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chit-chat / Hello Member
« on: June 18, 2008, 11:08:42 PM »
Hello members, it’s been awhile. A community is here and as home one sure does miss it. I’m working on something I lost direction or rather ideas. I was told by an old man that when ever you lose track go back to the basis. I’m here to share and get ideas from my long good fellows. Let me know who and who are willing to help, I shall present my topic for public option

chit-chat / Kowa ya bar gida….
« on: February 10, 2007, 06:26:39 PM »
To sit alone amused
To have a long deep sights
To feel belonging
One must be reminiscing the good times

To appreciate the community
To know how well it has come
To feel sad
One must be feeling guilty not there while the baby became the mother

To feel happy
To foresee more in the future
To move like the moves
Is better late than never and unity stills uphold.

I salute you all noble able members. These will be a house I’ll never leave again

Member Poetry / report on my mission....
« on: May 05, 2004, 02:17:40 AM »
gentilis and ladilis, i am proud if you all. i can see yet desperate the
forces from angles u all remain under one umbrella sorry i mean we, forgive me
i know you all could wonder how far i have come, don't rush to read, read slowly
so that u can understand the logic.
 many things had happen here and with u all. the best is that i have gain what i went for

without much delay here is the report on my mission
i left kano online for one reason to search for love which after due
calculation i found out that love is nothing but a story of sadness even if
achieve it's a glory of madness. i came to realize that now are days peoples heart
is empty, weightless full of distraction and poverty. in this condition after analysis by a professor of love
conclude that love can no longer be practices on earth. i disagree with his analysis so i
went forwarder to gain more knowledge about love. i want to make it clean so i made a practical between two apes
it's sort of like animal courtship, i found out that this apes male and female live together happily for a period of time and later in three to six month
depart, and go for a younger one, so if the old still go for the younger females what about the younger males and older females?
i went on with my research but couldn't get any more here so i decided to try it on myself.i found this wonderful gurl but i guess at the end u all wont find her wonderful
the first time i spoke to her told her she is beautiful but this younger lady refuse to accept she is! i try to convince her but no use
time pass by i was so much into her, she was telling about her pass life she started;
"wallahi i heard i cool life but i don't know what's happening to me now! first it's was Abdull we were
together for 3 month i was so much in love with him, he dumped me like shit just like that. then Benga although
he was Yoruba but i still found he handsome but he mother is the case between us she thinks i am going to
take him away to the north for life so she made him stop coming to see me even to phone"she keep talking for hours i got to realize she had 7 boys between a year and she loved all
dear reader tell me how possible it is to love two guys even in a year? i mean if she had a heart tell ?

Member Poetry / to hope
« on: May 03, 2004, 11:52:59 PM »
to love means peace
to remember take time
to have friends mean treasure
to believe you need trust

to leave means pains
to hope is to risk pains
to try is to risk failure
either way you're my family

chit-chat / LIST OF WINNERS
« on: December 29, 2002, 03:21:59 PM »
Really this is a poem  or chat site but for now this is not a poem but a link to all the poem writers.  
And hoping this wont cause any hard feelings is just for fun.

