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chit-chat / Re: How are you feeling today?
« on: February 23, 2010, 04:16:28 PM »
And here comes another....makin 2 posts. A pat on my bck!

Muhsin gudlck wit d xzams......these ur xzams, dey never end ne? Since time immemorial kullum kana kuka dah xzams fa har yenzun.  Allah teimaka

chit-chat / Re: How are you feeling today?
« on: February 23, 2010, 04:13:37 PM »
Salamz 2 u all.
:-\ Not too frequent these days but any time, I mean anyyyyyyyyy time I visit this site hoping 2 post one or two or even 2 say hello 2 u all, I always end up logging out.....*I will do that 2moro* is always the out reason! Never mind how am feeling dat I cant even make one single post here!!!   "Us" that cant pass any interesting post without a comment. See me wo! Its begining 2 dawn on me dat its old age.......

Anyways I'd made the effort 2day, I need three happy cheers from u all. Giv us some motivation mana lol!
Glad u all hale n hearty.......& sure there is alot of catchin up 4 me 2 do................

« on: June 29, 2009, 04:48:49 PM »
My, my, my, myyyy!!!!!!!!! Am back from my recess. Such adrenaline rush, whilst reading.......This just gets better. I got my claws on this piece. I havent finished readin.....seems I was left far behind.......Interestinggggggggggggggggg, very interesting........

Am bck!!!

chit-chat / Re: How are you feeling today?
« on: June 29, 2009, 04:42:56 PM »
What is happening people.............. Right now am feeling completely lost......Seems I fogetton how this forum operates...........:-\

How am I feeling........mhmmmmm MISSED EACH N EVERY OF U....

Kano Forum / Re: ANPP is endorsing Governor Shekarau for 2011
« on: February 28, 2009, 12:50:11 AM »
Abi wo Muhsin! My own issue here is not a serious one but this Shekarau man hardly wears socks in his covered shoes. >:( All most all documentaries or interviews I've seen him in babu socks. And he should make use of his moisturizers often cus kullun kafan nashi fari fat! Dress code is very important for political leaders. That was how Obj ended his tenure and never wore a suit always in agbada!!!!

Back to Shekarau, I hear ppl from Kano make good comments about him. Perhaps he is fit for another term.

Haba three days! What sort of useless code is that? A code lacking a moral sense of reasoning >:( Atleast there should be little room to allow ppl to grieve and allow others to offer their active or conscious support to the deceased. All in the name of power, death is no longer regarded as a deep loss but to make room for someone to quickly accomodate him/themselves. Kai jama'ah, suwanah!!!

May Allah forgive the shortcomings of the deceased and give him eternal bliss and may his last journey be Al-Jannah fiddaus and grant us the strength to bear such losses.

chit-chat / Re: How are you feeling today?
« on: February 28, 2009, 12:31:49 AM »
I was about to wonder cus its past your bedtime! I wonder what kind of parental discipline your aunt is implanting in you >:( ;D

« on: February 28, 2009, 12:28:53 AM »
Bad boy kawai. Me kayi kana tsorata a fada? >:( >:( Kai! This must be serious. I will summon your aunty very soon to make opaque what you are hiding in your closet.

chit-chat / Re: Cigiya 'yan uwa
« on: February 28, 2009, 12:26:19 AM »
Subhanallah.........Allah sarki know I always ask about you. But glad that you've breezed back in. Dukkanmu muna baka hankuri apart from Gogannka. He said to us not ask of your whereabout. >:( >:( Toh ya iyali? ;D

Whats this I hear about Nigeria Launching its communication Satellite by China? Nigerian Communication Satellite NIGCOMSAT is expected to offer broadcasting and internet services for Africa!! :o I felt so proud and thrilled. But just when I was about putting on my dancing shoes. I started reading and hearing that foreign critics were of the view that "the majority Nigerian population live in poverty and that the internet can be made redundant by the simple fact that electricity is sporadic at best. They said that the government should rather spend all this money on power, job creation and basic public services." >:( >:( >:(

I laughed thinking this is just pure jelousy. Thoguh I began playing doubtful games with my mind thinking:

