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General Board / Re: Abuja Blast: Terrorists at work
« on: January 05, 2011, 02:30:11 PM »
Apparently MEND have come out to deny the attacks this time round. What really bothers me is that the government is ever ready to jump at the opportunity of these disasters and play politics with the situation, making it somewhat difficult for proper investigations to be carried out. It will signal a big change if we ever get to know the truth behind these attacks and as for the victims, well ... 'sai dai a lahira'.

General Board / Re: The Wikileaks revelations on Abuja
« on: December 15, 2010, 04:17:16 PM »
It either means divide and rule
in trying to shut wikileaks down another wikileaks has sprang up.

Reminds me of the days of "You are either with us or against us".

General Board / Re: The Wikileaks revelations on Abuja
« on: December 10, 2010, 01:54:52 PM »

One question I would like to ask before commenting on these WikiLeaks revelations is: how reliable are these; I mean the sources they got the leaks from?

Muhsin, they are called leaks because they are official transcripts; not made up or hear say. They are the real thing. Meanwhile as expected Mr Niboro has come to the rescue of GEJ. His defence is that "the cables are 3rd party and not genuine". Why does he have to open his mouth for goodness sake? Must he always make a fool of himself and the President? Its high time GEJ replaces this guy with someone competent enough, who will know when to shut up.

General Board / The Wikileaks revelations on Abuja
« on: December 09, 2010, 01:16:40 PM »
The wikileaks revelations have stunned many. Not a few Governments, the world over are blushing, as documents reveal the true characteristics behind the diplomatic rigmarole the public usually get in so called "official statements".
Searching through the cables for any reference to Abuja, this cable caught my attention. The cable can be read here
1) As i have always suspected, the role played by many of our Northern leaders in Making JEG not just active president, but a substantive one at the height of the Yaradua health crisis has not, and may never be recognised let alone appreciated.

2) The cable has also corraborated an info that I got at that time regarding Danbazau's role in averting a coup by junior officers due to lack of leadership in the country. But obviously, our media knows nothing better than to brand him and all other Northern leaders as the cause of the present impasse. There is no doubt that some Northereners utilised the opportunity to their selfish gains but branding all is just being mischieveous.

3) The biggest revelation is GEJ's confession that he did not think he was good enough for VP and that he only got it because he was from the Niger Delta. Now if this isnt Zoning at its best, I wonder what is?

General Board / Re: Who will you vote for president in 2011?
« on: October 25, 2010, 12:06:56 PM »

So have you seen Buhari's vision and manifesto? As for the facebook thing, you are either joking or what? Below is one of the many links dedicated to him;

I have a question for Shekarau's supporters. Is he out to contest for presidency ko kuwa don takara da Buhari ne kawai ya fito?? Why does every comparison of his politics have to include Buhari?? Naga dai ba Party daya suke ba yanzu. Why not compare his campaign to Bashir Tofa his enstranged god father?  ;D

The people of the north-east geopolitical zone will vote massively for Goodluck Jonathan because he has attracted more developmental projects to the zone than any of the country’s past leaders.


Embarrassing comments by Yuguda.
He didn't mention one single completed project.

Since when did attracting developmental projects equate to any sign that they will be accomplished? How many projects have been cancelled even nearer to completion than their starting point? The dredging of River Niger, the Kano-Abuja railway projects all intended by Late Yaradua were cancelled by the same Goodluck before completion. You just don't start counting your eggs before they are hatched. Ko da yake this is Yuguda we are talking about fa sorry.

General Board / Re: What will you change about Nigeria?
« on: August 29, 2010, 01:22:34 PM »
I have always advocated for single tenure for our elected executives, although the timing of the constitutional change in 2006 was mischieveous, I think now is a perfect time to resurrect that change. Going forward, all governors and the president should serve a 1 year single tenure of 5 years. That will go a long way in curbing this zoning agitation in addition to encouraging greater competition all timeround as contestants could plan for a post at anytime without having to wait for the incumbent to declare.   

I make bold to say that Rimi's administration (a civilian one for that matter) that only lasted 1 tenure, has done more progressive things for kano than the last 8 years of ANPP. How about that? Unfair also I guess?

Gaskiya ban yarda ba.