This is a release memo from the admin table on February 31st 0000    Attention all poem writers, this is the admin writing to you all. Better read well for if you fail to understand the rule my assistant fulanicious will have to kick you out. The admin reported that ihsan was unable to make it to the contest for there is an Indian movie in progress. And the problem we are now having is that darkchid “4” life ( Ummy) has refused to join the site. For she remain as a guest just to get night allowance, that is making the account of KANO ONLINE down by 100 and 10%. Hope she becomes one. And with pleasure we will accept her. Ibro2g has rise a case at the world court with ice, that ice is trying to freeze northern Nigeria but the defendant is saying that this is nature no body can escape it. Among the jury, babyluv ask the court to permit her to give part of her warm love to Ibro2g. The case was adjoin for forwarded hearing.
Al hamza has been hiding since the day al-mustapha was taking to the prison thinking his name sounds like hamza al-mustapha he also thinks that he will be taking to prison by the Obasonjo government. Waleedarh is on I.T but the emir has send waziri to meet mohammed Ibrahim with the issue of waleedarh’s hands in marriage with the emir’s son dafgons. Dagoodfella also raised the matter to the commissioner of Police over the emir trying to use his office, to gain his sisters hands. The commissioner of Police Bilyaminu K. Aliyu which also has a case with the admin, darkchild “4” life and fulanicious over the poem he has been writing about the girl he love’s on the net and so on. He could not resolve the situation but had to pass it to the director kano online intelligent agency (KOIA) fynedymequeen who allegedly report that intelligence have found out after all investigation that Ibrahim kurfi is behind all the issue.  Without forwarded delay she order agent Aliyu-hyder to send some agent to arrest Ibrahim kurfi. His attorney mallam saddiq abdullahi is suing the admin over the diplomatic of people peace case (DPPC)
See us in the next edition in THIS IS NOT THE NEWS

N.B (KOIA) has also passed the warrant of Fatima Munir wanted dead or alive with a reward of N500


Admin - lord of records
Ihsan - lady of Asians
Fulanicious – lady of hospitality
Ice - lady of ice
Ibrahim Kurfi - lord crime
Babyluv - lady of love and shelter
Waziri- lord of the tradition
Darkchild - lady of all shadows
Bilyaminu - lord of all rules and confusion
Waleedarh - lady leadership
Dafgons - lord men
Ibro2g - lord intellectuals with nut
Saddiq abdullahi - lord of law
Dagoodflla - lord of young
Al-hamza - lord of fear
Fynedymequeen – lady of touch me and u are dead
Aliyu hydar - lord of anger
Ibrahim Mohammed - lord lyrics

If your name is not listed please forward it to and include your membership note

« on: January 03, 2003, 12:32:05 AM »

We have potential poem writers but could not write due to the fact that Poems don?t really appeal to their taste. With the update our correspondent got from FyneDymeQueen known as lady of touch me and you are dead,. Saying in an interview with her in Q&A, Gimbiya now known as lady of highness has been on assignment in Iraq about the weapon of mass destruction representing Kano Online Intelligence Agency (KOIA). FyneDymeQueen
 Is reserving the comment if truly Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. AbuMujahid now known as lord of ignorance is with one of our reports at Gwammaja. We will be having live by 0000 hours by day on Kano Online Perspective stay tuned. No day, finally we have succeeded in getting the attention of ummita  becoming a member of the site. On her resume to office she made new rules which are contradictory to the rules of admin  but Fulanicious
Has called for an urgent meeting to be held at Tashan Mariri to resolve the situation. Ihsan  has release her new movie, die another day Indian version. The case of ibro2g (Katsinian)  with Ice  that was adjoined for no day is resolved when Ibro2g (Katsinian) agree to accept the warm reception of babyluv . But the judge Venom happens to have problems with that. That ibro2g has violated the law. Section 23 line 0 saying? A mother takes twenty years to make a man of her boy, and another woman makes a fool of him in twenty minutes? to this law he has been a fool temporary to no day. The case is still adjoined. Our reports have been till on needle looking for Dafgons  but could not find him. There were only able to find MohammedIbrahim  over the issue of waleedarh  he was not able to say much but he says that let nature have it way and A Code of Honor: Never approach a friend's girlfriend or wife with mischief as your goal. There are just too many women in the world to justify that sort of dishonorable behavior. Unless she's really attractive. Left to DaGoodfella  he is winning the case when Waziri  came to him with a bag of gold saying that he should please withdraw and is high time for him to keep his mouth shut else when you're in deep water it will be better and will shut  but has still hold to his way. Director Kano online intelligent agency (KOIA) FyneDymeQueen  is technically down. Her physician Boomer  said she is having elephantiasis that she may die but she won?t retire. Salisu U. Danyaro said if the director will only retire she may regain her health that so far as she is in service this will remain with her. We got an exclusive story that Al-Mustapha has advice Obasonjo to arrest his nephew al_hamza  that is strongly behind the last attempt. admin  also said that the reason why Hamza Al-Mustapha is being held is that the government wan?ts to hold him for 45 years then release him to contest for president like Mandela. Agent aliyuhydar  the brother of ummita  is facing family problem over the issue that he is the person who arrested ibrahim_kurfi  knowing he is the fiancee of ummita . His mother told him that if he needs her blessing he should release that poor boy else. He has since met the director (KOIA) but she was not able to say anything due to her condition. ibrahim_kurfi  attorney Mallam Saddiq_Abdallah  has not been seen since the day when he decide to sue the (KOIA) we don?t have any news yet about his whereabouts. but rumors has spread saying the Intelligence have him.
ummita came up to me on the street and pointed to my suede jacket. "You know a cow was murdered for that jacket?" she sneered. I replied in a psychotic tone, "I didn't know there were any witnesses. Now I'll have to kill you too."  She said Bilyaminu we have been together please consider