*** if China can beat 21 bidders in 2004 for a $311 millon handed by Nigeria to launch the satelite, is Nigeria really having extreeeemeeee poverty?
*** The satellite said to be lofted by a Long March 3-B rocket will reach its ultimate location at a later date this year and to remain operative for 15years. Will it really be without flaws for  full 15years? :-\

All for positivity thoughts I deem it to be another bold step for Nigerias communication revolution. Moreso, in Africa Nigeria seems to be the fastest growing country when it comes to (how fast and crazily the use of mobile phones grew)!!!!
What are our odds against even or vice versa on this lauched communication satellite? NIGCOMSAT?

Though my very rebellious "pro-black" cousin didnt have worries like mine. Instead he was more flushed out that the name NIGCOMSAT does his head in. He said why should the the abbreviation be "NIG".....comsat. It felt far too "racial" to him lol, lol, lol Young mindz.......mhmm one man food na another mans poison!


chit-chat / Re: Cigiya 'yan uwa
« on: February 27, 2009, 11:38:35 PM »
The reason you didnt see Amira is because bawani tsaraba sai kaje mata kam kam kam haka kawai.  Tsiyanah dah samari na yanzu kenan too tight fisted. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

Oh you even went you Bakangizo's :o :o :o :o white man he be. When you went over he was right about having dinner and the served food has been rationed. Babu na bako. Da aka giyamaka baya nan, you should have checked him under his bed with his dish of soup. *Hiss* Kamai dah gan-gan kah jeh fah. You must have known 6pm is when everyone eats their dinner. ;D Shebi I warned you before!

Omo Iyawo? Omo Afusatu Lady. Kilonshe le? Two days Wo. Eka so wo! She dadani? Kini honty and uncle mi? !
Iyawo you no dey show face for this place. Kilode happun? Ejo mami!!!! :-*xxxx

« on: February 27, 2009, 11:25:25 PM »
i am in deeply in luv.
Daddy badai kishiya kake kokarin yin ma mumsy ba? Wallahi ayi hankali ko yarinya ta zama REBEL. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

This is one hilarious read...............

chit-chat / Re: How are you feeling today?
« on: February 27, 2009, 11:21:48 PM »
Ummi, what is it? Tell us so that we can fellicitate with you! I am shaking my in anticipating the cheering news! ;D
lol!! doing a Yoruba Ikebe Jive?  ;D
Ummita Allah Sanya Alheri what ever it is.

LOL, LOL..............So you sabi the Ikebe swing. Lalle ashe you got swagger!!!! So I guess we'd be going for Sir Shina Peters then. Wallahi jazakallah khair. Na gode diyawa. Waduz, dis one don pass public eye. I go PM you and Husna later inshallah.

Daddyyyyy my biggest condolence to you and the rest of our Ummah for Shehu DanBorno's death. May Allah in his infinite mercy bless him with eternal bliss and may his last destination be Jannat Fiddaus. He was a very good traditional ruler every said.

Dunya, he has just been recently laid to rest and already people are fighting for the throne? What has become of this word? Allah yer sauke! If people do not watch themselves and allow greed to control their desires, they on the road of  damnation>:( >:( >:( >:(

But come daddy isnt there alot of controversies and "hearsays" about this SAS. Is it true that he is associating himself with ifyouknowworrah mean.... *ehem uhmmmmm....erm, erm "WAI ANCE" supernatural forces and into ocult and stuff for his political position :-X. He looked so humble to me but is it true. Am just curious.

« on: February 27, 2009, 10:48:44 PM »
*Chuckles* Daddyyyyyyy kenan. One hell of a rule to comply with. This is torture ai!!! ;D What happened to your daily advice to me...about leniency?;D Ai, I neva vex for if I did, I would have come home to you crying and requesting that you summon your boys for operation "delete that entity".

Anyway, nidai daddy ga Waduz na ringima fah! ;D He has expressed his mind and I can detect his feeling of strong eagerness for gender equality :P, which on fair grounds should not be ignored. Ni ina tsoron kada yayi mana Biafran warII anan!