I was hoping you would take me on that. To start with he set up the agency for mass education, the most successfull adult education program at that time in the whole of Africa (according to UNESCO, bani na fada ba). Me personally, I know a lot of women who went to makarantar library and on to University. The setting up of CTV kano and Triumph newspapers, the first state owned media in the North, is another achievement which clearly shows more vision than the peculiar road resurfacing projects that all other mediocre governments pride themselves on. He set up WRECA, Rural electricity board, KASCO & KNARDA which if you care to find out have achieved a lot in bettering the lives of 'mazauna karakara' especially. The REB, it was reported, had electrified 180 villages in just 1 year of its establishment. Kafin Hausa which is 200km from Kano is one of such villages that I personally can attest to. Also kar ka manta cewa, during his time Jigawa state was part of Kano which meant that the little that was available had to be stretched to serve a wider area. Investment house opposite Gidan Murtala is another achievement of his, as is the Magwan hotel. I think he initiated the kasuwar duniya projects one at farm centre and the other on zoo rd but I'll have to confirm. All this was achieved in 4 years.
It is a shame that we do not celebrate excellence, otherwise how come records such as this have not been documented or rather not been made available online? It took a bayerebe to bring out these achievements in a blog, the link to which is below.
My grouse is not with Shekarau but with people who celebrate mediocrity. We should learn to award everyone his due in society, without fear or favour. Let us learn to celebrate excellence and condemn mediocrity if for nothing else than to teach our younger ones the value of hard work.

Nigerians in general never seize to amaze me. When it favours us we say one thing and when it goes against us  we say exactly the opposite. The same Shakarau praise singers, I remember, were comparing him to Audu Bako back then and now it has suddenly become "unfair" to compare the 2 of them. Any way my comparison to Audu Bako is merely because of the length of time both of them held power. I make bold to say that Rimi's administration (a civilian one for that matter) that only lasted 1 tenure, has done more progressive things for kano than the last 8 years of ANPP. How about that? Unfair also I guess? But why don't we for once call a spade a spade. Making excuses that the people Audu Bako worked with were more honest is just not acceptable. A good leader does not have to know all the solutions, but should be able to install the right people in the right places and always demand the right results.

Point of correction, the 3 points I raised are mere reasons why most people are disappointed in Shekarau's performance and not to dent his image in any way. All I was trying to point out is that a lot of people had full confidence in him back in 2003, for the 3 reasons I listed; that Shekarau could match if not surpass any other Governor that Kano has seen in its history, but we all know that he will struggle to come 3rd best if that.
Regarding the audited accounts kuma ai ido mudu. 'An ce da kare ana buki a gidansu, yace in gani a kas'. Unless there is another Kano state where all the development has gone, I cannot justify =N=400BN a Kano ta yau dai. And don't forget this is a very conservative estimate of income I have used. I must add, though, that in my view, the bad governance is more down to lack of initiative than corruption, as in those in control  do not know any better as evidenced by the calibre of people surrounding him.


From the onset Shekarau's goodness outweighed his other side; but the reverse is now the case.

I always ask people that dislike Shekarau and i ask you same.
What bad side has he that warrants so much hatred? I want you to please be specific and objective with all sense of fairness.

I find it hard to resist this one. I think the tone of your question is a bit harsh, because a lot of people are critics of those in power (Shekarau inclusive) not because of dislike or hatred but because they genuinely feel that there is room for improvement to say the least. Having said that, For some one who has spent 8 years (almost) as Governor, second only to Audu Bako, and during who's tenure at least =N= 400 BN accrued to the state coffers, I tend to think that Kano could and indeed should fare better. Compare his tenure to that of Audu Bako in terms of money accrued/projects within the time frames that they got and you will be mischievious not to see the glaring evidence.
Reason why most people are disappointed is not far fetched: 1) his past history who many have attested to being a humble person throughout his civil service career; 2) he was genuinely voted by the talakawas "when he had no one to turn to except Allah"; 3) if he was a PDP member most people wound'nt even bother critising cos its in their DNA.
In my view, Shekarau and indeed all of our leaders need not fear those who offer genuine positive critism but should distance themselves from those who sing their praise whilst they are in power.

I found this news item on the internet on Audu Bako's achievements as Governor for 8 years. Practically kano as it is today was built by this man 'sauran sai dai fenti kawai suke sake wa'.