See us in the next edition in THIS IS NOT THE NEWS

N.B (KOIA) has also passed the warrant of Fatima Munir wanted dead or alive with a reward of N500


Admin - lord of records
Ihsan - lady of Asians
Fulanicious - lady of hospitality
Ice - lady of ice
Ibrahim Kurfi - lord crime
Babyluv - lady of love and shelter
Waziri- lord of the tradition
Darkchild - lady of all shadows
Bilyaminu - lord of all rules and confusion
Waleedarh - lady leadership
Dafgons - lord men
Ibro2g - lord intellectuals with nut
Saddiq abdullahi - lord of law
Dagoodflla - lord of young
Al-hamza - lord of fear
Fynedymequeen - lady of touch me and u are dead
Aliyu hydar - lord of anger
Ibrahim Mohammed - lord lyrics


Ummita lady of all ladies
Salisu U. Danyaro lord of elders
Venom lord of vacuum tubes  
Boomer lord bombastic
Gimbiya lady of highness

If your name is not listed please forward it to and include your membership note

chit-chat / Give your love once a chance ?is a wise idea
« on: February 27, 2003, 12:05:03 AM »
The best of all time comes when two friend depart for bad. Each thinking he or she is right, but each have forgotten that life, friendship and all in all relationship is compose of agreement and negotiating! Departing creates nothing but pain and each time remembered one wish he had not be burn that day. No day will pass by without one thinking of the other, oh whats he or she now doing, guess thinking of calling me but she or he wont they always hurt each other by the words the say, but is the intension of none to hurt the other! At times they let it slide that is the perfect match, at times they disagree and depart for bad when they are the real perfect match. A relationship can grow rapidly for 10 years without the word I love is being mention, do u believe in that? If I should met u today and decide to say I love u the second day, why turn me down! Having feelings without reacting to them makes no sense to love. I love u, u love me is no crime just sharing! Give her a chance or him to prove the little it has, even earth was not build in one day! Why try destroy the little faith in it.  No skin is made to walls but shelter for solution. The sun can shine but it definitely needs a shine spot.

Give your love once a chance  ;) is a wise idea

chit-chat / Had I known
« on: February 04, 2003, 02:12:36 AM »
There I was telling her to go ;D
She said whats wrong? ???
To me she going is the best thing life ;)
Now that she has gone :-[
Am regretting my actions :'(
And no one I miss like her ::)
After all this we still have feelings  8)
And wish we could be together ;)
But how when she already accept some else  :o
In love in the wrong time :-[

chit-chat / SECRET
« on: March 03, 2003, 03:53:19 PM »
How could she be the one! When the one I should call is far-far-away.
When my love is not known, just a secret admirer. How can I tell? Nobody knows my pains are for real and I need ya. The worst of all is that I have only heard her voice once and never seen her but to me her class to mine is beyond contestation. Can she ever love me! I feel discouraged, I feel love is nothing but a lie, do you feel my heart tender and do you smile the flowers I intend to give you for Val but couldnt. How could you still be here when u are a ghost to me, I finally realize you are mortal. Should I think when I see or hear your voice next, you will welcome me? :-[