« on: February 27, 2009, 10:39:47 PM »
I am wondering if others can easily think along side what I am thinking that perhaps if legislation can be promulgated that look deeper into the affairs of married couples.
My!! This sure is one hard cookie to bite. In truth, we all know that the man-made”English law” publicises the view that in nuptials; adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion and 2-5 yr separation periods automatically ends a marriage. However, in reality it does not really look into the affairs of married couples or how to solve marital conflicts. It rather provides grounds where marriages will be deemed invalid. Rectification of marriages these days is not something you find buzzing in courtrooms or through legislation. Recognised bodies such as arbitrator’s mediators or even “shrinks” these days do not go forth to cement the differences a man has with his wife or vice versa. Instead what you see on a normal basis between “Jack” and “Jane” is who gets the sofa, the grandfather’s clock or the Persian rug and/or whether daddy is to have the kids over weekend after separation! This is what is mostly being legislated.

Does this sound compelling? Ok, now what I was trying to point out is that there may be no genuine or concrete bylaw on the avoidance of divorce by looking into marriage affairs, if that law has no religious support. In fact I personally see no room for that. The grounds for divorce may well be assured and marriages may be annulled through legislating in courtrooms but truthfully, Islam does not want washing dirty linen of private affairs in public or in the court except in extraordinary situations. And from my own little knowledge it is for such motive that the dealing of marital crisis in court comes in as a last resort.
The Qur’an & Hadiths provide enormous rules and scheme on how to save marriages from separation. The Quran states as regards grounds of divorce in very general terms:

"And if you fear that the two (i.e husband and wife) may not be able to keep the limits ordered by Allah, there is no blame on either of them if she redeems herself (from the marriage tie) " (2 : 229).

If there is a call for divorce, then it should rightly be based on a sensible, realistic and on no-nonsense considerations. Besides, the procedure of divorce is principally a matter of husband and wife. So when conflict arises in matrimonial homes, attempts should be made for reconciliation between man and wife without a call for action by enlisting mama and papa or even in-law to settle the dispute. Outside parties should only be involved in extreme circumstances. Henceforth, any other judicial process which is to deal with divorce or marriage affairs must have an Islamic attitude otherwise it will not be followed obligatorily. And so the intercession of court or other formed legislations is not even a number option for me so far as divorce/marriage is concerned. Perhaps maybe if you explain further, I might find the idea convincing. As I see it only if marriages are followed in accord with Islamic rulings will it enhance the dignity of both men and women and reduce many conflicts and most importantly divorce cases.

For those making a “who haaa” on Bazawarai, a reminder!

The Prophet (S.A.W) said, “Marriage is my Sunnah and whoever does not follow my Sunnah is not my true follower”.  (Ibn Haiah, Babun Nikah)
Allah (S.A) has commanded that Muslims should marry “And marry those among you who are single....” (24:33)

So if we have divorcees who are obviously single why is man revolting on the idea of marrying a bazawara if her behaviour is close to perfect?

My grandmother used to talk of how they considered marriage in the olden days as sacred, a divine institution and more like binding contract. Any action or transactions under holy matrimony will definately have religious repercussion. If you make good of it, you lay a good foundation. If you mess it up, the bricks will surely crumble. But see, today some people are turning marriages into playhouse and calling it checkmate with each other after just a short stay together.

Danborno, wa ya sa ka? How can you, with all seriousness, just nominate ONLY one female in the committee? Haven,t you ever heard of gender equality? Or what a man can do a woman can do even better? Kai Malam, da sakel!
PS: A’aaa Na wa o!!!!! Waduz!!! This one wey you dey holla so, I neva even accept offer you don begin dey talk about gender discrimination. Kwantar dah hankali naka. I intend to hereby politely and respectfully reject the position. Haka kawai afara shire wukake ko nagah Waduz yana zuwa wajenah da AK 45 dinshi a hannu.  Haka kawai! I no wan riot!!!

Daddy, Waduz is the cause of my intent to denounce the position >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( ;D

People, on this topic, I will continue to talk and talk and talk if I find anything that unsettles my mind.

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