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General Board / 2007 the end of nigeria , if the hausa
« on: November 20, 2004, 03:34:14 PM »
With the hate for the hausa/fulani in the middlebelt and most part of nigeria. what would the implication be for the middlebelt in 2007 if an hausa/fulani  man become president in 2007 ..  We the hausa/fulani man not kill all opposition by the Bachama people of Adamawa...Will he not deport all middle belt people out of Nigeria, what is the faith  of the angus man, or Birom man under a hausa/fulani president... Iwonder what would be the faith of the southern Kaduna in 2007... My question is Would the hausa/fulani not  destroy the middle and take reverge in 2007 against the middle belt in 2007.
I believe tiit take time to heal wound... Nigerian have not heal yet,, the Igbos have not heal, the south south has not heal, So are the yoruba still bleeding... I believe for nigeria to total heal, it would be better off for Nigeria that the hausa/fulani should not seek the president 2007 but after... because I can see the break of Nigeria, which may lead to a war.. And I can see genocide in sight.. it may be the end of Nigeria.. Let us avoid this..  it is in the hand of the Hausa/fulani to do what is right, or we face the break up of Nigeria... please share your view.. Nigeria is still fragile and healing

listen to nigeria radio

listen to nigeria radio

General Board / Admin is bias
« on: July 22, 2004, 04:28:11 PM »
Mr Admin, how can you have a section on this website for Islam and non for christain, Do you mean that there are no christain in Kanostate or Kano citizen are who are christain are not welcome.. Please reply..

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