chit-chat / she was 19
« on: March 12, 2003, 09:59:22 PM »
Just want to share something with u…..
Sitting with a she friend, watching each others eyes discussing about life, suddenly she said, tell what u think about relationship? Then I reply in question saying! Predict this then I will tell you the faith of relationship! I went on saying, assume what happened yesterday was this;” its some minute after 9pm and parents have left the graduation hall and is time for the students to dance for goodbye. Rabi being my girl was wearing a white dress like Cinderella, I was in black suits like Martin Luther King Jr. when I came to the dance floor, I stood looking for her but not with time she couldn’t hide because a golden fish has no hiding place. There she was coming so glad, a smile of a thousand laughs, her hands reaching for my shoulders, I couldn’t wait but to forward mine. My heart beating to a dance I couldn’t believe it, on reaching her, I realized she was hiding for Adamu who was directly behind me. Beside me they hug each other. I was going on me knees feeling discouraged, thinking love is nothing but a lie, with tears that could tell what brought them at from an innocent soul. On reaching the ground you held me and said, cry no more, arise my love.”  After my last words, arise my love she said, boy what u are thinking will never happen. I asked, why and what she was thinking?  She said, boy you should have known better but anyway I will tell you. She went on, am not ready for any relationship and I don’t think even in the future I will. Before she goes forwarded I stopped her and said. I know all about the problem in your past, I know why u are scared of love because u think it won’t last long. She said, none in life has ever broke into my brain but u. that’s all folks she remained my friend till last few days when she had a car accident and died, She was 19.

chit-chat / risk  must read!
« on: March 29, 2003, 08:06:40 PM »
Men have to follow whats destiny
To try is to risk failure
To hope is to risk pain
But risk must be taken
A man who risk nothing
Becomes nothing
Earn nothing
End up have nothing
End of in pains
And he has for fits the greatest part of his life
Risk must be taken, try risk!
I am going to try risk and will not appear in kano online for quite some time, while am away I depend on your prayers and hope when back met all in perfect condition. While am away fulanicious keep on the good work and try more on my search to hear a better result when back. While am away I hope ummita finds a hole in her heart, a hole to love. While am away ibro2g should make sure hafsy is well and in order. While am away Dymequeen will replace me hope she accept the offer with out any concoction. While am away twinkle I pray u graduate b4 I return. While am away venom I hope u stop the fire on the mountain ok. While am away brog hope u be a better ref. while am away ½ sy hope u become full 1 sy.
Is not my wish to leave such a wonderful people like ya all. If I dont make it back home I wan to ya all to know this, I love all and is not my wish I did not return. Some day we all have to leave the mortal life. Those that have gone b4 me will watch my way coming and I will watch your way.  Prayer on the safer side, I will make it back home. Is not braveness that is making me go try risk but a man has to do what he has to. Sisters and brothers of kano online I say good bye!

chit-chat / see what women can do
« on: April 15, 2003, 03:47:13 AM »
a prisoner was shock to death but did not say a thing about his assingment. this conversation happen btw a soldier and i prisoner.

soldier :   see u are not a stranger to pain
prisoner :  yes! i have been married
soldier :   oh i see
prisoner : twice.
soldier:   thats y u risist pain, cos u have heard all the pain from women right?
prisoner:  yes!

chit-chat / Brave Men
« on: March 04, 2003, 11:26:39 PM »
Fellow men, look beside your selfs and see men of the same faith with you, they are here for the country and nothing more. Today we all have issued the words of goodbye to our love once, some left there women pregnant, children they will never see, some children at there early age, children they will never see grow, some parents at the hospital at there old age and many more. You may not see them again. You are living home to never think of coming back. The life expectancy of a soldier drop in a battle field is 60sec. So look again beside you and see those around you. You all may not make it back home, look behind you, the people waiving are your families, waiving for luck but trust not hope. Look ahead of you, your countries flag. Anyone brave enough to take this mission step forward!

