, lots of stitches, but no part broken off ‘yet’.
I’d say most Nigerians alive today will fall into the under 50 category, age wise, and so a lot of “our” views and ideas would have been formed from written accounts rather than real life experience. This makes us more of theoretical ideologists rather than pragmatic thinkers, just my view. It is not uncommon for a gathering of Nigerian youths to attempt to solve the country’s problem in any 1 sitting. We seem to have these ideas, albeit untested, on to how to make this country great again. The big question to ask here is; how potent are these ideas of ours?
I might as well cast the first stone. A few days back, I was narrating to a friend, an idea that I thought will solve a lot of the problems currently facing us. My idea, to scrap states and just retain the local and federal government structures in the country. Each state is made up of local governments, and to have 2 separate allocations, one for each, in my view, is first of all duplication as well as an avenue for corruption, inefficiency and lack of order to say the least.

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