General Board / Re: HABA JANAR - LET IT GO MANA
« on: August 03, 2010, 08:07:20 PM »
Dan Borno wadannan figures din kuma daga ina? Were they maurice Iwu verified at all? If not they are not valid  ;D

General Board / Re: What will you change about Nigeria?
« on: July 28, 2010, 04:29:50 PM »

Corruption is an attribute of mankind and all it needs is a conducive environment for it to rear its ugly head. I have never heard of a 'corrupt free' nation; as a matter of fact it does not exist. The parameters that fuel corruption include (but not limited to) lack of repercursions/consequences as I have noted earlier. Who manages these instiutions that mete out justice? Your guess is as good as mine. The fact that Nigerians and indeed every human being on earth is prone to corruption is not the issue; the issue is containing corruption and dealing with it, which you will agree with me needs organisation and hence the important role that the leadership plays. That is what has failed because you cannot take out the corruption in human beings in my view. Corruption is only but a survival instinct carried too far.
Secondly, in your previous postings, you have mentioned the successes achieved by countries such as Singapore and the rest but I want to point out something about historical facts of movements that have changed people and Nations. I have not come across any successfull movement that was not led by an able, resolute, selfless and focused leader. 'Ka tuna fa in Allah ya so ya ceci al umma sai ya aiko musu da manzo'. Not that God in his infinite ability cannot change their hearts overnight.
Lastly I want to believe from your comments, that corruption has been as bad today as it was 10/20 years ago. Well I do not remember, in the 90's, buying fuel at a petrol station and the attendant stealing my change, as being the norm rather than the exception. Neither was it so rampant, the case of 'pass for favours', in our educational institutions. The argument is about the scale of corruption in the society and I maintain that in the last 10/20 years 'the exception then, has become the norm now', indicating a deterioration of our situation.

General Board / Re: South South Leaders endorse Jonathan
« on: July 28, 2010, 01:03:21 PM »

I'd say the reason why we wouldn't follow suite (unanimously declare for a single candidate) is rather the combination of advancement in politics (carrying the whole country along) as well as our leadership position, being that a northerner presents himself as a Nigerian leader rather than a tribal one.

That, my friend, has nothing to do with advancement in politics in the north. Or a northerner presenting himself as a nigerian leader rather than a tribal one. It is simply a combination of lack of unity, greed, selfishness and the perpetual suicidal modesty of the northerner.

In as much as I am not giving these Northern governors the credit they do not deserve, I still stand by my argument and below are some examples:

1) Remember the governors forum meeting during late Yaradua's sickness saga when Vincent Ogbulafor made the statement that cost him his job? It was at that same meeting (on live TV) that Timpreye Silva argued openly FOR zoning to be continued. Do you then think that his change of stance now, will make him more acceptable to either Jonathan or his people? No, he did not think before he lept and that is a very costly mistake to make in politics. It is one rule which as I mentioned most Northern politicians are already aversed to.

2) Take a look at these 2 similar events that happened at the lower house, i.e the Eteh saga and the recent Bankole saga. Both of these events are based on the same motive, i.e to effect a change in leadership, but notice how the former sailed through and the latter collapsed? Whilst the former movement was able to garner support from across board, the latter was seen as purely a regional affair and hence the reason the house fought against it. I am only giving the end result here but my argument is based on the details of the modus operandi of the individuals behind each movement.

There is no doubt that our politicians are corrupt, greedy, incompetent, to say the least. But the bottom line is, as present the North leads in political advancement and manoeuvres. I am not at all saying that, that is a good thing, but that is the reason why we will not end up endorsing a single candidate, as evidenced in the outcome of their meeting yesterday in Kaduna.

General Board / Re: What will you change about Nigeria?
« on: July 27, 2010, 01:30:34 PM »
Nice post Muhsin.

I fail to understand who is more corrupt in Nigeria.
The leaders or the masses.
When you take your tire to the vulcanizer,he will steal your valve cover.
When you buy fuel the attendants will cheat you( in some countries there are no attendants,you buy and take the money inside)
When you go to the market the trader will swindle you.
When you enter public transport the conductor will not give you your change until you insist.

This is a no brainer. The leadership rot must have fuelled the decay in society. I mentioned earlier at the begining of this thread that 10/20 years ago, the rot that we see in our society today was not evident; not in its current magnitude. My theory goes that corrupt leadership resulted in poorly funded institutions (e.g the police) which then meant that they were ill equiped to fight crime. That just meant that the vulcanizer that you claim steals his clients property knows fully well that the police are incapable of dispensing justice and therefore he is very free to do what he wants with very little repercursions. The other law abiding citizens will see no benefit in following law and order which results in more people towing the line of 'do what you want with no consequences'. In the end people get used to doing the wrong thing that it seems odd for anyone to be seen to be doing the right thing.
Ba banza ba fa Allah ya saukar da hukunci ga wasu ire iren laifuffuka such as sata, kisan kai, etc. It may not reverse the action but it will deter others who might consider it at some point.
Allah ya kyauta.

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