chit-chat / WOMEN !!!
« on: January 31, 2003, 11:27:02 PM »
Sometimes when things occur we don’t mind or react to them till we are being treating or affected. I write this with deep regret and conclusion. To know and feel its coming but yet warn no one! The harrowing memory won’t let me rest in one peace although am with peace yet with conflict. I do say to myself, that peace is not the absents of conflicts but the presence of justice. Should we men have known what women are to us? The consequences of hold a woman as a wife! It should have taking us hard before going in for marriage. My creator, your creator, Lord of every man and living creature says “your wives are like orphans to you, hold them like eggs treat them well” my fellow men despair the fact that the Creator has order us not to violate his rule and orders we men disregard his command, you can disregard his order, but who are we to turn down his call? Before the call, the harrowing memories won’t let us die in peace! We are luck to be among the Ummah of the Prophet (S.A.W) He prayed to Allah (S.W.A) that “Allah should not react or show us any of our sins on earth” so that we can have peace of mind and may be turn to good while in time. Else Allah (S.W.A) should have wiped us off the surface along time ago. Prophet (S.A.W) saw a stone and told his companions that “this stone is white” but among his companions said “ Ya Rasul but it’s black” Prophet (S.A.W) replied “ indeed it’s not, the people surround it are sinners due to that it turn black”. Because of this stone the Prophet (S.A.W) prayed to Allah (S.W.A) “Allah should not react or show us any of our sins on earth”. Many women dedicate there live to us men in return what should we give, love! But no, instead command and orders are what they get, remember women are not our slaves, dogs or sex machines but partners or rather pets. When a woman dedicates her life to a man he should treasure it and know that he is not the best of men that she selected him for marriage. She loves him and wish to be his companion in life, why can’t we men pay that too. The Prophet (S.A.W) said in his last sermon “O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under Allah's trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. And it is your right that they do not make friends with any one of whom you do not approve, as well as never to be unchaste. “This is the Prophet (S.A.W) wish, command and order to all men and women. Any one of us who bridges the Prophet (S.A.W) wish command and order, he has absolute bridges the Lord’s. The Prophet (S.A.W) did not just leave us but added “the QURAN and my example, the SUNNAH and if you follow these you will never go astray.” He also bond us, so that if we fail him the Lord will bear him witness “Be my witness, O ALLAH, that I have conveyed your message to your people". When created by the Lord He gave each and every one a chance to choice anything at anytime but remember all time are limited! Spend it wisely :'(

« on: February 07, 2003, 01:35:35 AM »
Recently I have notice that girls are complaining that when there are nice to a guy or dress well, the guy start saying that she loves him or he is in love with her. They keep on saying then how do guys want girls to treat them? That a girl can not be nice to a guy without the guy saying anything about love! The problem here is simple, lets be realistic. Girl in most cases like charming and good looking guy. If they should come across any, they will do their best to get him as a friend or something. In the process if the guy is to notice some things in her like kindness, special welcoming and of cause sharing of ex-boy friends story. To any dual thinker he will know that he is going into a relationship, so if he does not want he has to minimize his steps. Many girls when in love they don’t even know there are. They think the person may just be a best friend not knowing that, what she is projecting outside is that she is in love! Some girls have to be convince that they are in love before agreeing to accept the person they love. That is when the guys do say I have good lyrics. Without being convinced, when a guy should approach her with such issue of love they chase him out. And if he has never approach her with such issue they will live with the person till hell freezes is over. And if the guy should start seeing another girl then fighting will start. Some will stay with you till you say u love them and then they will swap u of your feets. Am sorry but I cant go in to any relationship with you, if you should press on it, she will then tell you, is not like I don’t have feelings for you is just that I cant react to them now. So if the girl knows this why the approach of love at first? I want the girl to know they can not shoe a running horse, so is better not allowing it to run at first! Genius is the capacity of taking trouble. Give him an inch and he’ll take an ell. Every one can find fault, few can do better, and I want you all to know that exchange love is no robbery ok.

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